they are all amazing blogs

ok since i’ve been v tennis related for awhile now, i’m gonna shoutout my fav tennis blogs cause why not, everyone needs a lil blog love and shoutout 

so here we go

SQUAD: @rogerandrafa @riceandshine (and @rafaelnadalsource which is also erin lmfao)

fav fav favs: @will84l @dominicthiem (beate’s main blog @cartersons@rogerfedererofficial @federerblog @rfederer2 @federersnapped (i sense a theme here with these urls lmao) @thiem-dimitrov @saschazverev @breakfast-at-wimbledon @loveequalsnothing @tenis-stylee @stainyourhands

if i forgot u i didn’t do it on purpose, i just went off people i talk to regularly, reblog from or vice versa. i love u all!!!

alwaysinnarnia’s Tumblr Awards Winners

I am here to announce the winners of my 800 followers Tumblr Awards!

Before I do so, I want to thank everyone who entered. All of your blogs are amazing and it was really difficult to decide who won, and in which category. And in deciding who won, I found many new Narnia blogs that I haven’t seen before!

Please congratulate our winners and runner-ups!

Chronicles of Narnia Award [best narnia blog] @nylonsandlipstick | @rhindons
Digory Kirke Award
[best url] @edmundpevensle | @iveleftmynewtorchinnarnia
Polly Plummer Award
[best icon] @justnarnianthings | @narnia-knight
Peter Pevensie Award
[best mobile theme]  @pensivethejust | @straightouttanarnia
Susan Pevensie Award
[best desktop theme] @lvcypev | @organadreams
Edmund Pevensie Award
[best upcoming blogger] @plummerpolly | @dryadsofnarnia
Lucy Pevensie Award
[nicest blogger] @onceakingorqueen | @starwarsinnarnia
Eustace Scrubb Award [best writing] @fellownarnian | @penfullofwordsaheadfullofstories
Jill Pole Award
[best creations] @scarletgalaxy | @istillliveinnarnia
Caspian X Award
[personal favorite] @highqueenaime | @sheisthehighqueen
Mr. Tumnus Award [best multifandom] @pavratipatil | @peterbenjparker
Aslan Award
[best overall] @coravis | @lucypcvensie

Prizes are listed below the cut, and they have been changed a little from the original.

Congratulations, and thank you all for entering!

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Seriously guys, you all are so amazing. This blog as come so far in just a few months (like six lol) and I am so excited to see where it continues to go in the future! This is just a dream come true and I love you all so so much! 

I must say a HUGE thank you to all of you guys as well for literally being the most awesome followers anybody could have asked for! I may not have been a part of this blog for much time but the amount of love and support I have received these past weeks is honestly overwhelming. Words can’t describe how thankful and happy I currently am and how much I love all of you, yes each and everyone of you!! I consider all of you family and when i say this i mean it! Talking to all of you has made such a positive on my and again I’m very very thankful! -Nas (Admin VanillaKookie)

Soooo, as a present to you guys we’ve (?) decided to add a few new types of requests to what we do, and also add a few new groups to our lists for who we write for

Also check out our new desktop admins page that Admin PeachJin worked really hard on! It’s gorgeous!


Here’s what each admin will be adding:

~ Admin PeachJin 🍑

I’ll be adding three new types of requests! Here’s the guidelines for them:

1. Outfit Ships: OPEN
- send me pictures (1-4) of outfits that you’re wearing! (they must be on your body in the pictures)
- max 4 groups
- I’ll ship you based on who I think will be most attracted to your style!

