they are all my ultimates

Oh dear, yusenkiwami tagged me to list my top 10 characters so let’s do this, thanks so much!

This is very hard for me since I have my few ultimate favorites and then I love all SnK babies just so much I can’t list them all… I try to think very hard instead just listing 10 x Erwin here even I kinda want.

1. Erwin Smith, Levi Ackerman, Kenny Ackerman, EVERYONE IN SNK THANK YOU I’M DONE (EVEN ZACKLY AND ROD REISS HELL YEAH MY LOVE HAS NO BOUNDARIES - they are all my babies *sobs*)

2. Mami Tomoe - Madoka Magica

3. Ramiel - Neon Genesis Evangelion 

4. Migi - Kiseijuu

5. Kyuubey - Madoka Magica

6. Mr. Penguin - Shirokuma Cafe

7. Rinoa Heartilly - Final Fantasy 8

8. Urara Shiraishi - Yamada-kun to 7-nin to Majo

9. Eli Ayase - Love Live

10. Ryouko Tamiya - Kiseijuu

Well this is how it feels right now heh heh. I wanted to list couple more but this is fine.

I’m gonna tag… mizukibull, koops9, fujisaki-senpai, banaaniprinssi, nolluska and dollyb0y. Have fun.

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1) First kpop song you ever heard?

SHINee’s Love Like Oxygen

2) First Kpop group you liked?


3) First ever bias?


4) Current bias?

My ultimate bias, Kim JongKai

5) Song you know all the words to?

Chen - Best Luck

SHINee - Lucifer

7) Fave guy group:




8) Fave solo artist?

But there are a lot, smh….um…probably G-Dragon

9) Fave dance?

Growl will forever have a special place in my heart haha

10) Fave kdrama? 

Probably Boys Over Flowers

11) Lease fave kdrama?

I haven’t really watched a lot, but the ones I’ve seen were good so yeah…none

12) how long have you been into Kpop?

I’ve been in this hellhall since 2009



A few people asked me a while ago for tips on making an ‘inspiration book’, so I decided to make a little tutorial!

Firstly… WHAT IS AN INSPIRATION BOOK? An inspiration book (for me) is a notebook where I collage pictures that inspire me. These pictures include health motivation, photographs of places I want to travel, ‘lists’ from Tumblr that inspire me, and more! Basically any picture to inspire me to be the 'ultimate version of myself’. I organise all my pictures into categories and I have a section for each in my inspiration book, e.g. Health, Europe, America, Tumblr Inspiration, etc. so I can find things easily! Now, how do you make one?


Collect pictures that inspire you, save them, and print them! The best place to look for pictures is Tumblr! Make sure you try and get the highest resolution (quality) of each photo so you can enlarge them and they don’t blur (you can do this by right clicking on picture and selecting “search google for this image” then clicking “all sizes” to find the biggest size). Some example pictures can be seen in the 2nd and 3rd photos above!


This step is pretty self-explanatory, but basically cut out all your photos and arrange them in a notebook (which will now be your inspiration book! - I use an A4 marbig notebook from office works, approx $5). If your using lists and pictures like I do, try to get a combo of both on each page! If you want to you can separate all your pictures into different categories. For example, I have a section for photos of places I want to go to in Asia, another section for Europe (and other sections for all the other continents!), and I also have a section for ‘healthy’ pictures like fitspo and workouts. You can see in the 4th photo above how I arranged a page of my inspiration book. It may take a bit of work trying to collage them in the best way so there are no big white spaces of notebook, but it is worth it cause it will look really good!! :) 


Congrats! You’ve started your inspiration book! Now whenever you need some inspiration, you can just flip through it! I love re-reading all my inspirational lists (if you don’t know what I mean by inspirational list, see example here and also more here) sometimes before I go to bed with a relaxing cup of tea. Also every few months (or however often you want) you can add more pictures! I love going through my Tumblr archive and picking out my favourite photos to add to it!

