they are actually wearing habs jerseys

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okay so I am loving your nhl!Bitty AU, so if Bitty started when he was supposed to be going to Samwell that would mean that he was playing while Jack was still in college? So is there any chance that Jack might've followed Bitty's team out of interest or does he just meet him in the NHL? (This was sparked by the mental image of Jack sort of low key following Bitty's career and his parents buying him a Bittle jersey sort of as a joke but then he goes to a game and actually wears it).

Haha, maybe not to the extent of letting anyone notice it, but I can see Jack being a bit of a puck bunny for Bitty. like, in the Haus there are hockey games blaring from the tv all the time, and most of the time its mostly the Habs, Pens, Bruins, or the Blackhawks but when the Falconers come on Jack would keep an eye out for the cute number 15 sometimes

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I would love love love any happy rid bits you want to share about anyone in this universe because this day is sad and terrible. (No pressure though. I totally understand if you too feel the need to avoid the Internet today)

I feel you, anon. I feel you. So. 

Here are some happy thoughts:

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So I haven’t actually cried real tears over Jo since the trade was announced, but it just hit me for real suddenly that he’s really gone. Like he’s wearing a Habs jersey, we won’t see him in Lightning blue anymore, he’s not on my team. I’ve been chatting casually about it all summer but I don’t think I really processed it

I love Montreal.  I’ve always loved the city.  When it really comes down to it, I never envisioned myself playing for any other team other than the Montreal Canadiens. 

Many many Christmas’ ago, I went down the stairs with the Christmas tree in the living room and there was a gift with my name on it.  I unwrap the present and it’s a Montreal Canadiens jersey with my name on it.  Not only was it a gift for me that I loved, but I actually got to wear it and wear it with pride and wear it to work everyday.

But the reality is that today's Boxing Day.  And Christmas is over.  So you just gotta move on right?

—  P.K. Subban says playing for the Montreal Canadiens was like Christmas.