they are both just gorgeous

Honestly, I’m 100% here for Lena already knowing that Kara is Supergirl (let’s be real, she does) ever since Kara slipped saying that she “flew” to Lcorp, (or because she simply stares way to much at Kara’s face), but I’m also here for oblivious Lena who is just super confused as too why she has such a strong crush on both Kara and Supergirl.


If Ben & Sophie did a car commercial together


Just your gals Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig, wearing the same dress. I mean I know we’re all still freaking out about that amazing SNL episode with Kristen Stewart (also because of the shirt sharing thing). But then I found this and it’s just the best! They both look gorgeous!!!!

for anyone who wants to know, these are the sketches (you can find them on YouTube)
Kate: Southern Ladies - aired 05/09/2015
Kristen: Timecrowave - aired 05/15/2010

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Sexting with Myungsoo

Scenario: You’re bored at home while Myungsoo is at work, so you decide to give him a taste of what he’s missing
Rating: really hot!
Word Count: 2145

To: Myungsoo Time:15:35

How much longer until you come home?

From: Myungsoo Time: 15:40

I know I said I’d be back early today but I have so much left to finish. Maybe another two hours?

You sighed in irritation, rolling over on your bed to stare at the ceiling. Your boyfriend had been so busy recently that you’d hardly seen him. It didn’t even feel like you lived together at all, not when he was usually gone before you woke up and came home once you were already asleep. You’d been so excited when you first got the new apartment – it was decorated just how you both liked it, cosy but minimalist with some gorgeous framed prints of his photos and even a little study he was converting into a dark room. Fantasies of lots of sex all over the place and lazy mornings in bed were completely dashed by his work schedule and you were getting frustrated.

Grabbing your phone again, you re-read his text. And then you got a sly thought. One of the best parts of his job was that he was able to check his phone all the time. He could even take calls quite often, so you were able to keep in touch with him as much as you liked. So how about a little preview of what he was in for when he got home? Nothing better than something like that to motivate him, right?

You grinned to yourself and sat cross legged on the bed, quickly typing out another message to him.

To: Myungsoo Time: 15:47

Well, I hope you finish sooner rather than later. I’m not sure how much longer I can wait…

Chuckling to yourself, you lay down again just as your phone buzzed with his response.

From: Myungsoo Time:15:48

Wait for what…? 

You smirked, typing an answer again.

To: Myungsoo Time: 15:50

Well, I just get so lonely when you’re not around. And I got this new underwear, you know? Seems like it’s going to waste in an empty house.

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unpopular opinion: i detest emma watson


Eliza and Molly are both strong women who have been abused/mistreated by the ones they love but have always remained loyal to their friends and loved ones despite anything they’ve been told. They’re both extremely dedicated to their jobs and are highly intelligent (more so than most anyone would give them credit for).

Their practical fashion sense doesn’t always look the best, but it brings out just how unique and quirky they are. They like to cook and are terrible at it, but nothing’s going to stop them from trying! They’re comfortable being themselves and will stand against anyone who hurts their friends. They love domestic work but aren’t keen to admit it, and they’re terrible at shopping, but great at budgeting and planning.

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Sorry but I have to ask: who is the master and who is the padawan? Because your art and Sango's are very similar. Both are gorgeous by the way. :)

I mean, It just was a really happy coincidence to find someone with a style so similar with the bonus to draw about the same things that I like and we ended up being friends, but she’s here for longer than me so I guess you can call her the master ;)

I can never get over how beautiful Freddie was. Like I know he may not be what’s considered traditionally attractive, but to me he was stunning. I don’t even use words like “handsome” or “sexy” to describe him (even though he obviously was both of those things.) I just think he is gorgeous–and not in a sexual way either. He was just radiant and I can’t help but admire his beauty.

Harry Thoughts #4

The Birth of his Babygirl

•Being really nervous about holding her

•Lots of “Am I doing this right?” and “Oh my god she is so small”

•Shedding a few tears after seeing her for the very first Time

•Gently stroking her head

•First family cuddling in the most uncomfortable hospital bed

•Constantly comparing her to each of you

•"She has your nose and eyes and my lips"

•"Thanks so much for birthing our beautiful girl"

•Just a few minutes after she was born he already took several pictures of her

•Sending all this pictures to his mum, your mum, Gemma, the boys, etc.

•Bringing her up to his nose and sniffing her fresh baby smell

•Giving her small forehead kisses

•Cuddling with her topless to build a “special Connection” between both of them

•"You are just as gorgeous as your mummy"

•Staring at her with the proudest smile and saying “I really am a daddy now”

•Thanking you over and over again for his precious girl

•First family selfie

•"You are gonna be one spoiled princess"

•"Your mummy can’t wait to dress you in all these little dresses we bought for you"

•Showing her off to every guest that visits you in the hospital