they are bffs at least in my mind

GRUVIA IS CANON and I am so happy! ♥ a lot of people have already said what I think about the scene in chapter 545 so I won’t write much… I was disappointed at first because I expected more, but now I can definitely state that I loved it. I’ve always wanted them to keep the matching scars from 499 and I didn’t expect Mashima to let Juvia have hers, not at all, so I am really glad. Chapter 499 was the proof of their mutual feelings and now they even have the “physical” proof of their love! I love their dynamic as a couple too, it’s very, very cute. “You are mine” also says it all <3

I am posting this re-colouring with my style of Gray and Juvia in the magazine cover as a thank you to my fandom. I wish I joined earlier but this year on tumblr was really enjoyable thanks to all of you!  I am really grateful for all the support you always give to my Gruvia posts and especially colorings… and I will surely colour and edit more ^-^ thanks so much!

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Hi dear! First of all I love your ff! It's my favourite one of all! And I love that you don't hold back that Victuri not only show, but tell that they love each other. do you think that in case of season 2 they might tell each other how they feel by words? I am not one of those fans that can't believe what I see unless they tell each other straight(gay) out! But something in me is still in denial that a major plot twist could be like "lol we fooled you guys regarding victuuri" what do I do? 😭😭

(Thank you - I’m having fun writing fic for the fandom! Winter Song is actually crafted to fill in the blanks that you’re questioning, so hopefully it helps settle your mind a bit.)

As for your question, I don’t think we’re going to get a “haha we fooled you!” message from the creators. Victor and Yuuri’s romantic relationship is canon.

What I think some people are struggling with is that the main storyline of Yuri!!! on Ice is not about romance. It’s a sports anime, and skating has always been and always will be the main focus. 

The subplot of Yuri!!! on Ice is the coach/student relationship. This is why we’re only shown scenes where Victor and Yuuri discuss that part of their relationship. The skating is always the focus because that’s just what the show is about. If you’re looking for an anime that explores romance, this isn’t it. So no, I don’t think we’re promised any blatant “I love you” scenes in the future. 


That doesn’t mean the romantic relationship isn’t there. It is so there.

I honestly do not understand how people can look at that screencap above and fail to see the physical and emotional intimacy these two young men share.

Like. *rubs temples* Their lips are literally an inch apart. (Seriously … why would Yuuri’s family be so shocked to see these two hugging? They hug all the time.)

Every. single. scene. we get from Victor and Yuuri is the type of stuff the fans of many 100% confirmed canonical relationships never get to see on screen.

Victor and Yuuri’s intimacy is palpable in a way rarely seen in other media.

What we’re shown in the anime are two men falling in love, and Kubo-sensei has given her audience clear evidence of that relationship should they wish to see it. It’s canon.

The kiss has been confirmed. They share hotel rooms now. Their beds are pushed together. In what world do adults in a platonic relationship give each other gold wedding bands? And kiss them in front of an audience?? And grab each other’s neckties??? And kiss each other’s skates???? And run into each other’s arms in an airport after a very brief separation?????

Do you know how intimate it is to have someone kiss your hand like this?

Just take a moment to imagine your last coach or teacher doing that to you. Imagine your best friend doing it.

Really feel it. What it would be like to have someone you’re in a platonic relationship with bring your hand to their lips and hold it there for several long moments.

Their warm breath. The feel of their lips. The way their eyes close and their brow creases like their heart is aching.

Kind of a weird idea to think about your BFF doing it, right? Personally, my mind would immediately jump to the conclusion that they have a raging crush on me at the very least. Hand kissing like this is extremely suggestive of romance.

I’m just scratching the surface of the physical and emotional intimacy evident in this anime. It is SO EASY to imagine Yuuri and Victor kissing and saying “I love you” after the credits roll in the later episodes. That’s what the creators have given you … when they didn’t have to.

I would encourage you not to expect Yuri!!! on Ice to be something it’s not, or you’re never going to be able to truly enjoy it.

