they are bifocals

The Signs as Eddie being iconic in the movie

Aries: “Are these birth control pills?” “Yeah, I’m saving them for your sister”

Taurus: You kept me locked up in this hellhole and made me turn my back on my friends! I’m sorry, but I’m going!

Gemini: They’re gazebos, Mom! Theyre bullshit!

Cancer: How do you amputate a waist?

Leo: *changes Loser to Lover on cast*

Virgo: *gets thrown up on* IM GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU

Libra: That’s greywater. You’re splashing around in gallons of Derry pee

Scorpio: *intense gagging every other scene*

Sagittarius: there’s a kid outside and he looks like he died

Capricorn: have you ever heard of a staph infection?!

Aquarius: get me my bifocals, they’re in my second fanny pack


The Signs as Eddie's iconic quotes:
  • Aries: I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!
  • Taurus: Yeah, I’m saving them for your sister.
  • Gemini: Did you see my loogie? It's the mass, it's always the mass.
  • Cancer: I’m about to have a fucking asthma attack.
  • Leo: You know what these are? They’re gazebos! They’re bullshit!
  • Virgo: I mean, he’s bleeding all over and you guys know there’s an aids epidemic happening right now as we speak.
  • Libra: Get me my bifocals. They’re in my second fanny pack.
  • Sagittarius: But, but, how do you amputate a waist?!
  • Capricorn: Why don’t you shut the fuck up Einstein because I know what I’m doing.
  • Aquarius: I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!
  • Pisces: Oh shit. Oh god. Oh fuck.

I just want to marry you
I want to grow old with you
I want to go grey with you
I want to see laugh lines at the corners of your eyes
And grey streaked through your hair
I want to see you when I wake up in the morning
I want to see you working late paying bills
Bifocals slipping down your freckled nose
And tucking small children in bed
Telling them stories of our adventures
Of the crazy nineteen year old hippie you took dancing
And how you couldn’t get her out of your head
And she couldn’t get you out of hers

How the prince and the princess would stray apart
Only to find their way back one day
And the hippie became a princess
And the soldier became a prince
And they wandered the earth together

richie: what do you need?

eddie: get my bifocals. i hid them in my second fanny pack

richie:  👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

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» request: college au jimin please?? sexy times in the library ohohoh thank you~~

» genre: smut

» author’s note: this request :)))))))) yes… lol anyways, i hope you like it because I didn’t really know how to end it so ?? i’m sorry but i hope it’s enjoyable~~

» word count: 2.5k+

» warnings: fingering, thigh riding, exhibitionism, dirty talk, mild degradation, oral (male receiving), etc

[nsfw under the cut]

The loud chatter of your classmates rings through your ears as you wait patiently for the elevator to arrive. You stare at yourself in the reflective surface of the doors, grimacing at the dark circles under your eyes from waking up so early for class after studying until the wee hours of the morning.

You sigh in content as you step out onto your floor, happy to finally be able to take a nap after relentless studying. Unlocking the door, you step inside your room, enjoying the feeling of the cool air surrounding you whilst you drop your bag to the floor and get ready to remove your make up. Then your phone dings.

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anonymous asked:

did any of the Founding Fathers wear glasses?

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin’s vision had never been very good [x]. Franklin was wearing glasses even by the time he was in his late 20s.

He invented something called “double-spectacles” and would come to be known today as bifocals. In 1784, Franklin wrote to his optician and made a request: take both his long distance glasses and his reading glasses, slice their lenses in half and then suture the lenses together with the reading lenses on the bottom and the long distance glasses on the top. Two decades after Franklin’s death, Thomas Jefferson requested a pair. 

George Washington

After reaching middle age, George Washington had to wear glasses for reading. He used them only in the intimacy of friends and family [x].  The spectacles he wore were heavy and silver and had hinged temples. The lenses are small, circular and were level +3.5. Sometimes Washington also read with a French lorgnette which was given to him via Lafayette:

John Adams

John Adams, was farsighted. He had basically the same prescription Washington did: +3.50 in his right eye, +3.59 in his left [x]. Adams frequently complained about his eyes. By the end of his presidency “his eyes weakened so that he could barely read or write” [x]. In 1811 Adams reported that he read better since spectacles had been prescribed for him. 

