they are all just so adorable

hance headcanons

bc im bored and i love these boys

  • lance loves being carried by hunk
    • “hunk i want snacks” “okay lets go—” “hunk…” “do you want me to carry you” “yes”
    • he just sort of leans on hunk and hunk never lets him fall over
    • “sorry i guess i just.. fell for you” “shut up”
    • but literally its the sweetest thing ever hunk is lance’s knight in shining armor and they’re so in love
  • hunk regularly serenades lance with his uke or a guitar and it’s so cute
    • his voice is really smooth and deep and it puts lance to sleep most of the time
    • but he tries to stay awake if only to hear his beautiful boyfriend gently singing a bunch of cute little love songs to him
    • they’re both in love with the juno soundtrack so it’s often kimya dawson or the moldy peaches
    • pidge calls it gross but lbr she thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever
  • everyone says lance is the walking shitpost (which, yes, is valid) but hunk is on a whole other level
    • shiro once says something like “man my shoulder hurts” and hunk just starts reciting a commercial for arthritis verbatim
    • he is a dedicated shitposter
    • pidge and lance can’t stop laughing and keith is just really confused
    • whenever coran makes them run during training all he does is repeat the fitness gram pacer test until the only exercise lance is doing is laughing like an idiot
    • whenever keith tries to say something edgy he and pidge team up and play emo music over the speakers until no one can hear keith
    • “hunk, can you pass me the salt” [hunk grabs the saltshaker and proceeds to empty all of it on his own plate while making direct eye contact with shiro]
  • what this means is that, when he’s with lance, they quite literally are the meme team
    • they can do that scary thing where they say different parts of a sentence in sync and it’s amazing
    • “lov the cronch—” “hate the slorp—” 
    • pidge: “can you two shut the FUCK up”
    • they like to roast people in unison and keith regularly cries himself to sleep when this happens to him
    • keith: angsts about something
    • lance and hunk, in haunting unison: i was born with glass bones and paper skin. every morning i break my arms and every night i—
    • pidge: hey—
    • lance and hunk: perform the entirety of the goblin king song from the hobbit
  • they are so protective of each other it’s disgusting
    • lance literally doesn’t give a mother of fuck what happens to him
    • but if hunk gets hurt he turns into an unstoppable force of nature 
    • literally no galra gets out of there without at least one bullet hole in their skin
    • on the other hand
    • if lance gets injured in the slightest
    • catch hunk in the club blasting a million galra in the fucking face
    • literally there’s nothing left but craters that man is a savage when it comes to protecting his boyfriend
    • they’re so!! in!! love!!
  • hunk has this thing called the lance parable in which whenever anyone gets insecure about themselves he’s like
    • “lance sometimes gets like that too, and you can see that he’s literally the most talented, amazing, beautiful, considerate, iconic, wonderful, ethereal, godly person ever! so even if you feel bad about yourself it doesn’t mean you’re bad”
    • lance has no idea about it until he says it to keith in front of like everyone and he just
    • cries. he’s literally in tears and hugging hunk and its the most tender moment ever and everyone’s happy and ughndsingidfu

most days i find myself wishing that i could give myself to away to everyone i love until there’s nothing left of me, but in the end, im still here (why?), and i still hate myself, and i wish i had someone who could give back to me, and what im gettin at is that i wish i had a girlfriend


*FACEPLANTS* FINALLY. Oh my gosh I’ve been wanting to do gift art for people for mONTHS and my time kept getting away from me. >-<

SO HAVE SOME DOODLES. I wanted to particularly do some gift art for a few artists on here, whose characters I aDORE, that inspired me to start posting my GW2 stuff on tumblr. ;u; I only started playing GW2 back in October of 2016, and I had doodled my characters and made up stories for them, but I didn’t feel confident enough to post them or even know where to start. And then I browsed the Asura tag on tumblr and just saw ALL THESE AMAZING CHARACTERS AND AMAZING ART STYLES and they were all so interesting and fun, and it gave me that confidence to start posting my stuff too. Even if I’m still feeling a little nervous around here. @ w @; So…THANK YOU FOR HAVING AMAZING ART, AMAZING CHARACTERS, AND INSPIRING ME TO SHARE MY STUFF TOO! \( ;w; )/ YOUR ART IS AWESOME AND YOUR CHARACTERS ARE PHENOMENAL KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. d(;W;)b

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april 28 @snowbaz-feda (it’s almost over?!)

