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Little Archangel (1/4)

Imagine being the fifth Archangel and not only being ‘Team Switzerland’ to your brothers, but being totally different then them.

Warnings: none, unless Lucifer is a warning?

Word count: 1,699

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Mainly Lucifer x reader and Gabriel x reader

Winchesters. It’s all you ever heard the angels talking about on angel radio.

“They sound like nothing but trouble, don’t you think?” lightly stroking the black wolf’s thick fur, you talked to him.

Being the fifth Archangel wasn’t an easy thing. All these expectations to match each of your brothers standards and all of Heavens. Truth be told, you were nothing at all like the rest of your family. Michael wanted you to stand with him, fulfilling out your father’s wishes and helping control Heaven. Gabriel wanted you to be happy, do what pleased you. Somehow pulling tricks on everybody was what his idea of your happiness was. Rapheal, well, he never really cared what you did as long as you never crossed a line. He didn’t like you, but the other three of your brothers would never let him touch you. Lucifer was just, himself. He fell from Heaven at the hands of your eldest brother and was locked in a cage. You loved him regardless of his falling, you’d always love him. As a child he would run through Heaven, chasing you around. And when you’d fall he would help you heal, showing you how. Your father made you the youngest, causing you to grow like a human would but stopping at a proper adult like age. Words couldn’t describe how much you missed him, but anger also consumed every thought of him for how he had divided the family.

Many years had passed since you’d seen anybody of your family, including any angels in general. You had no reason to stand by Heaven or Hell, fighting wasn’t something that peaked your interest. Nature. Animals. That was what you loved. And nobody seemed to understand that. Sure, you had all the same abilities your brothers had. Wings, grace and all that. But you just used your powers, gifts as you called them, for different reasons and purposes. Healing the world around you, the natural world. Not what humans had built up by destroying the beauty around them. You always wandered freely in the open, allowing your wings to be exposed at all times. Nobody was ever around where you were, so you had no reason to hide who you truly were. Walking around the Earth’s smooth surface barfoot, letting your beautiful tainted wings drag behind you. As a child, you always felt different from your brothers because of your wings being a mixed ombre color of black and bright clean white. Now they were normal to you, and you embraced everything about them. On some days you’d simply roam the land, enjoying the worlds simple pleasures. On others, you would fly to the highest points in the world, silently looking over your fathers tiny creations. Inspecting them from a far away distance. One particular day, something was off. All the animals had succuried off, and you knew something was wrong.

“What the hell are we doing out here Cas?” a gruff, deep voiced man spoke to another in a trenchcoat as a tall long haired man followed shortly behind. An angel. You hadn’t seen one in the longest time. The name Cas sounded familiar but you couldn’t place your finger on it as you hid in a tree above watching the three.

“She has to be somewhere. If not here maybe there are clues to her whereabouts,” the angel was looking all around him. No doubt looking for you.

“Dean, what exactly are we going to do if we actually find her? She’s said to be a myth anyways,” the taller one had grabbed the gruff one’s arm, allowing the angel to walk ahead alone as they spoke. If the gruff one was Dean, then the taller one must’ve been Sam. Leaving the angle to be Castiel. If the Winchesters were here looking for you, something must’ve been wrong.

“I can assure you I’m no myth Sam,” you flew down from the tree, your wings still in plain sight. Castiel turned around quickly, more than likely reaching for his blade. “You won’t need that,” with a snap of your fingers, his blade was in your hands. Both of the brothers in front of you were in shock.

“Are you Y/N?” Dean had asked. Swallowing hard as he gazed upon your wings. You couldn’t blame him, they were a sight.

“She is,” you turned to meet the bright blue eyes belonging to Castiel. It was hard to not get lost in their vast ocean scenery.

“I’m assuming you need me for something, I haven’t had anybody come looking for me since-,” you glanced down, trying not to cry. “since he was cast down,” the Winchesters glanced back and forth at each other when you mentioned Lucifer. “What is it? Is something wrong with my brothers?” panic came over you.

