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Road Trip

Rick tricked Stan into a ‘vacation outing’ when really they needed some major counseling from Carol in the middle of space because they wouldn’t agree with anywhere else.

Fairy tail AU - Age of Gladiators
Chapter 16
“In flames”

hahaha now the Sterek fic I was sort of halfway thinking about wants to turn into a Steter fic but actually I think it would work better that way?

okay so a while back I wrote the gladiator!Shadowhunters AU and it was good, I enjoyed it, and then Neloska (I know you have a tumblr but I don’t know your URL, sorry!) had suggested making it a gladiator Teen Wolf fic where Stiles was chosen and survived because he was smarter than the others and had a tendency to fight dirty

and the general idea was that the werewolves ruled society and captured humans and made them fight for their entertainment, et cetera, so the original idea I had was for Sterek, with Derek trying to help Stiles in the ring and eventually rescuing him or something, IDK

but now I really want to make it a Steter fic, because ruthless, clever Stiles just works so well with Peter, and Peter never sticks his neck out for anybody but he’s just fascinated with how Stiles survives, how he can do so much with so little, and let’s say that the Hales are in a low position in whatever court structure there is, due to Talia’s death, and Peter sees an opportunity in Stiles to help himself as well as helping Stiles

tl;dr ruthless self-serving devious assholes working together to ruin a bunch of bad guys together, sign me the fuck up

ShalluraSundays :: dancing

a/n: first entry for shallura sundays, thanks for the wonderful prompt and putting this event together! this was inspired by john mayer’s amazing song “slow dancing in a burning room”, so i highly recommend listening to it while you read. hope you enjoy!

ffn or ao3

slow dancing in a burning room

They don’t talk about the mission.

For the 24 hours Allura was in Galra captivity, Shiro can picture all too clearly what she may have gone through. His memories of his year as a prisoner have always been fuzzy, even when he was just back in the gladiator ring—time blurs and your mind becomes a master of forgetting what you don’t want to remember—but the first day has always remained clear. Or at least, the fear that had threatened to choke up, clawing at his throat and burning his lungs.

Thinking about Allura being captured by the Galra hurts even more, mostly because it’s his fault. On bad days, Shiro can’t exactly formulate what else he could have done—been faster, better, stronger? Dodged her grab for his collar?—but it doesn’t really matter. He lost her.

He can’t lose her.

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It’s done. Or, it’s a third done. What will be the first book of the Arram/Numair trilogy is done yet again. It’s a moose. 500 pages chockablock with teen mages, curious teachers, emperors and their heirs, gladiators, intrigue, and a bird. I’m gonna kick back and read books for a day or two before I try some short stories I owe. And there’s the next book to prep … .

Oh, and I still don’t have a title. But it’s done. For now.
Always - Naxa1818 - Avengers Academy (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
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Avengers Academy 


Summary: Steve comes back from Professor Pym’s time chamber dressed as a gladiator. Tony, try as he might, can’t stop staring. Soon, he makes a mistake that could ruin his friendship with Steve. He vows to not let that happen.

//okay like I’ve been playing way too much pokemon go recently and I just get insanely giddy when I think about these scenarios okay please consider the following:

  • somehow both organizations in Yokohama ended up getting roped into this game with Dazai spearheading the movement at the ADA probably
  • but like they get super into it. just imagine it going slowly from having a friendly little competition here and there between friends to see who could catch the best/most pokemon to getting extremely competitive and involved
  • the ADA ends up being unanimously team mystic, with the port mafia being entirely team valor
  • actual turf wars between the mafia and the agency for control of the local gyms (please just take a moment to picture both groups led by Dazai and Chuuya running up and down the city streets going from gyms to pokestops and back all the while yelling like they’re gladiators heading into battle)
  • Dazai sneaking around in the middle of the night to reap the benefits of the lures Chuuya planted (and consequentially getting caught and chased all the way through the city)
  • Chuuya catching on and planting lures just to try to lure Dazai out and beat him to a pulp
  •  Dazai convincing Atsushi to sneak off with him during missions to catch pokemon because there’s an “extremely rare one over there we have to get it!!!” “look it’s cp570!!!1″
  • Kunikida hanging back and being the Group Mom that he is, yelling at the “kids” to make sure everyone’s well hydrated and stopping for breaks when they need it
  • okay but then the guild shows up and they’re all team instinct and suddenly it’s like a clusterfuck of people all trying to control gyms in one single area, and since Fitzgerald likes to play dirty he totally has all the coolest gear and the best advantages because he’s one of those pay to win hoes
  • Fukuzawa pretends he’s not that into it but really when no one’s watching (or at least he thinks) he’s on the app trying to catch mad meowths and the like because he’s so close to being able to evolve one into a persian and that’s his dream pokemon

