they are all so darned adorable

Woke up to the news about Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk reportedly dating.

me: Went to class. Did not check my phone. It was painful but totally kept my cool.

Got out of class to the news about Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk confirming they have been in a relationship for the last 6 months.


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everyone’s out here uploading their fan art for ethan @crankgameplays and pictures with him and i wanted to do something to show him how much he matters to me… so i wrote him a song.

i did my best to make it NOT creepy and i think i did pretty darn well! although to be fair, I am studying songwriting in university and I AM technically a professional musician.

ethan, i really really hope you see this and i hope you know how important you are to ME and to countless other people.

blue haired boy, i adore you <3

@spaceliondad is a blessing and drew some TonyPepperRhodey for me, look at these precious children!!

@spaceliondad: I decided to draw them more 616-ish haha (in a weird timeline where Rhodey is alive and well and we completely forget Fraction’s run happened), but anyway, this was my first time drawing Pepper or Rhodey!

the reason i fucking adore that, among all the destruction Yen could have caused, she chose to draw a beard on Avallac’h’s portrait is not that it seems so miniscule compared to what Geralt and Ciri did to his lab

the reason i adore it is that it is so fucking  g e n i u s

that was not a photograph. that was a legit portrait. a painting.  a good, flattering one, too. custom made. probably cost a small fortune. hanging a portrait of oneself in one’s working space is pretty darn vain, and on top of that it is hanging among all of his material on Lara Dorren, which Avallac’h poured his heart’s blood into. he is aligning his own portrait, himself, with Ciri’s ancestral line and the Elder Blood

you can’t tell me that this is not even in the slightest bit vain of him, regardless of what other motivations he might have had

and what does Yen do? Yennefer of Vengerberg, Master Prankster Extraordinaire, draws a fucking moustache and beard on Avallac’h’s priced fucking portrait of himself. if that is not a symbolic kick in the crotch, i don’t know what is. 

Ciri and Geralt wen’t for Avallac’h’s life’s work. Yen went for the sage’s fucking ballsack and ego. 

and the way she subtly participated in and shared Geralt’s and Ciri’s special moment, without pushing herself on/between them, or making herself act out of character?

I love her

Byron: Unhinged

Did anyone else enjoy how petulant Byron was in his Princess Crisis event story?

He’s usually just there being completely perfect, even impassive at times.

But here, we see a different side to him. We get to experience him as he normally isn’t: worried, fearful, ecstatic– a whole different range of emotions.

I mean, he’s throwing curve balls straight out the gate. We learn that he never once had a vacation that he enjoyed:

Wait, what?

Someone slap the king with first class tickets to the tropics! Fetch the sun tan lotion! Get this man a Mai Tai! He’s fading fast!

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Fire Emblem Awakening Characters and their level of Ticklishness:

No one has ever gotten close enough to see if Anna is ticklish.
Aversa…honestly no one can tell.
Brady is a little bit ticklish.
Basilio is a bit too.
Cynthia is, surprisingly, not very ticklish. But that’s okay cause she laughs and stuff a lot already.
Cordelia is moderately ticklish.
Chrom is super ticklish. Lissa has confirmed. He doesn’t like to be tickled at all.
Donnel is a regular amount of ticklish.
Emmeryn is too.
Frederick cannot feel tickles at all.
Lissa is moderately ticklish, but usually she strikes first.
Robin’s ticklish a normal amount.
Stahl is definitely ticklish
Nobody has tickled Flavia and lived. Same with Walhart.
Henry’s ticklish, but really doesn’t like to be tickled.
Nowi is super ticklish, but if tickled too much gets very angry and the tickler will probably end up being chased by a dragon.
Vaike is ticklish, but will try to pretend he is not.
Sumia is very ticklish and laughs a lot when tickled. But she hates to be tickled.
Gaius is definitely ticklish, but good luck trying to land a hit on him.
Do not try to tickle Tharja.
Libra is actually not ticklish. Like, at all.
Gregor is just an average amount of ticklish.
Gerome is moderately ticklish, but absolutely hates it.Won’t laugh but might yell angrily.
Gangrel probably makes a really weird laugh when he’s ticked.
Inigo is very ticklish and hates it. Manhandling he’s fine with. But tickling? No.
Kellam is ticklish a regular amount.
Kjelle is not ticklish at all. Also, don’t try to tickle her.
Lon’qu is actually very ticklish. Leave the poor guy alone.
Lucina is a regular amount, but if you try she might accidentally hurt you badly.
Maribelle is a regular amount.
Miriel’s super ticklish but she just registers it as pain and freaks out.
Both morgans are just a regular amount of ticklish. It doesn’t really hurt them and they both have adorable laughs.
Tickling hurts Olivia she’ll laugh but it’s a reflex leave the poor girl be.
Owain is a regular amount of ticklish. His sword hand might retaliate.
Panne has all that fur so I don’t know if it’d be possible to tickle her? Wouldn’t be a good idea to try anyway. Same with Yarne. I mean you could try but you’d probably scare the poor guy leave him alone.
Priam is unable to be tickled.
Ricken is ticklish but will be darned if he laughs.
Say’ri, I dunno I guess a little? Yen’fay too.
Severa laughs if she’s tickled, but don’t be fooled she’s fucking angry.
Sully isn’t very ticklish, she won’t laugh or anything she just gets pissed.
Tiki is ticklish a regular amount.

So that’s what I came up with. What do you guys think? If you got other ideas let me know!

Leo Valdez X Reader - So Many Things

Word Count: 1230

Summary: There were so many different things that Leo Valdez did with you that made you all happy and giddy inside. Here are 5 of the weirdly adorable things.