2. Poly Ships: OPEN
- these will be selca ships! send in 1-4 pictures
- no heavy snap chat filters that cover your face. they’ll automatically be deleted
- max 4 groups
- i’ll ship you based on your selca on who i think you’d look the best with in a poly relationship (I will pick TWO (2) members from the groups)

3. Aesthetic Associations: OPEN
- i saw these on another blog and they’re amazing
- max 1 group/max 3 artists (for ex. 1 group = BTS. But you can mix and match members, so max 3 artists would be like = Kai, Jungkook, G-Dragon)
- i’ll write a pretty length list of aesthetics I associate with each artist/member
- ex: Jungkook - distressed denim, chocolate bars, cartilage piercings, (I’ll do more in the lists but this was just an example)

I’m also adding two new groups! Sooo everyone request stuff for MASC and A.C.E because I am now officially writing for them!!! And don’t forget to check out my moodboard blog and request!!! —> @cappuccinoego

I’m also adding a bunch of new solo artists! I’ve known them for a while, just haven’t gotten around to adding them to my list —>  Beenzino, Sik K, Giriboy, Mad Clown, Jooyoung, Verbal Jint, San.E, Ailee, Anda, Lim Kim, Grace, Keith Ape, Mintty, One

~ Admin VanillaKookie 🍪

I’ll be also adding three new types of requests for y’all!! Here they are:

1. “Dating ___ Would Include” Poly! Edition

2. Song Based Scenarios (Leave an ask telling me your favourite song and idol and i’ll write a scenario based on the song!)

3. “Trapped Inside A Haunted Playhouse With Got7″ Interactive Series (Reader X Got7.. While visiting an amusement park the eight friends thought visiting the notorious Haunted Playhouse was a good idea. What they didn’t know though, was that there were ghosts and all type of creatures lurking there, waiting for their next victims..Will they make it out of there alive or become one of the spirits themselves?? RULES: After Part 1 is published you will be asked to submit asks guessing what is going to happen next. I will pick my favorite(s) and they will be featured on Part 2. Same thing will happen when Part 2 is published and it goes on..)

Lastly I will be adding a new group as well! You can now officially request stuff foooorrrr… *drum roll* VROMANCE!!!

~ Admin MochaChim ☕️ 

I’m so excited to be adding some new requests for you guys as well! Here they are:

1. AU Series - This will be an explanation/imagine of a group member in a chosen AU. You can pick any member from the groups on my list, and any AU scenario you like! (A few examples are Werewolf! Jungkook, or Fuckboi! Jimin, or New Dad! Namjoon, things like that) This will be super duper fun, and don’t be afraid to get creative with your requests!

2. New Drabble Prompt - I will be posting the new prompt shortly! This prompt will include a list of quotes, and you will be able to choose one member and up to three quotes per request. I will incorporate all of your chosen quotes into a one-shot! You may also specify if you want the theme to be angst/smut/etc, but other than that I will make up the scenario soul based on your chosen quotes! Stay tuned for that!

I am really looking forward to your requests, these will be really fun to write. Thanks for everything so far, you guys are AMAZING! 

Again, we’d all like to say a huuuuge thank you and we love you all so so much! This blog wouldn’t be here without all of our amazing followers!

- 🍑 ☕️ 🍪

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happy author-chan is back! I hope you're okay with some chit chat. But what's your favorite blog rn? Just in general, or a few. It can be the blog or the person that runs it rlly. I just need some more to follow! Sorry if this is a bother.

back and ready to work!!

hmm…. so i’ll just put down knb blogs (cause i don’t know if you are in the other fandoms i’m in) so here you go from the top of my head cause i’m 3 lazy 5 remembering all the amazing people in this fandom:

writing blogs







art blogs





incorrect quotes / shitposting









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Can I have a hug? I don't know, it's just that... I'm so happy I like girls, but I don't think anyone else would be happy if I told them. :( So could I have a hug? Thanks. ((Btw your blog is beautiful and all sorts of amazing, Thankyou for being here. <3))

I’m proud of you for loving that about yourself. Please know so many other people are happy about that too! I love you, I love that you love girls, I hope you have a gentle day sweetheart.

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Congratulations! The Egg hatched into a male Popplio!


