they are also the same person


Colores en el viento - Pocahontas 
Colors of the wind - Pocahontas

I thought this was a good song for you guys to practice. It has a lot of vocabulary and easy grammar. 

This is the European Spanish version, because personally I found it easier to translate and explain than the Latin American version. Even though the lyrics change a little the message is the same. And if you learn Spanish with this song, people in all Spanish speaking countries will understand you, don’t worry about it. :)

I also chose this song because of all the hate that has been spreading in all the world and the Internet. Not just about our skin color, but also about our gender, sexual preference and religion, among other things. And the hate not only between humans, but also against the nature.

I respect all differences, let’s find harmony in our world. Love you guys! ♡

Quieres decir: Diferente a ti.
 You mean, different from you. 

Me ves ignorante y salvaje
You see me ignorant and savage

ignorante: ignorant
salvaje: savage, wild
ver: to see

Me ves … : You see me …

Y conoces mil lugares. Quizás tengas razón.
And you know a thousand places. Perhaps you’re right.

lugar(es): place(s)
mil: a thousand
conocer: to know
tener razón: to be right *literally: to have reason
quizás: perhaps, maybe

Quizás + subjunctive: Perhaps + V
Ex.: Quizás llueva mañana. - Perhaps it will rain tomorrow.  

¿Por qué si es así? ¿Soy salvaje para ti?
Why if it’s like this? Am I a savage to you?

Por qué: why

Si + [complement] : If + [complement]

así: like this, like that, this way

para ti: In this context: to you, before your eyes, from your perspective

¿No puedes abrir más tu corazón? Corazón
Can’t you open more your heart? Heart

corazón: heart
poder: can
abrir: to open
más: more

Poder + V. inf. = Can + V
Ex. Yo puedo cantar: I can sing

Te crees que es tuyo todo lo que pisas.
You think everything you step on is yours

todo: everything
creer: to think, to believe
pisar: to step on
tuyo: yours

Te crees: You think you …
*We can also say “tú crees” but “te crees” is more like “you think yourself as…”

**This sentence is written backwards to match the rhythm. This is very common in songs. 
A more natural phrase for conversations would be:
Te crees que todo lo que pisas es tuyo.

lo que: what, “the thing”
Te crees que todo [lo que] pisas es tuyo.
You think that every [of the things] that you step on is yours

Ex. Sé [lo que] estás pensando. I know [what] that you’re thinking.
If we only use “que” it would be like saying “that”
Sé [que] estás pensando. I know [that] you’re thinking.

Te adueñas de la tierra que tú ves
You take possession of the land that you see

tierra: land, soil, dirt
adueñarse: take possession, take over, take control *Reflexive verb

Mas cada árbol, roca y criatura tiene vida, tiene alma, es un ser
But every tree, rock and creature has a life, has a soul, it’s a being

árbol: tree
roca: rock
criatura: creature
vida: life
alma: soul
ser: being
*”ser” as a noun
cada: every 
tener: to have
ser: to be

Mas means “but” as a contrast. We use it mostly in books, but you might hear some people use it in conversations.
Be careful with “más” with written accent, this is more.
Ex.: Es invierno, mas no hace tanto frío. It’s winter, but it’s not so cold.

Parece que no existen más personas que aquellas que son igual que tú
It seems that there are no more people than those who are just like you

personas: people
aquellos/as: those (over there)
parecer: to seem, to look like
existir: to exist
más: more 

*So many “que”s in this phrase:
Parece que: It seems that
más personas que: more people than
aquellas que: those who
igual que: like, same as

Si sigues las pisadas de un extraño
If you follow the footsteps of a stranger

pisada: footstep
extraño: stranger
seguir: to follow

Verás cosas que jamás soñaste ver
You will see things that you never dreamed to see

cosas: things
ver: to see 
soñar: to dream
jamás: never

¿Has oído al lobo aullarle a la luna azul?
Have you heard the wolf howling at the blue moon?

lobo: wolf
luna: moon
azul: blue
oír: to hear
aullar: to howl
aullarle a la luna: to howl at the moon

Haber + [Verb participle] = To have + V participle
Ex. ¿Has visto esta película? - Have you seen this move.

Oír + [Verb infinitive] = to hear + V-ing
Ex.: Oigo a alguien cantar: I hear someone singing.

