they are bad so be nice

I found my high school chem teacher on fb and im debating whether i should message her bc she was one of the only people who stood up for and looked after me at that time and i really value everything she did for me as a teacher and as a supportive adult but also the burden of being like “hi u taught me four years ago when i was a different gender thanks for not letting my classmates bully me as much as they wanted to and also letting me eat lunch in ur classroom bc the caf was Hell” like i kno in theory people usually value messages like that but also there is No Context of previous contact and im. Fundamentally a weird person so it would be double weird


Proud dads


Passing by the edge of the cold winter,
until the days of the spring,
until the days of the flower blossoms
Please stay, please stay there a little longer

haven’t drawn a night sky in a while so now the boys are stargazing


“nothing was said, everything was in the looks. the tension was built up so much, it was palpable. you could feel the love, fear, anxiety, the memories and history between the two.” - nina dobrev

I think one of the hardest things is trying to remain a good person despite the way that people treat you. I forgive people and they hurt me again anyway, my kindness and soft nature get abused and thrown back in my face, people treat me like I’m worthless just because they know they can. I honestly try so hard to be helpful and kind toward people but in return I get backbitten, disrespected and treated like crap. It’s kinda breaking my heart