they are all even transparent

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I don't know if it's been discussed already but since it seems we're going to have an impromptu ziam night. Isn't it funny how Liam captioned one of his Instagram pics by saying "first up, last home" as if someone else is at home with him waiting for him and staying behind. Is also funny how his "gf" is thousands of miles away from him. And this is the first time he implied he wasn't alone since he's landed in the states and coincidentally his former bandmate happens to be in the same city.

open ur front door im here to fight… how dare u remind me of the first up last home im emotional now… and sigh lets not even get into the recent mess.. its all so transparent and i cant believe people are buying into this… a mess.

ar is bustin through your dash to remind you that trying to have sex with genocidal androids is generally not a good idea

Oh my god jabOODY I AM IN AWE, :O I can’t believe the detail in this right down to Dirk’s clothes!!!! (and that precious glow stick, poor bby didn’t know what it was getting into) and hoT DAMN AR is a scary motherfuk, that is exactly why you don’t flirt with killing machines, this is the best thing I’ve seen all day, let me just. Sit here and admire your top tier art skills forever~<3

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ok even being realistic tho jade is the only other beta kid that rose genuinely shows affection towards, she's honest with jade far more than the boys and readily tries to turn to her for advice despite her pride, rose's entire goth esthetic is to hide how gay she is for sunshine girls

anon i’m sorry if ur coming into my inbox to try and tell me that jade is the only beta kid rose shows affection towards im gonna freak out, rose loves all her friends very much, what version of homestuck did you read. dave is her actual brother and they LITERALLY die for each other in multiple universes

any genuine affection rose shows is hidden behind an EXTREMELY thin veil of like. Snarky Goth Intellectual ™ persona and maybe she has slightly less of a front when talking to jade, because i think jade has that effect on the other kids too but like.. rose loves all her friends and her whole shtick is HILARIOUSLY transparent, even when compared to dave, whose whole Cool Internet Guy thing stands up about as well as wet tissue paper. 

i think rose (and dave) let their guard down around jade, so maybe she is a little bit more honest about herself when talking to her (again, same w/ dave) but to say jade is the only other kid rose shows Genuine Affection towards is evil and it’s against everything i stand for

i should stop posting everything so late at night

I continue to see clearao domestic art where Clear still wears his dead grandfathers lab coat. Do you really think Aoba wouldn’t have dragged him down into fashion hell already 


an anon asked for transparent heads of the dr3 cast. couldn’t find the energy to finish them all but have these five for now!!

free to use no credit needed

Oyasumi Punpun´s pixels

Hey! I made some Oyasumi Punpun´s pixels, so feel free to use them, all of them are transparents. Even the holes in Punpun´s head are transparent. 


 If you want some other pixels of Oyasumi Punpun, feel free to ask me for them too! 

REUPLOADED: I fixed some mistakes with the transparency of the pixels, NOW they work properly and please don´t repost them