they are both just gorgeous

  • Yurio: *overhears a heated argument coming from Victor and Yuuri's room*
  • Yurio: *slams open the door* WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN HE-
  • Victor: *arms folded* Yuuri is trying to tell me that I'M the most beautiful man alive
  • Yuuri: that's because you ARE. I MEAN HAVE YOU SEEN YOURSELF?
  • Victor: YES! I HAVE! That's why I can say with certainty you are THE MOST gorgeous person to EVER walk the face of the planet
  • Yuuri: Victor Katsuki-Nikiforov. ARE YOU SERIOUSare you forgetting who's made the cover of GQ on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS
  • Victor: oH that was just publicity for the ISU and you know it! Look at yourself. Right now. You're just RADIATING and don't even get me STARTED ON YOUR EROS
  • Yuuri: I was just mimicking YOU OH MY GOD. YURIO. TELL HIM HE'S MORE BEAUTIFUL
  • Victor: NO. Yurio tellHIM that HE'S more beautiful

So I’m just casually mention to all the people who may have followed me for Trollhunters and Stricklake that I have a movie recommendation I feel compelled to pass on to you: 

It just so happens to be one of my best beloved movies, a film that pretty much owns my heart and soul –– Strange Magic. 

We have a badass, sword-swinging Fairy Princess…

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…a legitimately intimidating Beast who is also a badass…

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..but who is also a super secret sweetheart and a total fucking nerd…

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…and what’s more, we have a Beauty and Beast relationship where neither one physically changes.

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It’s a romance built on both of them being competent, well-matched badasses with enough sexual tension to make you blush…

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and on them being helpless dorks who don’t have a clue on how to handle the undeniable attraction between them. 

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Also, we have music. Great music. Alan Cumming and Evan Rachel Wood star in this, and both of them put their gorgeous voices to good use. 

It’s just a very lovely and earnest gem of a movie and it has a very sweet depiction of a Beauty and Beast romance, okay? 

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(I wasn’t fucking kidding about how flagrant this movie gets with teasing about  the sexy times ahead for these two nerds, look at them, they’re shameless). 

If you dig Jukebox Musicals, Beauty and Beast Romances, Monster Boyfriends, and movies like Labyrinth and Moulin Rouge, then go watch Strange Magic!

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I'm thinking of doing a exchange year in Poland, but I'm not sure whether to go to Krakow or Warsaw. Since you've been there, what did you think of each one?

Krakow is more of a traditional city, Warsaw is more modern city-like (this is just according to when I went) both are gorgeous!! 



Just your gals Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig, wearing the same dress. I mean I know we’re all still freaking out about that amazing SNL episode with Kristen Stewart (also because of the shirt sharing thing). But then I found this and it’s just the best! They both look gorgeous!!!!

for anyone who wants to know, these are the sketches (you can find them on YouTube)
Kate: Southern Ladies - aired 05/09/2015
Kristen: Timecrowave - aired 05/15/2010

Gifs are mine

My Favorite - Prompt Request

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Title: My Favorite

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 895

Prompt Request: jungkook + fall asleep next to them

A/n: OKAY SO. I hope this is okay, I got this idea and decided to roll with it hopefully it is what you wanted.

Prompt List 

Breathing heavy Jungkook collapsed next to you running his hands through his hair as he catches his breath, tilting his head to see you turning to face him, your breath also slowing back to normal.

“Why are you so beautiful?” he asks between breaths as he turns onto his side and pulls a few strands of hair from your face.

Rolling your eyes you chuckle “I don’t know what you are talking about Jeon,” you say smirking.

Jungkook scoffs and places his hand under your chin, guiding your face closer to his before pecking you on the lips a few times. “Stop that nonsense, no matter how much you refuse to accept it. It’s the truth,” he says as he leans away looking at your still unclothed body before nodding and pulling you into his chest, squeezing you tight.

“Whatever, you say,” you grumble, causing a low chuckle to vibrate from his chest.

“Let’s get cleaned up,” he mumbles.

A whine escapes your lips as he tries to pull away, only to have you pull him back down.

“Baby, no. You can’t go to sleep after what we just did,” he smirks as he slowly gets up and turns to face you. “Don’t make me force you.”

Another whine escapes your lips as you bring the blanket up to you for warmth. “But its cold, I don’t want to be cold.”

Jungkook Rolled his eyes clearly fed up with your whining as he grabs the blanket and removes it from over your naked body, quickly followed by him lifting you up and cradling you into his chest. “The bath will warm you up, now let’s go.”

As much as you wanted to fight it, you knew he was way too strong to fight out of his grip as he walked towards the bathroom, setting you down on the edge of the bathtub turning on the water and running his hand through the water to make sure it wasn’t scalding hot.

