they are both not perfect and they both mistakes


Brooke and Peyton Appreciation Week

Day 3: favorite quote

“We made it, didn’t we? Through all the tragedy and jealousy and confusion. We made it.”

The secret for long relationships is not having a perfect and harmonious love affair. It is not how less often you fight, not because of the number of similarities and the stuffs you both like doing together nor the number of mistakes you did. Those things count but it is the faith that keeps you going. A relationship would last if both of you are willing not to give up, if both of you is willing to stand up and still try every time one of you or both of you fall. You should not lose hope when you are struck with problems along the way. Give each other hope and hold on as long as you can.

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Mabel and Ford have the exact same narrative in The Last Mabelcorn

Both were tricked by magical, otherworldly beings that they admired, thought of as ‘perfect,’ and sought approval from. both found out these beings were frauds who tricked them, and both rebelled against these beings and tried to do what they believed was right

Ford was tricked by Bill’s flattery, and he truly believed that Bill was a muse and that he was a chosen once-in-a-generation genius. Ford loved this attention, but when he found out Bill was just using him for his own needs, Ford did everything in his power to undo his mistakes and prevent Bill from entering into their world. Ford didn’t want Dipper to know how badly he failed before because of the guilt he still feels over it, but this caused a tension between him and Dipper, until it finally exploded. it only calmed down when the truth came out and both were honest with each other.

Mabel, however, did not get positive attention from the C-Beth. She was immediately shot down by her hero. and Mabel tried everything she could to meet her approval, because she was that desperate for it. and then she was faced with all the mistakes she’s been making lately, and the guilt was crushing her. but when she found out C-Beth was lying, Mabel stopped trying to be perfect to absolve her ‘sins’, stopped trying to get C-Beth’s approval, and stopped trying to play nice and got the unicorn hair by force, because that was the right thing to do to protect the Shack. Once the truth came out, Mabel no longer felt so terrible about herself, and managed to get the one thing that was needed to protect the shack, and all of her loved ones.

both put their worth in the eyes of another being, both were tricked, but once they found out the truth, both were able to fight back against the ones who tricked them and did what they could to do the right thing. the moral for both stories was that neither character’s worth can be determined by another’s.

yes, they were tricked, yes, they messed up, yes, they’re not perfect, but that’s okay. it’s okay to not be perfect, and it’s okay to make mistakes. your worth isn’t determined by the mistakes you’ve made or what other people think of you. It’s determined by you.

Ford and Mabel’s narratives in this episode are two halves of the same coin, and it’s wonderful

The kisses. Jemma tilted her head up after she laid it on his shoulder. He looked down at her and his EYELIDS dropped. I don’t know how that look didn’t make her pass out, that was so hot. And he got pulled into her, like there was gravity between them. They leaned in, no pecks here. No mistaking what was happening and how much they both wanted it to. A pause, and they went BACK. 


The upward head tilt. The lowered eyelids and smoldering eyes. The pull toward each other. The deepening, and going back again. PERFECT.

And the smiling and laughing as she tells him it’s been 10 years and they’ve both been idiots. Simmons and her eyes saying now Fitz, now. Stop trolling me about your poster and let me kiss you.

He keeps talking after she pounces on him, too. His voice gets all muffled under her mouth. It’s PERFECTION. I’m in love with both of them as an entity. Fitzsimmons is life.


I am so freakin’ proud of both Pearl and Amethyst. Their teamwork has really excelled in these recent episodes, but I think this part is really cherry on top of their cake success. Their fusion was quick, efficent and the discussion before was very positive and happy, you know? It was a healthy discussion. I was so freakin’ happy.

Pearl doesn’t even get mad as Amethyst when she’s like RAWR WRESTLING RAWRRR. Instead she cheerfully says, “You’ve got the right idea, but we might want to be a bit more careful.”

Then Amethyst, you cute purple dumpling, understands and has learned that yes, there are times for both crazy strength and there are times when it does not work out. She even cutely coughs and goes, “Shall we?”