Number 1 - When Leo Would Surprise You With A Random Trinket:

“….And I really have no clue why he would think that I of all people would-” Your sister stopped speaking. “(Y/N), your boyfriend’s coming over. Like, he’s running over here frantically. He really is an idiot, isn’t he?” You rolled your eyes at her, spinning around.

“Yes, but he’s my idiot.” You walked over to meet Leo halfway, and he immediately encased you in a hug. He pulled away and gave you a quick peck on the cheek before holding something out to you.

“For you, my love,” he said with the cheesiest British accent a person could manage. You stifled a laugh and took the object.

“Thanks, Leo, it’s a really nice… uh…” You moved the object around in your hands, trying to find out what it was. Finally, your fingers brushed over a little button-like part, so you pressed it. Up popped a picture of the two of you. How he got such a thing, you had no clue, since you had never once posed for a picture with Leo. But he did, and it was beautiful. “Gods, Leo, this is amazing.”

Leo was smiling a huge smile. “I know. I call it the Valdezacator 2.0.” You closed it back up and gave Leo a big hug.

“You’re an idiot.”

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Knight in a Navy Coat (Newt x Reader)

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Requested by Anon: Would you do a request where the reader and newt are dating and the reader is hurt by someone and newt gets all protective? Thanks! I love your writing style!

I really hope you enjoy this you lovely anon! 

Words: ~4000 (I like protective Newt, okay?!)

Rating: Super A +++ fluffy throughout, to kill you all slowly… and I’m pretty sure the memory of the first kiss is something I’m going to expand upon in another imagine cause it’s so darn cute! Lemme know if you guys feel the same!

Four months.

The best four months you could have ever imagined, going out on little adventures, dinners, and long walks with the wizard oddity that was Newton Scamander, it was better than you even imagined when you were initially adoring the Hufflepuff from a respectful distance.

As a “No-Maj”, or “Muggle” as Newt tended to call you fondly, you had been utterly fascinated with the realm of beasts and magical creatures that had opened up to you, and grew all the more passionate with their study the longer you spent with Newt. You continually thanked your stars you accompanied your friend Jacob to his bank meeting that fateful morning in New York.

Tonight had been lovely, a small dinner in a quaint cafe recommended by none other than Tina, who insisted on their world-famous cheesecake, which you two ended up sharing for dessert. Currently, you both were enjoying a long walk through central park, despite the incredibly late hour. Time flew by, you never ran out of subjects to discuss, though you did enjoy the quiet of each other’s presence just as much sometimes.

It was likely one of your last dates in New York before you two would board a boat to Britain, as Newt had emphasized the freedom you two would have as soon as you left the scrutinizing watch of MACUSA and their “bloody ridiculous” rules regarding the involvement of non-magical humans with wizards.

You didn’t care where you went, as long as the shy wizard’s slightly-calloused, freckled hand was in yours, you couldn’t be happier. In the spur of the moment, you tugged on Newt’s collar and stood on your tiptoes to whisper in his ear, “Your eyes are especially enchanting tonight.” You giggled at the almost instant reddening of your boyfriend’s cheeks as his seafoam eyes widened in delighted surprise, the corners of his lips twitching into a smile.

“I, uh, I ha-hadn’t noticed,” Newt stammered out, feeling his knees go a little weak. It was a wonder such few words had such an effect on him when they came from you.

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Oh, fantastic excellent bad terrible idea, Milord! YOU ARE IN KOJURO’S ROUTE! STOP! TEMPTING! ME!





This is supposed to be Kojuro’s story but Shigezane just have to confess! And the way he is written is so gooood. I’m falling in love all over again, gosh darn it, Voltage!

Now I have to write a angsty fic.

Just came across these. 

Tell me Stiles didn’t buy those for his and Dereks kids. I dare you!

Derek wants to roll his eyes at his husband when he sees their children in their new coats but they look so darn adorable and are so happy with their new coats “Daddy look! I am a wolf just like you!” that he can’t do anything other than smile and hug his children.

I dare you to take this away from me!

anonymous asked:

Which Scooby Doo character is your favourite and which character is your least favourite? (Concerning the main gang)

…wow, actually, I’ve never thought about that! Let’s take a look at the characters, shall we?

Shaggy has some great dance moves, and is nice and chill, at least when monsters aren’t involved…

…but he’s also easily distracted by putting cotton in his ear, again and again and again.

Velma is super smart, usually solves the mysteries, and makes some great “a-ok” reaction gifs…

…but then again, she’s also an omnipresent glitch overlord who watches you at all times.

Fred knows how to rock a bubblegum beard better than anyone, for sure…

…but he’s also a 5th-dimensional demigod, probably in league with Glitch Overlord Velma.

Daphne apparently carries a camera with her everywhere she goes, so she’s already a-ok in my book, and–

–she’s actually pretty adorable, too…

…but sometimes her head disappears, which is pretty darn unnerving.

Scooby is loads of fun, and could probably teach me all the latest antler-based workout routines…

…but he’s also secretly evil and plotting the destruction of us all.

Eh, I guess Scooby-Doo is an ensemble piece. You just can’t pick and choose!


