they are all under my mistletoe

🍀 🍄A summary of the Sabbats 🍄🍀

When I was a baby witch, it was really difficult for me to understand the Sabbats and the wheel of the year. To help all my baby witches, I made a short summary to make it easier. 

🎄 Yule (Date: on the winter solstice, dec. 20-23) 🎄

This is the Sabbat for celebrating rebirth. Many people celebrate it similarly to Christmas, with gift giving, feasting, and wreath making. People will often kiss a consenting partner under a sprig of mistletoe for good luck.

🐏  Imbolc (Date: feb. 2) 🐏 

This Sabbat celebrates the return of spring. People make corn dollies and set them in a basket next to a symbol of masculinity. Many Witches will clean out their homes during Imbolc.

🐣 Ostara (Date: on the vernal equinox, Mar. 20-23) 🐣 

This Sabbat celebrates the coming time of fertility. Egg decorating is common during this time.

🔥 Beltane (Date: May 1) 🔥

This Sabbat focuses on fertility. Many Pagans choose to conceive children at this time (or just to enjoy themselves sexually with a partner). Beltane festivals are often high energy, with plenty of dancing and bonfires. 

☀️ Litha (Date: on the summer solstice, Jun 20-23) ☀️

A Sabbat for celebrating the longest day of the year, as well as for mourning the shortening days after. Some Witches burn bonfires or light candles to represent the Sun.

🌾 Lughnasadh (Date: Aug 1 -> 1 day before my birthday!) 🌾

I love this Sabbat but I’m not able to pronounce this name :). This is the first of the three harvesting Sabbats. There are festivals of grain and bread. People make gingerbread men during this time.

🍁 Mabon (Date: on the autumnal equinox, sep. 20-23) 🍁

This is the second of the three harvesting Sabbats. Witches give thanks to the Earth and the harvest. Celebraters will make and drink wine at this time.

⛄️ Samhain (Date: nov. 1) ⛄️

This is the last of the three harvesting Sabbats. It is also the festival of the dead. The veil is at its thinnest at this time. Witches will sometimes hold a big feast during Samhain.

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Summer ☀️

  • Draco constantly complaining about the heat and getting sunburnt
  • Harry making sure there’s always enough of Draco’s favourite ice cream in the freezer
  • Harry walking around the house shirtless
  • Draco *loving* the fact that Harry is shirtless all the time
  • taking cooling showers together
  • sitting in their garden and talking for hours while the sun goes down
  • falling asleep under the stars in their hammock
  • lingering kisses in the rain
  • ridiculously dancing in the rain
  • toweling each other dry afterwards and not making it to the bedroom

Autumn 🍁

  • Draco loving the feel of Harry’s cosy sweaters against his cheek as he snuggles up to him on the couch
  • Draco wrinkling up his nose every time Harry gets himself a Pumpkin Spice Latte (“Honestly, Potter, how can you drink that? It’s dreadful!”)
  • Harry getting Draco all kinds of cute fluffy socks because Draco always gets really cold feet
  • hiking (never again!)
  • flying over the countryside
  • sauntering through the farmer’s market
  • having chocolate fondue for dinner (and then each other)
  • watching scary movies
  • Draco not grasping the concept of ‘movies’ just yet and freaking out every single time
  • trying out some Sheet Masks Ginny brought over (Harry: Note to self, no Sheet Masks after watching a scary movie; apologise to neighbours with fruit basket)
  • having Teddy over for a sleepover and building a fort

Winter ⛄️

  • merciless snowball fights
  • building snowmen with Teddy
  • warm Butterbeer in front of the fireplace
  • making love in front of the fireplace until they’re too exhausted to move and fall asleep there
  • taking hot bubble baths together
  • Harry’s head in Draco’s lap while Draco reads to him
  • staying in bed all day and forgetting not caring about the time
  • Harry making Draco’s favourite chestnut soup
  • Harry getting the biggest Christmas tree that can possibly fit in their house
  • Draco hanging up a bunch of mistletoe around the house and insisting they kiss every time they stand under one

Spring 🌷

  • Draco spending most of his day gardening
  • Harry lying in the hammock and watching Draco with a fond smile (because he loves to see Draco amidst all those flowers and also because Draco has banned Harry from touching said flowers ever again. “Merlin, Potter, you’re drowning my hydrangeas!”)
  • holding each other on the evening of May 1st and talking until the sun comes up
  • Seeker games as often as possible (winner gets to decide what new position they’re going to try in the shower afterwards)
  • having a picnic in their garden
  • Harry playfully wrestling Draco down and rolling around in the grass
  • Harry smiling when Teddy spends hours making a flower crown and then puts it on Draco’s head
  • Harry insisting the flower crown stays on later when they’re alone
  • weird Forest Nymph role playing
  • waking up wrapped around each other and feeling the cool morning breeze on their skin
Cat Got Your Tongue Pt. 1 (M)

Word Count: 5,463

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: catboy!tae, comedy, fluff, eventual smut

Summary: When your boyfriend cheats on you you’re left heartbroken and lost all hope in relationships. Santa says you’ll find love soon, but what do you do when you’re beloved cat turns into a beautiful grown man?

