they are all even transparent

ar is bustin through your dash to remind you that trying to have sex with genocidal androids is generally not a good idea

Oh my god jabOODY I AM IN AWE, :O I can’t believe the detail in this right down to Dirk’s clothes!!!! (and that precious glow stick, poor bby didn’t know what it was getting into) and hoT DAMN AR is a scary motherfuk, that is exactly why you don’t flirt with killing machines, this is the best thing I’ve seen all day, let me just. Sit here and admire your top tier art skills forever~<3

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an anon asked for transparent heads of the dr3 cast. couldn’t find the energy to finish them all but have these five for now!!

free to use no credit needed

I continue to see clearao domestic art where Clear still wears his dead grandfathers lab coat. Do you really think Aoba wouldn’t have dragged him down into fashion hell already 

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I just remember last season when people speculated that Clarke would be the next Commander, the argument was always "she's not a nightblood". Well, now she is. And they assured that no one else after her will be. And 4.12 is called "The Chosen". It's all just kind of transparent. And it's not even like I have a problem with leader Clarke. She's ultimately been in that position all series. But it never came off like she was an object of worship. And it's starting to feel that way now.

Yeah, you know what? Last season, I thought that Clarke would become commander. And Bellamy would become chancellor.

This season, I don’t think so.

She’s a nightblood. Okay.  “You were born for this.” Okay. “The Chosen.” Okay.

You say transparent.

It’s feeling actually rather obvious to me, as in, misleading. As in sleight of hand. They’re waving Clarke as nightblood waving the flame in front of us and pulling off some sort of switcheroo while we’re distracted with the commander references.

Because while it does seem kind of heavy handed with those references, the narrative and character development is going directly AWAY from this possibility. Clarke herself is choosing to be unlike Lxa, she’s choosing to be one of the people, taking on their risks. Characters like Murphy and Luna are pointing out the negatives of that path. Which would have led to Emori’s torture… even though Clarke and EVERYBODY knew it was the wrong thing to do. 

The kind of person who is anointed by god (or the flame) to be the leader, does things because she is heda and makes these decisions without regard for those below her. She’s not doing this. And it’s VERY important that she doesn’t do this, because becoming the kind of leader who does the right thing has been her main journey for the whole show. Kind of the POINT. 

And then there’s also the fact that the flame makes the commander of the grounder tribes, the coalition is made to keep the many tribes from warring. And the apocalypse is coming. There will be no more tribes. There will only be one. Survivors. So when the fandom is freaking out about Clarke becoming the commander of the grounders and replaying L’s leadership, they are forgetting that the entire system that made that possible is going to be gone.

Whatever happens, Clarke is going to be the leader. Or A leader. I’m pretty sure she’s made it through some big character growth points that are going to make sure that she is not repeating past mistakes. She’s not going to lead like Jaha, or Dante, or Lxa. All three of those societies were destroyed by their leadership and ruthlessness. No Ark. No Mount Weather. Soon to be no Polis. If she wants to make sure humanity deserves to survive, she’s going to need to do what is right, work with her people, and lean on the people (or person) who balance her out.

We’re looking to build something NEW, something that rises from the ashes of what was destroyed, but is NOT the same. This means she will NOT just take the flame and become the commander. That world is gone. 

I just can’t get excited about that Clarke/flame/commander speculation. Neither can I get upset by it. It doesn’t follow the story. I’m going to wait and see what OTHER things “The Chosen” means. Certainly Clarke is chosen, but for what? And who else is chosen? There are lots of choices to be made. And in a whole show that is about apocalypse and salvation, I’m going to keep my idea on this concept for all the characters, not just one.

God imagine if you people were all on twitter it would be even more transparent that yr arguments are abt nothing. But there would still be arguments abt how nothing the nothing is



Oyasumi Punpun´s pixels

Hey! I made some Oyasumi Punpun´s pixels, so feel free to use them, all of them are transparents. Even the holes in Punpun´s head are transparent. 


 If you want some other pixels of Oyasumi Punpun, feel free to ask me for them too! 

REUPLOADED: I fixed some mistakes with the transparency of the pixels, NOW they work properly and please don´t repost them


I noticed that the DR wiki has updated a lot of things, but these two are the most important to me. It’s nice to have the birthdays for the month available on the side.

And I’m all for Umi/DR crossover stuff, even if it’s just transparents standing next to each other.