At long last, the egg has hatched!! I want to thank @occasionalswablus for giving me the egg and inspiring me to take on this plot, and @dailypokedaycare for helping me out in planning and writing/drawing this lil plot as a collaboration! You two are amazing people, thank you SO much you two!! <3

Bonus panel:

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #22
  • Phil: hey Dan
  • Dan: what
  • Phil: does your dimple have a family?

uhm….i really can’t believe that i already hit 500?? and i remade like a week ago?? thank you all so much for following me and making this such an enjoyable place for me to be i love you all so much 💘 i’ve been here since 2010 when will i leave

so i decided to do a follow forever and include all the amazing blogs that i follow, i hope you all have a wonderful day and know how much you all mean to me 💐

☼ - i love you with my whole heart
♡ - favourite blogs that i would sell my soul for
💌 - hover there’s a love letter for you~

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Hi :) Who are some tumblrs you admire, I'm looking for new tumblrs to follow!!

I’ve never done one of these before simply because I follow so many people! I’ve noticed that most people seem to follow 300-500 blogs? Well… I’m not even going to say how many I follow in comparison aha! But as seen as we’re about to hit 1.7K, I think there’s no greater time than now! I’m 99.9% sure everyone on this list is my mutual (I think there’s one non-mutual?), and I consider all mutuals friends, but those in bold are people who I hold close to my heart… for reasons!! 

@aandidas💕, @ashquartz, @anelaxsims@banana-sims, @barleycoffee@bratsims, @bubble-sims, @buttersim, @blackholesimmer, @boxofsims, @blursims@ciruelabob, @ciarasims💕@citrontart, @cinemasims, @crimsonsims@chaoticsimblr@crazycatladysims@dank-owski, @deetron-sims@doritosims@early-grape, @essiesims@femmesim, @furiouslydecaffinated, @foxbie, @fakecowplant

@galaxsim, @grolda, @glitterysimmies, @giannisk-13@inabadromance, @igglemouse, @justkeeponsimming@kabuna@koffeecake@kleptosims@kiwisims4@kayeplays, @ladyrosedeversailles@linds-sims@lyrea, @laenyrie, @luridroses@luminous-sims, @lilpoundcakeeeee@literallywhothe, @loniden💖  , @lunarian-sim@myopiccc, @maimouth, @momobunniisims💖, @meowlr@moushie💕

@nadehzdia, @nadinemaee@neutralsupply, @nicotinc, @neopixiesims, @ohduckling, @obisims💖 , @official-simmerholic, @our-dazed-sims💖 , @peacemaker-ic, @planethoneypop, @paragon-polygon, @pixelpeopleplayland, @pn7k@pillowcreek, @quiddity-jones@randomcoffeesimmer, @rosecoffeesims, @riice@simduction, @soft-almond, @simsomedia💖, @simsoflove, @sim-pi, @simmingswimmingly, @simwest,  @simsterically, @simplifiedsimi, @simemi, @pearlescentsims@smolplumbob, @shysimblr, @sim-bubble💕@simmyhymns, @simmeronnie, @suzychi-sims, @sweetchocolateysims, @skullyvaughn, @sims3melancholic, @smubuh@simwithsparkles, @simtrovart, @simlydarling

@theuniquepoutine💕, @tigresssimmer, @tinwhistletoo,​ @theartofqueenie💕, @ughplumb, @vixrotre@wanderlust-sims, @wandering-simblr@wildlyminiaturesandwich, @willowxsims@wifemomsimmer, @wiccanpixels@wrixles@zauglom

I admire every single simblr on this list! They all either inspire me or encourage me to keep going! I love every single blog that I follow but there’s no way I could fit you all on one post, (maybe I’ll do a blog roll some day?) so remember:

Honestly I’m tired of everyone underappreciating and underestimating Charlie

hello friends! yes, i reached 200 followers, and idk if it’s pretentious of me to make this follow forever but i am going to anyways because i love everyone i interact with on this blog and i heart my mutuals! :) <3 also, look at the heckin’ amazing banner @magiaela made for me! seriously, one of my fave friends here on tumblr and irl. <3 anyway, when i made this i realized i hadn’t followed a lot of peeps back, and i knew my notifications were whack but i didn’t know i had missed so many, so sorry if i followed you right before this was posted and you’re like “wtheck mate w o t”. okie, now, here is a list of all my mutuals, bolded are my some of my close buddies i talk to a lot and love to bits but don’t get me wrong i love you all! <3

