they are beautiful case closed!

She’s my subordinat-

She’s just my childhood silly frien-

She’s like a sist-

I don’t care about that idio-

She's interfering in my important cas-

I’m just thinking about that bimbo who could be a crim-

Yes, I’m listening to you Kudo-

I’m focuse-

I dunno but I just really love Josh? like he’s honestly the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen and based off stories from fans or people that know him he’s so humble and kind making him even more beautiful? cause a beautiful heart is way more than appearance. and he’s just so talented? like he taught himself drums cause his parents didn’t approve of his music taste and now he’s playing sold out arenas in a grammy winning band? and the fact he dyes his hair and got piercings and tattoos in hopes to look tougher so people would stop walking over him and he’s just this little ball of sunshine. and he loves his friends/family and fans so much and the fact he used to dm fans when they were going through tough times warms my heart. and he has the most beautiful eyes ever they are such a deep brown but shine so bright, and the way they crinkle when he smiles or laughs. and his smile just takes up his whole face like he’s so expressive and his laugh is so contagious and he’s just such an amazing person and I love him so much

anyways josh deserves all the love in the world and he’s the most beautiful human being ever cased closed

SUKEKIYO [2017.06.27 - Kyo and YUCHI interview part 2]

Explosive force , an inquisitive spirit and everything thereafter.

Part 2 of Kyo and YUCHI’s interview for spice.

“If its something I depend on, I wanna cling to it and have everything and anything I do be forgiven.” - Kyo

“But even saying that, in reality you’re the one that everyone clings to.” (haha) - YUCHI

SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG. Remind me to finish translating things BEFORE going to see Dir in future. 

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Authors note:
This is actually a head canon of mine of what Peter would’ve been like during the first curse, so this is going to be really exciting for me. Also, gosh you’re too kind! Seriously, wow I don’t know what to say. Thank you a million times over!

In this i’m making them their cursed names, Peter is Robbie, Belle is Lacey. I took this as an opportunity to fit my own little lacey background story, i see her as the party girl she was meant to be but I also believed she has a secrete love of books, claiming she only worked their for the money.. which in reality is a crappy pay. 

Hope you don’t mind, cutie! 


Robbie sat in the corner of the he was completely focused on the book in front of him, he really hoped nobody came in and saw what he was reading.. It was a children’s book after all (Peter Pan to be exact) However he was allowed to take the time off from reading Shakespeare, Charles Dickens and other books which could be classed as “too serious”. 

It was a Saturday, Lacey, he believed her name was - was focusing on putting books onto the shelves, she then noticed the teenager and thought to herself briefly, she always saw him here till she closed. He was quiet, nose always in the poetry section; she realized he must have loved books to come here nearly everyday. 

“Excuse me” She said softly, jolting the teenager away from his book and he looked up at her like a deer caught in headlights. She couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her lips, “Sorry”

“No-No its okay” He said softly, adjusting his glasses on his face as he looked up at the women “Can i help you?”

“I was wondering if you’d like to work here? It’d be shitty pay but, i guess i could work something out” She offered, her eyes scanning the other in thought. 

“I’d love to, but you don’t have to pay me” He offered, a goofy grin forming on his face in excitement. 

“Are you sure?” She asked shocked, usually people his age got jobs for money not for the hell of it. 

“I’m sure, trust me. I get enough in my allowance” he smiled again, pulling the book closer to him for some sort of protection. Lacey smile widely as she shook his hand.

“Welcome to the nerd team”

~ couple weeks later ~

Robbie began to walk quickly to the library, he’d finally finished his school work and was free to hang out with Lacey, or the books if she was curing her usual hang over. 

As he pushed the heavy, well  crafted doors open. His eyes quickly followed the sound of laughter, usually this building was left to its solitude which is why he decided to take the job - Hell, it was why he hung out here in the first place. He went to sit behind the desk as he watched Lacey and another women, around his age really, appear from behind the bookshelves both wearing massive smiles on their faces. Robbie blushed as they both noticed him and fiddled with a pen that was on the desk. 

“Oh, hey!” The girl smiled walking over to him, “Robbie,right?” She asked, her eyes seeming to scan over the boy with a pleased expression.

“Ye-Yeah” he muttered, taking in her appearance. She had (h/l) (h/c) hair and stunning, and he means stunning (e/c). He blushed darker as she bit her lip, knowing full well that she was holding back a laugh. “How’d you know?” he managed to ask, even though it came out quiet he still applauded himself for getting out a decent sentence. 

“We’re in the same Maths, English and Religious studies?” she questioned, her hand coming up on her hip and the pen practically flew out his hand and on the floor.

“S-Sorry I didn’t-” she waved him off

“The names (y/n). (y/n) (l/n)” she smiled, looking back at Lacey now ignoring the other. “Well I should get going, my dad will murder me If i don’t get this project do. Later Lace-” she paused once she got to the door, a grin playing at the corner of her lips “Bye Robbie” she practically purred, laughing as the other physically tensed.

Once the beauty left the room, Lacey was practically on the floor laughing.

