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“You’re amazing, Deku. I keep seeing more and more amazing sides to you. I thought it would have been easier to team up with friends, but now that I think about it, I might have been trying to relying on you. Everyone’s facing the future and trying their hardest. That means we’re all rivals, right? That’s why, let’s meet in the finals!”


Thank you guys so much for liking the post about what Maxwell’s phone would look like! I read through everyone of your reblogs and replies and I’m so glad you all like it!

So @juminhansome requested this one, the latest text Maxwell sent to the guys. It is really fun to make though I don’t think I can quite grasp how Bertrand would sound like in texts. Thank you for giving me ideas of what else to make!!

If you wanna see more of Maxwell’s phone, or anyone’s in general, you can inbox me here and I’d be happy to make some!

See my last Maxwell Phone Home (THANK YOU and credits to  @violetflipflops for this tag this is such a great title I hope you don’t mind me actually using it 😅)

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Im loving all this kirikami, bakudeku and kirideku!!!!!!!even that kiribaku!!!!! Ever thought of drawing a Bakukami? Just curious :)

TY–! n Iz so cute (*´ ▿ ` *)
I’ve glazed over Bakukami a bunch of times with a Denki crazed friend n a few others but never really drew them together together ;; happy to say I have now–! lolol


Request; Could you possibly write an imagine where spencer is in love with the reader but she is oblivious. And on an off rainy day spencer feels depressed so he goes to her and confesses his feelings, extra fluff maybe? Either way thanks love

Warnings; emo spencey


You perched your clothing hamper higher up on your knee and used your free hand to fiddle in your pocket for the keys to your apartment.

“Aha!” You triumphantly call out as you feel the cool metal between your fingers. As you pull them from your pocket, your clothing hamper falls from your grip and straight onto the wooden floors beneath you.

“Damn it,” you huff, scrambling down to pick up all your clean clothes.

“Y/N!” You hear the familiar voice call out as a new person joins you on the floor. “Let me help you.”

“Thanks, Spence,” You smile gratefully and he returns the gesture as he helps you pick up the scattered items.

“Um,” Spencer coughs awkwardly as he quickly tosses your lace panties into the hamper. You could see his cheeks turn a slight tinge of pink and you have to suppress your giggles.

He stands up and dusts himself off before offering you a hand which you take.

“Do you need help carrying that inside?” Spencer asks hesitantly.

“Please,” you smile sheepishly. You turn around and unlock your front door, this time without the fuss. Spencer picks up the now full hamper and follows you into your brightly lit apartment.

“New case?” You ask once Spencer sets down the basket.

“Huh?” He raises a brow in question before realizing what you asked. “Oh, yeah! Got a text a few minutes ago for a meeting.”

“Well, I wouldn’t want to keep your team waiting, Doctor,” you say with a small frown.

“It’s only been a couple minutes,” Spencer shrugs. “Plus, coincidentally running into you everyday has already changed the amount of time it takes me to get to the BAU. Going back to about six months ago before you moved in I was there in under twenty minutes but now it takes me thirty.”

“Can’t say I’m sorry,” you smirk.

“There’s nothing to apologize for,” Spencer smiles, running his hand through his locks.

“See you in a week?” You ask. “Seeing as you and your team are very good at what you do, it usually takes you a few days to catch the killer. You typically spend a week away before you come back home.”

“That’s an excellent observation,” Spencer nods in excitement.

“I learned from the best,” you wink. “Okay now go before you’re late!”

You rush over to Spencer and turn him around before putting your hands on his back and forcefully pushing him out of your apartment, struggling to do so. You reminded yourself of a child pushing against an adult who wouldn’t move unless they walked themselves.

Spencer stumbled out of your apartment and you quickly threw yourself into his grip, nuzzling your face in his chest.

“Go catch some villains!” You pull away and ruffle his hair before returning into your home.

You rested your back against the other side of the door, a warm feeling bubbling in your chest.

Ever since you moved in six months ago, Spencer had become a constant in your life. Whenever you needed him, he was there. Whenever you wanted to talk to him, he was there. Anytime you wanted company, he was there.

You knew that every time you would step out in to the hallway, he would be there somehow. You had spent many days with him, talking and learning things about each other.