(not alphabetical ‘cos i am a lazy stressed asshole, oops)

@thatdamchickennuggetwithadream @book-bandnerd1907 @restlesshowell @fuentesmagix @phan-trash-no-1 @smushedcupcakes @lydiarosepeel @xvxcam @magiaela @shes-absolutely-smitten @freshpenguinqueen @whimsicalmeme @agastopiaphan @dylanoscroft @ceci-tumbler-90 @coralonyx @firerebellion @thisismygetawayy @stitchdoll98 @small-town-wayward-daughter @xxbluegalaxydreamerxx @slytherincoven @ursticks @ginaisinthediner @butterscotchhowell @fetcheyflimz @supernaturaltrashhhh @teenagefreakss @intoomuchfandoms @whenlifeisnoteasy @rois1999k @thedollwhocried @awkwarddezzy @wavesofpolarity @elizabeth-is-done @destinyhallford @hogsmeadehowell @fangirls-love-fictional-people @rhi—-n @arminloverforever @pieceof-phantrash @fareehamasroor @diyana-nik @umkarin @justmylittlewondenderland @theatreandphantrash @lovelylilaclester @hoard-toilet-paper @unironically-paradoxal @katherine-quiles @emmathedaydreamer @existentialgleeking @purplekirby @5sos300865 @xqueenlaurenx @crustychibi @wearethekilljoysfromyesterday @sheepnattrash @ezra-m @talkingtoemptywalls @limitedlester @enthusiastic-sarcastic @phantasticphaniel @girlmeetsyoutubesphillester @harplesssss @mychemicalromance2001 @jade-kacix @castielthesmolbean @bluetrashdragon @zarekii-chan @hearcomesthesunflower @starmadephan @phangirl-howlter @phanandshitposts @lifeissadphanisgood @kill-me-now-vine-rip @skyylovely @mochaphan @imbandtrashh @mentallydatingrobertbrucebanner @mesmerizedhowell @everytimeiopenmyeyes @sage-smh @dreamydjh @danhowellspancakes @mrsmattespinosa @let-it-go-and-live-again @photography-is-life @youmakemebeautiful-x3 @nanabell616 @peculiar-earbuds @sloth4cereal @official-youtube-fanpage @siriusly-notorious @blubblesss @genisisofhate @unicornoddity @alinamitchell1989 @callmethetrashbin @vedmaledi @lestersboy @letsjellyfishdonut @cyxical @cloudyphilip @squishytrashdaughter @0memequeens0 @only-fluff @thesehipsterbitcherrss @tylerjosephgivesmeaniexty @starinorbit @squishyhimchan @agrungeyqueer @pocketcow @pandasareamazing3011 @saltyfluff @carrotdeath @haleymaclean @heleendemaertelaere @mariahfrigginolson @daydreaming-lightly @sidneymilleroh @brittneifrawley @blazing-eyes @listen-away @fancypinkpigeon @justaweirdowithspooks @smol-suga-kookie @softhearteddan @fangirl81422 @moonymisha @bookgoddess @lgbtwolves @garbagedaniel @suburbantheory @glitterrlesterr @rosequartzlester @tinysuzy @jasminelynn-99 @classicalphilip @scentedcanldes @universal-glitch @boredbloggermcbloggy @lexkmoon @maddieisdreaming @chewelahhh @pterodactyi @blanket-howell @ania-swissweet @xjpdaed @221b-in-the-impala @halcyonhowelll @localantisocial @lavenderlacelester @tinyplxnetexplorer @sooneato @odetododie @lesterslovebite @destructive-baby @killingyouwithphan @lovelornlester @imeaniguessso @daintyhowell @lillelester @geewobbles @falling-howlter @snugglyphil @outerspacehowlters @voidnotablog @paradisedan @blushinlester @gloomylesterr @thephantastickat @latte-howell @howellroses @artsietango @theinternetishere @dodiescupoftea @clouds-howell @varjokuvia @suspicioushowell @literallycraftylester @oopity-bloopity @keira2202 @impossiblyoptimistichottub !!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME AND MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY JUST BEING AWESOME PEOPLE!!! :) <3

Happy belated (is it belated already where you live??) birthday, @the-flame-and-hawks-eye!!

