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Jikook fic recs masterpost

Hi everyone! So, as any jikook shipper, you all know that there is a variety of great fics, old and new, about our fave ship. I, personally, tend to like reading more about the new ones (not because the 2014 ones aren’t good anymore, but like, u know what i mean, dynamics of the ship changed).

So as someone who spends……. alot….. of their free time reading and writing fics, and as someone who’s been in the fandom for a couple months now, i tought it would be a good idea to write down here some of my faves for you, old shipper who thinks they’ve read them all, or new shipper who doesn’t know where to start :) 

I’ll try to recommend complete ones for the most part, and recent ones, but you know…… some of ‘em are classics. Here are my personnal all-time favorites.

Let’s start ! (in no particular order)

* - awesome

** - extra-awesome

*** - life-changing

1. Constraint, by Harlot. ** One shot, 40k, complete. “Jungkook is young and he is more acquainted with confusion and poor-decision-making than he’d like to admit. Despite being only 19 years old, he sometimes argues that he’s been through and seen some shit. He is never sure where he’s going to end up and he’s not entirely sure what kind of future is waiting for him. He is often not sure of a lot but he is certain—absolutely certain—that he’s not gay.
Alternatively, a story in which Jungkook meets Park Jimin and doesn’t like him whatsoever. There’s just something about him… there’s just so much about him. Jungkook really can’t stand him. In fact, he can’t stand him so much he can’t quite seem to get him off of his mind.
” ((So this one is quite lengthy, i know, but totally worth it ! Jungkook is a real douche in the beginning, but his reactions are so believable and relatable that you forgive him instantly. Great caracterization. Smutty parts in the end.))

2. Loverboy, by gangbang. *** One shot, 9k, complete. “this much jimin’s figured out: sometimes, somehow, his words make people fall in love with him.” ((Okay so this one is my personnal favorite, if I had to chose from all the jikooks fics, and probably all fics of all ships of all times, this would probably win the 1rst place. There’s something about it. Magical realism. Ansgt. Incredible storyline and characterization. A+++))

3. More golden than a golden snitch, by arborescent. ** Series of 3 One shots. 4k for this one, complete. “Everyone knows that the first year Slytherin seeker Jeon Jungkook’s biggest fan is not from his own house but a third year Hufflepuff named Park Jimin.” ((Okay so another old one… but a true classic. This one is a series so be sure to read the 3 of them, aren’t long, but truly amazing. HP au, with a lot of misunderstandings, a tsundere jk, and a fluffy muggleborn jimin. Don’t have to have loved HP to read this.))

4. And back again, by novilunar. * One shot, 3k, complete. “Jimin wishes he could stay away from Jungkook.” ((Ok so this is also an old one BUT i had to link it cause i read it 4 times by now and it is  THE fic that started me into Jikook. Basically, Jimin doesn’t do one night stands, and thats all jk does. Jimin falls. Happy ending. Great writing. Good smutty parts. Love it.))

5. The Bet, by jonghyunslisterine. ** 11 chapters, 46k, complete. “Where Jeon Jungkook makes a bet that he can get the notoriously single Park Jimin to sleep with him by the end of the semester. Needless to say, things don’t go exactly as planned.” ((Okay, another old one, classic, that you probably already read. If not, then  d o   i t. Quite lengthy, but a safe bet. Great great great character development. Jimin is such a complex but lovely being and jk is such a douche but then gets it and it all goes well in the end. The jeonlous is gold. University setting, and jk’s concerns about school are so well written and so relatable. Great one overall.))

6. Flowertalk, by soranosuzu. * One shot, 3k, complete. “Jimin works in a flower shop and Jungkook is a delivery boy who drives a pastel pink van.” ((Tooth rotting fluff. Short and sweet, perfect for when you’re feeling for it.))

7. You’re ripped at every edge (but you’re a masterpiece), bykafeuka. * 3 chapters, 34k, complete.  “Jimin swore there was nothing worst than having Jeon Jungkook as a sergeant.(Or,In which Jimin was forced to enlist in military and he was under the sexgod Sergeant Jeon’s monitoring division and god, Sergeant Jeon really needs to stop being a douchebag)” ((Ok so this one is maybe not an ultimate fave, but it’s only b/c of the end. Overall, it’s great, tho’. Military AU. Sexual tension. JK is sexually frustrated and frustrating. JM is a rich boy. Both characters are douches. Loved the idea.))

8. One upon a time share, by namakemono. * 5 chapters, 32k, complete. “Jungkook is in desperate need of a vacation, but spending two weeks in Namjoon and Hoseok’s timeshare in Okinawa with his recently separated ex of three years was probably (definitely) not what he had in mind.” ((I don’t know why i like the ex trope so much??? anyone with me??? there isn’t enough of those. JK and JM broke up, but their friends are still friends. And want them back together. Oops. Love it.))

