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Aaron Tveit - Can’t Make You Love Me/ All I Ask

The Belasco Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, May 14, 2017

if i become a supervillain it’ll 100 percent be thanks to tumblr’s incredible talent in ruining my posts ANYWAYS @phil-the-stone my inbox ate your original ask i’m so sorry but here’s the answer!!

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“I dreamt about you last night.”

In retrospect, Peter could’ve stopped all of this from happening if he’d just confronted Gamora in the morning like he’d wanted to. It’s not a surprise to find her up before him – she’s always been an early riser, especially before missions – but the dark circles beneath her eyes and the thousand yard stare she has on kind of is. The fact that her hands are shaking around her cup just seals the deal.

But the thing is, he only has like five seconds to stare at her in concern before the rest of the team filters in, and confronting her with everyone else around would just make her angry, so the next thing he knows they’re leaving the Milano to fight a bunch of angry warlords on the cliffs of Rigel IV and Gamora still hasn’t said a word to him-

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Khuren, the brown horse, and his assigned rider, Phua, a warlord.