they are beautiful babies :


Gym Inspiration

Manly Man In Grey Tights For A Gray Monday!

Woof, Baby!


This is Ramsey and today he learned to skate and I would die for him


Why I Love Rugby

Reason #5: The Tight And Short Kits Worn By Fit And Sexy Men.

Not Entirely Sure, But I Believe That Is Derick Minnie Who Is About To Have His Jersey Ripped Off Him By Tim Visser. And Those Muscular Hindquarters Bursting The Seams Of Those Shorts Are Treviso’s Simone Ferrari (#3).

Woof, Baby!


my baby just smiled and felt happy about otabek’s performance. i mean, THIS IS YURI PLISETSKY, we are talking about. competitive behavior, thy name is yuri plistestky, we are talking about. He NEVER smiled during someone else’s performance . he wished someone good luck for the first time. THEY BRING OUT THE BEST IN EACH OTHER. DO YOU REALIZE HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE TO EACH OTHER? if you dont think they are amazing, you are a monster.