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taem used one of your gifs during answer time! YAY you deserve it! <3

aaah I know ::;;;;;; and I’m so shocked and happy! ♥ it’s something I could never have imagined! ;;;;; I still can’t believe it tbh. Thank you so very much for your sweet message ♥


I have a problem 🤔

Not enough hooks to hang the harnesses up 🤔





Something that I have learned quite recently is the fact that I have absolutely no impulse control when it comes to FFXV. xD

Long story short, I randomly decided to go out and get Monster of the Deep in what had to be one of the biggest spurts of impulse buying I’ve ever had, and oh my gosh… IT WAS SO WORTH IT! I haven’t even finished the game, but I’m having a huge amount of fun with it.

I tried to get a few screenshots of meeting Prom, cause holy shit that totally made my day. ^^ (I’m not exactly sure why the ‘open menu’ option didn’t seem to want to go away, but meh… *shrugs*)

I am pleased to report that the precious sunshine child is just as adorable as ever…! He basically just spends the entire time taking pictures of you and encouraging you when you land a fish, or consoling you when lose one. It is by far the most precious thing I have ever seen, and I loved every bit of it! I’ve already played his mission several times over. Yup… I’m a nerd and have no regrets.

The first part of the well creation is complete. It’s drilled an auspicious 66m into the earth and the pump test has shown it’s capable of producing a fairly prodigious amount of water. I saved some of its first water in a jar, because it obviously has magic powers. Now we need to install a pump and a pressure vessel and then attach the water to the house. 

But oh my fucking christ I am so heartily sick of people being up here and stressing me out with their presence and their havoc wreaking. I love being up here alone and I love the empty quiet. When this is over, I am installing a sign like this one on our front gate and locking it forever. 

Hilda Berg in Threatnin’ Zeppelin

oh and also thnx for comin to the streams when i was making this >:’))

So, you’re telling me that Louis got to fall in love with Harry when he was like this

 And then got to watch him grow into this??

AND also Harry got to fall in love with Louis when he was like this

Then proceeded to watch him grow into this !!

And then above it all, their love has only ever grown stronger as well !!


Cheritz hardcore testing my devotion for this route


And then afterwards Atsushi’s smile was officially declared as the agency’s ultimate secret weapon.

I haven’t drawn a bsd comic for a million billion years but then freaking @nyaarigatou sENT ME THIS POST by @3rdgymbros AND I KNEW I HAD TO DRAW IT.

Someone: when are you gonna stop drawing gay stuff omg

Me, drawing more gay stuff: wow suddenly I can’t read


#goddd they really invented sexual tension and chemistry with this scene #the amount of times shaw looked down at root’s lips though… (calm down you thirst bucket) #the face holding and touching #i just….. #not to mention root kissing shaw’s upper lip??? #soft??? #i truly wish they weren’t THIS convincing during this whole scene #like they weren’t even fully kissing and this was still amazing #forever THAT ship?? #i fully agree