7. White T-shirt and Brown Timberlands, by Rose_gold715. ** One shot, 11k, complete. “Jimin is filing for divorce after eight years with Jungkook. He needs to let go, and yet, he wants to hold on a little longer.” ((Aaaaand another ex trope, but not really. Established relationship that doesn’t go well for a while, but happy ending. Original idea. Kinda angsty, and heartbreaking. Loved it.))

8. You’re a hard soul to save with an ocean in the way (but i’ll get around it), by namakemono (great author ok bye). ** One shot, 20k, complete. “Jimin has the whole ocean at his fingertips, but for some reason he can’t help but look up to where the humans are, and wonder what it’s like to be part of their world.(or: the Little Mermaid AU that no one asked for)” ((Ok so now move on to something a lil’ fluffier. I DID NOT KNOW HOW MUCH I WANTED A LITTLE MERMAID AU. But i did. Jimin w/ red hair. Rich boy JK that has to take care of him. Funny and cute. A little jowel of a fic.))

9. You Don’t Bring Me Flour, by superbroc. * One shot, 3k, complete. “In order to graduate, Park Jimin must convince cute grocery cashier Jeon Jungkook that this sack of flour is his beloved child.” ((Soooo funny. Happy and fluffy. Great when you’re in the mood for something lighter.))

10. Let’s play for keeps, bykaythebest. * One shot, 4k, complete. “Jimin plays games for the entertainment of the Internet. Poorly. In fact, his entire schtick seems to be entirely based on how terrible he is. JimJams tries. He rarely succeeds.” ((Youtuber AU. Funny. A lot of Pining. What’s there more to ask.))

11. A touch of sin, by pettey. *** 10 chapters, 102k, complete. “After his transfer to a quiet seaside town, Jeongguk was prepared to face a year of uneventful CID work, but found himself dealing with a series of strange murders instead.” ((ULTIMATE FAVE OF THE MOMENT. Last fic I actually read, yesterday, in the middle of the night. Terrible idea, ‘cause it’s so spooky. I’m not a fan of gore, so i was scared when i read the hashtags, but really there isn’t that much, and it’s so well written that you barely notice it. The story is so well written and plot-driven. It could litteraly be a book. The universe is so intriguing. Ghosts. Witchcraft. JK is a cop, JM is a witch, sorta. Weird murders happen, JM is suspected. Sexual tension. So soooo much sexual tension. Characters are amazingly written. Slowbuilt. The end is bittersweet, if you don’t like much of happy endings, you’ll love it, if you only like happy endings (like me), you’ll love it too. Also there’s smut. And amazing song recommandations.))

12. Nu ABO: A Memoir by Park Jimin, by decompositionbooks. ** 6 chapters, 34k, complete. “The world didn’t think it was necessary to give him a guide when it shoved all of these omega hormones at him, so here it is, Park Jimin’s handbook on dealing with heats, unrequited love, and Jeon Jungkook.” ((You kids are so lucky to be able to read this fic in one go. I had to wait for every chapter. E v e r y   o n e. I know not all are fans of ABO dynamics, but try this one, please. It’s so good. Jimin is hilarious. Jungkook is emotionally constipated. Sexual tension. Jealousy. Great writing. A+))

13. Leave Your Mark, by snarcsics. *** 3/10 chapters, 49k, not completed. “The first time Jimin meets a gaunt, small beta boy named Jungkook in the examination room of Namjoon’s lab, he can’t seem to take his eyes off him. The second time he sees Jungkook it’s because he refuses to eat without him. The third time they meet, Jungkook is more teeth and claws than Jimin can handle.” ((OK SO I KNOW THIS FIC IS NOT COMPLETED. BUT LISTEN it’s worth it. Ohhh so worth it. Plus the author tends to finish all of her fics. Superd kind, replies to all comments. This fic is the beginning of a masterpiece. Not like any ABO. The plot is so great. The characterization is A+++. So much tension. So intriguing. JM is an omega. JK is a beta that will become an alpha artificially cause they are extinct. It doesn’t go so well. Please read it. Trust me on this one. You won’t regret it.))

So this is all of my ultimate favorite fics! I still have plenty I would like to recommend, but I figured too long posts annoy everyone. Tell me if you liked this list and if you would like me to do some others :) I was thinking about doing thematics ones, like fluffy, smutty, angsty… Tell me if that would be something you’d like! 

If you have any fics to recommend me, please please please do so!

This fandom is great. This ship is great. Don’t forget to comment on the stories you read to encourage these fabulous authors!

Thank you for reading!

Cosmicguro’s (very old and very regret filled) Ereri Rec List

I’ve spent more time reading ereri fics than I have actually watching the show, here are my favorites.

It’s Fine  This one almost made me cry???? It’s not really even that sad I’m just lame. 

Isn’t that a cliché for you; the teacher falling in love with the student. I hated myself for it. I hated how I wasn’t just romantically attracted to him anymore, but physically as well. Mornings became awkward for me as I found myself having more cold showers than warm. Though I was ashamed to say sometimes I just didn’t even bother and gave in, imaging his breath on my face and his hand around me as I pumped myself under the sheets. 

1/1 Chapters, Mature rating. 10173 Words.