Cue perfect fusion to make Opal. (AHHHH OPALLLLL YESSS)

They both have learned from past mistakes and I just wanna hug them both. UGHHH YES CHARACTER GROWTH FOR THE WIN.

A relationship can take a lot of effort from both of you, especially when that period of infatuation is gone and you are starting to get to know each other better. A happy and successful relationship requires communication, respect and a lot of work from both of you.

Be it marriage, romance or living together no one is perfect in the world, at least when it comes to relationships. People often commit mistakes. It is a common rule referring the human behavior that men learn from mistakes. But at the same time, some mistakes, if committed may cause irreparable damage to relationships and life itself.

It is always advisable to avoid relationship mistakes as relationships are union of two people; thus a mistake committed may affect both of them. Certain mistakes may lead to unfixable breakups and being sorry after committing a mistake may not help regaining the trust and love of the person. Let us see some of the most common mistakes people commit when they are in relationships.

1. Taking Your Partner for Granted:   I know you two love each other a lot and you think that nothing could go wrong between the two of you but, despite all that, you shouldn’t take your partner for granted. Learn to appreciate them every single day and just understand how fortunate you are to be with such a wonderful person. Be grateful for what you two have and remember why you love your significant other so much!

2.  Losing Control:  If you want to sustain the relationship further or for the lifetime, be in control of yourself. Many people lose control easily, especially with the life partner. Marriage or mutual agreement of getting into relationship is not a license to express as you feel it. Losing control is a sign of considering the partner less important or inferior. Frequent act of losing control in conversations or actions may irritate the partner and lessen the intensity of the romance between two.

3.  Lack of Communication:  Communication is the only way for two people to know each other and understand the mind or each person. It also conveys the love, passion and all other feelings one holds for the other. Many people get into ill communication with partners and as a result the relationship may become less intense. It is common that people complaining of lack of conversation between the couples.  Talking to each other boosts the relationship and reduces possible tensions. It is helpful to communicate what a person needs from the other and what is expected. Lack of communication or ill communication is equally destructive elements in a relationship. Your communication style should be one that gives enough respect to the listener.

4.  No Overnight Arguments:  Do not take your arguments to the next day and be always vigilant to put an end to the arguments before you go to bed. Many people get into unwanted arguments and continue with the same topic when they get up the next day. In a relationship, arguments should not be considered as a sign of dignity or status. Even if you feel that you are right and the other person is absolutely wrong, when the other person doesn’t give up, you can be silent for the sake of peaceful living and happy relationship.

5.  Denial of Sex:  Sex is inevitable in relationships especially in marriage. Do not consider sex as your favor to the partner and never deny it as a resistance or protest to him/her. When a partner is denied with sex, he/she may feel hurt and may feel less interested in the relationship. Better you can solve all the issues by proper communication before you get into the bed and start anew with satisfying sexual activities. When somebody protests by denying the sex to him/her, the person may look for the sexual satisfaction in some other person and the relationship may suffer a breakup.

6.  Lack of Romance and Commitment:  Many relationships suffer from lack of romance and commitment. People in relationship should not hold back the expressions of romance to the other person. At no situations, romance is improper in marriage. In fact romance is the most obvious expression of affection and love in a relationship. Being committed to the partner is equally important to expressing romance. Unfaithful partners are the most common reason behind divorce and breakups. If you want the relationship to go proceed happily, then be committed to the partner and always maintain the trust with him/her.

7.  Keeping Secrets From the Partner:  Keeping secrets from the partner is a mistake many people commit in relationships. Secrets and unrevealed realms in life may make the partners feel poles apart and unattached. Never keep secrets from the partner and importantly, even if you keep secrets, your partner should not come to know that you keep secrets from him/her.  Lying is never a good thing, so it doesn’t matter if you lied to protect your partner’s feelings; a lie is still a lie. This is definitely one of the most harmful relationship habits that you should try to avoid at all costs. Even the white little lies can seriously damage your relationship and your partner will lose their trust in you. Build your relationship on honesty and trust each other! There’s no point in letting this bad habit sabotage your relationship or your happiness!