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Rivalry to Romance AUs
  • We hate each other but we both have a mutual friend so we have to put up with each other AU
  • This is a mandatory partner project and since everybody else is taken I have to have you as my partner AU
  • You’re my jerk barista who purposely screws up my name when I order my caffeine fix AU
  • The Proposal AU
  • You used to bully/mess with me in elementary school and it turned out it was because you had a major crush on me AU
  • I’m trying to recruit members for my club but you keep stealing away all my potential recruits AU
  • You spoil all the things I’m into and it’s really pissing me off AU
  • So I have to spend the night at my longtime rival’s house, everything will totally be fine because their parents are there (or not) AU
  • If you aren’t serious about this play then leave AU
  • I know you don’t like me but I really need help passing this class AU
  • Don’t tell anyone you saw me crying AU
  • I don’t want to go to this party/dance alone so please be my date AU
  • Just got caught under the mistletoe with my arch-nemesis and now everything is slow changing between us AU
  • You come to the restaurant I work at and choose me as your waiter(ess) every time just to annoy me and I can’t do anything in retribution or I’ll get fired AU
  • I spilled my lunch on this person one time and now they hate me AU
  • A Walk to Remember AU
  • You’re the Gantu to my Stitch AU
You know a lot of things in this generation I really don’t like about relationships. A lot of the times people believe that communication isnt so important and there’s this foreign bullshit concept of being “whipped” or “cuffed”. People have this wild misconception of “chasing each other” and “playing hard to get” like texting back hours later, or not being open about your feelings as much as you should. People don’t realize how important it is to communicate how important they are to you. Tell your girl how you feel, it doesn’t make you weak. Tell her how much you appreciate her and love her, so she never has to question your opinion of her. Tell her how you’re proud of her trying her hardest and working her butt off everyday, always show her you feel this way by doing little things. Cook, listen to her, hell just write her a little message telling her these things. Anything to make her feel appreciated and cared for. Don’t you dare tell her these things because that’s what you think you should do, you tell her these things because that’s how you feel, and you want her to feel loved and appreciated just on top of the world with and without you. Don’t make her feel like that way only because she’s with you. She lived without you before you met, she could live without you after, make your presence a positive one that way she never wants to live without you. Never let her forget her worth and how you feel, I promise someone else would love to be in your place to show her, and just because you have her doesn’t mean you should let her forget these things. Be open about how you feel, if something makes you uncomfortable you should be able to tell your significant other. Create a safe place so that they know they can come to you about anything, and you will listen. People fight too much in relationships about little things. Fighting to me, is stupid. Grow up and be adults, is a fight really worth losing them over because you can’t set your ego down for 5 seconds to admit you were wrong and fix things? Grow together, you water me, I water you. That’s how it should be. This doesn’t make you “whipped, or cuffed” either. I hate the idea of cuffing season. Yes, having your girl with you to do holiday things with is so great but it’s so stupid come summer you’re like “nah I wanna be free now”. Fuck that noise. I want you in the winter, the summer, all four seasons. I want to go on spontaneous road trips and adventures with you all summer, end our night at a 24 hour diner drinking milkshakes and laughing at 4am, as much as I want to spend the holidays with you decorating Christmas cookies and kissing under the mistletoe. I want an all year life adventure, with 1 person and I want us to always be open and honest with how we feel, that’s how it really should be.
—  Just after a life full of love and laughter
Lillie-Writes Masterlist (August, 2017)

These are only things from this year! i’ve improved greatly since then, so i didn’t feel the need to add  the old things to this. it’s been requested a lot, so here it finally is! Hope you enjoy. 

Keep Calm and Read On!

~~The Marauders~~


Lost Belongings ~Plain cute, Marauders fluff (Lillie’s Favorites)

Dealing With Drunken Marauders ~ My Finest Comedy fluff, but i’m easy to please.

Valentines Day With Each Marauder ~ Cheeky fluff

The Marauders Pranking You ~ Shortie

Sirius Black:


Chocolate Won’t Help (Part Two Coming Soon) ~ Angsty (Lillie’s Favorites)

Flying Glasses ~ Fluff (Lillie’s Favorites)


Sirius Reading To You ~ Fluff

Kissing Under The Mistletoe ~ Fluff

Sirius being Fascinated With You ~ Shortie


Sirius Having A Crush On You ~Fluff, obviously

Braiding Sirius’ Hair ~ Just cute

Cuddling with Sirius ~ Fluff

if Sirius never Died, AKA none of us are over this ~ Not X Reader, but i cry. Angst, Fluff, etc

Remus Lupin:


Fire ~ Fluffy Af (Lillie’s Favorites)

LeviOsa ~ Fluff, Angst, All over the place


Wearing Remus’ Sweater ~ Fluff

Cuddling With Remus ~ Shortie


FWB ~ You know. Haha just kidding, it’s basically just fluff & lil’ bit of angst.