“you’re my favorite up and coming author and i go to one of your signings, oh my god your handwriting is so pretty, wait did you just write your number in this book” au (not mine).

ok so baz is a pretentious prick but that’s nothing new. 

word count: 549

Simon’s bouncy today. It’s one of his most adorable, if ungraceful, qualities. But he’s dragged me to the local bookshop, the one run by our favorite old lady, Ebb, the one that I introduced him to, and the one that’s featuring the magnanimous Basilton Pitch, aka Simon’s crush (though he would never admit that). Simon’s read all of his books after stumbling across his author’s page a couple years ago. He mostly writes fantasy—merwolves, goblins, mages, and vampires—but this one’s supposed to be different. It’s just out today, and Simon’s been up since dawn, dragging me out of a caffeinated stupor, to go buy the book and meet the guy.

“Simon, I love you dearly, but I’m going to have to hit you over the head with the nearest book if you don’t stop that,” I yawn.

“Sorry, sorry. I’m just, I’m so excited, Penny. And nervous. What do I say? What do I do? I mean, this is Basilton Pitch. He’s probably expecting a sonnet or something. Oh god, Pen, what if he hates me?”

“He won’t hate you, Si. He’ll sign your book, you’ll say something awkward about how much you love him, and then the hordes of women behind us will close in and I’ll be forced to pour hot coffee on them to get us out of here.” Some girl at the shelf beside me scoffs at my comment. I’m not wrong. Basilton Pitch is gorgeous. It’s why half his readers started on his books.

We get to the front of the line and Simon’s clutching the book so hard I think it’s going to break. It’s gorgeous—hardcover and embossed—but I try not to pay attention to the way he holds it.

Simon holds out the book, eyes wide, mouth dropped open, to the one and only. “Who should I make this out to?”

He sounds just as posh as I would expect him to through his writing (of course I read it, Simon would kill me if I didn’t), and glances between the two of us expectantly.

“Simon Snow. It’s for Simon.”

Basilton meets Simon’s eyes and grins slowly. “Snow spelled just how I think it is?”

Simon nods.

He opens the front cover and tilts the book—he’s left-handed I notice—and pens out a message. He writes what appears to be more than a simple sentence, and finishes it with a signature.

“I just—I love your writing,” Simon gushes when Basilton hands him the book back. “I’ve read it all.”

Basilton smiles again. “I’m glad to hear that. I hope you like this one, too. It’s been a pleasure.” Basilton holds out his hand and Simon shakes it, shocked.

We pay Ebb, who insists on a family and friends discount and gives us both large hugs, and on the way home, Simon cracks open the book.

For Simon Snow,

May your name be a testament to yourself and your originality. I will never meet another Snow like you.

Enjoy the read,

Basilton Pitch

The note is finished with a series of numbers that make Simon’s face go bright red.

“Simon, is that a phone number?”

“I—well, yeah.”

I cock one eyebrow but say nothing else. Apparently, those of Basilton’s readers who began because of his beauty never knew he batted for the other team.

Dating Harrison Osterfield Would Include.....

