they are all beautiful


Happy Birthday Dulquer Salmaan;
here’s to a very colourful year ahead

Dear Asian girls

I don’t care whether you’re from Kazakhstan or Malaysia, China or India, whether you live in Europe or America or Africa. If someone tells you that you are worth less than them, look them in the eye and laugh.

We have the richest history, the most beautiful art, the least explored history.

We built and destroyed empires, survived war and revolution. We have destroyed stereotypes, created music, lived our lives to the fullest we can with oppression and racism lurking around every corner.

We have the power to over throw the world and change society, and we must not, can not, let the world dim that flame we have inside us. We must shed those western ideals of pale skin, high bridges noses and big eyes.
Our skin represents the way we have can change, a beauty, our noses won’t break so easy in a fist fight, our eyes, keep the sand from entering during a sand storm.
They would have broken, had they faced what we must fight everyday. Asian girls, you are beautiful, do not let them decide what is beauty. Decide for yourselves, make the decision to look in the mirror and see a beautiful person. All of you.


I was tagged by the hella rad human sports-dorks-slut to do the 20 beautiful people selfie challenge? Honestly idk what this is BUT SELFIE ok. Ps they’re taken all over the place because it is night and the lighting in my house sucks

So here are my 3 selfies feat. Quickly taken photos to hide the ugly, kitchen, and braids.

Now you’ve all seen the potato that runs this blog. Nice.

OK ANYWAY I tag thoseswimmingdorks
a-totally-mature-person cieluh little-sam3 michelleisnotonline and anyone else that wants to do it cuz YOU ALL ARE LOVELY/CUTE/HANDSOME CINNAMON ROLLS

The monument of a memory
You tear it down in your head

virgo, aquarius, gemini

Don’t make the mountain your enemy
Get out, get up there instead

capricorn, taurus, cancer

You saw the stars out in front of you
Too tempting not to touch

pisces, sagittarius, libra

But even though it shocked you
Something’s electric in your blood

aries, scorpio, leo