James Potter:


Cuddling With James Potter ~ Shortie


Gryff!Quidditch beater Reader ~ Fluff



Sorting The Avengers Into Hogwarts ~HP crossover

Valentines Day With Each Avenger ~Fluffy stuff right there.

Fighting Over Who’s The Best Couple ~Fluff

Avengers Hating you ~ ??? Not angst, not Fluff. Just exists.

Peter Parker:


Infinityly Wallflowers (Chapter One) (Chapter Two) (Lillie’s Favorites)

Rebel Rebel. (Part One) (Part Two) (Lillie’s Favorites)

As The TV Played (Lillie’s favorites. I actually wrote this one in 20 minutes.)

Burned Shortcakes  ~Fluff 

This Distance Between Us ~Angst

Discovering ~Fluff

Stay The Night ~Fluff

Little Spider Boy ~Fluff

Scared Of Dancing? ~Fluff

You’re My Gift ~Fluffy Holiday


Watching movies With The Avengers ~ Actually Peter Fluff

Tony Thinking You’re Dating ~ Fluff (Lillie’s favorites)

Jealous Peter ~Fluffy with a dat bit of pouty Peter

Camping With Peter ~Fluff

Peter letting You Wear The Mask ~ Fluff

Going To Lunch With Peter ~Fluff

Tutoring Peter ~ Fluff

Comforting Peter ~Fluffy Angst

Peter Helping You Study ~Fluff

Being peter’s Gym Partner ~ Shortie

Walking In On Peter Taking off his Mask ~Shortie

Peter having A Crush On You ~ Shortie

Being peter’s First Kiss ~ Shortie

Being peter’s Homecoming Date ~Shortie

Baking With Peter ~ Shortie

Watching Terrible Movies With Peter ~ Shortie

Another Jealous Peter ~Shortie


Peter Parker Relationship ~ Fluff

Peter Parker Date ~Fluffffffy stuff

Cuddling With Peter Parker ~Such cute Fluff

Staring At You ~ So much damn Fluff

What he Looks For In A Person ~Fluff(ish)

Being Clints Kid And Dating Peter ~ Fluff(Ish)

Vacationing With Peter ~Fluff

Natasha Romanoff:


I Choose you ~Fluff


Working Out With Nat ~ Fluff?


Anniversary with Nat ~Fluffy Fluff

Coming Out To The Avengers ~ Actually Nat imagine. Fluffy

Steve Rogers:


Getting Brunch With Steve ~ Fluffy Comedy?


Peter Maximoff


Comfort ~ Fluff

Peter Getting Himself Into Trouble ~Fluff


Caught Staring At Each Other ~ Fluff Awkwardness

~~Justice League~~

Diana Prince:


Diana falling In Love With You ~ Fluffiest of Fluff (Lillie’s Favorites)

Dating Diana ~ Fluff

~~Harry Potter~~



Bugging Hermione ~ Fluff

Going To The Yule Ball Together ~ Shortie

~~Fantastic Beasts~~

Newt Scamander:


Warming Up ~Fluff


Kissing Newt Would Include ~ Fluff

The 25 Days of Shit Slytherins Say: #1
  • Christmas is so close I can almost smell the mistletoe I'm not going to be kissed under.

I hope you guys aren’t tired of mistletoe yet, because here’s one more to add to the avalanche of holiday fluff that’s all over my dash!  ^_~

Dear @bearholdingashark, hello!!  I am also your Secret Santa!!  I hope you like what I made for you and that you have a wonderful holiday!!! <3 @mlsecretsanta

In this picture, Chat Noir and Marinette really wanted to catch each other under the mistletoe, so they both coincidentally ended up bringing their own, just to be sure.  ;)

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LAST UPDATED- 12/29/16

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Bucky Barnes



Frank Castle



Peter Maximoff


Pietro Maximoff




sick day (complete)

Hank McCoy




caught in the act (complete)

hiraeth (incomplete)

Matt Murdock



Foggy Nelson


Steve Rogers


Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes (poly)



it’s the same old dream (incomplete)

Alex Summers


Scott Summers


Kurt Wagner



Warren Worthington III



Dick Grayson


Clark Kent


  • the firsts (drabble series) (part i)

Sara Lance


Ray Palmer


Jason Todd


eros (incomplete)

Wally West


Bruce Wayne


Meeting The Family

Modern AU

George Washington x Reader ft. kiddo hamilsquad

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1725

Warnings: Swearing, a bit cliche, kissing

Request: HI! Can I request a Christmas one with the dialouge number 2, and 26, with 18 and 19 for scenarios???? X’D WITH CHRIS/ GEORGE WASHINGTON PLEASE??? ILY

2: “Who keeps hanging all this damn mistletoe everywhere?” 