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson reported just months before his death that his eyesight was the faculty the least impaired by age but for many years he had used glasses for reading [x]. Jefferson’s November 1806 letter to John McAllister begins:

“You have heretofore furnished me with spectacles as reduced in their size as to give facility to the looking over their top without moving them. This is a great convenience; but the reduction has not been sufficient to do it completely, yet leave field enough for any purpose.“ 

The drawing which accompanied this letter diagrammed frames of a narrow, elongated shape with each lens, or “eye glass”, 7/8 inches long with a width of 3/8 inches, and gave the critical center to center measurement of each lens as 2 ½ inches.

The first note of him wearing eyeglasses is during the 1780s when he was in his forties. There is a pair of green-tinted spectacles on display at Monticello. According to Silvio Bedini, tinted glasses first appeared around 1810. They were not typically used as sunglasses as we might think of them, but “to improve the vision out of doors.”

John Jay

I do not know much about John Jay’s and eyewear, however his glasses are on display at the Museum of the City of New York. They are an oval frame with adjustable side arms [x]. 

James Madison

The first mention of spectacles or glasses from James Madison comes from 1784 in a letter to Thomas Jefferson, “One of my parents would be considerably gratified with a pair of good Spectacles which can not be got here.” He received his first pair of spectacles on March 12th, 1784 [x] on a Thursday. He began wearing eyeglasses in his 30s. 

Alexander Hamilton

I cannot find much on when Alexander Hamilton first began wearing glasses, however, he did wear his eyeglasses in his duel with Aaron Burr meaning he was probably growing farsighted. 

James Monroe

Not too much about James Monroe is known besides the amount of research I’ve previously put into this. The glasses above were his with a rectangular frame, crank bridge, loop-to-loop adjustable sides. He was wearing reading glasses by the time he was president as a primary source anecdote indicates.   b

So i was thinking earlier about how i’d do Underswap Asgore. He’s in his late 50′s so that’s why he’s wearing the glasses and the slippers. He’d most likely play a game of catch with you. He lives alone in the ruins, gardens, and reads the paper.

If i knew how to make battle sprites i would’ve made one of those too for him.

If you want to you can throw me your headcanons as to how you’d think he’d act as i didn’t provide much


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Escape: the Bree years


Jamie turned from the changing table, and marched towards the bathroom holding Bree away from him like hazardous waste material.  He turned on the taps to run a quick bath.  When the temperature was right, he popped her into the tub. 

He took an earbud out, speaking directly to his daughter, Now ye listen here, ye wee gomeral.  I’ll no’ change a nappie again after this. That’s twice ye shit in as many minutes. I have a meeting to listen to!”

Bree stared at her father as he spoke, her clear blue eyes wide.  She slapped a hand down into the water and blinked at the splash that hit her face.


He fumbled with his phone to unmute it so he could talk, slipping it back into his pocket.  “Aye. Right here.”

“What do you think?” Jenny asked.

“I agree the numbers look good.  I’m anxious about bottling that blend too early though.  I dinna think we should be -”

Bree’s shriek and subsequent babbling hit the airwaves.  

“Sorry.  Bree says hello.”  Everyone laughed, and Jamie booped Bree’s nose. “Anyway, I dinna think -”

Bree flung her hand again and splashed Jamie in the face.  His wide mouth snapped shut, and he took a calming breath.

“I dinna think we should compromise the quality,” he said quickly and muted the phone again.

“Ye wee besom,” he laughed, and rubbed his nose against his daughter’s.  He finished washing Bree’s bum, rinsed her off, and wrapped her up in a towel.  

As the call wound down, Jamie unmuted, signed off, and pulled the earbuds out of his ears.  

“Listen,” Jamie said, making Brianna focus on him as he diapered her.  “I get yer no’ jazzed about this.  But Mam is a doctor, and she needs to be doctoring.” 

Bree made a razzing sound, then babbled, “Da da da da da,” at him.  

“Aye. Da. That’s me,” Jamie said, pointing at his chest.  “Dinna change the subject, Lass.  So.  We need today to go smoothly so she doesna worry.”  He slipped the onesie over her head. 

“And, nighean bhreagha, we need to really get on, so yer Mam willna fash about me staying home wi’ ye at least two days a week.”  He zipped up her fresh sleeper.

“Otherwise,” he whispered seriously, getting close to her face, “It’s the day nursery for ye.  Where they’ll be holdin’ ye prisoner.”

Bree reached up and grabbed Jamie’s nose.  “Ye ken my meanin’ then.  It’ll stink.”  