Spartace Running Man Episode List

*To be edited upon further rewatch of running man

Episode 4: Attempted matchmaking of Spartace, Jong Kook and Ji Hyo’s eyes meet;

Ji Hyo calls Jong Kook “Hyung” during human curling game and then they low key bicker for the first time awkwardly and politely over Jong Kook cheating

Episode 5: Ji Hyo prevents Jong Kook from getting the last golden pig by grappling his leg

Episode 11: Ji Hyo wants a “Kim Jong Kook voucher” to help her as she is dangerously on the verge of losing giant cardboard jenga

Episode 12: First signs of them being the magnet couple as they stand too close during the opening;

During the Find The Thief game, Jong Kook’s drawing of Jae Suk is used on the cards, and when it is Ji Hyo’s turn to choose a card, she picks Jae Suk’s face instead, inciting praise and a high five from Jong Kook

Episode 13: Ji Hyo falls to the ground from getting scared by the chaser Jong Kook and he asks her why she’s being like this

Episode 14: Jong Kook acts coy with Ji Hyo during the Find The Thief game and pretends to have the thief card;

Ji Hyo grapples Jong Kook’s leg during hide and seek

Episode 15: Ji Hyo is excited at the suggestion of having Jong Kook’s friendship;

Her heart rate increases in anticipation of Jong Kook’s singing and quickens even further when he actually sings

Episode 16: Ji Hyo gets on her knees and hugs Jong Kook’s leg, resting her chin on his thigh and pressurizes him with aegyo to let her go until he cracks- but this is not given much attention because it’s somehow only a big deal when her official loveline lets her go haha

Jong Kook calls Ji Hyo “Ji Hyo-yah” instead of “Ji Hyo-ssi”

Episode 18: Jong Kook picks Ji Hyo as the one he wants to do a romantic scene with based on appearance;

Ji Hyo later pulls his hair for the first time during hide and seek- but it is not the last

Episode 20: Ji Hyo refuses to suffer as the Mission Team’s hero any longer and demands to be in the same team as Kim Jong Kook

Episode 21: No one messes with Ji Hyo and so the best chasing couple is born; The Commander and the Ace completely wipe out the entire Mission team

Episode 24: Heart beat game where Jong Kook is interrogated by Ji Hyo about his past girlfriends

Episode 25: Jong Kook praises Ji Hyo again for her sense to hide in a mascot, and is once again powerless against her begging to be let go

Episode 27: Ji Hyo gets nagged at by Jong Kook and frustrates him for running out at the wrong time

Episode 28: Hug when they get a perfect karaoke score;

Ji Hyo showing her turbo fangirl roots as she screams in excitement when he performs- a recurring event over many other episodes that prove Ji Hyo’s loyalty as a fangirl

Episode 29: Ji Hyo on cloud nine upon being called beautiful by Jong Kook and requests to be called beautiful again. But this is definitely not the last of Jong Kook’s compliments for Ji Hyo;

“The beautiful one! Beautiful Ji Hyo! Where are you?”

“I don’t require the other members today, I only need to have you.”

Episode 30: Ji Hyo picking on Jong Kook by asking why the episode where Jong Kook is the guest hasn’t been planned and they bicker like children

Episode 32: Ji Hyo pulls Jong Kook’s hair and accidentally touches his sensitive chest- almost starting a police case from office basketball

Episode 33: Ji Hyo suddenly leaning and peeking over the corner against Jong Kook during the impromptu hidden camera- making him surprised

Episode 34: Ji Hyo has to pour water into a cup on top of Jong Kook’s head while blindfolded and she fails miserably. She dries Jong Kook down with towels, patting down on his wet upper torso

Episode 35: The Mong Taxi- Jong Kook is picked first by her;

He knows her fave coffee is Americano somehow and he buys two and keeps them warm under his jacket;

Ji Hyo sees him and goes: “Yeah! Kim Jong Kook~”

Adorable stuff that words cannot describe;

“*teasing and back and forth banter*”

“우리 오빠~ 내 동생…”

Episode 36: Spartace goes food shopping at the supermarket like a Girl-Boy Scouts couple who shop really energetically

Episode 37: Ji Hyo predicted as the third generation of people that can control Kim Jong Kook- which is totes tru, and Spartace doing funny bits together and Ji Hyo hits Jong Kook at some point.

Episode 39: Jong Kook runs up to Ji Hyo and teases her by grabbing her name tag. He subsequently gets chided but is still satisfied from his teasing

Episode 40: Ji Hyo keeps sounding slightly off while playing the flute but Jong Kook can’t help but admit it’s super cute and adorbs

Episode 44: Jong Kook lifts his shirt up during a model face off with Jae Suk and Ji Hyo looks away shyly upon being graced with his abs

Episode 46: Jong Kook and Ji Hyo interlock finger high five each other first instinctively when they get a workplace couple right and Jong Kook is overly absorbed when choosing couple rings supposedly meant for MC

Episode 47: Jong Kook tricks Ji Hyo to get the wrong answer so he can answer it correctly- his hair is subsequently pulled because they are teammates. Childishness soon ensues from Jong Kook’ end as he teases her.

Episode 48: Ji Hyo starts tugging Jong Kook’s hair the moment she recognizes it as his

Episode 49: Jong Kook sneaks up behind Ji Hyo and shoots her name tag with a water gun during a face off between Ji Hyo and Goo Hara- Jong Kook denies it but Ji Hyo still goes all Bad Ji Hyo on him.

Episode 51: Jong Kook nags at Ji Hyo and tells her she should’ve brought more food from the buffet. She shuts him up by saying that he shouldn’t be complaining since she got him food.

Episode 53: A sleepy Ji Hyo gets told that the “Oppas that she likes” are teamed with her making Jong Kook smile shyly;

Awesome spartace alertness during the ssam ingredients mission;

Jong Kook pulling Ji Hyo’s ears to tease her because Kwang Soo called her a monkey;

Playing in the water park together and Jong Kook waiting for Ji Hyo

Episode 57: Tae Hyun picks spartace as his teammates. Thank You.

Episode 58: Ji Hyo claims to have voted for Jong Kook as the one who would win that day- but when he betrays her, she reveals that she voted for herself. He is upset by this.

