they are all beautiful


Throwback to one of the most beautiful colors I had in my hair. I’m considering going back to this, really! And listen… everyone should know how much I love Jisoo. Let me spam the love. 😂

I was tagged by the best of thighs, @scoupsthighs. I support the “we’re not mutuals but I’m gonna tag you anyway” system, because it actually is so nice to know that another person thinks of us, even though we don’t share the mutuality! It’s a nice feeling, heh~. Thanks for the tag, my dear! ♡

I’m tagging my most recent mutuals + my honeybuns!: @jeonghanii @seokwifey @wonwuu-u @whywonwoo @fortheloveofjisoo @joshuashong @saltyjeonghan @luheir @jihooon @pure-jisoo @hongiisoo @squishywonu @soonhosh @wonmuu @seventeenscarrot @minegyuu @wonplus @woojeez @pledisofficial @junniehui @svnten @cafewoozi @17tvs @shuasoo @officiallythe8 @jeongahn @adorexuminghao @peachgyus @17vernsol @1jh @jeonqhan-senpai 


160829 [MV] NU'EST (뉴이스트) - Love Paint ( Every Afternoon)

GoT Season 6 aka The Power of Women

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Sorry, I am always late ahah @fitzsimmonsinthetardis had the amazing idea for members of the fitzsimmons fandom to post selfies of ourselves and tag it as #fs selfie. This is an awesome way to celebrate the people behind the blogs and al the beautiful and talented human being of this fandom!! This is me in tourist mode when I went to Rome ^^

Passion Awareness

1AM thoughts at their finest here; but I was thinking. People never get enough credit for their passions. Some like reading and could tell you anything you want to know about their favorite books; others its music. I’m going to try something.


We all deserve credit for things that we put time and effort into. Passions can connect us with people who understand us on another level.

So to anyone who reads this, I want you to reblog this and make a text post. Call it whatever you want. Just 2 things need to be done:
Talk about your passion(s)–what they mean to you, how you got started, whatever you want to say.
Hashtag #PassionAwareness. I want to see what you guys love.

I may not be able to change the world, but I want to appreciate the people in it.