Wayward Wings Really cute and fluffy wing fic. 

As he straightened up, his wing jerked, and Eren stiffened as he felt it smack into something—or rather, someone.

“I’m so sorry!” he burst out, but as he whirled around, his wings gave another spasm and hit Corporal Levi in the face. Again. “Sorry!”

He held his wings stiff against his back, though he could feel them straining to move, as he stared at Corporal Levi.

Corporal Levi, whose face and hair were now half-covered in mud. Corporal Levi, whose expression hadn’t changed but who was more likely than not livid. Oh.

1/1 Chapters, Teen and up rating, 2963 Words

My Home Is Where Your Heart Is Smol Mikasa kills me

Single father Levi is left scrambling to find an after school daycare for his daughter, Mikasa, when his regular babysitter announces that her husband’s job is being relocated. The only problem - they’re all far more expensive than he can afford.

The solution to his dilemma comes in the form of a college student, Eren, who will do it for a fraction of the cost - as long as Levi will save him from a steady diet of ramen and pop-tarts by feeding him dinner every night before he leaves.

11/11 Chapters, Explicit rating,  14683 Words

Stay For As Long As You Have Time So fluffy and domestic, I love every bit of it. 

It was on these benches and paths that he spent most of his time, wandering around and letting the wind take him wherever he so chose. Mikasa had always scolded him for doing this; after all, she said, wandering around the school at night wasn’t the safest thing to do. But it was daytime when Eren first saw him, so she had no right to criticize.

1/1 Chapters, Explicit rating, 12730 Words

taking flight I’m always a slut for wing fics

“Touch his wings. I dare you.”

In which Levi has (really pretty) wings, Jean is an asshole and Eren can’t resist a dare. [Levi/Eren], wingfic AU.

1/1 Chapters, General rating,  1680 words

Overdose This one is really hot and the god like au is a nice change from what I usually read. 

Eren Jaeger was fucked. Ironically in both the figurative and literal sense.
On the one hand, there was the misfortune of having made a colossally stupid bet with one Jean Kirschtein involving the two of them racing to get laid ASAP. If he failed that, he would be figuratively fucked.
On the other hand, if he were to succeed in completing the bet, he would be well and truly fucked in the most literal sense of the word.

7/? Chapters, Explicit rating, 56399 Words

Here are my absolute favorites out of this list, they are some of the most amazing things I have ever read and they fucked me up emotionally. 

When I’m No Longer Young And Beautiful This one, this one right here. I have no idea what to say to describe just how amazing this fic is. The mental manipulation in it just fucks me up. 

Levi never wants Eren to grow up.

“Let’s see if I can make you pretty again.”

TW: Pedophilia and slight mental manipulation, and kinda yandere!levi

1/1 Chapters, Explicit Rating,  2323 Words.

time after time Cheesy pet shop au? Sign me the fuck up.

“Who tells someone they look like a cat?”

“No, I said the cat looked like you,” Eren corrects, looking back to the cat and ignoring Levi’s mounting confusion.

1/1 Chapters, Not rated, 5003 Words.

Art of war  Claps hands together This right here is so cute I almost died.

Noisy neighbors, nursling dinosaurs, satanic box cutters, shitty convenience store management, the word ‘fuck’, hereditary (but not really) homosexuality, beer and ramen, pennies, truckstops, strippers, closets, semi-public defacing, rings, house parties, “recreational” drug use, accidental rendezvous, toxic stew (don’t eat the stew), nice abs, housewives–batteries not included, over-educational movie sessions, copious domesticity, kittens named after landlords, a shit joke at participating locations, and many, many happy endings.
A modern AU in which Eren moves into the apartment directly above Levi’s.

11/11 Chapters, Explicit Rating, 52597 Words

King of Carrot Flowers Yassssssssssssss

It’s a Sunday. He’s washing his favorite mug and trying not to pay too much attention to the funeral that’s going on across the street.

(Levi lives across the street from a cemetery and Eren’s father has recently passed away.)

13/13 Chapters, Mature Rating, 23637 Words

1994 This is pretty famous in the fandom so you’ve probably heard of it, but it’s really good. 

Before cell phones. Before the Kardashians. Before internet porn. The year is 1994. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin, poor kids from the wrong side of the tracks, have been transferred with the rest of their neighborhood to the posh, uptown Trost High (Home of the Titans). Mikasa and Armin seem to fit in well enough, but Eren isn’t quite so lucky. Of course, most of this has to do with Eren’s personality. When he accepts a bet to lose his virginity (and actually prove that someone likes him) by the end of the semester, it’s hard for him to deny the improbability of winning. After all, the only one he seems to be talking to these days is the weirdly pretty (and just plain weird) goth working at the donut shop down the street… 

26/26 Chapters, Explicit, 124249 Words

half light I’m currently re-reading this one because it’s so amazing. 

He wouldn’t say that they’re friends, really. They’re not quite just acquaintances either; the more he thinks about it, Eren’s not sure how to describe their relationship. They sort of… tolerate each other, in different ways.