Shiro is the little spoon in Shallura and it breaks my heart. Because, look, if ppl found out he’ll just joke and smile and say it’s because if he was the big spoon he’d end up lost in all of her hair. And people take that as is. And yes it might have something to do with Shiro just liking being held. But the amount of such trust he has for Allura that he is the little spoon. He was a Galra prisoner and used as a gladiator for a full year. Exposing his back to anyone has to be a struggle after all that. And the sheer fact that he has Allura right at his back, is just such a sign of trust!! because not only does he have his back exposed to her and she could so easily just go for his neck from there and he couldn’t do anything about it, but he’s also trusting her to have his back!! She is at his back and he feels safe and trusts her to keep him safe like that.

And Allura, this star goddess, has lost so much! Her home, her people, her father and that one is probably the hardest one to cope with. Because what she had left of her father wasn’t real, was holograms and projected images of an A.I ghost of the man. And yes, some nights she likes to be held and enveloped in the warmth of another. But the fact that she can love something again and can  hold it and feel his breath and heartbeat beneath her. Is just!! such!! a!! comfort!! To be able to hold onto this cements the fact that it’s real. This isn’t her lost past, this is real and alive and hers and she will cherish that. 

And in some nights, I think they understand that about each other. They won’t say anything about it but Allura will kiss gently at the back of Shiro’s neck when he feels too tense and Shiro will face her and cuddle closer on some nights where she’s holding on a bit tighter. And they feel such love for each other because they know this and the significance behind it.

// @i-like-to-look-at-your-back ‘s Gladiator AU ~ come yell at me on twitter

His heart was beating. Fast.
The people, audience, was safe from the sun, protected by the fabric ceiling but the sun was blaring full force on them, gladiators clad in armory, weapons gripped tight in sweaty hands.
Behind him, a crumbled form of a man, covering the wound with his shaking hand, weapon at his feet, useless.

Suga breathed in. He could do this. The helmet covered his opponent’s face, a terrifying lifeless mask. Suga fought without helmets, he was beautiful and the crowd wanted to see.
His panting was loud in his ears. Daichi behind him, wounded. Suga wasn’t thinking when he leaped between the two gladiators, standing defiantly in front of the masked bastard who dared, had the gall
Legs trembling he held his stance, trident pointed forward and his other hand protectively blocking Daichi with his dagger.

The crowd was oddly quiet, or as quiet as thousands of people could be, whispers like rumble of the sea. Suga hoped they would understand, hoped that his thoughtless act brought drama, that his gut instinct entertained them, please, have mercy on us. Sweat trickled down his face, the edges of his sleeve itched.
He glanced at where the senators sit, the Vestan priestesses at the front whispering and laughing.

He saw Oikawa in the stands.
Oikawa nodded. The opponent charged and Suga was ready as the weapons clanked and bounced off each other.

So I fell head over heels in love with i-like-to-look-at-your-back’s gorgeous designs for a gladiator au, so I drew her version of Suga. I’m also in love with the idea of Suga being a retiarius because of his gorgeous and unique appearance, as was brought up by another fan who did a piece of writing in dedication to the au. I just really think that Alex’s fanart deserves more fanart. Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, you can click for higher res.

//more of @i-like-to-look-at-your-back‘s Gladiator AU bc i don’t know when to stop

The first time Asahi took his shirt off in front of them, Daichi was rendered speechless and Suga let out a painful gasp. Asahi looked at them head bowed and expression dark despite the lopsided smile he offered them.
“My former dominus didn’t exactly like me”, he explained with a quiet voice but Suga thought it was a gross understatement, judging by what his back had been rendered to.

His back was filled with scars, which in itself wasn’t uncommon, but these marks were born of deep, brutal cuts. The dominus had obviously used a knotted whip with a heavy hand, and often, and Suga could only imagine the pain those had induced, how his rough tunic must’ve dug in to the flesh and how he must’ve bled after. Suga didn’t know what to say. What words could possibly undo the damage?

