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Fic: Wednesday’s Child (1/?)

Title: Wednesday’s Child
Summary: The next time Emma Swan wanted magical help, she was on her own. Because now they were stuck with a pint-sized savior who clearly had an attitude problem and a terrified but pretending not to be pre-pirate.
Spoilers: If you’re current, we’re good.
Rating/Warning: PG-13, mostly for safety. Family angst/fluff, as per usual.
Disclaimer: Once Upon a Time and its characters were created by Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and are owned by ABC. I’m just borrowing them but I’ll put them back when I’m finished!
Author’s Note: I know, I know, this trope has been done a million and one times but it’s always fun, yes? I’m already having a boatload of fun with this idea, so hopefully you will, too! Even though it may not seem like it at first blush, there will be plenty of Charming Family interaction in this piece. Feedback is a writer’s ice cream sundae! Enjoy. :)


At and below.


“Maybe this was a dumb idea.”

A mildly exasperated Regina Mills gave a slight roll of her eyes. Similar statements had fallen from Emma Swan’s lips a few times during the course of the morning, which was both vaguely frustrating and somewhat concerning.

Emma wasn’t usually so indecisive. On the other hand, she’d never before set her sights on accomplishing something so magically ambitious. A little uncertainty was to be expected in this case, Regina supposed.

A lesson Regina had learned throughout the morning was that if she didn’t quell Emma’s doubts quickly, she would have a cranky sheriff on her hands. And she did not want a cranky sheriff on her hands because a cranky sheriff would just as quickly lead to a cranky queen. “It’s not a dumb idea,” she assured Emma somewhat offhandedly. Her own attention was focused on rummaging through the trunk in her vault in an effort to find something – anything – that would help them. “Challenging, yes. A bit too sentimental, probably, but not dumb.”

Emma shot her head up from the book she’d been paging through, her eyes wide in concern. “You think it’s too sentimental?”

From his position next to his wife, Killian Jones shot Regina a warning glare. Her eye-roll reflex on overdrive, Regina huffed, “Well, of course I think it’s too sentimental but the gift isn’t for me, is it? It’s for your parents, who should own stock in Hallmark if they don’t already. Sentimental is basically your mother’s middle name. They’re going to adore it.”

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Reunited at Last (Part I)

@regalhoodie17 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There is more to this, I’m still working on it. I’m afraid I finally decided on a good direction for this story…last night. But there’s more coming and coming soon. 

I hope you enjoy! 

Regina Mills had a very mediocre life. Everyday was the same routine. She woke up at dawn, had breakfast and then dressed for the day. Regina would then drive over to the large building right by the docks, park her car and get in line with all the other drones waiting to clock in. Once she punched in, she would put on her apron and gloves before taking her place on the line. Then it was eight hours of filling cans with fish meat before sending them down the line to be sealed and labeled. It was mindless work and killed her feet, even standing around in sneakers. She had two breaks–one in the morning for coffee and then one in the afternoon for lunch. Neither were particularly long and the farthest she could go was outside to sit on the docks to watch the ships in the harbor.

When the final whistle blew, she would take off her apron and throw out the gloves she had been using before getting in line to clock out. She would climb in her car, go home and make dinner. After a couple hours of TV or reading, she would then fall asleep to prepare to do it all over again.

It wasn’t an exciting life, she knew, but it was the best she could do at the moment. There had been precious few opportunities for an orphan like her, abandoned by a mother who then left town to live a life free of the burden of being an unwed mother and who left no clue as to who Regina’s father might’ve been. Regina was raised and educated by the sisters who ran the orphanage and while she excelled at her studies, it still wasn’t enough to get her a scholarship to college. She had taken the job at the cannery in hopes of saving enough money to move away from Storybrooke, go to school and become so much more than an orphaned drone.

Yet almost two decades later, Regina had long abandoned that dream. Instead, she found a new one. She spent weekends working on new recipes and baking different pastries and cakes in her house. And she had found the perfect little storefront for a bakery. She “borrowed” books about businesses from the library (technically, she guessed one would say she stole them since the library had been closed for years and she had to pick the lock to get the books) and put together what she believed to be a practical business plan to present to the bank and Town Hall.