Hope these tips helped to anyone that wanted to know how I made my inspiration book! Thankss! xx Courtney 


soxx226 submitted: 

 First picture was taken on Jan 1 2015, started at 350 pounds. Fast forward 3.5 months and I’ve dropped 65 pounds. Eating clean and no pop I feel has contributed a lot of this loss.

I have been on this journey for about 3 years when u got on the scale and it said 402 pounds. This year I am going through a divorce and heading into my 30’s and am very focused to lose all this weight that has plagued me my entire life. My ultimate weight loss goal is to hit 202 pounds which would put me at a total of 200 pounds lost.

Still have a long journey to go, come follow my progress.
Tumblr- soxx226
MyFitnessPal- soxx226

—- SEND in your own Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.


Awhile ago I posted a video of me reading a picture book. Here’s another one, called “Roxaboxen.”

(I may or may not have lied at the end when I said I’d be online all night. Tbh I’m not sure yet.)

Also, I added subtitles to this one in case that’s beneficial to anyone!!!!

PS: Tumblr often screws up the way that YouTube videos show up, instead of letting you watch it it’d be a link that says “watch on,” and that link wouldn’t even work. PLEASE message me if that’s how it looks to you, I can change it back but not if I don’t notice!!!

i really dont think people appreciate Foggy Nelson enough !!!!!!!!

iM JUST SAYING if he was a hot muscular dude y’all would be like ‘precious cinnamon bun, too good for this world’ and swooning over him 24/7 like everyone does over captain america and his goodness and sincerity and intelligence. y’all foggy nelson is fuckin’ bright as shit and loyal as fuck and honest, caring, sweet, gentle, kind, happy, hilarious, and canonically GREAT in bed

why isn’t everyone falling over Foggy Nelson i legitimately don’t understand, i would marry that man in a   h e a r t b e a t 

wait a second holy fuck

ok this is probably definitely nothing (but it would be so cool if it was)

In Avengers 1 Loki threatened Black Widow by telling her he would forced Clint to kill her, slowly & intimately

now, this is grasping at straws here, but… Laura Barton is from the Ultimates series, in which she (and her kids) are murdered by Black Widow, causing Clint to then kill Black Widow out of revenge.

what if they do an adaption of that in the next few movies? I, personally, don’t think Laura is going to survive the series - why introduce the idea that Clint has something to lose and then have him not lose it? what if laura is endangered & its up to Natasha to protect her (i highly doubt marvel would kill his kids)? what if she can’t? what if clint, overcome by grief (& anger too, probably), walks out on the team - and then runs into loki? and loki takes control, and realises what has happened… and tries to fulfills his promise?? another epic fight between clint & nat? another “clint this isn’t you wake up damnit”? another clint waking up and being horrified with himself??? like omg guys im freaking out ik this is a long shot but WHAT IF SOMEONE WRITE THIS

They gave me some fantastic critiques on my story and didn’t actually tear me up as badly as I thought they would (which was bizarre because they sorta did it to one of the other people). They got the HUGE point I was trying to convey so I was grinning like an idiot but they got me on two problematic points of the story (which was actually GREAT because now I can fix it). TLDR the critique went as well, if not better, than I thought it would go (take that ridiculous anxiety!) and I know exactly how to rewrite this story and make it better.

prognostically asked:

I really c a n't at the idea of the two no longer talking to each other, their friendly rivalry actually slowly becoming a real rivalry and it hurts them both because they've been friends for so long, they've watched empires fall and kingdoms rise and people come and go like flashes of lightning. They've always been so close, in their own way, but it feels like there's a gap between them that grows bigger each day when they try to sway Zhaojun over to them or kiss her lips and taste the other +

+ and they feel worried and angry and jealous and wow this is really quick in breaking my heart but it doesn’t stop me in making edits about them I’m so so sorry for reblogging that post but I’m not too if that makes sense.

or kiss her lips and taste the other “ 

 Hello my name is Qi and this is one of my ultimate weaknesses in tropes for early stages of ot3s.