they are animals who cackle at humans

Comics take the stage with an inherent advantage over the audience, in that out of everyone in the room, only the person with the microphone is allowed to speak. It’s a rule; talk too much while in the audience, and you run the very real risk of being kicked out.

But here’s the thing: That’s not a rule intended to uphold free speech. It’s meant to ensure that the other people in the crowd who paid money to be there don’t have their night ruined by some cackling drunkard. What it’s not meant to be is a license for comics to drop all standards of human decency when addressing what, in the big scheme of things, is a minor nuisance. Comics like to use the analogy of a person who inevitably gets attacked by the animal they’re taunting at the zoo. You brought it on yourself, you know?

What people leave out of that argument is that, in almost every case, no matter the circumstances, those animals are killed afterwards.

5 Ways Stand-Up Comics Hate Free Speech