Requested. @tanovic54321

  • Dealing with the intense bromance between Harrison and Tom
  • But never really minding because you adore Tom. 
  • Getting a little jealous though.
  • Harrison finding it cute that you become jealous over his best mate.
  • “Jealous, eh? Don’t be, love.” 
  • Him kissing your forehead. 
  • All the time, actually.
  • Oh, and knuckle kisses. 
  • Whenever he holds your hand, it’s just instinctive for him to kiss your fingers.. 
  • Getting into little arguments about who loves who more. 
  • Said arguments always ending in kisses. 
  • Going out to dinner with his family.
  • Them loving the absolute daylights out of you.
  • His sister looking up to you and begging to have a sleepover so you two can stay up all night hanging out. 
  • His parents telling him that you’re a keeper and keep you close. 
  • Harrison always responding with, “Don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere. Not on my watch.” 
  • His mother always inviting you to her nail appointments to bond. 
  • His father learning what memes are and starting a meme war with you. 
  • Loving every minute you spend with Osterfield’s. 
  • Harrison also enjoying every minute he spends with your family.
  • Your parents approving a hundred percent.
  • Finding out that the reason why Harrison cancelled on your scheduled Monday movie night was because he was spending time with your dad.
  • Being mad at first but getting over it when you see them walk through the door laughing.
  • Realizing that this is what the rest of your life will be. 
  • Being terrified whenever Harrison offers to drive.
  • “Please no.” 
  • “What? I’m a fantastic driver, [Y/N].”
  • “Um….when?” 
  • “I can’t believe this, my own girlfriend is scared to be in a car with me being behind the wheel. What rubbish.” 
  • “Tom, please drive.” 
  • Having lazy days filled with all kinds of movies.
  • Cuddling during said lazy days. 
  • Binge watching every kind of television show.
  • Getting irritated when Harrison doesn’t pay attention to the movies or shows.
  • “Haz, pay attention!”
  • “I am, I am.”
  • “No you’re not.” 
  • “You’re awfully cute when you pout, love.” 
  • “I hate you.”
  • “I don’t think you do.” 
  • Going on long walks with Harrison and Monty. 
  • Taking selfie after selfie with Monty. 
  • Harrison getting jealous when you focus all your attention on the puppers. 
  • Kissing him to shut him up. 
  • Walking in the piss pouring rain because you love it.
  • “Bloody Hell, we’re going to get sick.” 
  • “I don’t care.” 
  • Harrison sticking it out because he loves you.
  • Him always having an extra pair of rain boots and rain coats in his car for himself if he’s with you and for you at his place in case it ever decides to rain. 
  • Waking up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise.
  • Harrison getting grumpy but loving it when he’s holding you while the sun lights up the world. 
  • Always whispering sweet nothings in your ear at random times.
  • “You’re the one, the only one I want.”
  • “You look absolutely beautiful tonight.” 
  • “I want you alone.”
  • “I love the way you love me.” 
  • “I wish you could see what goes on in my mind when you wear the dress.” 
  • “Should we take this somewhere else?” 
  • “I feel a little…naughty.” 
  • All of them driving you insane. 
  • Harrison being such a damn tease. 
  • But, you also being one too.
  • Begging Harrison for piggyback rides.
  • Eating all the ice cream you possibly can before getting regrettably sick. 
  • Harrison surprising you with movie premiere tickets.
  • “What?! You’re taking me?! Oh my gosh, Haz! I’m so excited, but wait…’re always Tom’s date to these things.” 
  • “You sure know how to ruin a moment….”
  • Harrison also surprising you by taking you dress shopping. 
  • Him spoiling you because you’re his queen. 
  • Feeling bad that he’s spent all this money.
  • Harrison reassuring you that he wants to. 
  • Feeling satisfied until next time. 
  • Getting the luxury of going where ever Harrison goes.
  • Buying a map of the world and placing a pin on every place you’ve been to together.
  • Promising to visit at least 75 percent of the world. 
  • Going on camping and hiking adventures.
  • Harrison trying to teach you how to surf. 
  • Failing miserably. 
  • Forcing him to tell you things he shouldn’t be telling you while he’s with Tom during Spiderman. 
  • Threatening to give him the silent treatment otherwise.
  • Harrison always giving in and telling you.
  • But always leaving out the most important details.
  • Punching him when you finally watch the movie and what he didn’t tell you happens.
  • Sneaking flattering and unflattering pictures of him.
  • Them always being on snapchat.
  • Fans knowing your snapchat and saving them for the world to relive over and over again. 
  • Laughing your ass off when Harrison finds them all over twitter.
  • “You’ve got to be kidding me….really? You had to post that one?!” 
  • But, don’t you worry, Harrison always always gets his revenge. 
  • It becomes a war to place the most unflattering snapchat filtered picture on each other’s stories. 
  • In the end, Harrison retreats with the cutest Instagram post on the planet. 
  • It’s the two of you kissing under a waterfall from a trip you took by yourselves for an anniversary/getaway trip.  
  • The caption, “She is my world, my everything. The reason I live, breathe, and walk this earth.” 