But yeah, the more he thinks about it (and he does think about it quite often), Eren thinks that he’d like for them to be friends.

(AU where Eren tries to figure out what you do when friendly feelings turn into something more.)

22/22 Chapters, Not Rated, 66199 Words.

Now here comes my all time favorite Ereri fic in the entire world

Disobey me This fic is so amazingly written, has a fantastic plot and portrays the characters so well. I am so happy I found this fic! If you read it tell her I sent you! :> 

After countless months of depression from the death of his mother, Eren had decided to start anew. First step was simple, go back to school. Now, normal students would followed the rules and went about their daily school lives in peace but Eren was no ordinary boy. Different than others, he is passionate, courageous, and disobedient, and his English teacher became well aware of that. But there is another side of him that no one, not even Eren himself, is aware of. Everyone has their secrets, and with each confession comes more answers as to what the hell his father did.

A story about a stubborn young adult, who has an impulsive drive for justice, that gets himself into more trouble than anyone could have ever imagined.

(That one fic that says it’s a High School AU and ends up having a ridiculous amount of other themes that eventually take over. Also, there is a lot of fluff.)

19/?  Chapters (On Going), Explicit Rating, 126155 words.

I can not stress how magnificent this is.

That’s it for my Ereri Fanfic Rec list. If any of the links do not work then please message me. 

10 Amazing Queer Comic Creators

I wanted to get to the positive bits of queer stuff and totally avoid any negative today. So I present a list of 10 queer creators you should be checking out, This is by no means a top 10 creators or top 10 queer creators list. This is just 10 queer creators I really like that I managed to think of first. These aren’t in any order or anything so just enjoy seeing 10 awesome persons who can enrich your life with their amazing content.

Jen Bartel: Jen Bartel is an amazing illustrator currently doing covers for Jem and the Holograms and creating her own comic Crystal Fighters on the comic app Stela. I discovered her work Jem and the Holograms and am excited, despite my utter love for Sophie Campbell (and do expect to see her popping up again), for her to do some pages of Jem and the Holograms. She infuses a lot of life into characters, she has a nice style that feels like it has just enough punk rock influence to always be badass.

Marguerite Bennett:  Bennett is one of my favorite writers hands down. She manages to flawlessly creator amazing queer story after amazing queer story. Not only are they amazingly queer but amazingly written when some of the strongest uses of character voice in comics. Along with this she is really great at at humor and I very often find myself giggling across stories she writes. She is currently putting out DC Bombshells and Insexts with Animosity and Josie and the Pussycats coming up soon. I also highly recommend her work on Angela in particular Angela Queen of Hel  that is soon releasing in trade.

Brittany Williams:  Brittany is an amazing artist who’s currently working on Hellcat at Marvel. She is also the artist on Goldie Vance and the upcoming Legend of Korra graphic novels. Brittany’s work manages to have such a wonderful defined style that I can’t help but be impressed with every time. She has a very cute chibi style she also uses and it flows really well with her normal art. I am excited to see anything she draws and it’s always an amazing time visually. When I think amazing art Brittany is always near the top of the list.

Kieron Gillen: Kieron Gillen defined many of Marvel’s most iconic queer characters. While none of the characters he wrote as part of the Young Avengers roster were his own creation America Chavez in particular went from old man’s perverted teen fantasy to bad ass defined queer woman. His work on The Wicked + The Divine is amazing, thought provoking, and charming. Kieron Gillen in many ways is sort of artist personified infact coming out he wrote a whole long  essay because he is like  the writer incarnate. Seriously though he is an amazing talent who manages to really balance so much creatively. When it comes to a large ensemble cast I think there is no writer better to getting them each to feel totally their own and uniquely likeable (or unlikable).

Noelle Stevenson: Noelle has moved away from comics for a little bit but she is one of the most important writers for queer media. With Nimona her webcomic then print comic she helped further prove that webcomics moved to print can be a nice payday for the publisher and the creators (Side note she also did the art on that book, and it’s great). Then being one of the biggest creators on Lumberjanes she has set childrens queer media in comics on fire. I believe Noelle is very much one of the main reasons that so much queer content is getting published in smaller press. Lumberjanes is an amazing series and something that really brought life into the comics field. Right now you can go back and buy her older work including a Secret Wars run of the Runaways that is pretty underrated. You can also see her writing live in animation in the Disney XD show Wander Over Yonder.

Ted Brandt: Inking for Princeless Raven the Pirate Princess Ted is the best in the biz. Ted adds so much to the art and it’s one of the very few times where I can really tell the inkers influence on art. Ted is also just a super nice person in every interaction I have had with him so that is good. Ted is currently putting out Raven The Pirate Princess and you should really be checking it out. It’s super cheap on Comixology and the first two volumes are out in trade. It’s a great time to catch up before issue 9 releases.  