¿O has visto a un lince sonreír?
Or have you seen a lynx smiling?

lince: lynx
ver: to see
sonreír: to smile

Just as “oír”
Ver + [inf. verb] = see + V-ing
Ex. Vi a mi hermana bailar. - I saw my sister dancing.

¿Has cantado con la voz de las montañas?
Have you sung with the voice of the mountains?

voz: voice
montaña: mountain
cantar: to sing

¿Y colores en el viento descubrir? (x2)
And discover colors in the wind?

color: color
viento: wind
descubrir: to discover

More natural sentence:
Y descubrir colores en el viento

Corramos por las sendas de los bosques
Let’s run through the paths of the forest

senda: path, route
bosque: forest

correr: to run
*In this sentence, this verb is in imperative for
nosotros, so that’s translated as “Let’s …”
Ex.: Vayamos: Let’s go / Comamos: Let’s eat
This is more used in books and songs, but people might say it in conversations too.

por + [place] = through/across + [place]
Also, por + [place] could mean: near + [place]

Probemos de los frutos su sabor
Let’s try the taste of its fruits 

fruto: fruit *synonym: fruta 
We usually say “fruto” as the result of something or the tree’s fruits. And “fruta” for the fruit that is ready to eat.
sabor: taste
probar: to try (food, clothes, things)

More natural sentence:
Probemos el sabor de sus frutos

Descubre la riqueza a tu alcance, sin pensar un instante en su valor
Discover the wealth within your reach, without thinking an instant in its value 

riqueza: wealth
instante: instant
valor: value
pensar: to think
sin: without

a tu alcance: within your reach, at your fingertips

Los ríos y la lluvia, mis hermanos
The rivers and the rain, my brothers

río(s): river(s)
lluvia: rain
hermano(s): brother(s)

Amigos somos todos, ya lo ves
We are all friends as you can see

amigo(s): friend(s)
todos: everybody

ya lo ves: as you can see *literally: you see it now

Estamos entre todos muy unidos
We are all together so connected

entre todos: all together *literally: among everybody
unido(s): connected

En un ciclo sin final que eterno es
In a cycle without end that is eternal

ciclo: cycle
final: end
eterno: eternal

This sentence is also modified to match the rhythm. A more natural sentence would be:
En un ciclo sin final que es eterno.

¿Cuán alto el árbol crecerá? Si lo cortas hoy nunca lo sabrás
How tall the tree will grow? If you cut it down today you will never know

alto: tall
crecer: to grow
cortar: to cut (down)
saber: to know

Cuán + [adjective] = How + [adjective]
Ex.: ¿Cuán lejos iré? How far will I go?
We usually use “Cuán” in books and songs. A more conversational phrase would be: ¿Qué tan… 
¿Qué tan alto crecerá el árbol? - How tall will the tree grow?

lo: it (masculine nouns, neutral)
Si lo cortas: If you cut it (tree)
Nunca lo sabrás: You’ll never know it (how tall the tree will be)
If we just say “nunca sabrás” sounds like you’ll never know nothing 
about anything.

Y no oirás al lobo aullarle a la luna azul
And you won’t hear the wolf howling at the blue moon

No importa el color de nuestra piel
No matter the color of our skin

color: colour
piel: skin
nuestro/a(s): our

no importa: no matter, it doesn’t matter
Ex.: No importa si no hablas español. - It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Spanish.

Y uniremos nuestra voz con las montañas
And we will join our voice with the mountains

voz: voice
unir: to join

Y colores en el viento descubrir
And discover colors in the wind

Si no entiendes qué hay aquí, sólo es tierra para ti
If you don’t understand what’s in here, it’s just dirt to you

entender: to understand
tierra: dirt, soil
sólo: only, just

qué hay aquí: what’s in here

Sin colores en el viento descubrir
Without discovering colors in the wind

♡ I hope this was helpful! :)

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Wtf dad, your life is bananas and i'm amazed but also a little down that my own life is so vanilla compared to yours, despite us being the same age. Please share more of your exciting life so i can vicariously experience it through your posts, kthxbye

literally my idea of a great time is falling asleep in the woods for a hundred years rip van winkle-style, i am the most boring person i know.  i’m excited you want to hear about my dumb shenanigans though, because i have always been good at learning my lessons the hard way. 

really, i’m a mess. i’ve been stung by a scorpion.  i lost my virginity technically in public, on camera.  one time when i was in college i woke up still drunk from the night before in the same clothes and halfway through my shift i found a pizza crust in my underwear.  my first curse word was “butt fucker” at age two and a half.  i have an arrest record and the police report literally says “upon being placed under arrest, he exclaimed ‘zoinks, scoob.’”  95% of my stories are shit like that.

