they are all even transparent


an anon asked for transparent heads of the dr3 cast. couldn’t find the energy to finish them all but have these five for now!!

free to use no credit needed

Sort of interest check.

Would anybody be interested in purchasing this design? I would prefer USD, but I might also accept FlightRising currency.

You’ll receive the full size image (6279 x 5271 pixels), as well as all images used in the ref sheet separately (all transparent). Will even add shading if the offer’s high enough.

Okay this is (probably) the last thing I’m gonna say about this so:

Tyler Posey has teased about his sexuality multiple times in the past. Either he’s extremely comfortable in his masculinity and isn’t afraid to speak up about finding other men attractive, or he really isn’t straight. That’s honestly none of my business and it’s up to him to decide what to do with it.

If what he said on Snapchat was in fact a joke, it wouldn’t be a funny one. Posey is known for his weird sense of humor and no filter, so sometimes things he meant jokingly don’t come across like that. But I will also not stand for people already villainizing him for this when he hasn’t spoken up on the subject himself, even if his PR team or whatever did. The only peron who can be 100% sure about whether it was a joke or not is Tyler himself.

You’re all honestly so fucking transparent jumping on a neurodivergent brown man (that is if ADHD is considerend neurodivergent? Please correct me if I’m wrong) suffering from depression when your white faves can basically get away with murder and y’all will still stan them.

Again, if this was a joke, you won’t catch me crawling up his butthole worshipping him and ignoring what he did. But I want every single one of you to look at how you’re treating a man of color for doing a relatively minor fuck up (again, if this was a joke it isn’t okay to joke about it. Coming out is hard, trust me, I know. And it shouldn’t be joked about) and then look at all your white faves and what they get away with. And I want you to really re-evaluate your life and your choices if you’re ready to lynch Tyler for this but still stan people like Holland Roden, Colton Haynes, Ian Bohen, Matt Damon, Johnny Depp, etc.

To my fellow Richonners

Please avoid NaughtyNicky’s stories on A03 she does this with a purpose to piss us off and to get a higher read count to make it seem like she has pople interested in her anti, hateful Michonne stories we all know that she is very transparent about her racism even though first things she cries out is that she is not a racist after comes for her about how she depicts Michonne. She baits every reader in the Rick/Michonne tag and it just shows that she is a sad lonely, miserable person who probably was left for a beautiful dark WOC Please reblog to get the word out don’t waste your time or breathe

don’t you just love that lesbian positive posts are made and shared ONLY by lesbians, except when people just NEED to tear down and criticize what is clearly a joke. y'all are so transparent with your lesbophobia its not even subtle.