Sophie Campbell: Oh my gosh, I can’t even begin to talk about how great Sophie is. Sophie is a double threat being a talented writer and artist. Her art manages to always have lovely body types and I have had the experience of thinking for a moment, people look odd, then i was like “wait these people just look like people.” It’s so amazing, so lively, so fantastic.  I always watch what Sophie is doing be that art or writing.  Sophie is currently putting out reprints of Shadoweyes and Wetmoon some of her older projects. There is more Wetmoon coming in the future as well as a webcomic she is working on. You can also read the book I found Sophie in Jem and the Holograms as she goes to her last issue of drawing the series.

Kate Leth:  Kate’s work in comics transcends her writing and her art. Kate has put so much into She is a founder of The Valkyries making the industry much better for woman working at comic shops. Her writing is also so filled with energy, fun and queer characters. Kate recently had her creator owned project Power Up come out in print and it’s a great comic. Kate always manages to really bring this lovely lively feeling and Power Up displays that pretty well. She is also doing writing on Hellcat, Girl Over Paris, and Vampirella.

Shannon Watters:  I had to have an editor somewhere here and Shannon is the very best in the business. She edits pretty much if not all the Boombox books and is a leading force for queer representation in the comics industry. In fact she now shares writing duty for Lumberjanes after Noelle Stevenson left the book. She is a fantastic writer, fantastic editor, and a general talent. You can find her work on a lot of things since she is Head of KaBOOM! & BOOM! Box.

Magdalene Visaggio: I wanted to include Mags here despite not really being attached to her work yet. She is the writer of the upcoming Kim and Kim and it’s my most anticipated comic this year. Mags is a trans woman getting to write a trans woman and this is so insanely rare in print comics. Reading the preview and the earlier tease of it both filled me with so much joy. Kim and Kim is a book I have all my faith in and I really want it to be a success so please do check out Kim and Kim issue 1 that is coming out very soon.

A very personal post for Erwin Smith

When I began to watch this series, I haven’t been attached to Erwin that much. Like many of us, I began this series with anime and at first season, I had no interest in Erwin, till the end.

To me, the series began at episode 25 of anime. I have fallen to SnK hell at that episode and since then I am happily craving there. Till that episode, characters were not interesting to me, can you believe?! But at that episode, I got hooked for characters like Annie, Eren, Levi and Erwin. And of course after that, Isayama made me swallow my words about his amazingly written characters. I remember the exact moment I got so impressed of Erwin.

 This, is it.

This is the moment I fell for Erwin Smith.

There’s even a fanart about the actual footages of me and Levi so I know I am not the only one

Of course then I read manga and find out that this moment is actually a filler etc but as I kept reading, my love for Erwin started to grow too. And then it became a strong tree with roots and branches.

The reason I love him this much is not because he is cool, handsome and a generous wonderful commander. These reasons do help, but I have loved characters with horrible, horrible attitudes too. I don’t need them to be perfect to be loveable, I need them to be relatable.

And I found Erwin a very relatable character, specially for grown ups.

I am saying he is specially relatable for adults, because I don’t think normal teenagers can relate to give up someone you love or the grief of losing a close one, teenagers are not that broken by Life™  that much, yet. But Erwin, like many of adults, has suffered by these.

But that’s not just it.

He also knows what it feels like to be a failure. What it feels like to be disappointed by self. What it feels like to have an unachieved, broken dream.

Yet he keeps trying to reach it, trying to find a way.

Have you ever met an accountant that doodles on his desk because he wanted to be an artist? Or that catlady that randomly dances even though her joints are hurting because she just loves to dance? Have you ever met with someone that has an unachieved, broken dream?

Those are my favorite kind of people, because the child in them never dies. They always find a way to keep it alive and it’s not like all of them still want to achieve that dream, they have mostly carried on yet that dream remained a part of them. You know what they say; the beautiful and enjoyable part is the journey, not the destination.

Erwin Smith is also a part of this crew.

That’s why I find him so relatable personally.

That’s also why I found his death so beautiful, too.

I mean it.

When his father died, he could have gone rogue and swore to get his revenge, but that was not what his father thought to him. Papa Smith thought Erwin to dream, to seek for answers and Erwin followed this till the end. Many people thought Erwin may be a monster, yet he was one of the most human characters. When he died, he was surrounded by the people that loved him, other than Flocke, he got his way of a funeral and Levi even picked some flowers for him. 

Before riding to death, he thanked Levi because he also understood that what matters is the journey, not the destination. He close his eyes without free from regrets and free from pain and not just that, probably for the first time in his life, someone understood him, too. Levi cared for him more than he cared about anything else at that moment. How amazing is that?

Look how soft his smile is.

This is not he smile of a man that is about to die, this is the smile of a man that is relieved.

So happy birthday Danchou Eyebrows Smith!


anonymous asked:

hey can you please recommend the best Jonsa fics?? Preferably ones that involve babies, Arya, and/or Dany

I might not know many with your preferences, but these are some of my favourite Jonsa fic: 

At Dawn we Break (…) - Jon comes back to Winterfell with an army and Daenerys after the war against the NK is won. Daenerys proposes marriage, Sansa is hiding her heartbreak and is avoiding Jon who’s trying to chase after her. 10/10. Love it so much. 