Ooh, you know what I meant to do and never did?  Mick and Amaya friendship headcanons.

- Amaya casually introduces Mick as her friend one time and after that he starts introducing her as his friend every single time they meet someone because he’s so unused to having a friend again.  People are constantly misunderstanding him because he can’t say it without sounding like a weird goober, so she constantly has to clarify that no, she’s dating Nate, they’re just friends.  (What are you looking at, Flash, you’re being weird yes I have friends.)

- Mick doesn’t cook for the team when they’re on the Waverider, but any time there’s a campfire he quickly and unapologetically takes complete control over it and then Amaya gets all the best of everything and nobody’s allowed to say anything about it.

- Amaya enjoys getting Mick flustered, so when they go to bars she kisses him on the cheek after he makes eye contact with someone else, just to mess it up, or buys drinks for people and tells the bartender to say they’re from Mick even though he hasn’t made up his mind about that yet and isn’t ready for them to come over and introduce themselves.

- Mick is an asshole, so any time Nate starts to get territorial or weird about his relationship with Amaya, Mick butts in there to make everything purposefully weird and awkward.  It makes Nate nervous and spluttery, because he’s still more than a little bit afraid of Mick sometimes, and Mick thinks that’s hilarious.  Amaya knows he literally means nothing by the flirting, and she’s less bothered by the whole thing than she thinks she probably should be.  She inevitably takes the opportunity to remind Nate that he doesn’t own her and to remind Mick to be nice to other people.  One of them even listens.  (It isn’t Mick.)

- One time when Mick has a little accident with some fire, Amaya uses her powers to imitate a rhino and stomps it out.  Mick tells her Leonard said rhinos didn’t do that, and she says they don’t but it worked, so she’d do it again.  He gets weirdly smug about the fact that it works, but then seems sad, so she rolls her eyes and says maybe they do it sometimes and just haven’t ever been seen.  It doesn’t really cheer him up, but he pretends it does and fakes a smile for her anyway.

- Mick makes a surprisingly decent escort for fancy parties.  His behavior once they get there is usually terrible, but in that initial moment of walking in, Amaya knows exactly how to maximize the effect of walking in on the arm of the biggest, most visibly muscular member of the team, and when they’re hobnobbing, she can usually convince him to stay quiet and focus on the hors d’oeuvres.  She loves Nate, but she kind of enjoys making appearances on Mick’s arm and playing up the fact that her date could probably crush whoever she’s talking to.  When she threatens to take someone out herself while standing next to her enormous ‘boyfriend’ who is apparently completely unconcerned about her getting into a fight, it has a particularly strong effect.

- Amaya appreciates the ease with which Mick can pick her up when he wants to.  He’s great for helping her climb through second-story windows and is willing to carry her everywhere for a week when she breaks her foot and it ‘still feels weird’ even after Gideon fixes it.

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What is happening??? What is the PM drama??? o-O

TL;DR version: Pocket Mirror committed asset theft and lied about it.

A wild ride where I first publicly ask Pocket Mirror about stolen sprites.  Then Astralshiftpro made a post in response, saying they didn’t mean to steal anything, found it off of a free sprite compilation.  They also said the person I posted wasn’t the original author of the sprites, it was Wecoc on Mundo RPG and they contacted him and got permission to use them.

After that was posted, me and a crack team of anonymous detectives (it’s crack because we’re crazy) did some research and found out, no, Wecoc was not the original author and stole the trees as well as a demon sprite from Hideon.  As I was pointing this out, another anonymous user dropped a link to a livestream where they’re using Hideon’s original sprites (with the same file name, formating, and everything) and lied about not stealing them (same post as before).  I also responded to two tweets made by the team, one an insult the mapper of Pocket Mirror deleted but someone sent me a screenshot of before it was taken down.  He apologized in a rather guilt tripping way and didn’t even comment on the art theft, and I didn’t take that for an answer.