18: Getting stuck under the mistletoe

19: Christmas w/ Kids

A/N: I hope this is close to what you were looking for! I had a really fun time writing it. Thanks again for requesting! But I’m sorry guys that I haven’t been posting often lately. My immune system has like completely shut down, so I keep getting really sick. Sorry about that, but on a happier note…WE ARE 10 FOLLOWERS AWAY FROM 300! We’re really excited about this and want to do something special for it. I don’t know if anybody actually reads these notes, but please let us know if you’d like us to do an open ask time or really any kind of fun lil celebration thing with you guys. If we don’t hear anything then we’re probably not going to do it, but thank you lovelies! Hope your day is amazing and remember that holiday requests are open! I love ya’ll!

“Do you think they’ll like me?” You asked, nervously fidgeting your hands as you sat in your car on George’s driveway.

“Trust me, my kids will love you. They love anything that will listen to their crazy rants and stories.” George smiled reassuringly as he took your keys out of the ignition. “Come on, they can’t wait to meet you.”

You watched as George got out of the car and walked towards the porch of his house. You had been dating George for a while now and the holidays had finally rolled around. He had been begging for you to meet his many adopted children that he loved with all his heart. There wasn’t anything you had against meeting them, you were just deathly scared that they wouldn’t like you.

Unfortunately, when all the kids refused presents from Santa unless they could meet you, George put his foot down and set a date for you to come over. That date just so happened to be, Christmas Eve and Christmas day. That’s right, you could possibly be ruining one of their Christmas memories by just being there. This was a nightmare come to life.

“(Y/N)! Come on, I promise it won’t be that bad!” George called, beckoning you towards the door.

With one last deep calming breath, you marched over to him, adrenaline pumping through your veins.

“Okay, let’s do this.” You said, determined to make the best out of the situation.

George looked at you and smiled, taking your hand in his and squeezing it tightly. George took a deep breath before reaching for the doorknob. Little did you know that he was just as nervous as you were. He was completely panicked at the thought of the kids being too rambunctious for you to handle.

“Boys!” George called in the house as he opened the door.

There were a series of yells heard scattered across the house. This was followed by pounding footsteps coming from all directions. You squeezed George’s hand a little tighter as you saw them all run into the room one by one.

“Boys, this is (Y/N) (L/N). They’re the person you were so interested in meeting.” George smirked as the boys blushed at his words.

“We weren’t that interested!” One protested, his dark hair pulled in a tight ponytail.

“Mhm, sure…Anyways (Y/N), these are my boys.” He took his time introducing each of them and you weren’t sure if you were going to be able to remember all their names.

“It’s nice to meet you boys.” You smiled, all of them wearing shit eating grins.

“HAVE YOU HAD SEX WITH OUR DAD????” Alex screeched, running at you with excitement.

“DO YOU HAVE ANY KIDS???” John yelled, latching his arms around your waist.

“ARE YOU GOING TO MARRY OUR DAD???” Hercules’s voice boomed through the house loudly, especially for such a small boy.

“WILL YOU STAY FOREVER???” Laf jumped onto your back, nuzzling his face into your neck.

“OUR DAD KNOWS SANTA! DO YOU KNOW HIM TOO???” Thomas asked, his eyes flickering between you and George.

“DO YOU KNOW WHAT WE’RE GETTING FOR CHRISTMAS???” Aaron jumped over the other boys, hoping to gain your attention.

“I hope we don’t scare you away.” James said in between coughs, taking your hand that wasn’t holding George’s into his.

“BOYS!” George yelled, the boys stopped their flood of questions to look at him. “Enough with the ridiculous questions.” George sighed, thinking his kids had already scared you away.

“I don’t know if I can answer all those at once.” You giggled, looking at the rowdy boys around you. “Let me think…Yes we have and no I don’t have any kids. About the marriage thing, he’d have to ask first. I would stay forever if I could, Laf. Santa and I are freaking homies! I don’t know what you’re getting for Christmas, and no James, I don’t think you can scare me away.” They took in your answers, before they all took a deep breath to ask more questions.

“No more questions! You’ll have plenty of time to do that later! For now, let’s go make some dinner.” George said, ushering the boys towards the kitchen.

Without a word, they all began working in unison. You laughed, watching them take orders from George and and carrying them out with such precision. They were chopping vegetable and fruits, some were stirring pots or putting things in the oven. They were like little soldiers.

“What would you like me to do, General Washington?” You asked with a mock salute.

“No guest of mine is helping in the kitchen. Go sit down at the table, dinner will be done in a moment.” George pushed you towards the table that John and Alex were supposed to be setting.