Before She knew Better - This had me in tears. Amazing long fanfic about their relationship when they were children, how Jon became her favourite brother and how she slept in his bed when she had nightmares.. until Catelyn made sure they were separated. Jon and Sansa drift away from each other, creating hostility, and they both break each other’s hearts. Literally killed me I’m deceased.  

The Tale of Two Sisters - I wrote about this earlier but I’m not sure you’ve seen it. It’s absolutely mindblowing. It takes off from the last episode (7x5) as Arya tries to understand her sister and slowly realises that Jon and Sansa are in love with each other. Amazingly written characters, all of them - Arya, Jon, Sansa etc. Must Read.

How to be Something you’d Miss - Missing goodbye scene between Jon and Sansa in 7x02. Emotional. Intense. Believable and well written. 

Of Things Past - Catelyn survives the Red Wedding, and tries to understand Jon and Sansa’s relationship as they rule the North together. She gets closer to Jon as their firstborn son reminds her of Ned. Very well written characters. I also cried more than once. 

Not Yours (Envy) - AU in which Robert’s Rebellion never happened, and Jon is raised as a bastard Targaryen Prince with his siblings Aegon and Rhaenys in the Red Keep. His cousin Sansa is promised to his brother Aegon, but he falls in love with her and wants to protect her from his brother who doesn’t deserve or respect her. Slightly NSFW. 

*** UPDATED 02/09/2017:

All That Glitters (Is not Gold) - AU in which Jon is raised as a bastard Targaryen Prince in King’s Landing, and he visites Winterfell with this brother Aegon. Sansa is disappointed that she has to give up spending a day with Prince Aegon to show his younger, boring brother around Winterfell… but after spending some time with her cousin, she re-evaluates her opinion and falls in love with Jon. Very fluff and well-written.

I’m Not in Love (I just want to be touched) - Sansa wants to practise kissing; but she can’t ask Robb for help, she doesn’t want to ask Theon, so she decides to ask Jon. And she doesn’t give him a choice. They fall in love and yearn for each other more and more after each lesson, until one day they don’t know where to stop. NSFW. Very sexy and cute. Would recommend. I read it at work and blushed to all hell. 

Till the Day I Die - Sansa and Jon are wed before the war against the White Walkers; and they’re in love.. until Sansa finds out about the boatb*ng. She’s absolutely heartbroken and doesn’t forgive Jon, who is broken by her coldness. He tries everything to make her love him again. Sansa’s body betrays her over and over as she struggles not to enjoy Jon in her bed but fails. She tries to make him jealous when Dickon visites his brother in Winterfell. NSFW. VERY well-written story. Very possessive and somewhat dark!Jon. Questionable consent (but nothing dark). Anti-D. Very recommended. 

Thanks for asking anon <3 


One of the most COMMON things found in the roleplay community right now is the act of favoritism. People tend to like one portrayal over another, or just accept that ONE person with that ONE character, and before I continue, let me clarify – that is totally fine! You are not obligated whatsoever to interact with other characters or more than one of a single character. This is for fun, and that is what you’re comfy with, then PLEASE – by all means – do so!


This goes for oc’s, too, stating things like “this original character is great because it isn’t shit like the other ones” or “this character is written amazingly I hate all of the other portrayals of x character here” !!! it’s !!!! not !!!! HEALTHY !!!!! IT’S !!!!! NOT !!!! KIND!!!!!!!! You can favor anyone you like, that is totally fine, but do not BASH other people for their portrayals all because you have a favorite !!!!!


He couldn’t handle the thought of what you might do to him. I, on the other hand, would very much like to join your crew. My name is John Silver … and I happen to be a very good cook. [1x01]

Tomorrow you will join us. Or you will all be looking over your shoulders the rest of your lives. My name is John Silver … and I’ve got a long fucking memory. [3x07]

Robert and Joseph’s relationship

NOTE: This has A LOT of speculation in it. I do not claim that I am correct nor do I claim that anyone disagrees with what basically equates to a personal headcanon is incorrect. This is just what I personally think is the most right, as of 7/24/2017, where the devs still haven’t told us anything and there have been no updates to the game, based on what I’ve seen in the game so far.

This is a super long post, so I’m gonna put everything under a cut!

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I know....I thought that everybody disliked Vilde as much as I did, but on tumblr I saw that everyone was hung up on her and I was like what????? why???? she's so fucking ignorant towards everything. Yeah, she might be good deep down, but I won't like her till they show her development.

I mean I get why people love her. I really do, and there’s the whole lesbian-in-the-closet thing that make people relate to her a lot. But my feelings for when people glorify Vilde are the same as my feeling for when people thing Noora is a Feminist Heroine™. Like they’re young, they can make mistakes, and that’s okay. We can also recognise those mistakes and talk about them.

Like remember how in s2 Sana says “Vilde would be the first one I take to war with me”? I literally went ???????????????????????????? she’s been nothing but lowkey islamophobic to Sana all the time, I really couldn’t understand.

