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@squigglegigs is so gentle and everything she does is so soft :”) 


(170115 SEVENTEEN Fansign Fan Account) 
A fan asked some of the Seventeen members to write a heart-warming message to Vernon who just turned 20 years old (Korean age)~


Joshua: Vernon I love you my brother from another mother ♡
Hoshi: Just follow hyung~
Jun: Hansol-ah, do your best in your 20s.
Dino: Congrats.
The8: Lets play together~
Wonwoo: History book (T/N: according to the fan, wonwoo really wants him to read a history book… but hansol only reads books that are in english..

TRANS © v-hansolchoi | take out with full credits please.
original source: © Letters to Romeo

Modern witches who keep their potions in empty water bottles and tupperware with their purpose scrawled on them in sharpie. Witches who buy cute little bottles from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s so that their potion cabinet will look cute. Witches who’s spell books are messy, thoughtless, scribbled in notebooks with like five different pen colors on one page bc they kept losing their pen, ironically while writing a pen finding spell. Witches who brew potions in hello kitty tea kettles and pikachu pots. Witches who have spells in the notes folder of their phone, and who enchant their phones and wallets so they won’t lose them. Just give me all the cute, modern witches. Give me all of them.

tag game

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rules: answer questions, ask some of your own, and tag ten people!

1.) Sunsets or sunrise?

As big of a night owl I am, sunsets make me feel like I’ve wasted my day doing nothing good enough so I prefer sunrises :^)

2.) What’s your morning routine like?

I gotta wake up at 5:30 AM on weekdays, then get dressed and brush my hair by 5:45 AM, I eat breakfast ‘till around 6:10 AM then by 6:20 AM I get out of the house and try not to miss my bus to school 

On weekends tho it’s always different I hate routine so I really just do what I want when I don’t have anything going on hah

3.) Favorite animal?

mm prolly the shiba inu or any hamster really

4.) What hobbies do you have?

I draw a fuck ton and dabble in animation, but I also collect weird lookin’ glasses for no particular reason really

5.) Favorite music genre?

fuckin uuuuhhh I was always partial to alternative tbh, mainly because that’s what I grew up listening to because of my dad, uncle, and older sis

6.) Do you know any cool tricks?

bruh the only “trick” I know is that when you have a hole-punched paper in a binder and it gets torn out, just tape over the broken holes and then hole-punch the tape so that you can put the paper back in the binder

7.) Pepsi, Coke, or water?

WATER, I’ve sworn off the majority of sodas after I got dehydrated and stuck with a fever of 104 F in the 5th grade from drinking too much soda and not enough water

8.) So you have any unfinished projects?

yeah bro I got a shit ton, here’s a few:

These have been sitting in my WIP folder for forever lmaoaooaoao

9.) Who inspires you?

I got a LOT of artists I admire so much

to name a few, I’m hella in love with zukich’s art style, hehearse’s lines, everything about tetratheripper’s art, dumb-hats and their soft shading and colors (and also all of their cute witch drawings asdfghjkl) even tho they mainly post on ifunny (dumbhats), smol_jelly (ifunny)/gooey.wounds (insta)’s colors n textures they use in their art like fuck dude it’s all just so pleasing to look at, and clock-heart’s colors n shading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10.) Least favorite food?


My Questions:

1.) Favorite time of day?

2.) Most annoying daily task?

3.) Favorite color pairing?

4.) Have you ever set something on fire?

5.) Something you said today taken out of context?

6.) Any weird habits you have?

7.) Have you ever come close to death before?

8.) Least favorite song?

9.) Digimon or Pokemon?

10.) What are you looking the most forward to in the next 5 years?

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so sorry if y’all have already done this idk if y’all have or not aa

Haikyuu!! fanfic recs


by: someonestolemyshoes (@someone-stole-my-shoes)

Relationships: Kageyama/Hinata

Summary: Kageyama likes little things. Maybe it’s because he’s just so big, or maybe it’s because small is inherently cute or maybe it’s because of some deep evolutionary instinct to squeeze and coddle and protect the tiny but regardless of the reasons, Kageyama just loves little things. Which is fine. What isn’t fine is that Hinata - irksome, noisy, hyperactive Hinata - is little, so little, and Kageyama shouldn’t like him at all because he’s annoying, he’s loud and messy and he never stops, but he is small and Kageyama likes small. Kageyama likes small and, by extension, Kageyama likes Hinata.

