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I loved your think piece on Laura, it's set precisely around the fandom that is supposed to be built upon her, which is not to excuse her shit, and I hope fandom realises that quick because even Emily Browning and Bryan Fuller have said that this episode was only meant to show us her road while not to empathise with her, just to understand where she is coming from but that in the end she's just a really really shitty person, who might not even get redemption fo rhwat she did.

Thank you! It was something that I felt, and I had to talk about it. I knew I couldn’t have been the only one seeing this. I know I wasn’t the only one feeling uncomfortable here.

But that’s the issue - the fandom’s desire to overly empathize with her. We can’t even put this on the writers or even the actors. The writers may have included some troubling things in this show, but they did really well in not trying to make the audience forget who Laura is and what she’s done. They didn’t attempt to make her actions okay, not even in the narrative. In this case, we can’t blame The Powers that Be for what the fandom is doing. Which brings me to my next point.

We’ve all been in those fandoms where there could be White characters who have done horrible things and they don’t feel any remorse for the things that they’ve done. Yet, the fandom still finds a way to infantilize these characters. The fandoms finds a way to overly empathize with these downright, horrible White characters. In theory, that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with empathizing with them. The problem lies in the fact that the fandom usually takes that into a completely different direction. The fandom goes down this road of rewriting canon mythology and facts; the fandom has a tendency of employing this revisionist history in regards to their horrible White fave. It could be plain as day that there’s no logical reason for this character to have done this one thing (or multiple things) and there’s nothing that could justify their actions, but the fandom will still find a way to make it so. 

My issue doesn’t lie with Laura. What you see is what you get. I don’t hate her. She’s interesting, but I don’t like her.  My problem just lies in what she symbolizes, and the fandom’s response to her is a great example of that symbolism. Just think about how many fans are quick to jump to her defense against other fans who rightfully dislike her. I saw people in her tag ready to defend her before her episode even aired. I saw people talk about the fact that they were ready to block people who disliked Laura before her episode even aired. Before the audience really got to know Laura, people were already willing to defend her. Before she even needed a ‘defense squad’, there was a defense squad. Figuratively, that’s what it was. The only reason that was even a thing is because she’s a White woman, and that’s the symbolism that makes me uncomfortable. 

I’m not telling anyone that they can’t like her; I’m not saying that at all. Everyone’s free to like her; it’s none of my business. But I’m also saying you need to understand why she makes some fans uncomfortable. And it’s deeper than the go-to reason of misogyny. Sometimes, female characters are just unlikable. We can chalk that up to bad writing, but the point still stands.

On this blog we Love and Appreciate Laura Moon for being a complex character!!

She made bad, ugly choices. Choices that hurt the people she loved. She wasn’t someone perfect or always good. But she has a second chance now to protect and love Shadow in a way she didn’t when she was alive, and she’s a BADASS and I love her!!!! She’s EXPLICITLY suicidal in the show, has difficulty forming close relationships, being emotionally vulnerable and YES, she is manipulative and unkind as a result. But now she’s!! Changed. Literally resurrected!! She’s alone and she has nothing now, but Shadow, and she’s going to be better and protect him and fight for him!!!

Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.
—  Philippians 2:9-11 (NKJV)

That moment when you find a Steven Universe criticism blog and get really excited to see what new and thought-provoking ideas it will bring to light so you can think about your favorite TV show in a new and more analytical way, and all the “criticisms” are just:

“I headcanon that Lars is trans. Lars is a jerk. Therefore, Steven Universe is transphobic and provides horrible representation for children, the show should be critically panned, and if you like anything past Gem Harvest you’re just desperate for representation lol.”

“I headcanon that Peridot is autistic. I don’t like Peridot. Therefore, Steven Universe is ableistic and neurotypical and provides horrible representation for children, the show should be critically panned, and also my dog pooped on the floor today so let’s hope the crewniverse dies in a fire.”

“Villains are written as characters and not one dimensional vessels of the plot? Crucify Rebecca Sugar right now.”

“The new episode had pink. I hate pink. End this show.”

….. guys. 

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Who is Jin actually though

Jin is life.