Episode 59: Jong Kook can’t help but take Ji Hyo into his team while holding her hand because she’s the only one left on her team aww but lol she’s actually the spy

Episode 60: Spartace laughing together and being together while having fun fooling “Spy” Gary;

Jong Kook pinching Ji Hyo to stop her from laughing

Episode 62: Ji Hyo recruits Jong Kook as her spy and doesn’t care that he was the spy before in Thailand;

Spartace hug when on the brink of success

Episode 65: Ji Hyo accidentally calling Jong Kook but it’s apparently not the first time

Episode 66: Ji Hyo brushing Jong Kook’s teeth.

Episode 67: Jong Kook’s arm is around Ji Hyo’s chair and it is a recurring event that proves his biasness towards chairs she sits on

Episode 68: Ji Hyo grabbing Jong Kook’s arm as she asks if he senses that something is strange

Episode 70: Jong Kook promising to change his last name if he rips off Ji Hyo’s name tag;

Getting wrecked by Ji Hyo when he betrays her- hair pulling and her removing her jacket in fury;

Kim Jong Kook becomes Song Jong Kook then Yoo Jong Kook;

Jong Kook trying to defend himself when she tells him to stop talking to her- so not getting to talk to Ji Hyo is apparently a scary punishment as he loves talking to her amirite or amirite

Episode 72: Yong Hwa picks spartace to be in his team. Thank You.

Episode 74: Jong Kook teases Ji Hyo by tearing her name tag slightly plus a lot more cute stuff

Episode 75: Ji Hyo is a bad influence on So Hee and teaches her how to mistreat Jae Suk and Jong Kook by ramming her inflatable airplane she’s wearing onto their heads.

Episode 78: Ji Hyo and Jong Kook cutely and subtly nudging each other in the opening

Ji Hyo clambering on Jong Kook to immobilize him during a game

Episode 79: Spartace double win from defeating spy Suk Jin- upgraded to best detective couple from best chasing couple

Episode 81: Jong Kook and Ji Hyo are wearing their special detective name tags

Episode 82: Precious banter where Ji Hyo says his name tag with wings make him look cool and he pretends to be an angel by flapping his wings so they both laugh;

Also the umbrella sharing

Episode 83: Jong Kook teases Ji Hyo who has to touch a fish

Episode 88: Holding hands so they “won’t tear off each other’s name tags” but they only held each other making Haha pretend to attack Ji Hyo so they all hold hands

Episode 90: Jong Kook and Ji Hyo are standing much too close in the opening- and it looks really cute because they’re both sporting high school uniforms so forgive me

Episode 92: They are in the same team. You know what to expect.

Episode 93: Ace decides to help Tiger by voting for Haha and they walk together trailing behind the others but that is somehow a regular thing that happens

Episode 94: Jong Kook and Ji Hyo chit chat although they are not suppose to because they have their own partners that Jong Kook picked

Episode 95: Ji Hyo laughing at Jong Kook wearing a teeny mask while choosing disguises for the undercover mission;

Awesome teamwork in the first mission;

Terrible listening skills in the last mission because they misheard “individual mission” as “team up with yo bae and be super loyal”;

Jong Kook getting all flustered when Jae Suk asks him what in the diddly darn he is doing sticking with Ji Hyo 600% of the time;

Adorable joking time with Spartace featuring multiple herbal juice packs;

Haha and Jae Suk feat. Gary talking about the big fat crushes their cast mates have on each other and how the lion and tiger were fighting at first but ended up falling in love and their baby was a lion/liger/tion but it’s a liger because Jae Suk said so and that means they are the Liger couple- however this is never mentioned again prob because they got beat up for it when it aired lol haha actually not really it’s kinda sad that they didn’t continue it as a joke/super serious thing

Episode 96: Jong Kook scares Ji Hyo when they bump into each other.

Episode 97: His arm is around her chair again smh

Episode 98: Ji Hyo grabbing Jong Kook’s arm when she got scared during the campfire;

Episode 99: Ji Hyo’s hair getting moussed from losing the strength battle with the staff- and Jong Kook teasingly saying she looked even prettier

Episode 100: Ji Hyo’s dress length worries Jong Kook and he gets her to wear a sweater around her waist;

Sitting in the car together

Episode 102: Jong Kook walking into a room behind Ji Hyo to tug on her name tag lightly as a tease- Ji Hyo then crumples to the floor in shock and he helps her up. Jong Kook is lectured for following her which he denies although it’s super obvious from the glee on his face when he entered the room that his sole intention was to “surprise” her

Episode 103: Bickering in the opening prob because Ji Hyo was pissed no one tried to look for her tsk tsk;

Spartace high five when they hear it’s a piggyback mission;

Jong Kook’s first time piggybacking Ji Hyo- takes off like an engine declaring she’s like a backpack and Ji Hyo smiles and laughs happily, resting her chin on his shoulder;

Much more piggybacking and feels;

Jong Kook getting down on one knee to present the Beast name tag to Ji Hyo and she hugs him happily saying he’s cool and he claps for her and they get a golden ring and it’s just

Episode 104: Coach Kook teaching Ji Hyo the basics of volleyball

Episode 105: Their bad laughing habits where they tap and grab each other’s arms;

Ji Hyo immediately offering to go together with Jong Kook when they received the final mission;

Spartace pointing out aquatic life to each other excitedly like a tourist couple visiting the aquarium;

Episode 107: Spartace sitting in the front seat of the car together after completing a mission and tutting about how Kwang Soo tried to trick Jong Kook

Episode 108: Jong Kook riling Ji Hyo up by implying she has short legs/ a long torso

Episode 111: Ridiculous fighting and bickering where they interlock fingers and push and pull and then keep holding hands as they negotiate and stare at each other and what kind of fighting is this someone teach them how to fight without making it weirdly intimate

Episode 113: This opening–

JS “Ji Hyo -yah, we’re all family here”
JK “Yeah that’s right! I’m your older brother-in-law!”
JH “So what?”

