they are both holding each other and don't touch me

i need a uni AU where victor is getting straight A’s, works out, volunteers, is president of student senate, residence advisor, and all around Popular Guy that everyone knows. And he has so many friends, his family loves him, and his life is great but no one ever touches him. sure here’s handshakes when he wins some award, and a quick pat on the shoulder as a greeting but….. nothing meaningful. no friendly hugs, no motherly kiss on the cheek, nothing. and he gets used to it. and now, when people try to touch him (like a reassuring hand on the back) he subtly shrugs out of it. he doesn’t know how to be touched anymore. it’s so foreign that even when someone tries he just pushes them away. and it’s cost him more than his fair share of boyfriends, girlfriends, casual lovers….. it’s devastating but only in the darkest hours of the night. but then a new school year starts and he meets transfer student yuuri, shy and quiet and anxious. and they have classes together (both majoring in digital communications) and yuuri lives in victors dorm building (same floor, right across the hall) and they become friends. they become really good friends. over the semester they become incredibly close. and yuuri touches him. softly and never for too long. but maybe a quick squeeze to the hand before an exam, or a soft shoulder rub when they say good night. and victor doesn’t know why he’s not against this? why he isn’t pulling away? but yuuri just always knows when to touch, for how long, and in what way. and then it’s christmas break and they have to leave. they’re sad but they’ve exchanged email and phone numbers and they’ll talk, they promised. and yuuri asks victor if he can hug him. victor just stares for a second because people don’t ask that? they either do or don’t ? but he says yes of course (always eager to please) and yuuri puts both arms around victors waist and spans his fingers across his back, his head gingerly on victors chest and it’s warm. not just physically but….. it warms victor like nothing else. and he pulls yuuri closer and they stand there in the hallway for minutes just breathing and holding and being held. and they break apart with tentative smiles on their faces. they say good bye and leave. 

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