they are about to come on stage


Charlie and Meredith were heavy in a conversation. I looked around. There was a small stage off to the side, maybe for shows? I hope not while I’m here. I’m not into that sort of thing.
I looked up. “Oh, what?”
“Hana, Meredith asked if you wanted a drink.”
“Oh, no. No! No way. I don’t drink anymore.”
“Just one! You won’t pass out like last time, come on it’s my way of apologizing.”
“No, I’m fine, really.”
Her voice got low but she was still smiling which made it all the more unnerving.
“Everything’s not always about you, all right? So stop making it all about you. Just take my fucking drink. I’m trying to apologize. I’m trying to be friends here. Fucking suck it up, drink it and thank me.”
“What, it’s the way I talk alright, Hana has to get use to it if we’re going to be friends. Right?”
“Wait! I-I’ll accept your apology if you do something for me.”
I thought, maybe I could solve Kali’s problem without having Nia do things I was not at all comfortable with.
“What the fuck do you want then?”
“Leave Kali alone. That’s what I want.” 
“No. Fuck no. That’s out. Next.”
“I mean, cool off with your attitude. Kali doesn’t love you and she never will. You’re stressing her out and-”
“I’m not. Even if I am, I’m in love with her, I know what’s best for her-”

I started getting irritated. She didn’t know what love was. Especially not towards Kali, and I was tired of hearing someone else say they were in love with her. Especially Meredith.

“You don’t know what’s best for her! You don’t even know her!”
“Uh-huh dude, I know her so fucking-”
“You don’t! No one knows Kali the way I do! We know each other so fucking well and I-”
I stopped and stared at Charlie’s face. I realized I was half out of my seat.
I wasn’t with Kali. I wasn’t…with….

“Okay okay, I’ll cool my actions. If, you drink one drink. Just one.”
“Okay, I can do that. You promise?”
“Of course,” she said. She had the scariest smile I had ever seen.
She walked off and Charlie asked the waiter if we could move tables because she wanted a different view of the show.
Great. I thought. Just an hour of this and it’ll be over.

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To all the girls: What's your favorite thing about teaching?

For me, my favorite thing about teaching is watching my students grow up to become their own people. I go to graduation every year and tear up a little when I watch my students cross the stage :’) but it’s worth it! 


My favorite thing about teaching is seeing the expression on my students’ faces when they understand something. Nothing beats the feeling of “getting it” and when my students come to an understanding of something because of my help, it warms me up inside. 


My favorite thing about teaching is getting to wake up every day and know that I get to work with my sisters! Although we are all in entirely different departments, it’s still fun to be able to work with my sisters!


My favorite thing about teaching has to be being able to make an impact on someone’s life. Sometimes, I feel as if I’m not good enough for my students, but they always find a way to make my day. By the end of the year, I usually get several cards from students, telling me how I’ve helped them come to terms with their mental illness, how I’ve inspired them to get help, etc. I love that I am able to aid them in such situations and it makes me realize how much more I want to help. 


My favorite thing about teaching is being able to bring home a trophy at the end of the Basketball season. Ever since I’ve become the girls’ basketball coach, we haven’t lost a game!


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When I saw that ugly twitter post(Not you), all I could think about is "what will be a 1D tour without Harry Styles'??" And I am not talking about their voices here. Ofc they all make 1D but imagine how empty the stage will be without him running across the stage. To be quite frank, no one grabs the audience attention as much as Harry does. It may be bitter to hear for few but man it's the truth. After seeing that, I really want 1D to come back without Harry just to see how they do without him..

“I really want 1D to come back without Harry just to see how they do without him” - I’d honestly be so curious to see that. People constantly think Harry is overhyped, and yeah he has a large fanbase, but outside of Harries, the rest of the ex 1D fandom gives him shit constantly, and act like he wasn’t a major part of what made the show special. Just like they couldn’t do it without Liam or Niall, they definitely wouldn’t make it without Harry.

I’m actually hoping the vague spoiler about Rebecca coming on to Robert for the millionth time is true. It will validate my claims that her only consistent character trait is her obsession with him. Of course, the Rebecca Stans and Anti Robert people will find a way to blame that on Robert too. “But Robert was nice to her. He shouldn’t have lead her on. She’s so vulnerable and precious. He’s such a horrible, despicable human being. He deserves nothing but pain and suffering.” And I’ll be like….

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I don’t like when someone is trying to get to know you and they say, “So tell me something interesting about yourself.” I feel like I want those things to come out naturally and with time, not so staged like an interview or something.

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The panic attack fic and the immaculate one got me thinking... How /would/ Dark come to terms with the fact he cares about the reader? How does he realise they aren't just someone he's manipulating anymore, what's the exact moment? I feel like he'd go through it 5 stages of grieving style, with anger being the longest until the reader calms him down. IDK I just suddenly need this answered sorry it's so freaking long! You're very talented btw! Have a nice day!

First of all, thank you for being so nice, you are lovely!!