(Don’t you want to enjoy it? It’s fun. I promise.)

Alternately, if you expect nothing more than a sports anime and are instead given all this wealth of intimacy and romance, you will be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY.

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Ginny and Luna's friendship is an unbreakable bond. At first Ginny joined everyone else in making fun of Luna, but she soon realized how much they had in common. As both were misunderstood by their peers, the two found comfort in each others company and their friendship quickly grew. ~S

Luna being so friendly and pleasant towards Ginny because she doesn’t have many friends and Ginny at least doesn’t seem to mind being near Luna, and maybe, just maybe, they can be friends one day.

Ginny not particularly wanting to be Luna’s friend at first, but then, on a whim, accepts Luna’s invite to view the Slytherin/Hufflepuff quidditch game, and a moment of silliness at the game breaks her resistance and suddenly her and Luna are really friends and no one really understands, least of all them, but maybe it was just fate.

Ginny finding Luna in between classes so she can walk her at least partially to her next class.

Luna being able to understand what Ginny means even when she gets so excited and flustered she can no longer get out actual words.

Luna being utterly confused about Ginny’s insecurities because she sees them as strengths.

Ginny understanding when Luna just needs some time alone to re-energize and just being that much more excited to hang out with her later.

Ginny knowing she can 100% just be completely herself around Luna and always feeling safe.

Luna always going to Ginny first before anyone else and always finding what she needs.

Ginny and Luna just knowing each other better than anyone else does and being so comfortable with each other they can do the weirdest stuff together with absolutely no judgement from the other.

~Hufflepuff Mod

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Some Golden Lovers trutherism for you: guesting on a metal music/wrestling podcast Kenny is asked about the rivalry between he and Ibushi. There's actually a lot to dig into, but perhaps most interestingly, he basically says that there is no story with them, per se, because all the interviews are just speaking the truth. I can't link in an ask, but google "squared circle pit" podcast, and it's the most recent episode; skip to 50:05 if you don't want to listen to the whole thing.

First of all, I need to say how much I appreciate people coming to me with Golden Lovers news. I have truly Made It. Please, by all means, let me be your clearinghouse.

Here’s a link to the thing in question. You can always tell when Kenny is doing a shoot interview because he has his Canadian accent on high, and this is one of those times… and… yikes… he says, basically, that everything they’ve ever said in interviews about each other is true. Like, the thing about Kota being afraid of him and stuff, he says, is true. 

He says they promised each other they’d never fight each other again (after Budokan), because they would just push each other too much and like maybe die. Kinda, actually, what I said in this post: it sounds like he’s sorta saying that they don’t have self-control around each other, so they agreed to never do it again. Unless it was the “right time”, which was probably the Tokyo Dome (unspoken but understood). But then he talked about how special the G1 final was, and said that it might very well be special enough.

But then if they didn’t see each other in the finals, if Ibushi signs with NJPW, he wants them to fight at the Tokyo Dome, and then never again. 

TBH, my personal headcanon is that 1. they’re still close, and 2. this is another chance, on a much bigger stage with a much bigger audience, to have fun together in a way only they can, and part of that fun involves only them ever knowing the real truth. They love the stage they have and the fascination fans have with their story, so they are, independent of NJPW or really anything at all but their own relationship, keeping this alive and playing their parts to the extra degree that only they can. I think I recall reading that for their Budokan match, they were the only ones who knew what they were going to do. Like, they kinda just went away and planned all the dumb shit they were going to attempt, and the whole thing was a joke between them that DDT and wrestling fans happened to be privy to, but definitely not in on. 

They’ve always kinda seemed to have their own little world, and their loyalty here is to their story more than it is to kayfabe, or any promotion or goal or whatever. That seems very them to me, they know how good they are and they both love telling stories, and they are (or were) bffs (at least). Imagine if you and your bff had that kind of stage to make the world look at your dumb antics, to act out a story that was essentially a creation of your shared mind and mutual trust and affection. Their number one loyalty is to each other (in my headcanon), and making wrestling fun in the way they think it should be. Like they’ve said from the very beginning.

with the new comic and disguise spells, i feel really sure Poppy has a pretty one, a young looking demacian soldier, blondie like herself, well built like every Honored Soldier must be… the image in my mind is beautiful.