There are a lot of mistakes people do when they are in a relationship. The important thing is to realize that what you are doing is wrong and then, just try to correct your mistakes. Have you ever done any of these mistakes? What other silly habits that can harm your relationship do you know? - Corina Dondas - All Women Stalk

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To anyone wanting to go vegan, struggling with trying to be vegan, or simply wanting some assurance that it’s okay to make mistakes and that we are all learning, check out these 2 videos. Particularly the latter, when it comes to how to help educate others, and moreover how to be honest with ourselves and taking the initiative to be open, listen to others, educate ourselves and move forward.

How to be a Perfect Vegan (and Why I’m Not):

Cheating as a Vegan & Compassion for All:

I’ve mentioned in my vegan story video that when I first learned the truth about the meat and dairy industries I was afraid of the seemingly “strict” guidelines (you’re either in or out), that I wouldn’t be able to commit 100%, and that scared me away. It was with the positive support of my vegan friends (online and in real life) who encouraged me to educate myself, make decisions based on what I believed was right, to do my best, and not focus on trying to fit a label. Under that advice, I ended up pretty much never eating an animal product ever again, because I dropped the pressure that was scaring me, I was no longer afraid of being a hypocrite or messing up, and in doing so I realised how easy it actually was to live in a way that reflected my beliefs.

I know a more black and white/aggressive/dogmatic approach (ie Sorsha Morava, Freelee and Harley’s older videos, etc) can (and has) also be incredibly successful in sharing the message and helping people adopt a more cruelty free lifestyle, but for me, this approach is what finally got through to me and helped me make the connection.

Be sure to watch those videos all the way through, and reblog this if it’s something that interests you or you would like others to see and read! I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts :)

Thoughts on Akira and Seidou

Whole lot of rambling and thoughts ahead!

Basically, I notice random has a tendency to over-simplify the relationship between them into one being right and the other being a bad person.

Either Akira is a bully and Seidou is an innocent kid, or Akira is a perfect Queen and Seidou is a whiny brat. Both are equally wrong.

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I’m hoping that, while I want Dipper to realize he’s got some things about himself he needs to work on, Mabel realizes the same thing about herself. I want her to see that she’s made just as many selfish mistakes, and that pointing out her brother’s isn’t completely fair. They’ve both got flaws and they both need to work on them. Mabel isn’t perfect either.

I think the greatest proof that John Winchester wasn’t physically abusive was he was Bobby’s friend.

Do you think for one instance that Bobby Singer would stand by someone who was like his abusive father?

I don’t.

Both Bobby and John have their flaws, but together they did the best they could by their boys. Neither is perfect. Both made mistakes. Both of them helped shape Sam and Dean.

(EDIT- Because I would never want to be a person who even on accident implies that physical abuse is the only kind of abuse:

I specified physical abuse because I don’t believe he was physically abusive based on canon. I can totally see justifiable arguments for John Winchester with the other types of abuse (Neglect, mental et cetera.) even if I do not agree with them.

I do not consider physical abuse “more” or “worse” of a kind of abuse. The types you listed are all kinds of abuse and I support none of them.)

Team Ian? Team Mickey?

I feel like there is constant Team Ian or Team Mickey arguments in this fandom and it’s exhausting like this ain’t twilight people. I swear people on this tag, twitter, ect are either preaching about how Mickey deserves better, Ian’s a dick or free Ian, Mickey was abusive like my goodness just stop. Like if you hate one side of the ship why bother with them?

Ian and Mickey have BOTH made countless mistakes like have you forgotten that this is shameless a pretty intense shows where everyone’s pretty fucked up. The gallavich relationship was no where perfect but clearly at one point we all started to ship them. We liked them in the beginning and we followed them through their development. You gotta stop pinning Ian and Mickey against eachother when they both have done shitty things. It just doesn’t make sense to me that both get constant hate. Yes they both cheated, yes they both physically hurt one another, mentally hurt one another. They are both broken characters who bring out eachothers worst and best. Like isn’t that why we are so drawn to them? That they are the most popular ship. That despite them hurting eachother they bring out the BEST in eachother that they came so far.