Basically Jong Kook trying to get Ji Hyo to like give him extra respect(?)or something but getting wrecked instead;

Jong Kook implying Ji Hyo has short legs or a long torso again and getting a flying kick as response;

Them wrestling for the first time and thankfully not the last time

Episode 114: Staring at her on the bus

Episode 115: Jong Kook appears to grab onto Ji Hyo during the first mission so she doesn’t fall off the platform even though they’re on different teams

Bumps slightly into her when she hops towards him in the chicken fight game- and she falls down and loses, causing Bad Ji Hyo to befall upon him.

Episode 117: Piggybacking, Ji Hyo massaging him and telling him he’s amazing;

Ji Hyo being the only one to succeed this mission and they do their high five thing where they interlock hands and shake back and forth;

Jong Kook sliding his arm over Ji Hyo’s shoulder when he loses at rock-paper-scissors

Episode 118: Ji Hyo and Jong Kook being terrible dates to their respective partners because they can’t help but chit chat with each other instead about how lovely it is to have a barbecue outdoors

Episode 119: Jong Kook rips off Choo Shin Soo’s name tag and a super nervous looking Ji Hyo cheers, and Jong Kook proudly celebrates by yelling Ji Hyo’s name and lifting up the name tag like a husband reporting his success to his wife

Episode 120: Jong Kook is pissed and has no choice but to slide his arm around Ji Hyo’s chair because that apparently makes him feel better or something I honestly have no idea but he shows a lot of favoritism towards chairs she sits on

Episode 122: Return of fangirl Ji Hyo

Episode 124: Jong Kook protecting Ji Hyo from King Kwang Soo’s evil clutches

Episode 126: Ridiculous laughing habits again as they crack up and grab each other as they run to a corner

Jong Kook being super nervous that he would have to do the pepero kiss game with Ji Hyo if Jae Suk was ousted

Ji Hyo and Jong Kook very coincidentally getting ousted and tapping each other to tell the other that they’ve done a good job

Episode 127: Ji Hyo giving him a hard time during the piggyback race including hair pulling, takedowns, and butt touching

Episode 128: Foot tickling and Ji Hyo scaring Jong Kook by implying that she might kick him in his crotch

Episode 129: ant-trapping idols together aww

Very sad scene where Jong kook locks Ji Hyo with Sulli and Lee Joon in a room because they could’ve both gotten eliminated, and apologizes like crazy and looks like a part of him died when her elimination is announced, and it’s like some movie gosh and then Ji Hyo still understanding and trusting him to win

Episode 132: Ji Hyo is Jong Kook’s spy and they meet up secretly a lot and have a bit of skin ship

Episode 137: Apparently Jong Kook can’t forget how much he loved serving Princess Ji Hyo and grabs her arm and doesn’t want to let go when she walks over with Princess Sa Yeon

Episode 138: Spartace is the new campus couple that will rip ur name tags

Jong kook walking an unnecessarily long distance to give Ji Hyo a head pat check even though many of the other members are nearer to her- oh wait I forgot Ji Hyo only lets Jong kook pat her head

Episode 139: Jong Kook and Ji Hyo fix Kwang Soo’s wig together like a couple fussing over their child’s bad hairdo

Kwang Soo smells Jong Kook’s cologne even though its Ji Hyo that’s sitting next to him and Jong Kook is far away ooooooooops hmmmmmmmmm

Episode 140: Ji Hyo drinking too much helium, but her irresistibly cute voice forces Jong kook to wrap his arm around her shoulder

Jong Kook is mysteriously ousted first, and we later find out the spy was our Ji Hyo hmmmmmmmm

Episode 141: Head pat check once filming ends when they walk off because that’s just so necessary

Episode 142: Ji Hyo delaying removing her socks for the acupressure mat so Jong kook forcefully removes it and presses her feet on the mat to tease her

Episode 144: Ji Hyo ousts Jong Kook in the opening mission right after he ousts Kwang Soo- giving her the win. He gets slightly upset because she didn’t even let him say a word or something.

Ji Hyo runs over and demands to know why Jong Kook and Ricky Kim get a minute to complete a mission that she was given half the time for. Jong Kook tells her he’ll give her a minute if she does the Korean related mission in English and Ji Hyo awkwardly walks away and tells them to carry on

Episode 145: carrying her on his shoulders

Episode 147: Jong Kook bumps into Ji Hyo and pretends he thought she wa part of the grass to tease her and she suddenly gets mad about having to wear green even though she wasn’t before

Episode 150: Ji Hyo betrays Jae suk to be on Jong kooks team again and then massages only Jong kook after a sit up mission because she’s very biased

Episode 154: according to Jong kook Ji Hyo looks pretty in anything she wears

Episode 155: Jong kook back hugging Ji Hyo to prevent her from eliminating him

Suddenly running up to Jong kook and holding his hands and staring into his eyes

Episode 156: Ji Hyo threatening death to the other teams and Jong Kook staring at her and laughing because she’s so cute probably

They also dance

Episode 157: according to Jong kook Ji Hyo is a beautiful prosecutor- oh wait I forgot she’s apparently beautiful in whatever she wears and apparently now whatever she does

Ji Hyo and Gary succeed a mission but she reports it happily to Jong kook for a high five instead of celebrating with Gary

Episode 158: sliding his arm around her chair again

Episode 159: Fan girl professional Ji Hyo hears Jong Kook who’s already eliminated singing a Turbo song- and because she’s such a fan girl she has no choice but to stick her head out the door to watch him perform- risking the mission.