…wait, we don’t even know each other, you say? Haha, oh boy, now it gets embarrassing. So basically I saw all the amazing birthday wishes yesterday on your blog (mostly because of @mellorad‘s great art which was posted at 4am my time yesterday and I didn’t want to sleep) and I liked some because they were so nice and YOU SAW, and YOU FOLLOWED MY PERSONAL BLOG. And I felt so BAD for not also wishing you happy birthday, even though we haven’t really talked ever. So here you go, have this tiny royai doodle (because I heard you liked angst, otherwise this might be a rather unfitting birthday drawing oh god I am sorry) and all the best for your next year!!!! 


The masks we weave for ourselves. / / / The Blue Spirit + The Painted Lady.

How to introduce your Xenoverse character; post the most awkward shots of them



It’s been a long and crazy year. I started this Tumblr page with 3 followers. Now I have 122 followers. I love and care for all of you. Thanks for making this year nice and fun. Just like the fairy tail guild we come together to share our feelings with each other♥️. As a thank you gift made some aesthetic of the main 4. Enjoy and thanks for all he smiles♥️🌸.

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sudikshajt23  asked:

Heyy, I think I sent you an ask before, but I'm not sure if I made that public. I'm new here, just started my tumblr blog today. I LOVE YOUR BLOG and was hoping you could recommend some more b.a.p blogs to me. I'm a rose era baby, dae biased! I'm v excited for my tumblr experience goshh sorry if I seem awkward

HEY NEW FRIEND!!!! Yes I got the other message but it’s all gucci my love. Thank you so much for liking my blog ;;; I put way too much effort into it sometimes and it makes me really happy that people like it D: ANYWAYS B.A.P blogs you’re looking for!?!?!? well you came to the semi right place since I only follow B.A.P blogs lol ANYWAYS 

@kitty-dae @bap-time @matoki-project @daehyuns-uneven-buttcheeks @daehyunprotectionsquad @daehyuns-beautiful-golden-skin @hana-bunny @7n13bang @diamond4yamv @itsbap @bapquality @bapofficial @thediebutterfly @junhongiee @bangxster @daehyuns-noona @imstillstrongasbap @best-absolute-pabos @eotteokhaji-s @seren4moonjongup @siriuslyjongup @shut-thejongup @shut-the-jongup @himdaes @him-up @himchaans @himchaned @himchansflowerpants @y-ngguk @feelsogukk @yongguk-hell-chyeah @aegyo-chan @youngjaaes @younqjaesthetic @brainboxy @brainboxercheetos @jonqups @jongupssi @jongupism @daematos @daebonair @allbap @brbap @cheeji-cake @cheeji-burger @jion-a @bored-wayward-dragon  @dreamgukkie @dreamermoonchan @jacksons-voice @bangyxnggxk  @the-king-is-back @thisisourkingdom @acuteproficiency @soooldout @bapsujusechskies @faeriedustunicorn @b-124a-p-224 @b-ap @zelosexual @zelo @fluffyjae @fluffyzelo @mato-world @bbangception @daefsoul @daefluffs @bangdaeforlife @ab1004 @7tobap6

and for just strict like 100% B.A.P solid content I recommend following the nets 

@daenet @bapnet @yjaynet @matoki-network @kimhimnet @mjupnet @zelo-net @yongguk-net @bbangnet  :) 

OH ALSO WElcome to the fandom We’re all really loud and extra and love the boys so much and we’re all super friendly trust, also memes, we’re all memes .-.