Poster’s note: The fluff is overwhelming I died a few times reading this fic. It’s unfinished and hasn’t been updated in about 3 months (*cough cough*) but is most certainly worth the read (warning: Kageyama is an awkward dork but when isn’t he).


by: Yuu_chi

Relationships: Iwaizumi/Oikawa

Summary: Oikawa was always the brave one. Hajime just followed two paces behind.

Poster’s note: So this is a one-shot, but settle down bc it’s over 16k words. It’s really beautiful and is original and heartwarming but also really angsty and yeah this is an awesome fic go read it.


by: Karasuno Volleygays (ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor)

Relationships: Kageyama/Hinata

Summary: When Ennoshita had enough of Kageyama and Hinata being at each other’s throats, he forced them to walk in each other’s shoes. The results were not what he had expected.

Poster’s note: This one-shot is set in Hinata and Kageyama’s second year with Ennoshita as captain. It’s cute and Kageyama attempts to be nice (wat’s wrong w/ u Kags) so it’s pretty enjoyable and the ending is 10/10 haha.

Barks Of Laughter

by: HoneyBeeez (@hijackedhoneybeeez)

Relationships: Kyoutani/Yahaba

Summary: It’s during the aftermath of a pretty tense four-on-four practice match that Yahaba has an eye-opening experience, even though it might not be one he necessarily wants to have, and especially since it deals with one Kyoutani Kentarou.

Poster’s note: This was my first Kyouhaba fic and it is AWESOME. It’s not a getting-together fic and it’s kind of open-ended but I love it and it sold me on the ship. It’s set in Yahaba’s POV and it’s really fuckin’ cute asdfghjkl. Hanamaki and Matsukawa are all-knowing senpais.

All’s Well That Ends Well

by: raesuga

Relationships: Tsukishima/Yamaguchi, Sawamura/Sugawara, Kageyama/Hinata.

Summary: Yamaguchi believes that he can take care himself, but what happens when everything begins to fall apart one by one?

Poster’s note: It’s so goddamn cute and so goddamn angsty my god. Tsukkiyama is the focus of the fic and it’s kinda (very) sad but also adorable. The author doesn’t update very frequently but I mean 90% of fanfiction authors don’t update often so…… It’s so cute tho

What Did I Do…?

by: nightshade_19 (@nightshade–19)

Relationships: Kageyama/Hinata

Summary: Hinata just thinks that Kageyama needs to be more friendly with people. Kageyama is concerned that Hinata is trying to be more than friendly. Really concerned. But what would be so bad about that anyway?

Poster’s note: POOR KAGEYAMA oh my god. This fic is gr8 10/10. It focuses on the development of Kagehina’s relationship and Kageyama’s *ahem* troubles, without giving anything away… Love this fic and it kinda inspired me to write my own terribly angsty fic so yes pls read this one. The character development is amazing as well, which isn’t something that is easy to do <3


by: someonestolemyshoes (@someone-stole-my-shoes)

Relationships: Kageyama/Hinata

Summary: There are a lot of things that make Hinata blush; compliments, and being the butt of friendly jokes, and when his sister calls him Sho in public and when people buy him things and sometimes, when he gets to stroke a really really cute puppy and the list, well, it really does go on forever. Hinata thinks that there are probably too many things to count. But being touched by Kageyama is definitely, absolutely, one-hundred per cent not one of them. (Except it is.)

Poster’s note: Again, the fluff omg. This is a one-shot and honestly I think I’m going to die from this ship one of these days. Srsly read this you won’t regret it.


by: someonestolemyshoes (@someone-stole-my-shoes)

Relationships: Kageyama/Hinata

Summary: "Kageyama is pretty. It’s just a fact, something Hinata has grown accustomed, like how Tsukishima is tall and Suga is nice and Tanaka is loud; Kageyama is pretty. He’s never really questioned it, either, because lots of things are pretty - flowers, and sunsets, and his mum when she wears her hair all sleek and straight and lines her lips in red and the point is, pretty isn’t weird at all. But what is weird, very weird and very not normal and probably very not okay, is the fact that Kageyama is really, really pretty and it makes Hinata want to do things.“

Poster’s note: Calm your dirty minds, this is not a porn fic. BUT THIS IS SO FREAKIN’ CUTE my heart actually constricted and I had a few spasms from the asdfghjkl. someonestolemyshoes is an awesome writer so basically just check them out because I can’t put so many fics on one post :P

I can’t get the image of Hinata in oversized clothes out of my head right now tbh dammit I need some art of it like i NEED AIR help help I’ve been diagnosed w/ Shouyou-deficiency