Just my point of view tho, i know others think about a granny or a dwarf, i just Love my baby enough to make her look Beautiful! Like a Pigtails bff with Sona or sister-ish with Lux bc Garen™.

i hope somewhere around the bright side of Internet already takes this idea of a human Poppy being adorbs too…

BTS: Realest OTP Group [VMIN]

just look at them

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they just genuinely enjoy each other’s company. 


let’s get to the true otp, vmin first

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MY FAVORITEST GIF OF THEM ALLLLLL (when u fangirl grammar doesn’t matter)

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they’re like true bff’s dammit

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WTF TAE DOESN’T MIND JIMIN PUTTING A DOG LEASH ON HIM i have never seen a friendship like this, believe me. at least i haven’t seen it anywhere.

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THEY EVEN DO THINGS TOGETHER (this is just a mere coincidence but tHE TIMING) (ft. a jealous yoongi i’ll come to yonmin no worry ^^)

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okay enough. im a vivid shipper of Yoonmin but VMin always has a place in my heart… as BFFs lollll but they’re friendship goals af!

i’ll make a post for each pairing


“Hey sexy.“ Sammy says. “Ohh, you’re not skipping today.” you say while smirking. “I skipped every class but this one. It’s the only class I get to see you in.” he says. “Stop trying Sammy, it’s never going to happen.” you say. “What?” he asks innocently. “Trying to make me sleep with you. You are the schools fuckboy. At least, that’s what my friends on the cheer squad say at practice.” you say while giggling. “Ohh yeah, that Britney girl was fun. Wait, you’re a cheerleader?” he says while laughing. “That’s my bff. You screwed her, gross. And yes, I am a cheerleader.” you say while gagging. “Ohh. One day you’ll give in but until then, has it ever occurred to you…. never mind.” he says while shaking his head. “No, what fuckboy?” You ask. “That I may actually want to be your boyfriend and not just your fuck buddy but that is a perk.” he says while laughing. “Wait, I’m sorry. Fuckboy say what?” you say. “I want to be your boyfriend.” he mumbles. “Haha, come again?” you say while giggling. “Fuck this.” he says while standing on top of our desk. “Attention fellow classmates. According to my friend over here, I am the schools fuckboy. Correct?” he says while pointing at you. “Correct.” everyone answers back. “I am ready to be serious and since she doesn’t realize I’m serious…. Y/N will you be my girlfriend?” he asks me. The other girls scoff and gossip while the boys root him on. “Sammy Wilkinson, I will be your girlfriend if you stop your fuckboyness.” you say while standing on top of the desk.(Yasssss a bitch just invented a new word)” “I promise.” He says. “Good.” you say then you kiss him and ride off into the sunset. Or in this case, your asses back in your seats and to detention after school.

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     Living together with her new ‘ family ’ had been quite tumultuous, a lot less quiet than Ivy was used to normally, but she didn’t mind much. It was nice to have a family again. Selina had been something like family to her too, but sometimes weeks or even months passed without her friend showing up at all so this —— was DIFFERENT. She saw Oswald nearly every day, Victor and Bridgit at least once a week. They were nearly always around. Ivy had started to care for them, especially Bridgit. The other girl was closer to her age then Victor or Oswald, so it was a lot easier for Ivy to befriend the woman. She seemed more willing to accept Ivy’s quirky behaviour.

              Hey Bridgit! I’m glad you’re here again! She greeted her friend with a long hug.  I’m still sad you decided to live somewhere else, it does get quite boring here without you. I barely see Victor all day and Pengy is… well he is always quite busy. I mean I’m not lonely, I got my plants but.. I MISS you.