“Now in,” he said as he attempts to grab you again, this time you push him back and turn and slide into the tub.

“I am a big girl I can do things myself.”

Laughing he slides in as well, “You are more of a brat than a big girl,” he says raising his eyebrow suggestively.

“Don’t you even start with me, I am too tired for another round Jeon,” you say as you splash him with water causing him to pout.

“Fine,” he says shrugs as he sinks himself further into the tub humming in content before closing his eyes.

The both of you sit in the tub until the water gets too cold, eventually, you end up laying against his chest as he peppered your neck and shoulder in kisses as you both washed up.

Refusing to let you walk yourself he picked you up again after you both dried off, walking you to the closet before he throws one of his oversized white tees at you, almost hitting you in the face.

“Don’t drool on that, it’s my favorite,” he says as he turns to find something for himself.

“Then why are you letting me wear it if it’s your favorite?” you question as you pull the shirt over your head, watching it fall over you frame with ease as you look down, his shirt fitting you more like a dress then a shirt.

“Because I just do.”

Rolling your eyes you figure he is too shy to admit he likes it when you wear his favorite clothes, he is very possessive and wants everyone to know you are his.

Once he puts on a pair of basketball shorts he puts his arms around you from behind and walks like this with you until you reach the bed. Pushing you down onto the bed and practically tucking you in. The whole time you protest about not being a child.

“You know, I know your not a child. I just want to treat you like the princess you are, and a princess needs to be properly pampered okay, let me do this because I want to make you feel good baby girl,” he said in a suddenly serious tone causing you to shut up immediately.

Once he had you tucked into bed he made his way around and laid down next to you, pulling you close to him.

Resting your head on his chest you looked up at him only to see him looking down at you with a small smile on his face. His fingers playing with your hair as you both just look at each other.

“You really are so unbelievably gorgeous y/n,” he mumbles as he kisses the top of your head.

Normally you would fight back, but you were far too tired to argue with him, your eyes drooping as you replied. “I know.”

A look of content falls across his face as he watches your eyes start to struggle to stay open. “Sleep baby girl, you must be exhausted after our night of fun.”

Slowly you dozed off into dreamland, the smell of him calming, his breath slow and steady.

“Goodnight my angel,” he says as he kissed your head again as he watches your sleeping figure before his eyes began to droop, before closing completely.

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                                               These violent delights have violent ends
                                                           And in their triumph die,
                                                           Like fire and powder,
                                                     Which, as they kiss, consume

vernon; drunk on youth (m)

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genre: fluff/romance and a lil bit of the steamy steam ;)

word count: 8495

characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, bff!Jeonghan + various

prompts: seven(teen) minutes in heaven, university!AU with fraternity!Seventeen, one night stand(?), friends-to-lovers 

*this references to traditional American University Greek life, referring to members as “brothers”, if you’re confused please message me! feelin hella clever that SVT/ ΣΛΤ was managed to be made in the greek alphabet

a happy birthday gift to my sol @vernkn

Hansol Vernon Chwe, she tried to unsuccessfully convince herself, meant nothing to her.

Not when he walked into 18th Century Children’s Literature every Monday and Wednesday, looking like the dead bird her pet cat dragged in when she was three. His ebony strands would stick out like dead twigs, usually muffled by a worn navy baseball cap with the lid twirled behind his neck. He never made a fuss when he entered a minute before the class would start, rushing to the nearest empty desk with his head down, lost in thought. Even though it was an afternoon class, he still managed to look like he walked right out of bed and into lecture.

He meant nothing to her, when he seldom spoke in their seminar, tucked away in the back scribbling notes. Especially not when he’d pipe up for class participation every other blue moon, speaking with sudden austerity about how the English language is so convoluted, his voice strangely comparable to the thickness of raw honey.

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I love your stories and your Sirius/Remus recs. Who are your favorite Wolfstar writers?

Thank you so much.  It means more than you can imagine when people tell me they enjoy my writing.  💚

As for my favorite Wolfstar writers, that is such a hard one.  I enjoy so many and for different reasons! However, the following are a list of writers who I will read literally anything Wolfstar they write.

 JEPierre - Relatively new writer, but her fics are just beautiful.  Her imagery is just gorgeous and she captures both Remus and Sirius beautifully. @jepierrex

Remuslives23 - I just love their fics and there is a plethora to choose from.  

NachoDiablo - Master of the Wolfstar AU and all of her fics are just fabulous.  @nachodiablo

Sableunstable - I just adore her writing and her Wolfstar is spot on and wonderful. @sableunstable

Wolfstarpups90 - Her characterizations are wonderful and her smut is phenomenal.  Did I mention the hot smut?  **fans self**   @captofthesswolfstar

Montparnasse - I just discovered them recently and am practically devouring all of their fics.  They have a gift with words and their fics are just gorgeous.