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The story about local Communist nonsense, as promised (Sorry it's late, my connectivity's been shit.) The dumbasses you were arguing with earlier who tried to claim that Animal Farm was just "anti-Communist propaganda for kids" makes me think of the actual Communist propaganda, targeted at children, that's sold at my local bookstore. It's called, creatively, "Communism for Kids" and it's an adorable children's fairy tale about how everyone is oppressed and miserable under capitalism (1/2)

Just when I think it’s working my computer decides to be an idiot again. I hope this is where I left off. The book then went on to talk about how the Revolution’s right around the corner, and all that jazz. It’s selling disturbingly well for a middle-class suburb- do these people not realize they’re not the proletariat so exalted by the book? is the book, the Amazon reviews are great if you like dark humor (2/2) -HN

Oh, wow. You really weren’t kidding about the comments.

There are others, too, but I have to admit, what really cracked me up was…

That is comedy gold.

A fact about Kiwi is that he loves being held while he’s in squid form. Doesn’t matter who by, or when, he just adores being carried around as a squid.
Of course there are some people he likes being carried by more (Recon and Woomer are two).
Trouble is he has a hard time admitting it, and doesn’t naturally stay in squid form when he’s awake, so good luck catching him in the act.

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sorry this is very random but i legit never noticed how tiny heejuns hands are? they are so small thats adorable

hes really the smol in knk like from height to size

he really has pretty hands and seungjun likes to compliment heejun’s hands a lot too! 

also heejun’s hand is so much smaller than inseong’s oh my god

Today at work (i work in a restaurant) a little girl came in with her dad, wearing the live action Belle’s yellow dress. She couldn’t have been more than four years old and she kept twirling around in it. I got so excited when they got seated in my section and i told her Belle was my favorite princess ever. Before they left, i drew a little enchanted rose in their receipt, which they took home with them. It was just completely adorable all around.

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La/nce stans (the hardcores and the antis) drive me crazy because I can't but feel like so much of their worship is a projection of how they'd like to see themselves? Honestly, your favorite character is your fave for a reason- most likely you see a lot of yourself in them (subconsciously or otherwise, think fiction!kin). And I just think, you raise La/nce up and shit all over the other characters the same way you have a need to raise yourself up and shit all over other shippers/fandomers. Ugh.

I got a great submission a few days ago that I accidentally deleted but it basically was something like this:

So people usually adore characters they find relatable. And when I was scrolling through some posts, something clicked.

Other Character: *makes valid points*
L/ance: *responds by lashing out rather than making a valid argument*

Non-Antis: *make valid points*
Antis: *lash out instead of trying to make a valid argument*

It’s not coincidental that so many people that relate to L/ance are antis. It’s not just a matter of feeling insecure about themselves, but how they handle their feelings of insecurity.

+ prepping L/ance up to feel better about themselves. that pretty much sums it up

I’m thinking about sign pairings a lot lately here are some of my thoughts

*One of my very favorites is aquarius-sagittarius this is just like…unrestrained creative potency just VROOOOM like a wild Engine

*So many of my #1 most important people have big Aquarius-Cancer in their charts. Totally sparkling creativity and it’s like nothing about the human being is foreign to them

*I love being Libra Capricorn I love all the earth anchor in my chart. Squares are cute

*Leo Scorpio is the cutest and sexiest square

*Gemini Virgo is another very adorable square, not so sexy but soooo reedy and brainy. I know a ton of these people and they really are walking mercury, some of the most vivid examples of astrology being real I’ve ever seen


*Cancer Pisces is MOURNFUL AF!!! At least the ones I’ve met.

*Taurus Pisces is so gaia and beautiful that it’s almost like fragrant.

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Here is a HC for you. Sportacus has adhd and pixel is deaf so those headphones he uses are to help him hear.

!!!!! those are very good headcanons!

Sporty having all sorts of ways to handle it. Doing certain kinds of exercises to tone down restlessness or fidgeting, using color coded systems to remember stuff, saying stuff that’s told to him out loud, etc. Of course to make it better, Robbie helping him out when they’re together and Sporty is just happy and touched and grateful.