He was a dream, but you didn’t know if you were his.

Spencer stood there for a couple seconds, staring at your front door. He chuckled to himself before smoothing his hair down which you just kind of ruined.

He felt the little flicker of excitement when he thought of returning home later on in the week.

He knew you would be here waiting for him. You brought light to his life, and he wished you would see just how much he loves you.


Spencer landed back home after dealing with a heavy hearted case. A man who had worked at an ice cream parlor had gone on a rampage, killing several couples who visited the parlor for date night. Couples who seemed head over heels in love were killed in front of each other, seeing as that’s exactly what happened to the unsub and his significant other.

The city was gloomy and the rain was pouring. Spencer didn’t know whether the weather was taking a toll on his emotions or if it was the case. All he knew was that there was only one place he needed to be.

“Spencer!” You exclaim as you open the door. Spencer took one look at you and felt his mood begin to lift. Your hair was tied up in a loose bun, you had on sweats and a hoodie he had given you from a science convention he went to.

“You’re all wet,” you frown, pulling him into your house without hesitation. “Were you outside without an umbrella?”

“I forgot it,” he shrugs.

You drag him over to your sofa and he sits on the plushy cushions. You stand over him, hands on your hips.

“What’s wrong,” you squint your eyes, trying to observe his change in behavior. “Bad case?”

“Yes,” he whispers, not wanting to speak louder just in case his voice cracked.

“Do you wanna talk about it?” You ask quietly, stepping closer to him. He shakes his head ‘no’ and you nod understandingly.

Instead of pestering him with more questions, you raise your hand to his hair and tuck the loose strands behind his ears. Your warm hand trails from his hair and rests on his cheek. He closes his eyes and leans into the touch.

He finally lets his emotions succumb and before you know it his arms are wrapped around your waist and pulling you down onto his lap. He buries his face in your neck and lets his silent cries out against your skin.

“Hey, you’re okay,” you coo, smoothing your hand through his hair, twisting the curls around your fingers. “I’m here.”

You sat there for a good ten minutes, letting him cry and you calming him down. Soon, it was just silence. It was just Spencer hugging onto you like his life depended on it.

“How do you not see?” Spencer’s question breaks through the silence. You look down at him in confusion.

“See what?”

“That I’m in love with you,” Spencer confesses hesitantly.

You lose your composure for only a couple of seconds. Spencer Reid, the smartest man you know, hero of the country, sweetest and most handsomest man out there is in love with you.

“It’s okay if you don’t feel the same, I just thought I should tell-”

You cut him off by pressing your lips against his. Your hands entangled in his hair and his arms still wrapped tightly around you.

“You honestly never noticed?” Spencer asks curiously as he pulls away from the kiss.

“I was always worried about me being obvious,” you laugh.

“You weren’t,” he chuckles.

“Well neither were you, Genius,” you retort teasingly. “Go get changed, we’re having a movie marathon.”

Spencer looks up at you, a loving smile displayed on his lips. He leans up and presses a kiss to your forehead before you get off his lap and he stands up.

As he’s heading towards the door to retreat to his apartment next door to pick up clothes, he hears his name being called.

“Spencer,” you call. He slowly turns around and you’re smiling. “I love you too.”


Sorry this one was a tad short!! AND sorry I’ve been gone for so long ;( school is quite annoying but hopefully I can make it up to you guys <33 much love to all my followers and readers, y'all keep me young and going !

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Taehyung how much do you love jimin? Tell us!

Taehyung: He is such a sweet boyfriend who gives you all his love and reminds you often how important you are to him. He is also a cutie, I mean I love seeing him in my sweater *cough cough* um but he is just an adorable mochi on his own. Doesn’t mean he isn’t attractive and cool because aha when he dances I mean that’s a different story ahem anyways so how much do I love him? A lot.

Ask Me

Happy Valentine’s Day! I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to post something but I couldn’t not do something for killugon on a holiday like this <3

This was written for the wonderful @honeybitz! They sent me a message about a prompt a little bit ago and at the moment I couldn’t write it, but I got to it eventually! Thank you for always being so supportive of everything I write, I hope you enjoy this even though its a bit different then what you messaged me about ^^;

Modern High School AU

Word Count: 1928


“I accidentally passed you an embarrassing note that was meant for my best friend dON’T YOU DARE READ IT.”