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Title: Masterchef Storybrooke - Episode Four

Summary: Rumbelle Masterchef AU - After winning the Mystery Box Challenge, Belle learns of her advantages in the Masterchef pantry and uses one of them to “handicap” one of her opponents for the Elimination Challenge. 

Rating: PG-13 (smutty fun times will come.)

Note: This is the beginning of the two dorks little love story.  ❤ ❤ ❤ I hope @ripperblackstaff and everyone else likes this chapter. Happy reading!

Links to the full verse [ao3 link]

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three

In the back of the Masterchef pantry (Now clean from the contestants earlier ransacking.) the three judges stand behind a counter with two silver domes resting on the counter-top before them. Belle awaits anxiously to see what’s underneath the domes. This is the first time she’s ever had the chance to take control over the game.

“Welcome to the Masterchef pantry,” David Nolan greets her.

“Thank you, sir,” she nods with a luminescent smile stretched upon her face.

“Here, is where the game can change for anyone and you will be the person that changes it,” David adds.

“For your first advantage, you do not have to cook in the Elimination Challenge,” Chef Graham announces. “Which automatically skyrockets you into the top six.”

Belle stands feeling euphoric in this moment, unsure of what to do with her excited hands, so she slips them into the pockets of her skirt.

“In today’s Elimination Challenge, everyone will cook with the same ingredient,” Regina states. “Except for one of them.”

“That’s right,” Graham adds with a nod. “You get to single out one of your opponents and make them cook with an entirely different ingredient. Which could either make them or break them.”

“There are restrictions to the choices under these domes.” Regina continues the announcement. “One of these choices has a shorter cooking time than the other. So whoever you single out will have more or less cooking time than the rest…. Are you ready to see your choices?”  

“Yes, chef!” Belle replies and Regina lifts the first silver dome.

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Bad with titles

For you bnaz I’m the anon :)

Regina paced back and forth along the wet forest ground, her black boots slipping on the moist grass from the early afternoon rainfall. It was now about 2:30, henry was in school so Regina thought this to be the perfect time to try. She took a deep breath, exhaling a fog of air into the cold atmosphere around her. “Why wasn’t it me?” she thought clutching the dagger that once belonged to the most evil man she ever knew. “It was supposed to be me.” The brunette had not yet accepted what had happened, she couldn’t. Emma had sacrificed herself for Regina in a way Robin never could and she would forever be in her debt for that. But, alas she couldn’t help but be angry with her, how could she be so stupid as to allow herself to become the dark one? Firmly grasping the dagger in her gloved hands the brunette uttered those five simple words. “Dark one I summon thee.” She waited a few moments, looking in all directions for the blonde but unable to see her anywhere. “Come on, Emma.”  Regina sighed realizing it hadn’t worked so she tried again. “Dark one I summon thee.” Just as it was before Emma was nowhere to be found and the mayor gave up hope. Regina began tucking the dagger away when a familiar voice sounded behind her.

“Hey, Regina.” The brunette jumped turning in Emma’s direction, her face lighting up,

“Emma Hi, h- how are you?” she asked fidgeting with the dagger in her hands.

“Fine?….Good? I don’t really know how I should be feeling. Do you need something, I mean you summoned me for a reason, Regina. What do you need?”

“Nothing, well something but nothing I need your help with.” She replied, looking over Emma’s clothes the ones she wore the last time she saw her. “Henry misses you, he’s spent every moment he can trying to figure out a way to save you.”

“Yeah, that kid is determined.” She chuckled looking down at her feet. “Well, if you don’t need me I should-“

“Wait!” Regina shouted cutting her off “I- I never got to properly thank you for what you did. So, thank you.”

Emma shrugged “It’s fine, Regina it’s not a big deal at least I don’t look like Rumple, that’s a plus.” She smiled, her normally vibrant eyes dull and lifeless.

Regina nodded “Yes, I suppose that is a plus.” Her brown eyes trickled down Emma’s form and moved to her own hands. Gazing upon the dagger that read ‘Emma swan’ “Emma, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Why did you sacrifice yourself for me?”

“It just seemed like the right thing to do there was no real reason behind it except I’m a….was, a hero.”

