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150524 - 7th anniversary party - JongKey

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so let me get this straight

onho duet with jonghyun playing the guitar

minkey singing delicious while onjongtae are creating havoc

jonghyun singing deja boo feat. zion-taem


taemin shooting jonghyun during danger


even though there isn’t TONS of psycho pass fanfics or fanart, what we have is done by super talented ppl, like all the fanart is BEAUTIFUL and the fics GIVE ME LIFE i wish there was more but to all the psycho pass artists and writers out there I LOVE YOU ALL

Feels like home (to me)

I got this prompt on AO3 by Cuppatea13 : Olicity through Roy’s POV. I actually had already written one but got another idea. It’s a bit sappy :)

There was a time when Roy used to call Oliver and Felicity mom and dad in his head. And maybe a few times out loud with only Diggle as a witness. Which never failed to make the former soldier grin as they exchanged a knowing look.

If he’s being honest with himself, there’s a part of him that still sees them that way. His childhood and teenage years definitely lacked parental guidance. Not to mention love, or even basic affection. As he told Oliver once, meeting him had saved his life and gjven him a purpose.

Meeting Felicity…She had always been so genuinely kind to him, taking care of him and fussing over him when he got hurt…Even if she was only 6 years his senior, she is the closest thing to a maternal figure he has ever known.

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