Jamie picked up his daughter and turned to head downstairs to his office.  His foot hit something and sent it sliding across the floor.  He bent down to pick it up from where it had flipped open.  He wouldn’t have read it except he saw his name. Glancing through it, he saw it more than once.

His name was on every page.

He felt his stomach flip, and sat down hard in the rocking chair settling Brianna on his lap.  Perusing the journal he read his wife’s daily thoughts.  

“Oh, Claire,” he whispered.

Claire took the bus to the hospital.  She wanted today to be like every other work day before Brianna was born.  She felt it would calm her if she repeated her routine.  

Getting off at her stop she looked over at the big building that was so much a part of her life.  She had missed it.  All of it. While she worried that she was leaving Bree too soon, she also knew that working would be good for her.   

Taking a deep breath she pulled her ID badge out of her bag, hung it around her neck, and headed in.  

She had barely made it into the Employee Entrance when she spotted a pair of red trainers barreling towards her.  The bright red hair from her assailant’s high pony tail whipped around her head, and she was caught up in a bear hug.

“Geillis!” Claire laughed, and hugged her back.  Hard.

“Yer here!”  Geillis gave her one extra squeeze and stepped back to look at her, holding her at arms’ length.  “Dammit, Claire, ye look good!  Have ye seen Dr. Gowan? What did he say?”

“Not yet.  On my way there now,” Claire linked arms with her friend.  “Walk with me and tell me all the gossip.”

Heads bent together the two women moved through the corridor, Geillis talking, and Claire nodding hello at those she knew.

When they got to Dr. Gowan’s office Geillis gave her another quick hug making Claire promise to text her with his decision.  

Sitting in Dr. Gowan’s office was a bit of a homecoming for Claire.  He was Chief of Staff, and Claire’s dealings with him had always been of a positive nature, even when she had been reporting Dr. Randall. 

He sat back in his chair, relaxed and in good spirits.  “Of course, Dr. Fraser, whenever yer ready to come back is fine.  The Emergency ward misses yer excellent skills.”  

Dr. Gowan leaned forward and looked through his bifocals at his computer. “Now, if it’s two days a week ye want, we can set that up.  I’m afraid ye’ll still have to do on call one day a week, and take a shift one weekend a month.”  He raised his eyebrows at her, making sure she knew all she had to consider.

“I understand, Dr. Gowan.  As long as we could make my two days consistent,” Claire said, “just for the sake of scheduling a babysitter.”

“How is yer….daughter?  Have I got that right?”  

“Yes.  Brianna.  And she’s well, thank you.  In fact, I’m heading down to look at our day nursery after our meeting.  I want to see the facility and check on availability for her.”  

She ignored the sharp pang in her stomach.  

“Ah. Weel, I won’t keep ye.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, then. With, of course, yer other duties.  I’ll have yer schedule sent to ye soon.”  He slapped the arms of his chair, and made to get up.

Claire stood and shook his hand feeling relieved, excited and hesitant, all at the same time.

Jamie pulled into a parking spot and sat for a moment thinking.  He thought again of Claire’s last entry in her journal. It was from this morning.  

Looking forward to my meeting with Dr. Gowan this morning, and the appointment to tour the nursery, even though I wish Jamie would come with me.

The part about him was crossed out until it was almost illegible.  Still, it broke his heart.  They were on opposite sides of this topic. Jamie wanted a nanny for Bree.  Claire thought it best their daughter be at the hospital nursery where she could check on her throughout the day.  

Seeing her cross out the words made him realize that while she was trying, he was not.  So, he bundled up Bree and drove over to the hospital.  He owed Claire his time.  It cost him nothing to look at the nursery, and truth be told if he didn’t see it he couldn’t argue against it.  Sighing deeply he opened the door of the car and climbed out.  Gathering Bree from the backseat, he headed inside.

Jamie came through the double doors and turned to the left.  Halfway down the corridor he noticed Claire standing off to the side looking into the nursery window.  

“There’s yer Mam!” Jamie said to Bree, turning her in his arms so she could see her.

“Mamamamamamamamama….”  Bree babbled. 

Claire spun around.  “Jamie!”  He watched as the shock on her face softened into gratitude.  “You came.”

“Aye,” he said, and kissed her quickly on the lips.  “I realized I canna discount something I’ve never seen.  I wouldna do it in business, mo neighean donn, so I shouldna do it at home.”

Claire reached up and brushed a wind swept curl away from Jamie’s forehead, her hand lingering on his cheek.  