Regina shook her head advancing towards her “Don’t you dare give me that, there is a reason you saved me, Emma.” Her words were sharp and angry out of nowhere.  “I have spent weeks trying to figure out why you would save me. It was supposed to be me, not you. And I have to look at myself every day and see that.” Her eyes began to well so she turned away, wiping her tears. “You owe me at least an explanation.

“I don’t have one, Regina it was the right thing to do that’s it.” The blonde tucked some hair behind her ear looking down at her feet.

“Fine, Emma, just fine.” Regina turned on her heels and began to walk away when she heard Emma step toward her.


Regina turned around as Emma took a deep breath their bodies almost close enough to touch.

“I saved you, Regina because I couldn’t live with myself knowing I could have done something and didn’t. I couldn’t let all you’ve worked for, go down the tubes. And despite what I said and feel for hook, for some reason it’s stronger with you, so to answer your question I saved you because-“

Regina cut her off, pulling her into her lips, “what am I doing?” she thought, kissing her slowly, allowing their lips to fit together like puzzle pieces. It was as if they could anticipate each other’s every move like they were meant to do this. Emma pulled away after a few moments, her eyes filled with tears.

“Emma, what’s wrong?” Regina asked a worried yet optimistic smile on her face.

“I’m the dark one.” Emma said swallowing hard, “And this can’t happen.” She disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving Regina alone, and cold even more broken than when she arrived. The brunette reached up and wiped a single tear that ran down her cheek, gazing down with watery eyes to the dagger that lay in her palms. The brunette took a deep breath and lifted her head whispering those five simple words.

“I love you too, Emma.”

Half of My Heart

Fair warning: SPOILERS! Spoilers and speculation everywhere!

This season is promising. I expect things will happen or come to light. *Snorts


The oracle is actually Jafar. The red bird tipped me off. That’s Iago. The oracle also has the staff that Jafar operates. And that means it’s very likely that Jafar killed the oracle and is impersonating her. Which means he and Hyde are working together. 

The oracle/ Jafar is lying to Emma. The sword fight she’s seeing is something other than what she’s been led to believe. People have speculated it’s actually Regina’s sword fight. Which means it could likely end in Regina’s death, not Emma’s.The thing though is that I don’t think halves can die, unless you kill both of them. Or maybe unless both halves want the same one to die.  It’s why when Regina killed the Evil Queen it didn’t work, because Regina didn’t really want to kill the Evil Queen. And the Evil Queen didn’t want to die. It’s also why Hyde seems invincible. I’ve never seen anyone not be incinerated by Regina’s fireballs directed at them.

I also think that if this vision Emma is having is real, there’s a good reason for it. For instance, I think Emma’s greatest villain is herself. Someone has said it and it’s something Regina has said as well. 

Right now I think she’s her own greatest enemy. She works well with her family. Yet she’s lying to all of them about what’s going on. And she’s lying to Hook. Not so much fun is it, Hook, when you’re the one being lied to. You know it’s happening because you’re the expert. Yet you can’t stop it. I think that will be her undoing. Just like it almost was in season 5. She almost lost her entire family because she didn’t trust them to help her. Now she’s repeating her mistakes.

I also think that Emma’s original villain was always Regina, supposed to be Regina. The villains usually become the saviors’ undoing. The difference is that Emma and Regina beat fate by becoming friends instead, protecting each other instead of trying to kill each other. They became each other’s savior. For Regina’s part it seems her fate to lose her true love over and over again. It’s a cycle I’m crossing my fingers she’ll break this season. I expect her to once again beat fate. She wasn’t able to with Daniel, nor Robin nor Henry. If it hadn’t been for Emma’s true love’s kiss she would have lost Henry too. And not because she didn’t love him.

How I’d write it is I’d have her break the cycle with Emma. Have her come full circle from the time of Daniel’s death and use her wisdom and the love she feels for Emma to save her. This all hinges on the oracle being right and that the battle Emma is seeing is her own, her own death. The oracle says she will die. So if she’s right then Emma will. I expect Regina to get Emma back to not give up on this love. To not just take the loss sitting down. But to fight, as Emma told her once, to not give up. She’s so good at holding on, to grudges, to anger, I expect her to use that and hold onto Emma.