“Well, he’s out,” Sam’s face was showing fear, he had a right to. Being Lucifer’s true vessel was a big deal. “Did you really not know?” you just shook your head.

“Micheal-him and Lucifer are going all team apocalypse. Gabriel is trying to get in between them and stop Lucifer but the only way he can stop him is if he-,” you stopped Dean from continuing to speak.

“They’ll fight to the death. I won’t allow them to destroy each other. Where are they?”

“Y/N, we can take you to them. But your wings need to be hidden. I’ve learned the hard way that humans don’t understand about our existence, nor do they need to,” Castiel was speaking softly to you.

“I’ve never had to contain my wings,” you began to feel nervous.

“Well they’re beautiful,” Sam nodded at Dean’s remark, you simply smiled.

“Will you show me how?” the angel walked towards you, preparing to help contain your enormous wings.

A few hours later and you were in a town in Kansas.

“Car rides, are they always this frustrating?” it was your first car ride, you couldn’t lie, while the car was mesmerizing you’d never ride in this car or another again.

“You’ll get used to it,” Castiel was helping you out of the car, onto the gravel surrounding an abandoned building.

“I hope not,” the three of them laughed at your response.

“How do we know they’re going to be here?” Dean was grabbing holy oil out of his trunk while speaking.

“That won’t be necessary. I don’t want to hurt them, I’m here to stop them from fighting. Not to literally add fuel to the fire,” he reluctantly set the oil back into the trunk once you finished speaking. “And they won’t be here. They’re already here,” you could feel their presence as you flew into the building. Hearing the boys yelling for you not to go in without them as you did so.

“Y/N?” Lucifer was standing by Gabriel, his vessel was decaying from the inside out. “My, how you’ve changed,”

“I’m not the only one who’s changed brother,” you smiled. “Gabriel,” you nodded towards your other brother as a way of saying hello.

“Hey pipsqueak. Long time no see,” he smiled back at you. “So why show up now? Not that I don’t miss seeing your face,”

“I’m here now because of you two and Michael,” they both sighed. “You can’t do this. Fighting, killing each other. All of you are better than this. Raphael is dead because he wouldn’t stop the

violence and wars, I won’t stand by and watch what’s left of my family destroy each other from the inside out,” now you were angry, an emotion you’d never felt.

“Look at you little piece keeper, getting in between us. Little warrior just like your brother,” Lucifer was smirking, aside from not seeing him in a long time you were used to it. “For someone who’s not for fighting, sis you sure are ready to fight,”

“You’re right Luce. I never liked fighting and violence, but if I need to be violent to get the two of you to stop this…I will,” both of them just laughed at you, not believing you were strong enough.

“You’re the youngest kiddo. While I love you to bits and pieces, you can’t just-” you cut Gabriel off. Twisting your hand up palm facing up and raising the two of them into the air. Throwing them each to opposite corners of the building, you watched as vines grew and wrapped around them at your command. Both of them strained to get free, but found no luck as the vines only wrapped tighter and tighter around them. “I stand corrected,” now you were the one smirking as your trickster brother sighed.

“One good thing about being the 'little peace keeper’,” you looked at your older brother. “I’ve got certain tricks up my sleeve. Now let’s talk,” you walked to the middle of the building, looking back and forth between your tied up brothers. “You two are going to stop this, or I’m going to make you stop. If I have to take your grace to prevent you from killing one another, believe me I will,” Lucifer laughed, but quickly regretted it as your face grew hard and your eyes grew golden. Before he knew it he was coughing up little bits of his grace, he nodded as if saying he understood what you were capable of. “I love you, both of you. And I’ll do whatever is necessary to keep the two of you alive. Even if you have to be a pathetic human,” you glanced at Lucifer as you mimicked his way of speaking about father’s creations.

“Well since you can clearly kick our-” Gabe stopped before finishing, he knew you didn’t like swear words. “I don’t see we have a choice but to not kill each other,”

“Awe Gabe, you sound so disappointed,” Lucifer mocked.

“Only because now the apocalypse is going to happen,”

“No,” you chimed in. “I had to get you two under control and I have. Now-now I deal with our stubborn thick headed older brother,” with the snap of your fingers you teleported you and your two brothers out of the building and to a hidden place, right as the Winchesters had busted in through the door.