Episode 160: Jong kook making Ji Hyo third place for “Monday couple” but we all know it’s because he didn’t want her to suffer in the crappy car

Too much skinship in the helicopter

Jong kook worrying about Ji Hyo getting kidnapped on the pirate ship wow

Episode 162: Ji Hyo screaming again like the fangirl she is when he dances to sistar

Episode 163: Jong kook telling Ji Hyo she’s amazing and then winning her heart with a bridal carry

We’re doing this for Ji Hyo, we must shout her name as we go, if it were anyone else but Ji Hyo we wouldn’t be able to do it

Feeding her potatoes and picking the dog Ji Hyo likes

Episode 165: Jong Kook follows Ji Hyo around when finding clues like a stalker because he knows how good she is at finding stuff- and kinda tackles her to the ground when she does and they are in close contact again tsk

Episode 166: Ji Hyo wears Jong Kook’s cap on top of her own

Haha wins a dress-up game against Jae Suk and everyone goes in for a group hug- yet Ji Hyo only hugs Jong Kook like he made some kind of important contribution

Episode 167: Ji Hyo is very obsessed with a boy from a neighboring school who has boobs that she keeps comparing with her own and pointing at

JK won’t shut up about how much better a boxer JH is compared to Haha

JK basically takes JH in as part of his team and then gets kinda mad when Min Jung ousts JH? Like more mad than he should’ve been especially since JH isn’t exactly on his team and when JH eliminated Gary who WAS his teammate he didn’t really care smh

Episode 168 - Ji Hyo and Jong Kook are the only ones to go to the ends of their diving boards immediately

Episode 169: Wearing helmets while ousting Jae Suk together

Episode 170: adorable lion couple chopping wood and smashing bricks and being very cute plus all that skinship

Episode 171: Jong Kook puts his arm around Ji Hyo during the market game

Episode 172: Jong Kook’s arm is around Ji Hyo’s after Ryu Hyun Jin picks both of them to be on his team

Back hugging during Protect The Queen Dodgeball

Ji Hyo isn’t allowed to go to India with Gary because she’s on the same team as Jong Kook

Episode 173: succeeding the pillow mission early, but chooses to squeeze next to each other in the corner even though there is a large space with many beds just so they can have some sweet pillow talk and they held hands too gosh

Ji Hyo linking arms with Jong kook in the morning because it’s just so cold apparently

Episode 175: Jong kook winning a bun and Ji Hyo not caring and taking a bite

Episode 176: MC Ji Hyo explodes due to Jong Kook

Episode 178: Ji Hyo attends to Jong Kook excessively and gives him many towels because she is biased

Ji Hyo also wrestles away a PD that tried to stop Jong Kook from practicing with the ribbon

Episode 179: Ji Hyo sings Jong Kook’s song December while getting a piggyback ride from Dong Wook

Episode 181: Ji Hyo is supposed to be a secret couple with this guest but apparently needs to practice linking arms with Kookie first

Episode 182: interlocking hands high five with shaking back and forth and feels over the General and her loyal soldier and all the skinship

Episode 185: going around together in the first mission

Getting picked to go against each other in the second mission

Jong Kook eliminating Ji Hyo so intimately in the last mission and Ji Hyo smiling what

Episode 190: Ji Hyo is first to respond to Jong Kook’s call for help

Episode 195: Ji Hyo fan girls again when seeing Jong Kook perform especially with his pretend it’s a door dance

Episode 196: Ji Hyo doing a body search on Jong kook

Them going around together again because Sherlock episode

Episode 199: massaging his arm casually while listening to instructions

Episode 201: Jong Kook asks Ji Hyo if she thinks he is a bull

Episode 202: Jong Kook standing with Ji Hyo’s team instead of his own tsk tsk

Episode 204: touching her dress material when she complains about the warmth

Episode 207: getting him water when he finishes the mission because she cares about him so much

Bickering cutely again

Episode 208: phone call where Ji Hyo asks about his location

Touching each other’s hips and waists during the “fan meet”

Episode 209: wrestling and Ji Hyo biting his chest to win

Episode 210: Jong Kook finds Ji Hyo especially pretty that day when she’s surrounded by not so attractive men but let’s be real he’s just trying to call her pretty again

Episode 213: Jong Kook grabbing onto Ji Hyo and this protects her from being ousted- even though they aren’t teammates

Getting paired up thanks Yeo Jin

Episode 214: Touches her waist at some point and they stand next to each other in the final performance

Episode 215: Protective!JK when Ji Hyo is to play noodle pepero with the male guest, Jong Kook warns the male guest not to try anything funny

Ji Hyo finds this important item for the final mission, an air conditioner, and Jong Kook follows her, causing her to wrap herself around the air conditioner and cry out cutely “its mine~” How Jong Kook did not explode on the spot from the cuteness immediately is a true show of his inner strength

Episode 216: Ji Hyo passing Jong Kook the baton and running with him for a little while

Episode 217: scolding suk Jin even though Ji Hyo made the mistake during a volleyball match because he’s biased

Making a deadly mud ball together

Episode 218: grabbing her waist with his hands directly for the piano mission even though he’s supposedly mr manner hands like even Jae suk had manner hands Jong kook

Intimately ousting Ji Hyo because she found out he was the spy and he stalked her because he knew she’d find out

Episode 219: working together too well in the first mission and accidentally winning

Dancing together and making their own dance train and then bickering cutely and making the guests feel weird probably