The sound of his name was spoken with a voice Gon knew better than his own. Heart jumping up into his throat, Gon whirled around. His gaze immediately landed on his one and only best friend slowly making his way to where Gon stood just under the shade of the bleachers.

“Killua.” Gon smiled easily. Smiling was always like that around Killua- easy, simple. As if it was the most natural thing in the world for his lips to curl upwards after seeing those glittering blue eyes and the chaotic mess of white hair.

Killua, on the other hand, was not smiling. He glowered at Gon, hands shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans, and said shortly, “Give it back.”

Gon made a face and Killua growled, “Gon. You promised.”

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Yaho! I just want to say your blog is really cool! Anyways... i would like to request something like this? "Bokuto showing off Akaashi vs. Oikawa showing off Iwa-chan" Ty :3


Bokuto showing off Akaashi:

- Bokuto is very proud of Akaashi

- And he is not afraid to make it known when Akaashi does something good

- If Akaashi got the best grade in the class, Bokuto would flat out start cheering and congratulating him, saying that Akaashi is so smart and devoted

- If Akaashi set the volleyball at the most perfect angle, Bokuto would miss it just to admire its delicacy… then he’d laugh and compliment on how perfect it was. “Yeah! Just like that, Akaashi!”

- Bokuto is also very passionate with how Akaashi actually sets the ball. His fingertips are soft and gentle against the surface, and with a light, firm push, Akaashi sets the ball into the air. Bokuto is never afraid to compliment or show off Akaashi about his skills, especially in front of the whole volleyball team or in front of teachers, and even Akaashi’s parents. “Your son is so talented.” “Isn’t Akaashi so skilled?! Look at him go!!!” “WOOHOO AKAASHI! OHO”

- To be honest, Bokuto is actually all about Akaashi’s looks and will call him beautiful anyday. “Look how handsome he is~” The way Akaashi’s slightly curly hair rests upon his nicely sculpted face makes Bokuto go wild. The way his eyes pierce Bokuto’s makes Bokuto get hyped up, and the occasional smile Akaashi will give sends Bokuto to the moon. Let’s not even mention Akaashi’s beautiful body and stature…

- Bokuto highkey wants to make Akaashi the mvp of every volleyball game they have, but he sadly has to control himself

- Sometimes Bokuto will go up to random people and be like, “DID YOU HEAR WHAT AKAASHI DID DURING OUR GAME?!”

- While students in class are sharing their accomplishments, Bokuto will join in on the conversation and be like, “Oh yeah? Well my buddy Akaashi did this the other day~” 

- Tbh Bokuto will secretly tape a piece of paper to Akaashi’s shirt while he’s walking down the hall, the paper having written on it “I’m a good boy!”

Oikawa showing off Iwa-chan:

- Oikawa gets a lot of attention for his looks and his skills

- He loves it, but he really wants to show people how great Iwaizumi can be and how good of a person he is for putting up with Oikawa for so long

- Oikawa isn’t really showy with Iwa-chan because he wants to keep him all for himself, but he does like to make Iwaizumi feel proud

- “Ah Iwa-chan still did better than everyone else today ~ except me aha!”

- *Oikawa’s eye sparkle* “IWA-CHAN, NICE SPIKE!”

- When Oikawa takes pictures with Iwaizumi, he ALWAYS comments on how good Iwa’s pose it or how cool his hair looks

- ^He even comments on Iwaizumi’s photos, telling him how awesome he looks, and that people should totally check him out

- Iwaizumi is very helpful towards people, and Oikawa really really wants people to know that

- Like at practice, Oikawa will talk for quite a few minutes about how Iwa-chan helped out this old lady cross a street or helped some students with their homework, and he’ll go on about it in detail, praising Iwaizumi

- “Isn’t he so supportive? How come my Iwa-chan doesn’t help me *dramatic pose*”

- Expects the team to highfive Iwaizumi and tell him good job

- If Iwaizumi gets a question right in class or makes an appropriate move during volleyball, Oikawa is so amazed, and he’s dying to scream about it


- Oikawa highkey nominates Iwaizumi for everything:

- Nominated him as prom QUEEN… “His face is too good not to win! Don’t you see it?”