I really adore that Pixel one! What I’m imagining right now is that it broke down or something when he was outside and the kid was panicking because there’s no comforting sounds of the outside world or his machines. Then Robbie strolled along, saw him and being the softie he is, goes up to see what’s wrong as ‘to avoid any crying children.’

Robbie’s a very smart man so he quickly put the pieces together when Pixel acted like he couldn’t hear him. He just places his hands on his shoulders, crouched down and talk slowly and clearly, enunciating his words as best as he could to calm the kid down. He’s here to help, okay? Don’t worry. 

Just Robbie bringing Pixel to his lair, whipping up some sort of hearing device to act like substitutes and while it wasn’t as good as the ones he made for himself, Pixel still bursts into tears and hugs Robbie, thanking him for his help. Robbie awkwardly returning the hug, offering stilted assuring words because oh lord how does one deal with a crying child that’s not from sadness?

He then looks at his disguise cases and he’s all ‘Hey kid, wanna wear something to hide that until you get back?’ because Robbie’s creation probably looks odd or maybe Pixel just doesn’t feel comfortable going out without his headphones on. When the kid looks up at him all twinkly eyes and ‘really?’ Robbie just steers him to the cases and tells him to pick.

Once he chooses something, Robbie is all ‘hold this and stay still’. Whirls Pixel around and suddenly he’s wearing the outfit. He’s in awe, looking at Robbie in wonder. ‘Keep it between us okay kid and I’ll let you keep that.’

Of course he gets more hugs. Pixel leaves Robbie’s lair with a stylish outfit complete with a matching hat and a new sense of camaraderie with the villain.

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Hi hi !!! I love your blog very much and wahhhh I'm in love with the writing !!! Can I request headcanons of the ideal lovers of Itsuka, Kaminari and Kirishima? Thank you so much !!! All of your followers love you !! ♡♡

Ahhhh you’re adorable. I’m not sure if I’ve done this before but idec

Itsuka: Girl needs someone who can just relax from time to time. She’s wound up so tight and a lot of the time she doesn’t realise when she’s a little too overworked/stressed. I don’t think she’d care much for the class clown type because she needs someone she feels she can talk to without them going on some silly tangent. A person that has a out of the box thinking style would suit her as well. She’s susceptible to tunnel vision and gets a very my way or the highway attitude at certain times; someone that can show her a different viewpoint without belittling her would probably make her feel great. 

Kaminari: Someone that’s gonna love him and support him. Not just a little, a lot. Every day for the rest of forever. He’s got a lot of neediness in him and quite a lot of insecurity. He knows he’s not a baby and he wouldn’t want his partner to feel like they have to be that way with him, he’s great for someone that wants to go on fun adventures and share their life with him. He’d probably like to be with someone he knows benefits from him being around. He likes consistency. He can deal with high running emotions but he couldn’t be with a person who blew hot and cold. After a while it would wear him down and make him doubt everything. Just love the boy and you’re good to go.

Kirishima: He’s ridiculously flexible on this. Nothing matters too much and he’d go for anyone but when describing a perfect partner he would most definitely lean towards someone with a funny sense of humour. Someone that makes him laugh will always have his attention and he’ll never get bored of chatting. Stays up until 4am texting his partner just because it makes him happy to know they want him.  Totally doesn’t believe in astrology. Not at all. Totally doesn’t read his love horoscope once a week. Believes that not all Capricorns are the same. Also whoever it is would need to be ready to deal with gym selfies and constant positive motivation messages. All the live long day. 

Anonymous said:

I think it’s nice that they would be okay without having kids! It’s a cool change from when it’s an automatic assumption in stories that the mc and interest always become/want to become parents. Thank you for that. <3 I also just wanted to say that I love your writing more than anything and hope you don’t feel pressured at all. Question: If they found a stray dog/animal, how would each react?


Ran wouldn’t hesitate to care for an animal if it was sick or hurt, and would try to feed it if it was hungry; give it a fighting chance, before moving on.

Animals tend to adore Bahadur and stick to him like glue, so even if he wanted to ignore a stray, he couldn’t.

