they are both cuteee

Orion and Hate’s babies oh mah lord

Fun facts:

-Eros loves rock music and a bit of metal.
-Eros has gold/yellow on him because he’s made of pure love and positive feelings but it doesn’t mean he can’t feel bad love :v
-Eros doesn’t like his freckles.
-Eros is blind on the eye with a pupil but his other isn’t.

-Orion hit his stomach out of a breakdown and Amos took most of the hit.
-Amos has smoke coming out like he was dying because of the hits.
-Amos isn’t dying.
-Amos has a white faded pupil and that socket has faded vision. He can see but it isn’t the best sight.
-Amos is a happy child but gets mad easily and gets grumpy :v

Me: theyre both cuteee omfg :‘v
Shy shy shy - Jungkook scenario

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@a-beautifuldayna said:  A scenario when you and jungkook are dating hes shy he doesnt really know what to do. You take his first kiss he blushes and you tease him. His members were there, saw the whole thing they tease you guys now you guys are both blushing fluff fluff

- Awww thisss is justtt soo cuteee! I hopee you enjoooy! Love youu ^^ -AdminKookie

GENRE: fluffy
MEMBERS: Jungkook x You

“Jungkook-ah guess who is here” J-Hope smiled as he steps away from the living room door and you walk through the door

Jungkook smiles as he sees you, all the boys were in the living room so he was little bit nervous and awkward.
He stood up and gave you a hug. Your arms wrapped around his waist and his hands around your neck.
“I missed you” he whispers
“I missed you too” you smiled as you two pull away from the hug

Two of you turn towards the boys who were having creepy smiles on their faces, staring at you.
“Guys stop it” you laugh
Rap Monster blinks few times and keeps on smiling
“But you guys too cute”
Jungkook chuckles and shakes his head.
Two of you sit next to each other on the couch, with Jimin and Jin on the sides.

All of you spent time talking, telling jokes, childhood stories.
It was a good atmosphere in the room.
“Are you guys hungry?” Taehyung asked
“Yeah, let’s order something” Jin smiled

J-Hope called the pizza place and ordered food. Boys kept looking at Jungkook at you. How cute and awkward you are being with each other.
Jimin’s eyes wonder at Taehyung, and Taehyung smiles nodding his head.

“Jungkook be a man, put your arm around her shoulders. Do something” Taehyung laughs pointing at him
You almost choke on your water that you were drinking and Jungkook puts one hand behind, scratching his neck.
“Ya’ll both so awkward and nervous, but cute” Suga smiled looking at both of you

Jungkook and you look at each other and smile.
“OH I think the food will arrive soon.. ANYONE want to come with me?” Taehyung stands up slowly giving looks to the boys
“OH I will!” Jimin smiles
“I will stay here-“ J-Hope started but Rap Monster slightly elbows him into the ribs. J-Hope looks at him in confusion and Rap Monster kept looking at him.
“I will go too!” J-Hope raises his hand smiling
“You know what? Let’s all go. Except Jungkook and Y/N” Jin smiles winking at both of you

Jungkook smiles licking his lips. Knowing what boys are doing.
“We are going…. Soo you guys stay here… Alone… Just… You two” Suga points smiling and walks out of the living room

Jungkook and you laugh.
“I’m sorry, they are weird sometimes” he looks at you
“It’s okay.. I mean I am now used to it?” you chuckle and look at him

Both of you kept looking at each other. Both of you felt your hearts pounding. Both of you didn’t know should you lean in, what should you do now? Do you go for it? What if he moves away or you move away? Lots of thought ran through both of your minds.
Jungkook looked at your eyes then at your lips, having a half smile on his lips.
You start to lean in slowly, so does he and the gap between you two was closed by you pressing your lips on his.

He never kissed a girl, so he didn’t exactly knew what to do. Your lips were sweet. You slowly pull away from the simple kiss. He just wanted to feel your lips one more time on his, so he quickly leans in and presses his lips on yours again. His hands travel up to your cheeks and hold your face.

Boys peeked on the corner of the door. All on each other, so they can see you two.
They smiled and looked at each other as you kissed him.

Both of you pull away. Jungkook smiled and giggles awkwardly, covering his face.
“You aree blushing” you smiled pointing at him
“No I am not… I don’t know what you are talking about” he laughs and looks at you

“KISSEDDD” J-Hope and Taehyung sang as they enter the living room
“No you didn’t watch that!” Jungkook looks at them
“Of course we were! That’s why we left” Jin smiled

“Ahh no” Jungkook closes his eyes, feeling super embarrassed
“Look who just had a first kiss… Awwwww” Taehyung pokes Jungkook’s shoulder

You smiled and looked at everyone.
“I am so proud of you Jungkookie” Jimin said
“Yah stop it hyungs” Jungkook laughs and pushes Jimin slightly away
“Someonee is shyyyy… I bet Y/N is shyy too. I mean look at her. Her face is red” Rap Monster teased
“Both of them are… Shy shy shy” Jimin does aegyo

Jungkook and you laugh and cover your faces with your hands.
You put your head into Jungkook chest, so no one can’t see how red your face is because you are blushing so hard

“Okay okay… We will leave… To eat, in the kitchen is the food” Rap Monster lifts his hands in the air

Boys leave the living room, but Jimin and Taehyung stay in the hallway, peeking through the door again.

“Oh God” you shake your head and look up at Jungkook.

“You’re so cute while blushing” Jungkook said moving piece of your hair away from your face, smiling
“You are cute too” you smiled looking at his eyes then at his lips

Jungkook leans in again and you two kiss again.

“THEY KISSED AGAIN!” both of you hear Taehyung shouting
“He’s dead now” Jungkook whispers and runs off for Taehyung