And yes!! Dark coming to terms with his love for his significant other would be very akin to the stages of grief. Because this boi has a life that consists of drawing people in and using them until they no longer have uses. These two things are hard when you a) care and b) are intending to marry someone.
Denial and Isolation. He would take some time off to just let himself feel things. 
Anger. Dis boi would fuck shit up and, as you said, it would last thing longest because, Dark seems to be a very angry being in general, ya know?
Bargaining would come along through self talk when he realised it was time to calm down. That self talk would be something like:
You aren’t in love, calm down, you just… its all sexual.”
“But I feel… things when they smile…”
“No you don’t shut up!! Who’s side are you even ON?”
“… the logical one it seems… You love them.”
The Depression
would last almost as long as the anger. This time would be spent in the darkness, not even caring to fix his suit as he slumped against the wall.
Acceptance would be him thinking of his S/O going to them and wordlessly cuddling them, refusing to let go.
After that he was whipped. He stays by your side most of the time and just loves you so much, and feels so possessive. 

Our poor boi. He’s so dumb and in love. its great.

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For Pride Month Sleepover: 1) 5 headcanons about Holly, 2) 5 headcanons about Davina, 3) 5 headcanons about Jack Harkness set after we last saw him, but before he becomes Boe

Ahhhh yes I LOVE THIS :D Comin’ right up :3

Holly, post True Love:

  • Her relationship with Karen is short-lived because Karen’s at a very different life stage and not quite as mature as Holly thought she was. Though they stay close friends. 
  • She’s a cat person. But she didn’t think she’d be a very good pet owner so she didn’t take any in until a stray kept coming back to keep her company. She names the kitty Frida after Frida Kahlo bc Holly’s a precious art nerd.
  • It takes her a very long time to come out bc of her experience at the school she taught at. She comes out to her mum first, who takes it as well as can be expected, but eventually comes round bc she wants to be in Holly’s life.
  • She’s afraid of finding work as a teacher elsewhere. She knows she can’t sell her art so she looks for whatever she can. She finds work at a book store in the mean time while looking for better jobs but never leaves. She enjoys the peace and quiet of it, discussing literature with folks who actually appreciate it rather than snotty teenagers. 
  • She doesn’t seek out a love life. Her friends set her up on a date with: 


  • She had a really rough time once she discovered she’s trans. The bullying and transphobia were really tough. She had hard times, the poor baby. It’s taken a long time but she just ignores it. She’s also not afraid to put people in their place though. 
  • I love the idea of her with Holly bc she’s outgoing, sweet, and flirty. I honestly think she’d adore and wanna protect Holly. 
  • She has expensive tastes in clothes and hair products. They’re all worth it. 
  • She’ll flirt with guys at the bar if it’ll get her good tips but she’d never date one. They’re all morons. 
  • She meets Holly at a little art show, working as part of catering. She’s smitten and feeds Holly a cheesy line about how she’s the prettiest piece of art there. It works. 

All of my Jack Harkness headcanons are basically this:

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forever. Happily ever after. The end. :3

🌈 pride month sleepover - let’s talk lgbtqia+ things

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Why don't you delete the asks that pester you about updates? Just ignore them completely because they're just being bothersome? I'm not trying to be rude if it comes across like I am.

I don’t think you’re being rude. I actually delete messages a lot, but I think it’s one of those things where people resend because they think Tumblr ate their ask. Sometimes people don’t consider that maybe their ask(s) created stress I don’t need at this critical stage of writing and deleted it.

It’s too bad really, because I don’t think all the anons are malicious. Some are, of course, but most are just spastically impatient at this stage of the writing process and forget to follow my rules. It’s why I don’t do teasers anymore (which I loved), and I’m wondering if I should just turn off anon during editing times.

To clarify, I enjoy when readers are excited about upcoming releases as much as I am, but it causes crippling stress to constantly read demanding messages of “when”, “can I get an update even though you updated the Updates page an hour ago”, “I am impatiently waiting”, “can you schedule your update around my exam schedule”, “how long do you think this will take, because I need to know”, etc. And that’s just a small sample from the last 12 hours or so. It’s scary as fuck, and I’m human too.


“The others have always been… Like Niall, for example. He’s the most lovely guy in the world. Happy-go-lucky Irish, no sense of arrogance. And he’s fearless. There are times I’ve thought: ‘I’d have a bit of that.’ Zayn, back in the day. He could relate to me on a nerves level. In the first year we were both the least confident. But Zayn has a fantastic voice and for him it was always about owning that. Liam always had a good stage presence, same as Harry, they’ve both got that ownership. Harry comes across very cool. Liam’s all about getting the crowd going, doing a bit of dancing… And then there’s me.

theatre people as john mulaney quotes
  • Actors: You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair.
  • Director: In terms of, like, instant relief, canceling plans is like heroin.
  • Sound techs: The more you do stuff, the better you get at dealing with how you still fail at it a lot of the time.
  • Light techs: No one knows what you're talking about, you idiot!
  • Stage manager: You ever have those days where something happens and you're like... whatever, this may as well happen?
  • Assistant stage manager: I like when things are crazy. Something good comes out of exhaustion.
  • Stage crew: I am very small, and I have no money. You can imagine the kind of stress I'm under.
  • Set builders: This is an on-fire garbage can. ...Could be a nursery.
  • Props department: Because it's the one thing you can't replace.
  • Costume department: Hi, I'm very gay, and I'd like a few dollars.
  • Makeup people: I don't look older. I just look worse.
  • Publicity team: You know how you lie to your parents?
  • Budget board: Eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs.
  • Audience: I'm really sorry about last night, it's just that I'm mean and loud.

