they are all capable of doing so much good or so much evil

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Hi there! Im a great fan of your works and I hope you will continue to write! Have you read any of Tolkien's books? I dont know how much Tolkien delves into Mairon's character or portrays events from his perspective. In the movies (which I love) there was a black amd white divide between the evil and the good. Do you think Mairon is still capable of mercy and sympathy? Or has he always been evil?

Hi anon! Thanks so much, I’m really glad that you enjoy what I write :3 And I promise that there is more of it coming (eventually) - my life is just super busy at the moment! 

I think my bookshelf screaming under the weight of Tolkien’s works from The Hobbit through to all 12 of the volumes of the Histories of Middle-earth is fairly good evidence that I’ve read his books, and repeatedly! :P So yes, I’ve read extensively, but the nature of Tolkien’s portrayal of Mairon is similar in note to the movies. There’s less ‘literally a flaming eyeball’ and a shade more subtlety, but no, we never get anything from Sauron’s perspective. Mostly there are just scattered mentions of him throughout the texts, though there is more detail in the Histories than in the Silmarillion. But still, it is very narrative driven and impersonal - we never really get inside of Sauron’s head, which I guess is what makes it so fun for me to write about him! 

Was Sauron always evil? This has a canonical answer, and that answer is ‘no’! In the Histories, Tolkien tells of how Mairon (as he was then known) was seduced into Melkor’s service very early on in Arda’s beginning. Mairon was originally a follower of Aulë, one of the other Valar, and there was nothing much evil in him save a desire for order and control. Even those things are not inherently evil, but in Melkor’s service they became so, and so Mairon became corrupted in his service and became the evil that we know him to be. 

Do I think that Mairon is still capable of sympathy and mercy? I’m struggling a bit with sympathy, but mercy: yes, I do. Perhaps more so during the narrative of the Silmarillion than The Lord of the Rings, but maybe the vestige of mercy remains even to the end. But I think that Mairon even under Melkor’s service could be moved to pity occasionally, maybe, in some vague and capricious way. He is not a merciful character, and those mercies would be small, but perhaps certain events could prompt him to act thusly. Personally I find these moments very attractive to write about, and so we see opportunities for Mairon to consider being merciful crop up a lot in my writing. Sometimes he takes them, and softens for a moment; other times he likes to wave at them as they pass by :P 

A bit of a ramble there, anon, but I hope that answers some of your questions! And thanks again! :) 

Sometimes…i feel sad. 

I feel lonely. 

I’m thinking : “I don’t even know if i’m going to do anything useful for the society. All i do now is dreaming. Dreaming about beautiful things, about things that inspire me…yes, only dreaming, which means for most people that i’m useless. 

I think : “I’m not talented. I’m alone. I’m weak.”

“I’m not capable of anything.”

And then…

I think about Steven Universe.

I remember everything about the show…

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All the amazing characters…

the good ones…

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as much as the evil ones…(well, not so evil for some of them)

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I remember all of my favorite moments…

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There are so many, i know i’m forgetting a lot of them here…

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But, anyway, after all this…

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I feel so much better.

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Just by thinking about this show, i know that i’m gonna be okay.

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Thanks to this amazing show, i feel stronger now.

Strong in the real way.

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Thank you Rebecca Sugar, Thank you Crewniverse.