“So, how old are you two?” You asked, taking a seat at the dining table.

“I’m eight and John is ten.” Alex said, folding the last of the napkins

“Are you all pretty close to your dad?” You asked, watching as their faces lit up at the mention of George.

“We spend a lot of time with our dad. He’s the one that got us all out of foster care and orphanages, we owe a lot to him.” John smiled at the memory.

“Did you hang them all up?” Thomas asked, walking into the room.

“Yeah we did.” Alex said, the three boys sharing a mischievous grin.

“What did you three do?” You raised an eyebrow at the suspicious boys.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Thomas smirked, taking a seat next to you at the table. “I believe you will greatly appreciate it.”

Soon enough, everyone was seated around the table eating an amazing Christmas Eve dinner George and the boys had made. The boys watched and listened to you carefully the whole night. George had never brought someone home before, so there had to be something special about you.

“I think I’m going to catch Santa tonight.” Alex boasted, shoveling mountains of mashed potatoes into his mouth.

“I doubt you can catch Santa.” Aaron rolled his eyes.

“Oh yeah, why not?” Alex glared at him, holding his fork a bit tighter

“Because Santa’s not real, you idiot.” Aaron said smugly, half of the kids at the table looked up in shock.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN SANTA ISN’T REAL???” James screamed, tears beginning to well up in his eyes.

“Oh no…” You hear Hercules mutter, turning to glare at Aaron.

“James, uh…you see Santa…” George attempted, only to have more of the kids at the table begin to cry.

“Of course Santa is real!” You interject, signaling to George that you could handle this. “Santa works really hard to visit you kids each year. He’s probably getting his sleigh ready right now! But sometimes, to prove that a child’s faith in him can stay true, he tells other children to spread the word that he’s not real. All those who still have faith in him will never leave the nice list. Whenever someone tells you he’s not real, they’re actually testing you.”

“Really?” Thomas asked, his eyes puffy from crying.

“Trust me, Santa’s as real as you and me.” George said, smiling at how quickly you had turned the situation around. “Boys, go change into your PJs. (Y/N) and I will clean up the table and then we can watch some Christmas movie with you before bedtime.”

The boys looked at each other with smirks. They walked up the stairs and began laughing and giggling when they thought they were out of earshot.

“They’re up to something…” You trailed off, standing up to grab the dishes.

“They’re always up to something.” George chuckled, leading you back into the kitchen to wash the dishes.

After washing the dishes in comfortable silence, the two of you entered the living room to be met with a surprise. Every inch of the ceiling was covered in mistletoe. George looked around the room in shock while you tried to stifle your laugh.

“Who keeps hanging all this damn mistletoe everywhere?” George yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

“Keeps? Like this has happened multiple times?” You giggled at George’s pained expression.

“The boys kept trying to hang it everywhere before you came over.” George blushed.

“That’s cute, but I don’t know how to tell you this…” You trailed off, looking at the staircase behind George that was currently occupied by his kids.

“They’re too much for you aren’t they? I promise they’re not that bad, they were just really excited to meet you. Please, just hear me out on this.” George began to rant, the only thing that stopped it was your hand over his mouth.

“First off, I love the boys and their craziness. Secondly, I was going to tell you that we can’t break a Christmas tradition, it’ll bring us years of bad luck.” You smirked, pulling George close to you as the boys gasped in anticipation.

“Hm, well I don’t want to be a Scrooge.” George smiled, pulling you in for a light kiss.

The kiss was short and sweet, but then again there were all his kids behind you. As you pulled away, you could hear the excited cheers and almost whispers from the boys. George rolled his eyes, turning to watch them all run back up the stairs.

“I’m glad you like them. I’ve really wanted to combine the most important people in my life for a while.” George smiled, pulling you close to his side.

“I’m glad you forced me into this. I think this may be my best Christmas yet.” You put your head on his shoulder.

“Well, if you’d like, maybe this could be the first of many Christmases like this.” George suggested, his voice slightly nervous and strained.

“That’s an offer I’ll have to take.” You giggled, watching the boys peek around the corner to look at the two of you. “Besides, I don’t think I’d want to spend another holiday without you and your boys.”

brandnewsoundsinmymind  asked:

Oh my god yes. Enemies to friends to loves is my all time favourite trope i am so here for this i love it. Can I ask for "You come to the restaurant I work at and choose me as your waiter(ess) every time just to annoy me and I can’t do anything in retribution or I’ll get fired AU" or "Just got caught under the mistletoe with my arch-nemesis and now everything is slow changing between us AU"? Pretty please? ilu goodbye

This is my completely inappropriate Christmas-in-March fic!

– –

“Move it,” Steve says, trying to shove past Bucky from Marketing.

“Jeez,” Bucky from Marketing says. “The eggnog will keep.”