Ian being bipolar and Mickeys past have shaped what they’ve done in the last seasons and I feel like people forget that. They both weren’t purposely trying to screw over eachother. Despite arguments Ian didn’t just stop caring and Mickey didn’t make him worse.

I can rant all day but basically Gallavich is endgame and you all know when they get back together somewhere somehow you all are going to parade so quit the “Mickey should find a new man” “Ian never cared” “Mickey’s a cheater” ect. Because ironically this beautifully tragic love story is not over.

Dancer Dearest - FrUk OneShot

Find it on ffnet here!

Tumblr Ficlet Request: FrUk Dancer AU

Chosen: We go to the same [fine arts] school, and I see you stretching in the hall, and I shouldn’t be turned on by the fact that you can practically bend in half???

Dear Dancer Dearest;

Do you remember when we first met? It is one of my most vivid memories to this day.

We had attended the same fine arts school, top in the district. I was enrolled in the visual arts program and you were in dance; even though we were both top of our classes, there had been no reason for either of us to ever run into each other. I much preferred to hide myself away in the familiar smells of oil paints, turpentine, and damar varnish while you were too busy perfecting your craft – both too engrossed in our own little worlds to roam very far away.

I had once made the mistake of taking a “shortcut” through the music wing in order to meet my friends for lunch in the courtyard. I unhappily discovered that band kids were weird, and I much preferred the haughty silence of  teenage “misunderstood artists” who simply needed to “express themselves”. I never wandered very far away from the art room then, except to attend my regular classes. You were a year above me, so we didn’t have any of those in common.

Lukas, my classmate and friend, we bonded in mutual silence and distaste for the general population of our peers, had been the one to pull me from my daily reverie. I will forever thank him for doing so, otherwise we never would have met.

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So here’s the thing. My inbox is feeling a little toxic recently and I’m slightly worried about the Japril fandom tbh. 

Can we all try to move on from this notion that either April or Jackson is somehow more to blame than the other for the divorce? Can we try to not fight each other about who is the better parent or who deserves to date others more?

They both contributed to the breakdown of their marriage, they both made mistakes, neither is perfect. They both clearly still have feelings for each other, but both have to work on themselves and make compromises in order to fix the relationship. They are both figuring out what the right thing to do is in a very complicated situation.

Whomever is your favourite character lets not make it about “April stans” vs “Jackson stans”. We’ve probably got a bumpy road ahead of us next season and I’m sure they’ll both continue to make mistakes, but let’s not make the fandom toxic for that reason.

You’re more than welcome to come to my inbox to discuss whatever is on your mind, but please know that I’m not here to take sides and I’m not here to create negativity in what feels like my most sane fandom. We don’t fight, ok?

You know one of the many, many, many (many, many, many, many, many) things I love about Captain Swan?

They’re not perfect people. They have both had their fuck ups and their mistakes and their questionable behaviors and decisions. Both have said and done distasteful things, including to each other at times.

But they still love each other despite all of that. Emma can be closed off and cold. Killian can be aggressive and vicious. And they are both well aware of those traits in each other and understand that loving each other is loving the good and the bad. They don’t try and change each other.

They aren’t saints. But they are good people, and they try to be better people for each other as well as themselves.

In Defense of Daniel Sousa

Okay, so I basically just wrote a novel about Peggy and Michael and how Peggy is both a romantic and an adventurer and how she should get to be both without people harping about how she’s OOC because she wants romance in her life, but now I have something else to say:

Can we please stop hating on Daniel Sousa?

He’s not perfect, but he learns from his mistakes. In the very first episode, Peggy corrects him for coming to her defense, and he listens and defers to her. Yes, he accuses her of sleeping with Howard when her part in the investigation is revealed, but she corrects him there, too, and he accepts it, and learns from it; he didn’t do anything but give her longing looks when he thought she wasn’t looking during her fling with Wilkes – and he’s allowed to be jealous! He’s not rude to Wilkes, just as Peggy’s jealous of Violet but she’s not rude to her.

