they are beautiful ppl

intersex ppl are valid. intersex ppl are beautiful. intersex people are fucking smart and if you dont fucking agree you can fuck yourself in the mouth with a taser 

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auli'i is such a beautiful person omg but i saw some ppl in the comments saying that it wasnt disrespectful bc its not like theyre pronouncing her name wrong shes just getting called by her character's name ???? uM thats still disrespectful more disrespectful than pronouncing her name wrong bc theyre not even bothering to try & know her name & it makes me so mad that white ppl can have complicated ass names but when poc's have unique & indigenous names they're ridiculed like no ? fuck that

yep and on top of that apparently jimmy kimmel spent the night making fun of people’s ethnic names… white people are The Worst™ and the oscars didn’t make them any better


In the shoot, [Gareth Edwards] was living the things with us. We were not shooting for the angle, we were living the experience and the camera was catching moments and living with us. We would go from the beginning to the end of each scene with the camera improvising around us and fishing for those moments of truth. It was quite an interesting thing to witness on such a big set with all this construction and special effects and creatures and all of that going on — the camera was there as if this was a documentary about that world.


That was probably the wrong answer…