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dammit, your heart is 2 sizes too small! Santa's gonna put u on the naught list >:c what about watching A Festive Day in the Life of Dan and Phil! ???

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Do you think the meeting in ep2 was the first time Karen and Frank have met up since the rooftop scene in dd's finale? I'm a greedy hoe..but idk I was expecting them to discuss stuff more if it was their first meeting since? Idk I'm pretty damn well pleased with the season otherwise (I LOVE ALL THE NEW LADIES OMFG)

Yes, I do! I kind of expected them to discuss more as well, but I think the reasoning for neither of them doing that beyond “Where have you been?” “I had business, Karen. I had to finish.” “And you finished it?” is also found in the dialogue of this episode and the 5th.

K: When am I gonna see you again?
F: You wanna?


K: Because I look at you and my heart breaks because all I can see is this endless, echoing loneliness.
F: I’m not lonely, Karen, please.
K: Bullshit, we are all lonely. I sometimes think that that is all that life is, we’re just- we’re just fighting not to be alone.

For Frank, I think that even after Karen’s warm reception of him he’s wary of being a presence in her life again, wary of bringing her more stress and heartache from the attachment they’ve formed. Her wanting to see him again is definitely a shock, I think very much so because how shows back up for help and not just as social call. That should be off-putting – but it isn’t for Karen when it means she gets to see him again. That might just be more reason for him to keep that wall up of not lingering, not acting like they’re two friends catching up.

For Karen, it’s that loneliness. To discuss what he’s missed is to discuss the awkward tension and grief of secrets, loss, and drifting family/friendships. She doesn’t volunteer any information or seem expectant of him returning the hesitant asking because she knows he’s not here for that normalcy of a friendship, either. Maybe that’s almost a relief? It’s there in the hug she almost leaps up from the couch to give – she’s just glad he’s here, physically, alive. They don’t need to catch up on details missed with his care and concern so evidence.


i dont know how to say this politely but i felt like ragnarok was lokis true sluttiness erasure because two of his kids were in it but were misattributed as “his sister” and “her giant wolf pet”….. like….. let loki have a wolf baby ……… its okay. its 2016. its time.

So, my family is going to go see The Justice League movies tonight, and all three of my brothers, my sister, and my mom have all come into my room asking to borrow some of my Batman merch…

my time has come

I’m rewatching the first episode of Stranger Things and I’m like damn, the Byerses used to have a dog!  I can’t remember seeing the dog in Stranger Things 2, did something happen to it in season one and I’ve forgotten?  Or did it just disappear between seasons?

and then I was like “They got Bob”

and I was like “Oh yeah.”

being trans and chubby is so hard especially when you don’t have the will to get out of bed in the morning so therefore ever losing weight feels impossible

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but honestly on an unrelated note, I'm late on Stranger Things 2 but Hopper vs Eleven had me SO emotional like, wow I can't believe they invented a true father/daughter relationship

honestly i am still crying about this like the second they showed eleven in that house with him i was waterworks and the fuckngfdg BRACELET HE GAVE HER !!!!!!! from his daughter i am,,, truly i am not over this and never will be

so i just finished the battlefront 2 campaign and……………… (spoilers)

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Could we see more of the actor au because it's adorable? (maybe behind the scenes or some snapchats or something because that would be really funny)