Was he fair to Violet? No. But I don’t think he was unfair to her intentionally, and I think he could have been happy with her. If he had genuinely been over Peggy, I think they could have spent the rest of their lives together happily, but he tried to rush things. Not his greatest moment, but a perfectly human one.

He doesn’t expect anything from Peggy, even after their near-kiss in the van. In the final episode of season 2, he’s completing her paperwork as if he expects her to get on that plane. I know a lot of people have read that scene as him goading her into kissing him – I didn’t. I saw him gently teasing while making a very valid point about her behaviour. It felt like he was trying to leave their friendship in a good place, i.e. this time he’ll call her back. He’s so surprised when she kisses him that she literally knocks him on his ass.

Also, can we stop acting like Peggy’s never going to love anyone ever again after Steve? If she does end up marrying Daniel, she’ll do so because she loves him. It’s not fair to Peggy to act like she should have sat around mourning Steve for seventy years, she’s not Miss Havisham (and frankly I’d be very worried if she was). In CA:TWS, she does act like Steve is a difficult subject for her to talk about, which is not surprising, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t completely in love with her husband!

Finally, to everyone who is saying that there is no chemistry there: I see chemistry. Is it flashy showy let’s-make-out-on-our-way-to-certain-death chemistry? No. But love doesn’t have to be flashy. In the words of the amazing Tamora Pierce (talking about two of her characters, but it fits perfectly):

“[He] has always valued her for who she is. He doesn’t want to change her; she doesn’t want to change him. He takes pride in who and what she is, just as she takes pride in what he does. It’s hard to describe a relationship like theirs to people, because most of us were raised to think love is fire, passion, and prolonged bouts of giddiness and strained emotions. The quieter kind of love looks kinda boring on the surface, even cool-hearted. Nobody wants that at first. Some people never learn how wonderful it is to be friends with a lover or spouse, to know that here is someone you can be yourself around, and they will love you anyway, sometimes not in spite of your worse characteristics, but because of them. That kind of lover will stay with you through thick and thin, will make you feel valued always, and will make any disastrous occasion seem less so because you are with that person.“

This is the Peggy and Daniel I ship. It’s okay if other people don’t, but can we please just stop hating on Daniel?

Again, I welcome questions and comments!

Even though Opal is the most unstable fusion after Alexandrite this is what I think. 

I’m not saying Opal is the perfect fusion, I’m saying that when they form Opal no one goes through emotional pain. Pearl doesn’t feel weak and Amethyst doesn’t feel rash and unwanted. I mean they both sang songs about their insecurities. (strong in the real way and tower of mistakes) Pearl and Amethyst see each other as equals and that’s what matters to me, and Opal is that fusion that keeps both of them happy. 

 Here’s the original post/discussion 

guys i just wanna say most these “controversies” that have suddenly been brought back to life these past few days have pretty much been clarified already. you can read about it here. honestly IU is not perfect and has made mistakes, but most of them that you probably read about on NB or kpkf are really one sided (aka elf sided lmao) none of you should start changing your opinion about her character because of them. IU is not kind to her fans just so that she can manipulate them. shes really a kind person who has been more than generous on numerous occasions in both public and private (like gifts, donations, personal letters, etc.) shes careful with her words because she knows how out of context everything she says can get (as is seen by those past “controversies”). It makes me so sad to see IU’s kindness and intelligence being thrown against her right now just because shes dating some guy. why does her being careful with her words and her image make her sly? why does her moving on from past relationships make her slut? you can use your own judgement to decide what kind of person IU is, but honestly i feel like if you’re really IU’s fan, it should already be really clear to you by now

Jesse St James is Rachel Berry’s soulmate. They’d be the perfect Broadway power couple. They’re not high school kids anymore. They both made immature mistakes, but to deny the fact that they’re a golden match would be a crime against humanity. Slight exaggeration but seriously, they’re both self appointed superstars, with talent to back it up.