- Also voted for him to be class president… “Iwa-chan is so much more thoughtful and intelligent than everyone else, so how can he not win?”

- Even though Oikawa likes attention from his regular group of girls, he sometimes really wants to pull Iwaizumi into the circle for fun, hoping that he can show off his really great friend and tell everybody that Oikawa only hangs out with the coolest of people

- Oikawa’s graduation speech is literally all about how Iwaizumi helped him???

- If Oikawa sees Iwa-chan from a distance, he will literally sprint towards him and hop/cling onto his back, yelling “I’M ON THE AMAZING IWA-CHANNNN~”

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What's your favorite part of making this comic?

This is a really tough question because there are so many steps to the process, all with their positive and negative aspects haha~

It’s a toss up between: 

  • Brainstorming together and coming up with really cool ideas (that “aha!” moment when everything falls together is always brilliant) 
  • Reading the reader responses

We really enjoy drawing it too! It’s definitely time consuming hard work, but all the labor just makes the pay off so much better!


New commission post? New commission post ^^ 

Commissions are really greatly appreciated!! While I wait for another opening for the job I want (after being stuck in hospital), this is currently the only money I’m making!


Full Body - $15 CAD

Waist Up - $10 CAD

Line Art - $5 CAD

Cleaned Sketch - $3 CAD

American Prices

Full Body - $10

Waist Up - $8

Line Art - $5

Cleaned Sketch - $3

(photos are in order of the prices)

No extra charge for colour or very simple backgrounds!!

Won’t Do

- Mech

- Dicks (that are human-like)

- Complex NSFW (ie. straight up porn / sex)

- Furries (unless you’re cool with it being practice aha;;)

- Armour

- Complex / Many Props

- Complex Couple Poses (can chat about that)

- Animals 

What I need

- At least one clear photo of the character you are requesting

- A little bit about the character so I can find a suiting pose / facial expression (unless you already have one in mind or ideas :D)

- If you want colour, I need a photo with all colours showing (i.e. Can’t do the shirt if I don’t know what it looks like)

All payment will be through paypal invoices!

Hey, I’m Ezra I’m from the UK and I am 19 so I guess I only just squeeze into the criteria of this blog, but I’m kinda scared of adults so I thought this one suited me better aha! My pronouns are he/him and I’m looking for friends to talk to on tumblr and share experiences and just have some cool people to chat to because I’m super lonely and bored on my blog all alone. I’m pre everything unfortunately, but it’s a process!! 

Feel free to follow me / message me etc at myshinysidedown

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Asdfghjjkl dang. Your coloring skills are so tricking good like woahh. May I ask though, how do you colour? Just the process of it at least, maybe. Hhnngg, thank you ;;;

hi der anon aaa- thank you ;; A ;; )/ oh oooOH
if u rlly wan kno, here’s a thing- color process?? its rlly bad???

so uhh dis is kenma btw lolol 
-as usual i start with a sketch dat i consider lineart aha
- color block (i use a color i normally wudnt use)
- i clip the next layers onto da color block (base, shading, etc)

- use a soft round brush to liek add blush? da color depends- i liek go for oranges on warm undertone/ reds on cool undertone

-shading! (i use #d5b2b8 set on multiply)
- i also add color(the one i used as blush) to lineart

- nao i jus group them all then add other effects such as color, filters (cOZ FILTERS R NICE OK), etc.

- i duplicate that and merge it all together, dis is where i clean up & fix things including painting over places ive missd, liquify (!!!), etc.

- i sometimes use iris blur to make it fancy lol 

then ur done!!! aaaaa ;;; A ;;; /

Was It All For Nothing? : Lev Haiba

HQ!! Mafia AU

Anon: Mafia AU then! Lev is part an important mafia family and at first he’s been dating reader for fun but he’s starting to fall and he’s turn between keep going or cut it all off. So he starts to treat her awful and she breaks up with him but he misses her so he calls her to tell her the truth even though she might not want to be with him anymore. Fluff or angst ending is up to you. Thanks so much Emi! 😄

She/Her pronouns used! (And I sort of changed it a little bit, but I think the sentiment is still there!)