It’s a case of double art theft, and I hope the team responds by redoing the maps.  I understand Hideon isn’t around the web anymore, but out of respect for their fans and their own reputation they could clean it up. :c

Edit: Apparently it’s not uncommon for the PM team to smack talk others behind their backs.  

ID #85480

Name: Abi
Age: 16
Country: England

Hey, I’m a bi ginger from a small town in England. I love (and only watch) the shows Supernatural, Hannibal and Sherlock and I’m also a drawing fanatic. I’m the biggest nerd going (I’m in a book club). I love animals and the environment (no littering kids), I’m quite noisy but ridiculously shy at the same time - I’d rather stay in than go out. My personality type is INFP-T, so y'know, hmu.

Preferences: Preferably 14-17 year olds, no homophobes, racists, etc. I suppose people who love animals and like a good debate.

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yo isnt villainous created by that one gross kid who scammed ppl for money & drew cp & created a super racist webcomic

No, it was not. Lemonteaflower is just a storyboard artist.

The show was created by Alan Ituriel, who has been working on it since 2008.

Also, she has apologized for her actions in a post on her blog. If you look, you can see that she was manipulated into doing these things by an abusive ex. You can believe her apology or not, but she has at least acknowledged that what she did was wrong and is trying to move on. 

I believe that she is trying to be a better person, and I am going to give her a chance. I urge you to do the same.

Even if you absolutely do not forgive her, she is still not the creator of the show. Please do not let this project suffer because of your dislike of one of the staff members.

mossmelon  asked:

May I ask you a question? I'm interested in becoming an animator. My biggest fear is I'll end up in debt or I won't excel enough to be hired. It would be a dream for me to go into this field. Realistically, what is your advice on this? Thank you.

Hey @mossmelon!! It means a lot that you’d ask lil ole me something this huge! There’s many parts to this so I’ll try and break it down as easily as possible.

The first thing you mention is debt/cost of education. That varies country to country, school to school, person to person. In my country(Canada), its common to get a 2 year animation course diploma that costs the around same as a single year of school in a 4 year American animation course. There’s also things like loans & scholarships to consider. I can only speak for me, but I went to a private and comparably younger institution where scholarships were very rare. Often older, more established schools offer scholarships and financial plans for students wanting to attend.

The other thing to consider is what area of the industry you’d like to get into to, that will help you pick a a school if you want to attend one. Do you want to do character animation, game animation, stop motion, 2d animation, 3d animation, backgrounds, concept art, storyboarding, motion designing, etcetcetc? Depending on where you’d like to focus, you can find schools be more suited for your needs. There’s schools like Animation Mentor, that offer shorter online courses for 3D character animation, and schools like Sheridan, that offer a wider range of options over a longer course at a physical building. 

I’ve also met animators who are entirely self taught through free tutorials and animation communities online. For many jobs, they care less about whether or not you have a degree, and more about what you can offer skill-wise. That leads us into your next question.

The possibility of success primarily rides on you. Personally, I would have never been disciplined enough to learn on my own or on an online course - I needed to physically got to a place on a schedule with teachers face to face. On the other hand, the school I went to lacked A LOT and I had to work on my weak points on my own. Realistically, I can’t say whether or not it will work out how you want. The things you’ve asked - “is it financially viable for me, will I be good enough” - I have no clue about or control over.

There’s dozens of other unknowns to me, like where you live & whether or not it has a strong animation industry, what area of the industry you’d want to work in, your artistic level/creativity and if school would help or hinder that, I don’t know. All I can do is lay out options that I wasn’t fully aware of when I was looking for schools, ask you to do your research andto honestly consider what is best for you. Animation was my dream I jumped into almost too quickly and had to work through a lot on my own, even with school, in a town with a extremely small job pool. But! it worked out well in the end because I tried my best(with a lot of slip ups) to be a good person, a good student, and a good animator.

If you do decide to embark on this, it is a really fun job full of incredible people and amazing opportunities and there’s really nothing quite like making something move with your own hands. My last bit of advice is don’t get swindled by schools, look up student reviews!

Good luck with everything!!