Amir would be supremely uninterested, unless it was an animal he wasn’t used to seeing every day in the forest where he lives. Give him a domestic cat or something and he will be aaaaall over it, like, What’s this? Can I touch it? I’m gonna touch it. Ahhh, I’m touching it~

If Royo found a stray animal, it wouldn’t be stray for long. Consider that critter adopted, yo.

As for Jamal, you might wanna wait for his route and see for yourself. ^_^

Anonymous said:

this is the anon that asked about the title and wow i am impressed. i find titles so hard to come up with because you have to encompass a whole story in just like a couple of words. wilder seems a perfect title due to the believed ‘wild’ nature of most djinn, and how they cause mc to become wild too, therefore using the archaic meaning of the word. i am a big language nerd so i’m just super into this stuff. glad you’re back on track with the game too, and i’ll be waiting patiently for release!

Oh, believe me, you’re not alone in struggling with titles. For a long time in development, Wilder was not the title I had in mind. I had to change it unexpectedly and ended up polling some friends and family on a few potential new titles. Wilder was the clear winner.

And thank you! ^_^

Anonymous said:

Did the MC ever have a silly nickname for Bahadur when they were younger? That’d be so cute!!! ^///^

At first, she found it difficult (or perhaps just too troublesome) to say Bahadur’s full name, so instead she would call him Baha. As she got older, it was no longer appropriate to call him by a nickname, so she stopped. Although sometimes, when the two of them are alone and the mood is sufficiently casual, she will fall back into old habits.

(More spoiler-y asks/answers below the cut…)

Keep reading


I just really wanted to say thank you guys…
… Like for every person that keeps the conversations going on Social media. Its just me managing all these things, I do adore all of you.
Thank you for all the opinions and comments, the “White Knighting” 😉 LUL even you trolls are pretty darn funny. I laugh -alot- reading the comments.
I offer you to join me live, its where I can read all the things, thats why I try to funnel things onto so I can talk with you for real. But seriously you all here, make my pages fun weird and interesting when I am not able to get back to everyone. You’re great entertainment and ALOT of really sweet nice people hopefully future friends. Just thank you for all the conversations and comments. Thank you for keeping me posting :D You make the social media hobby fun and enjoyable and I promise I will do my best to pay your kindness forward best as I can :)

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So I’ve been watching those videos where Jongup, Youngjae and Himchan are playing Overwatch in a sort of tournament against three guys from Teen Top and I just need a minute because…

Because Himchan won the MVP prize (a freaking PS4) because he was mostly there for the fun, managed to end up winning some rounds despite being a total beginner, got everyone to cheer for him and got adopted by Teen Top and all that just by being super chill and nice and smiling and just his loveable self when he came to the thing mostly for the free food.


Himchan y’all

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Your art is wonderful, keep posting them sketches as theyre amazing to see ^^

Originally posted by ripndipcl

Everyone has been so supportive.. I didn’t think people would actually send me nice and adorable messages when I made that post. I just genuinely wanted to apologise for the spam! I have gone from one drawing a week to maybe 4 a day. And I post almost every one ;A;

But thank you all for you adorable messages, asks and replies. You all made a grown ass woman cry. Thank you ♥

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Hey there ! I love your arts, this is kinda why I follow you, to get a daily warm feels into the hearts (like any on there nuh ?) But something's bugging me: I love the fact about all these peoples telling you how we love you and how you're adorable, but WHY TELL IT AS ANON ? I mean, shouldn't we be proud to say that we love you, your work etc ... ? I mean, I LOVE YOU , and I'm proud to being able to say it '-'


(PSA: Don’t feel intimidated to talk to me off-Anon sdklghk I’m just an ordinary bean)


Jen P on Instagram: We got to meet the Doctor today. He’s the nicest man. Took such a liking to little man who was dressed like him sonic screwdriver and all. #doctorwhofan #12thdoctor #doctorwhokids #whovian4life #petercapaldi

One of the most adorable photo ops I’ve seen so far with Peter has to be this, especially with the family’s little boy. I cropped it to just the two of them, but only as long as the original of the owner’s photo is posted with it.