Episode 220: Park Soo Hong teasingly asks Ji Hyo to marry him when she wishes him to get married that year- and Jong Kook looks just about ready to murder

Episode 222: Ji Hyo thinks that whoever is on the same team as Jong Kook aka the yellow haired ahjussi has an advantage sweetie if you wanna team up with the bae just say the word no one says no to you

Episode 223: Holding him while doing sit ups

Episode 224: Jong Kook tells Ji Hyo and Suk Jin that he and his partner will sacrifice themselves so they can win- sadly it fails and Gary still wins

Episode 225: Jong Kook and Ji Hyo doing a mission together where they hold hands

Episode 226: Kim Hye Ja compliments that Ji Hyo was very beautiful back when they filmed a drama together- prompting Jong Kook to tease Ji Hyo by saying: yeah, only pretty back then. Kim Hye Ja then KOs him by saying she meant Ji Hyo was pretty both then and now- but let’s be real here JK is obsessed with calling Ji Hyo pretty so

Episode 227: linking arms in the car because Ji Hyo wasn’t allowed to wear her coat but instead of snuggling up with Gary like they teased she snuggles up with you know who

Episode 228: Pepero game and then hugging at the last mission even though no one else was hugging

Episode 230: In the car, Ji Hyo describes an ideal man and Jong Kook insists he does everything Ji Hyo says is ideal in a man because somehow it is very important to act like what Ji Hyo finds ideal in a man i guess hmmmmm

Jong Kook going out of his way to tap Ji Hyo on the back when they laugh at something funny because even when laughing it is important for him to touch her

Episode 231: Jong Kook calls out Ji Hyo’s name

Episode 232: They see each other at the same mission place

Episode 235: They soooo swapped some ingredients look at the dishes

Episode 236: Ji Hyo pours water over Jong Kook’s head

Episode 237: Ji Hyo asks Jong Kook’s partner if he was just nagging the whole car ride and when she says no she insists that the nagging will start soon

Episode 239: Jong Kook forcefully separates Ji Hyo from a male guest she promised to protect nope he’s not jealous at all

Episode 240: Ji Hyo is super entertained by Jong Kook’s performance

Episode 241: Jong Kook keeps blocking Ji Hyo and Haha from cheek kissing during a game

Episode 242: Ji Hyo taunts Jong Kook into becoming the big bad wolf and is scared of him and also is super cute and Jong Kook keeps smiling when she does cute things

Episode 243: Ji Hyo keeps trying to save Jong Kook who’s being grabbed by Jae Suk and Kwang Soo despite Haha trying to get Ji Hyo to run to safety but Ji Hyo doesn’t run until the very last second

Episode 244: Keeps staring at Ji Hyo during this one mission and when Kwang Soo says Noona I want you to Ji Hyo he has to apologize to Jong Kook for some reason

Episode 245: Tells Ji Hyo to move so he can oust Kwang Soo

Episode 246: Jong Kook knows Ji Hyo too well and keeps suspecting her as the quick-witted detective in his car but when it comes to eliminating her Jong Kook can’t bring himself to do it and whoop dee woo she wins

Episode 247: Both the only ones eating Jjamppong and Ji Hyo holds Jong Kook’s jacket in the car

Episode 248: Ji Hyo is squashed behind Jong Kook in a cramped car and breathes heavily on the back of his neck

Episode 249: Ji Hyo picking the healthy jajjang noodles and joining Jong Kook because she wants to let Kwang Soo eat with Uee are you sure though because there were many other places to go to

Episode 250: Ji Hyo biting him and blocking him when he’s in his underwear like for real

Episode 251: Standing next to each other again even though they aren’t partners seriously

Episode 252: suk Jin getting shoved out the way because Kookie hugging mong Ji is priority

Episode 253: Ji Hyo gets pissed at Jong Kook despite Haha being the one most responsible for her getting eliminated and he holds her hand as they walk to the next mission to make her feel better

Episode 255: Riding water slide with Jae Suk and their legs are all over

Episode 256: Ji Hyo chomps on his calf because she forgot to have breakfast

Episode 258: they have no concept of ‘vs’ when it comes to each other anymore, because touching each other and Ji Hyo waiting for Jong Kook when she’s done with the mission and telling him to hurry up is not being competitive sorry

Episode 261: feeding her fried squid

Episode 273: Ji Hyo looks for Jong Kook and tells him that there are a lot of people outside

Episode 275: coach kook strikes again as he teaches Ji Hyo how to hold a straw and she laughs because he’s so naggy. She also whacks him for celebrating when she wins and isn’t on his team

Episode 280: Jong Kook is forced to target Ji Hyo’s name tag which is the hardest target for him because he is too struck by her beauty even after 5 years of staring at it all the time and oh look he’s out

Episode 281: Jong Kook seems to be slightly hurt, Ji Hyo looks concerned and stays by his side, even helping him carry his piece of land.