Originally posted by edentimm

also um if you’ve made mistakes in the past and you’re a better person now im really proud of you.. i was the same way and i was able to change for the better! all of you are wonderful and you deserve so much, all the good things in life.. you’re still growing and you’re doing great.. mistakes dont define a person and im so proud of you!

I always feel Vere represented Laurent. It was portrayed as evil and decadent and without mercy, but It was also a kingdom that had suffered horribly during the war with Akielos, that had become besieged, that had sustained heay losses with Delfeur and continued to do so with the border raids. It was completely isolated. Kempt had abandoned it, Patras was closer to Akielos, and the matriarchal clan culture of Vask prevented it from becoming an ally of the heavily male Veretian government with its strict gender segregation.

As the books progress and Laurent interacts with the Patran Torveld, the Vaskian clans and the Akielons, Vere finds political allies in the same way that he finds personal allies.

By the end of the third book, Vere is no longer seen as bad. It’s ended its animosity with Akielos, and, I feel, is now open to making much closer alliances with Patras and Vask in much the same way Laurent has abandoned his animosity to Damen and is starting to make friends.  

Honestly, I’m getting so tired of being so self-conscious because I just want to be laid up in bed with a good, wholesome, caring man’s arms wrapped around me every night getting eight hours of sleep. That’s the dream. Thank you for nice words and comments about that video, and while it’s not filtered aside from the black and white, I don’t really think I look that way…like, it’s really nice when I can see myself positively and think I’m attractive but just walking up to a mirror or seeing myself otherwise, I feel like I’m not even the same person. I think it also has a lot to do with the mental impression my skin issues have caused because I have tons of skin problems and I automatically assume anyone is going to hate me through and through because of them.

Quick Rant

the Edd x Ell ship just

makes me very uncomfortable.

I personally don’t like the ship, since I see them as brother and sister and honestly they’re the same exact person. Plus, Ell’s voice actor was Edd’s sister. Actually, shipping the males with their female counterpart is just

no thanks

i’ll stick with my eddmatt, tomtord, elltilda, and tamtori uwu

ship what you want tho

i won’t judge

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Know of any good documentaries to watch? Like crime ones or theories?

I really like docuseries personally, like 48 hours/Dateline, Occult Crimes, I’d Kill for You (also fact: its narrated by Axel’s VA’ the more you know), Border Security (I especially like the Australian version fsr), Alaska State Troopers, Drugs, Inc, and Forensic files is also pretty great. I’m also a fan of those emergency room docuseries like Life in the ER and the docs like Cropsey and Urban Legends, which are both made by the same people.

Regarding religions disliking asexual people

im gonna bring on my Nice Typing™ and explain something. Okay.

I am not a religious person(but that might change), but I know quite a bit about the Mormon religion. As in, my parents are Mormons, they would often take me to church, my (step)dad actually was some sort of a head person at the church. Since my mom didn’t know anything about it when we moved in, we had missionaries here every week for months. One of my teachers was a Mormon and I interacted with her often(she also went to the same church as us), I’ve asked plenty of questions, and I’m going to say this, from all the gathered knowledge.

They would like you if you didn’t have sex. It’s better than “being a sinner” and “getting into bed” with a man if you’re a man, or with a woman if you’re a woman. Of course, they don’t often like seeing any type of PDA from gay people, but sex with someone of the “same sex” is a sin and disgusting to them, ultimately. They’d rather a gay couple kiss or hold hands than anything sexual, because us doing sexual things is “disgusting” but just doing romantic things is “ew”. As in, they see one as worse than the other.

This religion often incorporates things from generic Christian religions, they don’t want you to have sex before you’re married, ever. My (step)dad even would refuse until my mom and him got married, even though they weren’t capable of getting married for over a year. They also think sex overall isn’t important unless it’s for reproduction(which incorporates into why some are so transphobic, they reduce people down to genitals because “only women can have children, give birth” etc), and the only value they put into sex is if you reproduce.

I can’t give you anything about any other religions, I can tell you about this. This religion would not have a problem with ace people and would not make any attempts to “convert” you, they would like you. They would think you were good, end of story.