When Lev first saw you, he thought you were beautiful, extremely so. He loved the way you sounded when you laughed, and the gorgeous shade of your silken hair, and how you smiled when you saw something pretty. He didn’t know how you’d react when he approached you, all leather and tattoos and piercings, where you were sundresses and pink lipgloss and watermelon on a hot summers day.
You laughed when he called you beautiful and gave him your number as your friends giggled behind you, and he called you later that night to take you on a motorcycle ride to the city overview.

He kissed you on the back of that motorcycle. It tasted like cigarette smoke and toothpaste, and left a warmth in your stomach that you couldn’t quite place. 
You kissed him at your front door. For him it tasted like cherry chapstick and spearmint chews, and it made him want more and more.

Lev couldn’t place when he began to fall for you. He wasn’t sure whether it was when you kissed his cheek before he left town for a week, or because you sent him good night and good morning texts with thee kisses at the ends. He didn’t know if it was because you made him cookies and accidentally burnt them, or because he found himself unable to let go of your hand when he drove you back home.

Falling for you was like wading into a river, not even noticing he was being swept up until the current dragged him under the river and pushed him into the water. So warm, so comforting.

And Lev was afraid of that.

“Lev?” You asked as you sat side by side on the bench, growing increasingly nervous by his silence. “Is something the matter? You’re normally so chatty… did something happen?”

“No,” he said. “I’m fine. Do you want something to drink? I’ll get us something to drink?”

“I don’t want a drink,” You told him, pushing him back into this seat. “Is everything okay? You’ve been different lately…”

A small smile cracked onto Lev’s face. “How so?”

You shuffled in your seat. “Well… you’ve not been replying to some of texts, and whenever we talk on the phone it’s always so short, you’ve just seemed so down lately, and I’m worried for you, Lev.”

Lev stood up. “I’ll get us those drinks.” he said.

You shook your head and tugged him back in his seat as he stood up, taking his hand in yours and trying not to flinch when he snatched it back. “Do you want to talk about it?” you asked him.

He looked to you and forced a smile on his face. “Yeah, if that’s okay with you.”

“Of course, I’m your girlfriend, I’ll always be here for you.” You promised, a small smile stretching your lips and the corner of your lips falling as you noticed his eyes flicker.

“Y/N,” Lev said. “I’m breaking up with you.”

All at once, you felt your heart leap into your throat and stop beating as your hands shook on your lap, eye burning and threatening to prick with tears. You could hardly speak as you opened and closed your mouth, unsure of what to say.

“I’m sorry, babe,” Lev continued, reaching to hold your hand in a comforting manner. “But, you know how it is. And, plus, you were only just a little bit of fun.”


The noise run out around the park as you stood, your chest heaving and your palm stinging, watching as Lev reached for the cheek that was now welting right pink. And his eyes widened when he caught sight of the pure anger in your eyes.

“Just a bit of fun, was I?” You asked him, your voice dangerously low. “Was that all I was to you? Nothing but a silly girl to occupy your time when you weren’t out of town doing coke off strippers or whatever the fuck you do when you’re not calling me babe and giving me pretty things to keep me happy.” You shook your head slowly, reaching for your wrist to tear of the bracelet he got you, throwing it at his feet. “Well in that case, I’m done. And you don’t get the privilege of breaking up with me; I’m breaking up with you.”

You turned on your heel, pausing only a moment to turn back to Lev with a scowl. “Goodbye, and kindly go fuck yourself.”

Lev watched you go with his heart aching in his chest, bending down to pick up the bracelet and cradle it gently as his eyes burned.

How could he have fucked up so much? Lev wondered as he stood in a back alley, smoking cigarettes and looking up at the sky under the yellow glow of the street lamps. 

He missed you so much it made his heart ache. He missed the way you said his name so perfectly, the way you looked when you wore his jacket, and how you looked when he kissed you so sweetly. He missed the texts and the four hour phone calls when you two just talked about anything, everything and nothing all at once. He missed holding your hand and kissing your fingers. He missed your smile and the way you brushed his hair back from his face to kiss him.