Steve shoots Bucky from Marketing a look over his glasses. “You’re standing in the middle of the doorway,” he says. “You’ve been standing in the middle of the doorway for eight minutes.”

“That’s an exaggeration,” Bucky from Marketing mutters.

And,” Steve continues, refusing to be silenced, “I’ve been trying to get by but you’ve been ignoring me.”

“So go by,” Bucky from Marketing says, rolling his eyes.

“You. Are. In. The. Way.” Steve spits.

“I. Am. Not. Moving.” Bucky from Marketing responds, in turn.

Fine,” Steve says, pushing again, which would probably be more effective if Steve weren’t barely hitting five-four and if Bucky from Marketing didn’t work out so much (which Steve only knows because he comes into work with his sweaty gym bag).

And that’s when he hears Darcy from Accounting go, “OOOOOOOOOH.” He looks up, but it’s too late. Half the party is looking at him and Bucky from Marketing. “We got two losers underneath the mistletoe!”

Steve looks up at Bucky from Marketing, who is looking down at him and…

Is blushing. Like, a lot.

Bucky from Marketing’s jaw twitches. “Can it, Darcy,” he says, eyes darting over to Darcy from Accounting, then back down to Steve. “So, uh, you, uh…”

He’s a stuttering mess, and Steve frowns. “Is the idea of kissing me really that bad?” he asks.

“What?” Bucky from Marketing asks, voice cracking a little. “No!”

“Then kiss me,” Steve says, putting a hand on his hip. “I mean, having this mistletoe at an office party is a ridiculous notion, but whatever. It’s fine. Kiss me.”

Bucky from Marketing just sort of gapes.

“Fine,” Steve says, “then I’ll do it.”

And then he goes up on his tiptoes and does.

Bucky from Marketing is tense, so Steve doesn’t make a big deal out of it. He kisses him, waits a few seconds, then pulls away. “There,” he says. “Hope that wasn’t too painful for you.”

“No, not… It wasn’t painful, not at all! But I, uh, gotta, uh, I gotta go over there,” Bucky from Marketing says, then practically leaps out of the doorway and towards Natasha from Sales at the other end of the room.

“The fuck?” Steve asks.

Darcy from Accounting saunters up to Steve and gives him a high-five. “Hell yeah,” she says. “Look at you!”

“Uh, thanks?” Steve says.

“So, are you in love? Are you gonna get married? Have little Barnes-Rogerses bouncing around the living room?” she asks.

“Don’t think so,” Steve says. “He didn’t seem too interested.”

Darcy from Accounting raises an eyebrow and chuckles. “You’re joking, right?” she asks. Steve doesn’t bother responding, just gives her an impressed look. “He’s been pining after you since last quarter, maybe even before that. I think he was waiting under there in the hopes that you’d come by and he could sweep you off your tiny, Chuck Taylor-clad feet.”

“You’re joking,” Steve says.

She shrugs. “Better ask him,” she says in a sing-song voice.

Out of morbid curiosity, Steve looks over to where Bucky from Marketing and Natasha from Sales are standing, talking to each other with a sort of intense, quiet urgency. He watches them for a second, then nearly flinches when Bucky from Marketing looks his way. He’s still blushing.

Normally, Steve would look away, but this time he doesn’t. Instead, he smiles.

Looking almost confused, Bucky from Marketing smiles back.

“Well,” Steve says, “I guess I could use someone to get me a glass of eggnog, and Bucky is standing close to the buffet.”

“That’s the spirit,” Darcy from Accounting says. “And a true Christmas miracle.”

“I’m an atheist,” Steve says.

“It’s the spirit of the thing!” Darcy from Accounting argues.

“Fine,” Steve says, heading towards the eggnog and Bucky from Mar—

And Bucky Barnes.


Hamilton Fics

Character x Reader

These are just your friendly neighborhood imagines with all our favorite Hamilton characters! Enjoy (:


These are just your friendly neighborhood imagines with all our favorite Hamilton cast members, along with a few Rafael Casal x reader fics! Enjoy (:



These are fics that are much shorter, the length of mine vary, but usually, they are under 300 words. Some are character x reader/cast x reader, others are character x character.


This is a fairly well known AU in which John Laurens becomes a ghost after dying, this is my written take on it (:

Mistletoe Series

This was my holiday series of December 2016. Each of these is about 100-400 word ficlets involving mistletoe, except Alexander’s, which is about 1600 words.

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The Godfather-(Derek Hale)

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Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Derek Hale and (Y/N)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Word Count: 1950

Warnings: swearing

Summary: (Y/N) and Derek meet again after 6 years of being apart

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That’s My Boy! (Harry Potter Imagine)

Request: hi could i possibly get a harry potter imagine (james & lily are alive in this) where they’re dating (no more awkward harry) and are making out somewhere and people find out and they tease them? If u cant it’s fine. Thank you!