“He sold me here with a ridiculous price”, Asahi laughed and Daichi furrowed his brows and reached his hand to touch. He backed off when Asahi flinched at the subtle movement.

“It’s fine”, Asahi finally said, shaking his head. “It’s in the past already. I’m just happy that Noya and I are here now. I’m going to be a free man one day.” His gentle smile finally reached his eyes and Suga’s throat felt tight. He thought of this man’s glass heart and how easily he shattered.

It ached, it did. But slave was a slave.

So, a thumbs-up for “Gladiator 2” could actually happen after all

As long as there is a place called Hollywood, there will always be reboots and sequels to popular films. Including to those that have pretty definitive endings. So, a thumbs-up for Gladiator 2 could actually happen after all! And it looks like Ridley Scott is in talks about bringing back his seminal film.

While Gladiator ended with the title character dead, Ridley Scott is saying that he knows a way to bring him back. Provided that the studio agrees with Scott’s vision, we might be in for a sequel to Oscar-winning flick. And does this mean we’ll get to see Joaquin Phoenix come back as well?

Ridley Scott has the whole thing figured out…

“I know how to bring him back,” Scott said at SXSW. “I was having this talk with the studio — ‘but he’s dead.’ But there is a way of bringing him back. Whether it will happen I don’t know. Gladiator was 2000, so Russell’s changed a little bit. He’s doing something right now but I’m trying to get him back down here.”

Indeed, Russell Crowe has been pretty busy lately. But getting him back in that gladiator uniform is something a lot of fans would love to see again. We can only guess how the director plans to bring him back to life for the sequel.

Maybe it will be Maximus’s twin brother?

Entertainment Weekly points out that in 2009, Nick Cave was commissioned to write a Gladiator sequel about Maximus’s journey through the afterlife. But it’s unclear if the script went anywhere, or if it was even completed.

Whatever the reason, the film will heavily depend on Russell Crowe being on board with Gladiator 2.

The rest is pretty much set. Ridley Scott has a history of revisiting his best material, as evidence by him returning to the Alien franchise. Because he is such a visionary, the Gladiator franchise must be in good hands as well.

Until we get a definitive answer from the studios, we have Blade Runner 2049 to look forward to!

//what, more of @i-like-to-look-at-your-back‘s Gladiator AU? Yes. Based on this picture

The noise was like storm rising.

The light filtered through to where they were waiting, restless and breathing heavily. They were going to fight the rookies.
Daichi prayed Hinata would survive.

It was incredibly unfair for a child to enter the arena, he thought. Daichi had been battered with war, old battle wounds adorning his body, proof of a life lived in its full capacity, truly embracing the carpe diem.

Hinata was still a child, had he been free he would’ve just given up his bulla to the family shrine to honour his ancestors. But a slave is a slave. Perhaps, with enough fights and dead bodies behind him, he would earn himself free. Perhaps, someone would see his potential and buy him. Preferably buy him free and hire him.
Better to be poor than a slave.
Or, well. Not that he knew.

A hand wrapped around his bicep and he felt Suga pressing his head against his back, breathing deep and low and Daichi started imitating the rhythm until they breathed in sync. It stank around them, of sweat and dirt and fear, but Daichi breathed calmly through his nose. Behind them Asahi shifted nervously, weapons clacking against each other, and then it stopped. They sought warmth and safety in each other and in a way, it helped, to forget the noises, the stench.

There, it roared again, the people greeting the emperor. Daichi wondered if he would see Yui in the row of the priestesses. The thought made him slightly nervous.
Suga’s body heat against his back. It was okay.

The gates opened and they stepped in to the storm and light.

Our official Scandal drinking game: 😍🍷

Olivia: Enjoys her customary meal of red wine and popcorn

Fitz: Reminds us he’s the leader of the free world (We know, Fitz! We know.)

Mellie & Cyrus: Team up to take back the White House

Abby: Still sharing her bed with Leo

Quinn: Gives it to old college try and attempts getting the Gladiators back together

Huck: Finds his traumatized family in hiding, once again

Rosen: Is in the episode

Jake: Brings up standing in the sun with Olivia

Lizzie: Working against Fitz behind his back

Bonus: Finish your drink every time someone is wearing white