Read Part Two Here

anonymous asked:

Oh hi. I know this is late but are you still answering those fic ask questions? cause.... I have questions about Barfoot in Blue Jeans. 11: What do you like best about this fic? and 3: What's your favorite line of narration? Thaaaaanks! :P

Hello there, super anonymous anon who sent this anonymous ask anonymously. Hehe <3 (Now you know why I said I’d make a fool out of myself.) Never too late, love!

#11 - For this fic, I did my outline differently in the sense that each scene was meant to flesh out a particular relationship, so my headings said like “Intro: Louis and Cappie” and “Flashback: Louis, Liam, Niall, and Cappie”. so my favorite thing about the fic would have to be that the relationships were the focal points and really fleshed out. :D

#3 - My favorite lines are actually not by me, they’re by my wonderful beta @tempolarriefix

“Right now, Cappie needed Harry. So, it didn’t matter nearly as much that Louis needed Harry, too.”

I love those lines because I think that’s genuinely what it feels like to be a parent - you’re willing to put everything, absolutely everything, you want second (last, even) to what your kids need. :) Thanks for the ask, and the love! x

Things I associate with the Next Gen Girls of the Houses
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Gryffindor:</b> knitted pullovers, Demi Lovato songs, ponytails, The Maze Runner trilogie, transfiguration, polaroid photos, Quidditch, roses, fruit tea, exploring the forbidden forest, walking barfoot, angry tears, loud screams, bride smiles, red & yellow nails, flower crowns, dance partys the whole night through, hipster glasses, shouting in pillows, long & passionate hugs, coke
  • Ravenclaw: dancing, jeans jackets, art, taking baths together, loud music, Halsey songs, french braids, purple lipstick, The Diary of Anne Frank, potions, campfires, rosy cheeks, Taylor Swift songs, violets, pillow fights, holding hands, old fashioned backpacks, amazing eyebrows, thick blankets, dark chocolate, water
  • Hufflepuff: loud laughter, creative poses for pictures, poems, running, wavy hair, watching the rain dropping against the windows, sunglasses, sleepovers, stupid jokes, skirts, reading magazines, talking about gossip, sunflowers, climbing trees, cheerleading, bitter lemons, coffee
  • Slytherin: leather jackets, hair behind the ears, lip biting, light red lipstick, darkgreen nails, scarfs, chilling in the high grass, cat eyeliner, cactusses, 5sos songs, astrology, pumking juice with alcohol, yorkshire pudding, selfmade chokers, sassy grins, wearing sneakers everytime of the year, falling asleep while doing homework, learning new languages

Mitchell Red Cloud Jr. (Winnebago)

A Winnebago from Wisconsin, and a Corporal in Company E., 19th Infantry Regiment in Korea. On 5 November 1950, Red Cloud was on a ridge guarding his company command post when he was surprised by Chinese communist forces. He sounded the alarm and stayed in his position firing his automatic rifle and point-blank to check the assault. This gave his company time to consolidate their defenses. After being severely wounded by enemy fire, he refused assistance and continued firing upon the enemy until he was fatally wounded. His heroic action prevented the enemy from overrunning his company’s position and gained time for evacuation of the wounded.

Ernest Childers (Creek)

A Creek American Indian from Oklahoma, and a First Lieutenant with the 45th Infantry Division, Childers received the Medal of Honor for heroic action in 1943 when, up against machine gun fire, he and eight men charged the enemy. Although suffering a broken foot in the assault, Childers ordered covering fire and advanced up the hill, single-handedly killing two snipers, silencing two machine gun nests, and capturing an enemy mortar observer.