Quick note… This is my first imagine on Tumblr for the Harry Potter Fandom.. So… um… please don’t like hate it… Okay? Okay. Let’s get the show on the road…

Also… Side note: Since Lily and James are alive, I assume that the timeline of the story would be different. Basically, what I’m going to say is that this is an AU. So yeah… 

Requests are Open (bear with me on them though)

I Hope You Enjoy!

Originally posted by wickedpotterpictures

Knowing Harry Potter… Oh that was definitely something. A new surprise nearly every day… Dating Harry Potter? That was the biggest and best, in your opinion, surprise. 

Hermione and you were chatting, awaiting the two boys, before you all headed to Hogsmeade, “Ron’s so stupid.” You agreed. Hermione had been leaving hints all summer that she fancied Ron, but the boy was too oblivious. 

“And now he’s snogging Lavender Brown. Can you believe that?” Herminoe ranted even further then letting out an irritated growl. 

You felt two arms snake around your waist and turned to meet your boyfriend’s green eyes then smiling. You turned to give Hermione an apologetic look and she nodded, understandingly. She was, after all, the person who set you both up. 

In fourth year when Draco Malfoy someone put in Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire, you were completely worried especially since they made him participate in the events. When the Yule Ball rolled around, Harry meant to ask you to accompany him, seeing as he’s fancied you ever since first year, but was “too shy” to do so. So when the two of you were flirting at breakfast, she lost it and yelled “Will you two just bloody be together?!” 

“Where’s Ronald?” Hermione questioned, obviously upset. Before Harry could say that he was with Lavender, Hermione had already stormed off, cursing at the Weasley. “That’s so like him! Now I’m stuck being an unwelcome third wheel to Hogwarts’s steamiest couple.”

“Steamy? I don’t think we’re like that.” Harry stated, pulling you to what was supposed to be a peck but led to a more heated kiss. 

She coughed and the two of you pulled apart. “Okay, just a little bit steamy.” You agreed, giving your friend another apologetic look. 

Then there was laughter from behind the three of you. Seamus, Dean, Ginny, and Neville stood there with Professor McGonagall along with more people who were unrecognizable to you. 

“A little bit steamy, (Y/N)?” Ginny smirked. 

Yeah right, Seamus added, “it’s not like snow is melting around the two of you.” And sure enough, when the both of you looked down, snow was beginning to melt. 

You felt your cheeks heat up as you saw Professor McGonagall attempting to not laugh. In result, you tried to hide by burying your face in the crook of Harry’s neck. He chuckled at your actions. “Sod off, mate.” Harry laughed. “Don’t be jealous that you don’t have anyone to kiss under the mistletoe this winter.” 

“It’s not like the two of you kiss only under a mistletoe. You’re practically sucking face any chance you get. I’d give you both detention, but you’ll end up making out in the class.” Professor McGonagall stated, the whole crowd laughing. 

“Just like my parents, I reckon?” Harry remarked.

Before she could answer him, you mumbled, “Harry. Shut up.” 


The next morning, the teasing was still never ending. “Why don’t you all mess with Ron and Lavender?” You suggested. 

“They don’t mind it. They aren’t ashamed. The two of you make out all the time but yet get all flustered when people point it out.” Hermione rolled her eyes. “Don’t be so bloody embarrassed about it and just own the fact that you both enjoy public displays of affection.” 

Harry gave you a smug smirk and pulled you closer to him. You gave him a warning look before the two of you leaned in. Before the your lips could even touch, an owl dropped a blazing red envelope that slid right in between the two of you. 

You both gave each other a look before looking down horrifically at the howler. It seemed as if the whole hall became silent, the teachers, themselves, stilling. “Open it.” Ron encouraged. 

Harry picked up the letter and prayed that his mother hadn’t heard the news and that this was for something completely different. 

He opened the howler and the red envelope was brought to life. He immediately recognized his father’s voice, “Harry James Potter! Your mother and I do not… Lily, I can’t be mad if you’re going to burst out-” His mother’s laughter rang throughout the hall, very uncharacteristically of her. “laughing… Anyways son, don’t be stupid with your actions. (Y/N) is a lovely girl! Keep her and treat her right, son.” 

As his mother’s laughter began to die down, she said, “Next time, don’t do it so publicly. Alright, love?” 

James’s voice rang out again, “Lils! Our son is all grown up! I’m so proud! That’s My Boy!

"Winter Joy" Ahkmenrah x Reader one shot.

AN. Hello there cuties! First of all, annual time in which I apologies for being so busy. I have so many books to read for college and things to study. But I have decided to spend this weekend preparing a little surprise for all of you. I hope you will enjoy it! Happy holidays everyone!