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i've watch the new clip and i cant believe how inconsiderate the girls are. I mean Sana has always be there for them and now they dont even bother to ask Sana how she feel or is she okay. And noora too i dont understand why she doesnt talk to Sana as much as she used too. I get the feeling that only Isak cares about Sana's feelings idk do you feel the same

I think girls don’t really see what Sana is feeling like and are not attentive at the moment at all. Also, Sana doesn’t try to let on a lot of what’s going on that much, she’s a very private person (though her friends should still realise that their best friend just left a bus out of nowhere and come on, girls, keep up) but this is gonna explode in the girls’ faces soon, I’m sure. Something big will happen that will make them realise just how inconsiderate they appeared. And now onto Isak! Sana (probably without intending to) revealed how lonely she feels and Isak is much more attentive than many give credit for and immediately noticed. Now he’s careful with her and trying to help with throwing silent support in today’s clip (like Jonas did to Isak in S3!). Yes, he does care, of course! And girls would too of they were a bit… more considerate and try to really LOOK at Sana. But sadly, they don’t :/

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I just dont get why he wants a hair hierarchy of drills but at the same time Kizana wants to be the only one with drills. Like does she want to bully all the members for it or does she just want to bully Kokona for them just because? And how does that even make sense if she's just bullying Kokona and not the other members for also having purple drills? Like make up your damn mind Alex omfg

She only has 1 personality trait leave her be



I’m Amaya I’m a teenager in New York
Some of my interests are swimming, music,cartoons,reading,being gay lmao
I’m a huge lesbian so if you’re homophobic…bye
I’m also a person of color so if you’re racist…bye
It would be ideal to make some friends in New York to hang out with in the summer but online friends from far away places are okay too
Movies/showsI like:
(This is a game but sort of a story at the same time) Fran bow
Edward scissorhands
Bates motel
Gravity falls
Practical magic
New girl

For music I really like
Harry styles
Childish gambino
Betty who
Troye Sivan
The 1975

I’d prefer someone 13-16
You can message my tumblr @cryptidamaya if you want to know more about me send me an ask or message me

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Unpopular opinion: I don't like youtubers especially Dan and Phil, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and etc. The YouTube fandom kinda ruined it for me...

MMMHMMM. I mean I personally find a lot of them kind of, hate to use the word but, cringey via being way too loud and trying to seem zany and fun but are generally annoying, but the fandoms are also full of people who dehumanize the very people they borderline stan and attack girlfriends over social media because so many of them are all “SHES INTERFERING WITH MEH YAOIZ”. I dunno. I’m real picky with who I watch and whatnot

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry you have to deal with such idiots over your faith. Personally my faith is dead because it was shoved down my throat by old school Christians but that's beside the point. There is SECULAR proof that Jesus walked the Earth and there is also very SECULAR evidence of what happened in the Bible is true. Even though my faith is dead at least I'm not so idiotic enough to disregard the evidence. Have a good day!

Wow! Just because someone doesn’t believe in the Bible doesn’t make him an idiot. God provides intelligence in the same way He provides rain–on the just and the unjust, as the Bible says. So, just because someone isn’t a Christian doesn’t mean he’s stupid. It just means he isn’t a Christian.

And while I may believe that a person is using his intelligence incorrectly, that doesn’t mean I think he doesn’t have any. Just want to make that clear. Even the Apostle Paul said “the Greeks seek after wisdom,” referring to Greeks who were not Christians.

And what kind of a Christian am I if I can’t take a tiny bit of teasing? The Bible says to “let all things be done with charity,” which includes being gracious, and I would like to follow that statement always.


I’m having one of those down days. Saw on the news another man got struck by a car on the same road my dad got struck and killed by a truck 4 months ago. I can’t even imagine what that family is going through because I’m still going through it. I know this is really personal and a downer of a post, but I like to be raw on here sometimes and I consider this fandom my family. Also, it makes me pay so much more attention when I’m driving regardless if the road is dark or not. Always be completely aware when driving guys. It’s so easy to miss someone while driving especially if it’s dark out. Ok, depressing post over.

People seem to think it’s harder for an able-bodied person to deal with a disabled person than another disabled person.

They just kind of assume “Oh you’re in the same category so it’s easier,” and not “You are dealing with your own problems and also need to be aware of the other person’s problems that are different from yours,”

Again, not saying anyone is a hero or a saint for taking care of a disabled person, but it’s harder to keep track of things when you get easily distracted, easily lose patience, need to repeat or explain things to them when details overwhelm you at times, and have a habit of forgetting.