Lev squeezed his eyes shut and cursed, stubbing out his cigarette on the wall behind him as he dug his phone from his pocket to re-read your texts. You hadn’t talked to him since you had broken up, almost two weeks ago now, and he missed talking.

He didn’t think as his thumb brushed over the call button for your contact, pressing the phone to his ear before he could yell at himself for it. You picked up after four rings.

“This is Y/N L/N,” You voice came and his heart soared at the sound of it. “Who is this?”

“Lev Haiba,” he said, and you fell silent.

“What do you want?” You asked bitterly. “Be glad I didn’t just hang up on you.”

“I miss you, Y/N,” Lev began, his voice no more than a gentle whisper. “I miss you so much it hurts. I find myself rereading your texts and thinking of your voice so much I miss you so much more, until I think I’m going to cry. I miss the way you smile and the sound of your voice, I miss your perfume and you sparkly lip glosses and the way you look at me.”

Lev sucks in a deep breath. “I fucked up, but I was afraid. I was afraid to love you, it scared me how much I loved you. I would hurt anyone if you told me, and I could; I’m part of the Mafia, I’m sorry for hiding that.”

“The Mafia?” You said down the phone, and Lev could almost hear you pinching the bridge of your nose. “Fuck, Lev, this is more than just us breaking up, you’re breaking the law.”

“I know, and I’m sorry for hiding that.” He repeated. “But I just want you to know, I miss you and I do love you, so much, I just needed to tell you the truth even if you don’t want to be with me anymore.”

The silence was deafening, consuming every thought as his heart hammered his chest and head fell back onto the cool stone behind him.

“I can’t,” your voice came through the phone. “I can’t, Lev. All of this, it’s too much, and I’m still hurting; it feels like you’re pouring salt into a wound.” Your voice cracked, almost near tears. “I just can’t.”

And for the first time in a long time, Lev let himself cry as you hung up, his heart aching and eyes burning. He didn’t move for a long time, and when he did, he wasn’t the same.

Love changes you.

I chose angst because I’m mean like that aha!

This was actually so fun to write and I’m always up for Mafia AU, so if you want, request it!

- Admin Emi

buskidsburgade  asked:

bullet fic: Lincoln and Fitz are college roommates

  • jemma doesn’t understand how they can call themselves friends while being the most openly antagonistic roommates ever 
  • because, if you ask, they’ll say they’re friends. they’ll say they get along. they’ll say there’s nothing wrong. but, really, it’s all kind of ridiculous 
  • it’s all in the little things. lincoln knows fitz has a weak stomach, so he leaves all his med textbooks open to the most grotesque of images. usually on fitz’s desk 
  • fitz knows lincoln hates the smell of iron, so he’ll leave freshly soldered pieces in lincoln’s bed, when they’re not quite cool yet, and stick to the sheets 
  • lincoln knows fitz stays up late, so he makes sure to make as big of a racket as possible when he gets up for his 8:30s, turning on all the lights, running the sink, slamming the closet door closed
  • fitz knows lincoln gets up early, so he makes sure to make noise every once in a while - not consistently, so that lincoln might get used to it, but jarring things. slamming his pencil down, shouting ‘aha!’ whenever he figures something out 
  • and sometimes it’s bigger things. or more personal, at least  
  • fitz’s mom can’t exactly afford to visit all the way from scotland, but lincoln’s parents are wealthy, and not afraid to show it. the first time they visit, fitz changes the locks and doesn’t let lincoln in for a week 
  • but fitz actually has a good relationship with his mother - lincoln doesn’t. fitz makes a show of talking to his mom on the phone, telling her he loves her and how much he misses her. he finds his phone frozen in a block of ice the next day 
  • and yet, they call themselves friends. it befuddles jemma. she’ll never understand it 
  • what she doesn’t see are the nights where lincoln sits with a bottle of pills in one hand and a glass of water in the other. doesn’t see fitz talking him down for hours 
  • she doesn’t see the mornings when fitz still hasn’t gone to sleep, where his words won’t work right and his hands won’t stop shaking. she doesn’t see lincoln help him out of his button-up, put away his projects, and guide him to bed
  • she doesn’t see the good moments. she only sees the antagonism, the bickering 
  • so she doesn’t understand 
  • but they do 

A Conversation Within Jongdae’s Mind

God: *in godly voice* Jongdae your time has come. 