Short intro: A joyfull time the reader spends with everyone, especially her boyfriend, at the Museum of national history
Fandom: Night at the museum, Rami Malek
Rating: Suitable for all ages
Word count: 1113
Pairing: Ahkmenrah x reader

- - - -

“But I was born way back, before this tradition even started. Why are we doing this again –“

“And I was born over a thousand years after it started, let’s just enjoy it. I know most people in this institution won’t understand what Christmas is about, but that is okay. It’s winter, the happiest time of the year, and it’s finally snowing outside. Let’s appreciate it.”  

You tucked a stray of hair behind your ear and continued decorating the biggest Christmas tree you have seen in a really long time. Your boyfriend helped along by passing some of the ornaments out of the box. Most of them didn’t match and were old as the museum itself but nobody cared, the joy is what’s important.

Around seven months ago you started working in this Museum of national history of New York, where you’ve met your really old boyfriend. The relationship you two had was odd, but special. It started off with you innocently helping him wrap the linen sheets around his body before he would go to the state of the dead mummified body. Luckily you have worked with some of the most understanding people in the World that accepted you two constantly looking at each other and snuggling in blankets behind Ahkmenrah’s sarcophagus. But this holiday was meant for every single person, animal and object in this building. From the little tiny people such as Jed and Octavious to the strong and brave ex president of United States Theodore.

“You are pretty much right. I mean all of you have respected me screaming when each summer begins and begging you all to bring me food to offer to the gods…” He said with a little chuckle before holding your waist carefully and helping you come back down from the old wooden staircase. Though it was already three am, everyone else that doesn’t live outside the museum considered this night very young; it was time for everyone that understand English to gather around in the main hall and patiently wait for Larry to turn on the projector, so all of us can watch some festive films.

The young pharaoh and you settled in front of the informational counter and snuggled up in two blankets. And not so long after you had already felt yourself getting extremely sleepy. But no, this was one of the rare nights to spend with your boyfriend because you had a really busy job here.

He noticed, extending the hand that wasn’t wrapped around your waist to stroke your hair carefully. “I know you work hard and you do a lot when Ra is up, so sleep, you know I don’t mind.” You shook your head stubbornly before leaning your head on your boyfriend’s shoulder. “I would really like to stay awake. I want to spend so much time with you. Though we really have a lifetime, we don’t have the time together.” With a sad response you cached Ahk’s hand and laced your fingers with his.


For several hours later, without even noticing, you took a nap. Thankfully in the winter time the sun comes up a lot later. Or as Ahkmenrah says; Ra gets lazy when it’s cold. You had woken up in the back room slash office of the museum, someone must have brought you here once the movies finished. As you were able to hear some festive music coming from the hallways you guessed everyone was still awake and celebrating – besides you. Once you’ve stretched your arms high to realise the tension in your body, you stood up and took the water bottle from your bag. As you sipped some of the cold liquid to refresh your throat from the heating system in the building, you proceeded to exit the room and enter the main hall.

You then saw your boyfriend at the DJ desk, trying to make sense out of the old festive records all of the employees have gathered. Thankfully Larry’s son Nick came to help out. God what would we do without that rebellious disco boy.

“I know you wanted to spend a lot of time with us, but it does get difficult to stay awake doesn’t it?” Your good friend Sacagawea patting your shoulder and then giving you a really warm hug. “Well yeah it does get a bit tough, I want to spend this holiday with everyone, and especially well you know who. But – “ you finished with a low sigh. “Guessing not every Christmas gets to be extremely special.”  

“Hey sweetie, listen to me. Think of it this way, all of are actually together, in the same room. Some people don’t even get to have that. Let’s just enjoy this?”

She had a really good point. Isn’t that was Christmas is about? The joy of giving, being grateful for having someone by your side. “When I look at it that way.” You said and turned your head around to look at your boyfriend. “I wouldn’t wish for anything more.” He noticed and waved at you. Motioning you to join him up stair at the desk. So step by step you made your way towards him, and finally hugging him once you made the final step.

“Have you rested well?” he asked placing his big arms around your waist and placing a small chaste kiss on your forehead.

“I have rested well, it was nice. Though I must admit, I would rather wake up by your side…”

“Now we can arrange that.” He said with a cheeky smile on his face before sending you a wink. Which made Nick turn around so he wouldn’t face us anymore. Looking at his dad down stairs and showing a disgusted face.

You giggled before placing your hand on his cheek, gently caressing it. “I am so happy I get to spend this Christmas with you. And it’s so silly it took me so long that everything I wanted this year, I already have.”

“Now let me just say… that without my people developing calendars you wouldn’t know when to celebrate the birth of Christ so, I had this under my sleeve long time ago.” This made you chuckle then hit his shoulder playfully. “You cheeky man. Maybe that is true, all of the things that had happened in the world, had brought us to this moment.”

“And if my knowledge of this holiday is correct. When someone is under mistletoe they are supposed to kiss… there is one above us right now.”

The pharaoh smiled once you nodded in response and placed a soft kiss on your lips. Making others turn around and look at us since he had forgotten to switch records.