And she didn’t learn anything either, like, not only for the sake of Sana’s season, but like. Vilde’s reaction to being called out on her ignorance is trying to moralise her choice and climbing mirrors trying to appear more educated, instead of, you know, Actually Getting More Educated.

(She’s not the only one who has this problem, Noora is better than her at being stuck-up tbh.)

But yeah, I’m glad people are catching up. Vilde’s an amazing character, I just think that if I met her in person I’d be ksjdfhkjsdhgskjdf

Bughead Fanfic Rec

Vespertine - by @yavannies

Chapter Eight - Suck and Blow 

Archie’s cheeks are dusted in scarlet, and Veronica looks smug; doubtless it was one for the books. The card, however, moves on, and so must Betty as she realizes that it’s soon her turn to take it from Jughead.  What if he drops it,  she thinks.  What if  I  drop it. The worms in her belly turn to butterflies as she wonders if and how she could do it on purpose, but without it showing. There’s no time, though, and suddenly she’s leaning in, pressing her lips against his, the only barrier between them a flimsy piece of paper.

The mistake Betty makes is looking into his eyes. They’re soft, almost amused, and there’s a hint of the same  what if  she just asked herself, and it throws her off completely. She’s already started turning away when she realizes that she’s forgetting to suck. The card slides off her lips, and she fumbles for it, but it’s too late.

“Why Elizabeth,” purrs Reggie. “I knew we’d end up here eventually.”

Originally posted by thebugheadfanatic

Go read it, kids. Read it and leave your thoughts. This is AMAZINGLY well-written and in-character. And I do not say this lightly. 

@yavannies just updated today too and the new chapter is… well, I had a fangril freak out the first couple of times I read it. 

after I recovered from the first shock: 

how will they portray rand’s working and healthy relationships with 3 different girls who are also friends with each other and fine with the whole concept? please just don’t turn this in to a love rectengular or something. please.

don’t you dare to change one of the best relationships in the whole damn series into something other than a companionship that built on trust between Moiraine and Lan. don’t you dare.

Don’t make me ship Egwene and Rand. it was already hard enough to get over them once. (I still don’t like you Aram)

Make Tuatha’an real gypsies. please.

Make Basheres one big loving royal family. I want all of them with their war techniques and everything. I want to see Faile as a character, not someone to prompt Perrin.

GIVE PERRIN YELLOW EYES. Make Elyas is portrayed by some seriously perfect actor. like Jason Isaacs  or something.just give him a cameo and kill afterwords but make him perfect.

Lan. Show me his war. with his backstory and all. I want Malkieri. I want my king. 

give me the torture. with Egwene and damanes and suldams. I want to feel it and cry in front of my computer for hours.

Galad. give his storyline some respect. even though I didn’t like him so much, the character was amazingly written. 

Don’t even think of hinting Merrilin and Moiraine. JUST. DON’T. it was one real shock and hearth warming scene i don’t want to be robbed from it.

While talking about shocks…. VERRIN. do her justice. don’t hint anything. don’t go outside of her book lines. don’t even think about add or take anything from her. I am begging you.

Make that insane and diverse cast. I want it all. 

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I see people recommending fics and I just wanted to say that you should also check out Bake to remember, Eat to forget. It's unexpected and the story is beautifully complex and the characters are all amazingly written. It's WIP, but worth it!

I’m not reading more WIPs but this sounds really interesting so I’m subscribing!!

Bake to Remember, Eat to Forget by butyoureyessaidyes [T, 12/19]

It’s 6:18 A.M. on a Monday, and Stiles is using his thumbs to shape the fondant butt of a Winnie the Pooh sculpture. It’s the most action he’s seen in a long time.

Or the one where Stiles runs his own bakery, never locks the front door, and doesn’t know he’s part of a werewolf pack (until he does).

Dear Throne of Glass Fandom,

I want to start this post by saying that if you are one of the people hating on Sarah J. Maas for the Tower of Dawn cover for whatever reason, you don’t know very much about the writing/publishing business. Unless the author has the rare personal connection with publishers and hired cover artists, they have little to no say in what their book covers look like. 

Now to address some more specific and equally upsetting arguments. I won’t say that I’ve ever had a serious disability. Until I was thirteen, my spine was shaped like an S and flipped on its side–a serious case of scoliosis that resulted in an 85 degree curve in my spine. I wasn’t majorly disabled, but I was in pain for a majority of my life until major correctional surgery. Lots of people who love SJM’s books do have disabilities. And to say that SJM is degrading disabled people or sidelining her disabled characters? RIDICULOUS, and let me tell you why:

1. SJM didn’t “sideline” Chaol. This is, first and foremost, Aelin’s story. She is the MAIN CHARACTER. THE PROTAGONIST. This journey will start and end with her. That’s what a main character is. Chaol got hurt, and needs to heal. So he’s going to the southern continent. Aelin isn’t. So why are people acting like Chaol not being in Empire of Storms–WHEN HE WAS IN A DIFFERENT PART OF THE WORLD, NOT IN AELIN’S IMMEDIATE LIFE–a such a heinous crime?