In Smallville when Lois started dating Clark and her dad found out, he ordered his daughter to leave Clark. Only she didn’t. She stood up to him, fought for their love. Her dad told her afterwards that that’s how he knew Clark was the one for her, the one she truly loved because with all her past boyfriends she’d let them go when her father told her to. Not with Clark.

In The Princess Bride Buttercup immediately believes that her stable boy is dead even though he told her himself that true loves are only separated for a little while. But she didn’t believe their love could last.

In Lost Girl one of the Fae died from coffee allergy and then Dyson, I think, brought her back, by knocking on her chest. It turned out she had a second heart, so when the first one stopped beating all you had to do was kick the second one into gear.

So Regina’s biggest problem has been her lack of faith, of hope, of belief. It’s interesting because when it comes to Emma she has all of these. When it comes to herself though…How I’d write it is for the oracle’s prediction to be true and when Emma dies for that to be both their test. For Emma trusting another person fully, allowing herself to be completely vulnerable with them. Because so far we’ve seen Regina trust Emma implicitly, yet on some level I don’t think Emma allowed her the same courtesy of that unshakable belief and trust. 

For Regina to fully believe that love will find away. To believe in the possibility of her own happy ending, which Emma is a part of. That something or someone lost can be found again or return to you, if you just believe. This time she has a kind of love that truly seems to transcend. And she has the knowledge, the understanding of how to rip out a heart, but also to split one and share it with someone else. I’d have Emma die, have the sword kill Emma almost instantly…or not. But maybe in the moment everyone will freeze. No one will know what to do. 

Since Regina isn’t there it’s also possible that if this fight is really Emma’s that Regina truly isn’t there to help. To heal her when she gets hurt. It’s entirely possible she only gets there once Emma’s heart has given out. Since Emma’s tangible villain is Regina, I’m guessing that it will be the Evil Queen who kills her. The reason why she’s seeing a phantom is because once again her death will be the result of her own actions so it’s a metaphor. And because her subconscious can’t handle the idea of any incarnation of Regina wanting to kill her. Not now that they’re friends. Not now that she loves her.

Emma’s survival will hinge on Regina’s belief, in herself, in her ability to love, in them. I would expect her to cry over Emma, then adamantly refuse to let Emma stay dead. She’ll come up with the idea of a heart split. Or someone else will. Snow or Hook. She’ll do it with Hook’s heart given he’s supposed to be Emma’s true love. But it won’t work. Snow and Charming won’t be able to because they’re already living on half a heart each. Then Henry will offer up his. And she won’t want to do it because if there’s something these two moms agree on it’s to never put their son’s life in danger. 

Then she’ll realize that there’s someone else that loves Emma. Her. By now Emma’s been dead for more than a couple of minutes and like Ruby she’s unsure so she doesn’t know whether it will work. But she tries anyway. Because, faith, belief, hope. And then…it works. And it will open the door for Emma and Regina to admit what they are to each other in words, whole sentences even. If those fail them I wouldn’t be against them starting with non-verbal admissions. I mean, I’m not a hard person to please. Really.


I wonder what they’ll do with Emma’s dead heart. I mean, would Regina have to turn that one to dust first to truly drive the belief in their love home? Her belief in the success of the heart split? Seems like a reasonable thing. Will it not work at first and then she’ll look at Emma’s heart and realize that she has to destroy that one first? Or will it turn to dust on its own once it’s first replaced by Hook’s heart?

Either way, with this turn of events Regina will be both Emma’s villain, her undoing, and her savior. They will have come full-circle.When it comes to both of their stories. The savior putting her trust in someone else, being the one being saved for a change. And by the former villain, no less. And Regina finding what she lost again. Having it returned to her. Her true love. This time, Emma. 

She was right, her story did hit a standstill when she enacted the curse and lost Emma. It only started moving again once she Emma returned to her. Only she never had Emma back. It would be like Charming finding the Snow that didn’t remember him, that didn’t want him, that didn’t love him. That had rejected the pain of her past and with it had rejected herself. These two have had a hard path. And like with Snow and Charming, it’s time for Emma and Regina to accept the pain of their past, to accept themselves and each other and how they feel. To finally, truly find each other.

Anyway, I’m ready for this season. Bring. it. on.