Roy P. Benavidez (Yaqui)

Master Sergeant (then Staff Sergeant) Roy P. Benavidez United States Army, who distinguished himself by a series of daring and extremely valorous actions on 2 May 1968 while assigned to Detachment B56, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces, Republic of Vietnam. On the morning of 2 May 1968, a 12-man Special Forces Reconnaissance Team was inserted by helicopters in a dense jungle area west of Loc Ninh, Vietnam to gather intelligence information about confirmed large-scale enemy activity. This area was controlled and routinely patrolled by the North Vietnamese Army. After a short period of time on the ground, the team met heavy enemy resistance, and requested emergency extraction. Three helicopters attempted extraction, but were unable to land due to intense enemy small arms and anti-aircraft fire. Sergeant Benavidez was at the Forward Operating Base in Loc Ninh monitoring the operation by radio when these helicopters returned to off-load wounded crewmembers and to assess aircraft damage. Sergeant Benavidez voluntarily boarded a returning aircraft to assist in another extraction attempt. Realizing that all the team members were either dead or wounded and unable to move to the pickup zone, he directed the aircraft to a nearby clearing where he jumped from the hovering helicopter, and ran approximately 75 meters under withering small arms fire to the crippled team. Prior to reaching the team’s position he was wounded in his right leg, face, and head. Despite these painful injuries, he took charge, repositioning the team members and directing their fire to facilitate the landing of an extraction aircraft, and the loading of wounded and dead team members. He then threw smoke canisters to direct the aircraft to the team’s position. Despite his severe wounds and under intense enemy fire, he carried and dragged half of the wounded team members to the awaiting aircraft. He then provided protective fire by running alongside the aircraft as it moved to pick up the remaining team members. As the enemy’s fire intensified, he hurried to recover the body and classified documents on the dead team leader. When he reached the leader’s body, Sergeant Benavidez was severely wounded by small arms fire in the abdomen and grenade fragments in his back. At nearly the same moment, the aircraft pilot was mortally wounded, and his helicopter crashed. Although in extremely critical condition due to his multiple wounds, Sergeant Benavidez secured the classified documents and made his way back to the wreckage, where he aided the wounded out of the overturned aircraft, and gathered the stunned survivors into a defensive perimeter. Under increasing enemy automatic weapons and grenade fire, he moved around the perimeter distributing water and ammunition to his weary men, reinstilling in them a will to live and fight. Facing a buildup of enemy opposition with a beleaguered team, Sergeant Benavidez mustered his strength, began calling in tactical air strikes and directed the fire from supporting gunships to suppress the enemy’s fire and so permit another extraction attempt. He was wounded again in his thigh by small arms fire while administering first aid to a wounded team member just before another extraction helicopter was able to land. His indomitable spirit kept him going as he began to ferry his comrades to the craft. On his second trip with the wounded, he was clubbed from additional wounds to his head and arms before killing his adversary. He then continued under devastating fire to carry the wounded to the helicopter. Upon reaching the aircraft, he spotted and killed two enemy soldiers who were rushing the craft from an angle that prevented the aircraft door gunner from firing upon them. With little strength remaining, he made one last trip to the perimeter to ensure that all classified material had been collected or destroyed, and to bring in the remaining wounded. Only then, in extremely serious condition from numerous wounds and loss of blood, did he allow himself to be pulled into the extraction aircraft. Sergeant Benavidez’s gallant choice to join voluntarily his comrades who were in critical straits, to expose himself constantly to withering enemy fire, and his refusal to be stopped despite numerous severe wounds, saved the lives of at least eight men. His fearless personal leadership, tenacious devotion to duty, and extremely valorous actions in the face of overwhelming odds were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service, and reflect the utmost credit on him and the United States Army.

Van T. Barfoot (Chocktaw)

A Choctaw from Mississippi, and a Second Lieutenant in the Thunderbirds. On 23 May 1944, during the breakout from Anzio to Rome, Barfoot knocked out two machine gun nests and captured 17 German soldiers. Later that same day, he repelled a German tank assault, destroyed a Nazi fieldpiece and while returning to camp carried two wounded commanders to safety.

Woodrow W. Keeble (Sioux)

Master Sergeant Woodrow Wilson Keeble (1917-1982) was a U.S. Army National Guard veteran of both World War II and the Korean War. He was a full-blooded member of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate of the Lake Traverse Reservation, a Sioux Native American tribe.