Episode 282: Hard to catch since this moment is included in a fast-forwarded scene, but Jong Kook can be seen piggybacking Ji Hyo despite her other teammates telling Ji Hyo to push herself around in a sled (the rule was that Ji Hyo’s feet were not to touch the grond), but it can be inferred that someone had a moment of weakness and couldn’t bring himself to say no to her (Jong Kook)

Episode 285: Ji Hyo has to face her fears and touch stuff in a covered box. Like the good dongsaeng that he is, Kwang Soo is next to his noona ready to help her in case, but he gets rejected and kind of told to go away. oops. Ji Hyo then proceeds to kind of demand/force/plead/beg that Jong Kook come by her side and asks for his help to put her hand in the box since it is a very difficult task indeed (whether her cute tone of voice is accidental/intentional aegyo is up for debate) basically we get a lot of ji hyo clinging to her muscly pillar of support <3

Episode 295: Ji Hyo gets smacked in the forehead by Kwang Soo, Bad!JiHyo activates causing Kwang Soo to fear for his life, but Jong Kook grabs Ji Hyo’s arm/hugs her (?) in an attempt to hold the bae back

Episode 297: Ji Hyo says she likes someone whose name starts with the letter ‘J’ and Jong Kook almost charges forward but stops when he sees the male guest whose name also starts with 'J’ move bc he forgot that in the show he isn’t supposed to be head over heels in love with Ji Hyo

Episode 301: Jong Kook defeats Ji Hyo in a pillow fight, and appeases her by dragging her to him, smooshing her face in his chest, arms, and face while rubbing his face against her hair. An arrest warrant has been sent out for Mr Kim Jong Kook for his unnecessary actions involving heavy skinship.   

Episode 302: Ji Hyo eats a spicy thing as the entirety of JK and JH’s team got punished for losing the game. She complains as she cannot handle the spicy and JK fusses over her, which means holding her arm and being way too close to her, ignoring the rest of his team that consisted of TWICE members who were also suffering from the spicy or whatever they were eating Jong Kook did not notice as he had to protect his bae from the spicy

Episode 303: Ji Hyo is worked up when Jong Kook gets eliminated like its the end of the world even though she did not have such a reaction when Gary was eliminated as such before hand

Episode 304: Ji Hyo voluntarily gives herself up to be eliminated yet Jong Kook still feels the need to hold both her hands to “restrain” her

Episode 306: Ji Hyo just ~inconspicuously~ offers to help Jong Kook with a mission that she did not justify having skills for

Ji Hyo wins sock wearing match, prompting Jong Kook to proclaim his love for her being on her team.

Episode 308: Jong Kook is ridiculous and holds Ji Hyo’s hand way too much. Also Jong Kook piggybacked Ji Hyo!!

Episode 310: Ji Hyo massaged Jong Kook what’s new amirite

Episode 311: Ji Hyo attacks Jong Kook in a hockey game and they’re a little touchy there

Episode 314: Jong Kook suggests attacking Ji Hyo first in the second mission but doesn’t follow through at all

In the third mission Ji Hyo clings to Jong Kook a lot 

Episode 315: Oh no oh gosh where do i begin

There’s way too much clinging, talking about each other and sticking to each other whilst keeping a huge gap between themselves and the other members

Episode 319: Jong Kook touches Ji Hyo a little bit when stealing her blackmon

Ji Hyo is already ousted, but Jong Kook decides he wants to grab both her hands and tease her about how they could stick two more name tags on her back basically teasing her again about having a long torso he seems way too obsessed with that torso of hers though

tell me if there’s anything I should add!!

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite physical feature about each Dtl guy?

Todo twins: Their eyes are lovely, and I like their athletic physique.

Okita: Handsome, all-around ikemen. He has a very nice smile.

Sakamoto: His beach body. I don’t like his hairstyle at all. It looks like it’s trying to eat his face, where it curves in at the sides. I think he’d look nice with it pulled back like Robert from MidCin.

Kondo: That body, tho. Also, brown-eyed brunettes are my jam. He’s also got a cool hair style.

Haru: Give me an ikemen with hair– long beautiful hair! Long hair on guys always piques my interest.

Okubo: I’m weak to his grump-face. It so darn adorable.

Keiki: His smolder, I guess you would call it? That head-tilted-to-the-side, slo-mo up-and-down look he always gives you. 

Yuki: I like his hair color. You know, now that I think of it, Yuki is almost all one color– from his skin, to his hair, to his eyes! He’s monochromatic! That’s some serious color-coordination! Yuki is ahead of his time!

I don’t remember if there is a nekkid Yuki sprite, but I can image I’d like it. He’s on the the strongest characters in the game, so he’s probably pretty built.

Hijikata: Same with Kondo, dark hair, brown eyes. And, as a bonus, he wears glasses. 

Katsura: That cocky lopsided smirk! With the raised eyebrow for good measure? Yaaas!

Takasugi: He’s another dark-haired beauty with an adorable pout.

Yamazaki: Same with Haru. I’d love to see him with his long hair down. I also love his eyes, which, the game tells us, are a shade of magenta.

Saito: I think he looks weird without his bandages on. Like he was never intended to be drawn with it off, but the writer obviously wrote parts where he’s not wearing it, and then the artist was like “craaaaaaap!” 

It always looks like his other eye doesn’t belong on his face, because that’s where the bandage is supposed to go, you know what I mean?

I like him best in his regular clothes. Look at how far down his lapel dips. Saito’s showing off the goods!

Seungcheol/OFC: Monday to Saturday

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 753

Characters: Choi Seungcheol/Original Female

Prompt:  38, “Let’s play a game: How many more times do I have to give you these until you realize I’m flirting with you?” 

This is an anon request, but imma go dedicate this to my favorite Seungcheol stans, @17cheol and @scoupsdeville! Enjoy my Jamba Juice!S.Coups


“Here you go!” Seungcheol cheered happily, slipping the drink with both hands. He had carefully created this one, passionfruit and mango, blended enough to have fruit chunks slip through the straw.

“Thank you.” she smiled, accepting the proffered drink and taking a slow sip. She sighed dreamily, her voice tinkling like windchimes. “Man, I love this. What else can you make?”

“Come tomorrow and you’ll find out.” he winked.

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I would like to state for the record that I will never not even in a million years ever be over the whole beth childs look with the suit and the sunglasses and the bun