2. SJM does not lack disabled representation. A MAJOR aspect of Elide Lochan’s kickass character revolves around her wrecked ankle. Chaol would not have physically been able to participate in the battles that Empire of Storms focused on. 


The SJM antis always–ALWAYS–find SOMETHING to hate on her about. The Twitter side of the fandom is even worse than the antis on Tumblr. It makes me so angry that people who lack knowledge of the technicalities in the writing world, people who lack knowledge of what it’s like to live with a disability of ANY KIND think it’s their place to tell pro-SJM fans how they should feel about these amazingly written and complex books/characters. 

Really, it comes down to this: If you don’t like Sarah J. Maas, fine. Great, awesome. There’s a simple solution: Don’t read her books and don’t shit on people who do. It costs like $0 and reflects positively on you as a person to let people like what they like and not be an asshole about it. 

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I'm so glad to find someone who feel the same about fairy tail as I do. I really tried to like that anime, but I just couldn't take it seriously due to how ridiculous the plot became after a while and how grossly oversexuliazed the female characters CONSTANTLY were.

i was so inspired by the series with lots of amazingly written female characters and all their endearing shenanigans like i know the mangaka has to afterall, draw what people like to sell
his work. but i also believe that creatives have to have to take at least some ethical responsibility for their works, especially when FT has so many young, impressionable readers.

i was very disappointed at how the sexualising and stripping of the characters’ dignities just kept getting worse even with minor characters, and got tired of the repetition of the battles and outcomes. the fandom kept getting shittier too, with an influx of reposters and disrespectful people who just wouldn’t stop bugging content creators to get what they want.

right now i’m just really glad that i left that hellhole.
Unintentionally Wooing a Hitman - ItsNacchi - ダイヤのA | Daiya no A | Ace of Diamond [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Miyuki Kazuya/Sawamura Eijun
Characters: Miyuki Kazuya, Sawamura Eijun, Takigawa Chris Yuu, Kominato Haruichi, Kuramochi Youichi, Kominato Ryousuke, Furuya Satoru, Aotsuki Wakana
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Assassins & Hitmen, Oneshot, Inappropriate Humor, Shameless Smut

“Whoa there, easy now.” He gestures lifting his hands up in surrender. “I think we got off on the wrong foot,” Miyuki says with a small smirk.

Eijun snorts and punches the buttons, forcing himself to turn back to the screen, even as his body refuses to leave his chair. “If you want to correct that, you could start by handing over the money you took from me in our first meeting and apologizing for taking my kill." 

He hears the asshole softly chuckle and Eijun wants to turn to face him and punch that pretty smug face instead and—no he did not just call Miyuki pretty.


Can I just say this is beautiful and the smut is perfect and the characters are so amazingly written, just PINING KAZUYA and BOTH BOYS ARE HITMEN???? What more do you want ??????

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Purple Hibiscus, Drown and The Bluest Eye - Why and what are the all of them about??

I find them all wonderfully written and gut wrenching with amazingly complex characters.

Purple Hibiscus is Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’s first book and it’s about a wealthy family in Nigeria. Kambili, a fifteen year old girl, is the protagonist so we see her family through her eyes and soon discover that her father who is a community hero and devout Catholic is abusive and tyrannical. It’s a beautiful book that broke my heart.

Drown is a short story collection by Junot Diaz about this Dominican boy named Yunior growing up in New Jersey and the Dominican Republic. Drown and his novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao which is narrated by Yunior in college although focuses on a boy named Oscar are actually tied as a favourite book especially since I see them as companions. Junot Diaz is a literary hero of mine, he does things with language and writes sentences in a way I would kill for.

The Bluest Eye is by Toni Morrison who is another literary hero of mine. It’s hard for me to put the plot in words so I’m using the wiki description:

She centers the story around a young African American girl named Pecola who grows up during the years following the Great Depression in Lorain, Ohio. Due to her dark skin color, Pecola gets taunted for her appearance as the members of her community associate beauty with “whiteness”. She ultimately develops an inferiority complex, which fuels her desire for blue eyes. The point of view switches between the perspective of Claudia MacTeer, the daughter of Pecola’s foster parents, and multiple third-person limited viewpoints.

Quotes from the books:

“She was the kind of girlfriend God gives you young, so you’ll know loss for the rest of your life.”
– Junot Diaz

“Run a hand through your hair, like the white boys do, even though the only thing that runs easily through your hair is Africa.”
– Junot Diaz

“I waited for him to ask Jaja and me to take a sip, as he always did. A love sip, he called it, because you shared the little things you loved with the people you loved. Have a love sip, he would say, and Jaja would go first. Then I would hold the cup with both hands and raise it to my lips. One sip. The tea was always too hot, always burned my tongue, and if lunch was something peppery, my raw tongue suffered. But it didn’t matter, because I knew that when the tea burned my tongue, it burned Papa’s love into me”
– Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche

“We mistook violence for passion, indolence for leisure, and thought recklessness was freedom.”
– Toni Morrison