“Shut. up” he growled, which only seemed to make it worse. A sigh escaped his lips, he was a loser.

~~~ Mega time skip ~~~

Despite his lame first impression, (f/n) and Robbie became extremely close. It was a case of The Beauty And The Geek. Right now they were studying for a maths exam coming up which (f/n) just couldn’t get into her head, her face was concentrated on the equations in front of her; face scrunched up and tongue poking out her pink lips. Robbie couldn’t stop staring, she was so cute. He stopped her mid writing when he noticed that she got something wrong, “no, you see you’ve got to do the opposite of the symbols.. like times is divide, see?” he pointed with the pen and she smashed her head on the table hard as she let out a whine.

“I can’t do it!” She protested, “I’m just dumb, i’m a complete fuckin’ idiot… I might as get the U no-” Her rambling was cut off by his lips on hers. She tensed but sighed happily into the kiss as it deepened, tongues battling each others as (f/n)’s hand found their way onto his thighs; Teasingly moving up as he growled against her lips, in response she shuffled feeling the wetness in her panties growing. 

“Wait..” Robbie managed breathlessly, his mind spinning and feeling his pants tighten “As much as I want this, oh and believe me i want this” he managed, gripping the back of (y/n)s neck making a soft moan escape her wet, swollen lips “I think a date would be more, appropriate" 

"Such a gentlemen” (y/n) sighed lovingly, any other man would think with his dick and just sleep with her or so.. something.. but not Robbie, and that’s one of the many reasons why she loves him. 

“Wanna ditch the studying and go get something to eat?” he offered

“You can read my  mind" 

Hump Day Smut is back!

It could be a bigger list, but I wanted to get something out for you guys this week!

Writers: If ya wanna be on Hump Day Smut, here are the rules :)

Without further ado, SMUT!

Relinquish by @mrsjohnsmith (Why is sub!Dean so appealing to me? Stop giving me new kinks!)

Quality Screentime by @littlegreenplasticsoldier Battery Burner (My condolences to whatever panties you were wearing while reading this fic. Shy Dean, Facetiming, all the goods.)

Beautiful by @scorpiongirl1 (Insecure reader being shown how beautiful she is by Dean.)

Case Closed by @curliesallovertheplace (Sammy and skype sex.)

We Had a Date? by @winchester-with-wings (Grad school AU with boyfriend Dean.)

Should I Get Off? by @jinkieswouldyoulookatthis (I think it’s the fact that I’m in the medical field and know how to suture, but stitching Dean up is kind of a kink of mine. It’s not a weird wound fetish, it’s a fixing him thing. idk.)

A box for your Box by @littlegreenplasticsoldier (Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln. Sam bought you some different sized dildos to get you ~ready~ for him. TBH, this fic could be 5k more words and I would stay enthralled the entire time. Sometimes I think Ali could write about that trip to the bathroom after sex where you pee to prevent getting a UTI and it would be solid gold.)

GIFs and such under the break.

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anonymous asked:

In that last dream sequence, Derek couldn't possibly come up with the finger thing all by himself. He has literally had no contact with Stiles all season, and Stiles figured out the finger thing after the season started. So how did he know? Dreams are projections of your subconscious mind. It's completely impossible to dream something that you haven't seen before. So unless someone else was influencing Derek's dream, there's no way it could have happened. Right? (Of course, this is Teen Wolf...)

other anonymous asked:

sooo I just watched the Teen Wolf finale and I have a question. If Derek was dreaming and Stiles was just in his head, how did he know about the fingers? Was he following Scott around (because wolf brothers) and overheard that conversation? He was, wasn’t he?


The show is and always has been more concerned with following exciting!!! plot twists and getting all the necessary exposition out there than they are with explaining how or why a particular character has a certain piece of information.


Like lol why. Why would he even know that. 

Why would Stiles know about Derek sleeping with Kate if Derek “never told anybody.” WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN. WHY DID IT HAPPEN.

Derek seems to have a particular hate-on for Jackson in S2, beyond what is entirely reasonable from their interactions. Like he seems endlessly annoyed with him even before Jackson starts following him around and harassing him for alpha-bites. DOES HE KNOW JACKSON IS A GIANT BULLY WHO PICKS ON SCOTT? HOW??

But the great thing about this is that the show is never going to address it and possibly hasn’t even noticed it, so we get to decide what it means.

And what I think it means is either of the following:

  1. Derek really is always around the kids. In the shadows. Listening. Brooding. Waiting to jump in and ineffectively try and save Scott and Co.!
  2. Stiles and Derek have SO MANY contentious and familiar and frustrating and comforting and confusing and wonderful conversations where this info gets passed along, but they all happen off-screen.
  3. There is some kind of magic mutual dream-sharing going on.

I’m cool with a combination of these options. CASE CLOSED.

One of my favorite things about Detective Conan is the fact that they almost always release versions of the songs from the series sung by Conan.

Conan can’t sing.

They deliberately release full versions of songs sung deliberately terribly and people actually buy them and listen to them. I think that’s beautiful.