Sky blue eyes met amber ones.  

Thank you for coming. For considering my thoughts on this.

I’m sorry for not agreeing to come sooner. 

If there was one thing Claire valued most in her marriage, it was their ability to communicate without words.  

As Jamie passed the baby to her, he pressed a soft kiss to her forehead.  He smiled as Bree nestled into Claire’s shoulder.  

“Shall we go in?” Jamie asked, hoisting the backpack higher on his shoulder.

“Wait.”  Claire looked through the window again.  

Jamie followed her gaze.  He knew immediately what she was thinking.  He cast around in his mind trying to find a compliment.  

“Tis bright enough!”  That sounded lame, even to him.

Claire turned to look at her husband, disappointment etched in her features. “It’s very crowded.”

Jamie nodded and said nothing.  

“Maybe it’s too soon for me to come back to the hospital.”

“Claire,”  He turned her to face him, his hands resting on her shoulders.  “I ken sometimes ye try to stay…” he paused trying to find the right word.  “Ye try to stay humble, maybe, but I’m no’ ashamed of the fact we can afford a nanny. We work hard, Claire.  And it’s okay to want Bree to stay safe and loved and comfortable in her own home.  And no’ just Bree, but any bairn to come after her.”  

Keeping an arm around her shoulders, Jamie guided his wife towards the door to the parking lot.  

“We can’t just hire anybody, Jamie,” Claire said, looking up at him.  

“Aye. I ken that.”  He made a Scottish noise that indicated he was thinking.  “It will take a while to find a young blonde nanny from Sweden.”

Claire stopped short.  “James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser!” she said and shoved at his chest.   


Both turned around at the sound of the familiar voice.  “Mrs. Fitzgibbons!”

Claire rushed down the hallway to see her old friend and supervisor.  They embraced warmly.

“Is this yer we’en, Claire?”  At Claire’s nod, Mrs. Fitz cupped Brianna’s head in her somewhat wrinkled hand, smoothing down her hair.  “Och, Claire, she’s the spit of her Da!”

Much to Claire’s surprise Bree launched herself at Mrs. Fitz, arms outstretched. Despite her surprise the older woman reacted quickly, and reached out to hold the bairn.  In no time Bree was smiling and cooing while Mrs. Fitz nodded and talked in a sing-song voice.  

“So,” Mrs. Fitz looked at Claire, “Geillis tells me yer to be back soon.”

Claire smiled, and nodded.  

“And did she tell ye I’ll be retired soon?”  Nurse Fitz turned to hand Bree to her father.  

“What?  No!” Claire took both of Mrs. Fitz’ hands in her own.  “For selfish reasons I wish you weren’t, but I understand.  Congratulations, it’s well earned.”

“Mrs. Fitzgibbons,” Jamie said, his face a polite mask.  “Can I persuade ye to join us for lunch?  Our treat.  Celebrating yer retirement, ye ken.”

Claire looked at Jamie.  His voice held an undertone that she couldn’t quite place.  There was a tilt to his head, and a smile playing around his wide mouth. The slanted clear cat-eyes held a hint of mischief.  What are you up to, you wily Scot?

Equally fascinated by the change in her daddy’s tone, Bree placed her chubby hands on either side of Jamie’s face and strained to look into his eyes. 

Jamie just smiled, and deftly maneuvered all three females toward the door.  

“So you’re a…mermaid.”

She fixes the bifocals perched atop her nose, eyes skimming down his long tail and taking in the details of his green and blue holographic scales.

Harry’s coral pink lips plump into a pout, the corners of his mouth dipping down in mild annoyance. The bottom of his tail flaps about, portraying the slight agitation and clear distaste for the label the girl has branded him with.

“Man.” He murmurs softly, seaglass eyes shimmering up at her with a tad bit of curiosity, glossy irises reflecting the watery blue haze from the ocean just outside the humongous glass wall of the submarine.

“What’s that you said?” She doesn’t know if he’s referring to her or to someone else– maybe Niall, who is out back in the lab room determining the levels of salt needed for the water in Harry’s testing tank.

His fingers play at the hem of the black t-shirt he had been given, the fabric itchy against his skin. He’s not used to wearing clothes much and having to use them is his least favorite part of going overland.

“Man.” The peculiar creature repeats, squaring his shoulders back almost dominant-like, better exposing the scales along his neck as they glint under the muddled streams of sunlight.