Jongdae: What? Hello? Who is this? 

God: It’s me. Your father up in hea-

Jongdae: Is this my conscience?

God: No. It’s God.

Jongdae: Oh fuck okay I swear I didn’t throw my pink socks into the whites and dye all our clothes pink on purpose and I also didn’t let Suho take the fault for that time I burned the kitchen cabinets trying to make toast. And last night I definitely didn’t sneak into Minseok’s room and ja-

God: What oh no that’s not what I’m here about.

Jongdae: Oh…Aha well that’s good because I was joking about all that stuff anyway

God: …Mhm. Anyway *in godly voice again* your time has come Jongdae.

Jongdae: My.. time? Fuck am I going to die?!

God: FFS NO. Just listen.


God: Why are you so quiet now?

Jongdae: I’m listening

God: Oh ok cool. So *clears throat* your time has come. 

Jongdae: Mhm yes I heard that part

God: Will you please

Jongdae: k fine

God: Your good friend Byun Baekhyun *Jongdae snickers* has become too powerful for this world *sound of Jongdae opening a bag of chips* and the prophecy *chewing sounds* … the prophecy says *more chewing sounds* *God groans* THE PROPHECY SAYS THAT YOU WILL BE THE ONE TO DEFEAT HIM how tf are you even eating chips in your mind anyway

Jongdae: *between chewing sounds* You said I need to eat him?

God:.. no I said defeat

Jongdae: I’m sorry, was that eat?

God: nO I SA-

Jongdae: Eat. Okay that seems simple enough.

a whole lot of the tcc confuse me so much like i’m fascinated by serial killers/mass murderers and their motives but YALL ARE WRITING IMAGINES FOR PEOPLE LIKE DYLAN KLEBOLD & ERIC HARRIS

like they’re not owo so cute, dylan was severely depressed and eric was a fucking sociopath and a nazi

like yeah COOL! i swear to god yall forget about the actual victims and the families of the victims and how they feel and yall are goin around saying that school shooters are so smol n precious aha xD

what the actual FUCK is wrong with y'all.

Oh my god Steven, you’re absolutely adorable. This is obviously not what Lars is doing here… You’re just an adorable sack of fluffy mashed potatoes.

Oh yeah, I hadn’t even really wondered… What is Lars doing here, anyway?

Aha. So these are the infamous “Cool Kids.” Every show has them. This is going to be the same old shtick, isn’t it? Lars will have to learn not to worry about what the “cool kids” think, that he can be cool without being their friend, that they’re really not as cool as they seem, blah blah blah… Seen it all before.

Jenny (Kiki’s sister- good to know), Sour Cream (wtf kind of name is that???), and Buck Dewey. So Kiki isn’t a part of the “cool kids?” Just her sister?

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Ok cool! Could i maybe request some headcanons for how Toshinori and Aizawa would react if their s/o got an injury in the same place as them*on their side /under the eye* and in the hospital they joke about "how they match now" XD

Ahh omg that’s so cheesy, but also something i’d do lol

Yagi Toshinori

  • Okay so, Toshinori is beside himself with worry while waiting to see his s/o, he’s all jittery and fidgety. When he finally gets to see them he’ll starting talking about how reckless they were and how they should be more careful.
  • His s/o suddenly looks surprised and starts laughing, waving their hand at Toshinori as if they want to show him something. They lift up their shirt, revealing a medium sized scar on their left side. 
  • Toshinori is initially confused, but when his s/o beams and goes “Toshi, we match now!” he can’t help but let out a small laugh. 

Aizawa Shouta

  • He waits patiently to see his s/o, wondering about the extent of their injuries since he wasn’t there when it happened. He prepares himself for both the best and the worst.
  • To his surprise, his s/o was sitting up in their bed, legs and head covered in bandages. He sits besides them and takes their hand, asking them how they are.
  • His s/o giggles before saying “you haven’t noticed yet, have you?” He looks up at his s/o in confusion before noticing a small horizontal scar below their left eye. “I suppose we match now, right Shouta?” He squeezes his s/o’s hand, chuckling softly at them.
Year 2, Comic 7 - Parse - Part I

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