— favourite One and Only lyrics (ft. Sehun)

Fandometrics is free this week!

It’s free every other week, too.

New faves

  • (K-Pop) T.O.P (No. 9) makes the K-Pop list. Unfortunately, it comes after his hospitalization. We hope he has a speedy recovery.
  • (Web StuffBuzzfeed Unsolved debuts at No. 19. Spooooopy.
  • (Celebrities) Adam West (No. 7) will always be our Batman.
  • (Ships) Wayhaught (Wynonna Earp’s Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught) shows up for the first time  at No. 4. Wondertrev (DC Comics’ Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor) has a wonderful debut at No. 10.
  • (Movies) Did you hear movie trailers were invented in 2017 with Black Panther? it comes in with a strong debut at No. 2.

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Not having the best week

  • (Celebrities) Two major plummets on the list this week: Katie McGrath falls nine to dead last while Lili Reinhart tumbles eight to No. 16.
  • (Movies) Alien: Covenant makes a seven spot slide to No. 14.
  • (Ships) Riverdale’s first season has ended, and seemingly so has fangirling over Bughead (Riverdale’s Betty and Jughead). Both will be back, this we’re sure of.
  • (Television) We’re sensing Sense8 fans have moved on from the anger/bargaining stage of grief and are now onto acceptance. Less talk about the show’s demise has it down ten spots to No. 14.

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My favorite thing is theater critics attempting to describe Lucas Steele as Anatole

“Enter the peacocking rogue Anatole (Lucas Steele, a platinum-blond knife-blade who looks like he could have kept One Direction together singlehandedly).”

-Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly

“Anatole (Lucas Steele, so wickedly sexy he should be arrested) is a preening peacock with a platinum-blond faux-hawk, given a flashy rock-star entrance

-David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

“Steele is charismatic as the cocky hedonist, haughtily tearing through scenes like a Disney prince off his meds.

-Robert Kahn, NBC 4

"Anatole — portrayed by Lucas Steele with irrepressible rock-star vanity and the hair of a platinum woodpecker.”

-Linda Winer, Newsday

"Lucas Steele, for instance, is ideal as the Anatole conceived here: a rock star in skintight pants and a cantilevered pompadour.”

-Jesse Green, Vulture

"Lucas Steele performs the devilishly handsome Anatole with a cocky swagger that is just as effective on this recording as it is in person at the Imperial Theatre. Steele’s sex-infused instrument uses sublime delicacy to woo Natasha and listeners alike, allowing audiences to understand how he could sweep the young girl away.”

-David Clarke, Broadway World

"Steele’s Anatole Kuragin, the androgynous Casanova with a platinum pompadour who sweeps onto the stage with a David Bowie swagger and an introductory line in the opening song that tells the audience almost everything we need to know about him: “Anatole is hot. He spends his money on women and wine.”

-Dana Schwartz, The Observer

"Steele comes across as a Disney prince who plunged into New York City in an Enchanted­-like scenario

-Dana Schwartz, The Observer

"Lucas Steele plays Anatole as a Disney villain—sky-high pompadour, skin-tight pants, slinkily thrust hips, and a singing voice that soars and swoops”

-Jil Picariello, ZEALnyc

"Anatole’s played by Lucas Steele, who reminds me a bit of a young Val Kilmer (Think Top Secret, not Top Gun)

-Laura LaVelle, Newswhistle

Basically it’s the best.

has anyone else had that moment at a 1d concert where you don’t scream, you barely move, and you just… watch harry. and you’re just in utter awe. because he’s there. and he’s real. and he’s 10x more attractive up close and in real life. and you’re just overcome with all these emotions…………. because he comes on the stage and all you can think is ‘holy shit that’s him’

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In ur opinion what's the camren timeline look like ? Like when'd they date or take a break whoa date and break rhyme

I’m giving you the big lines… jk, it’s basically a whole fanfic 😂

2012 : Camila and Lauren meet on x-factor - instant attraction between them but neither of them wants to admit anything - it’s just a crush at this point - they become best friends through the course of the show - Lauren is also dating Keaton at the time 

2013 : Fifth Harmony is reunited and starts touring, the friendship is still there and strong. Camren is a playful ship, they interact on twitter and don’t hesitate to show affection. It’s Camren yo!  

Camila and Lauren spend more and more time together, feelings grow and it shows on camera - I believe Camila was more accepting of those feelings while Lauren had a little more trouble with them, probably already questioning her sexuality (at this point neither of them has admitted to anything)

While all of this is happening, the Camren ship as a romantic pairing takes off and as the fandom gets bigger so does the ship until it eventually reaches the girls. Lauren gets scared because she probably feels like her sexuality is written on her forehead and she’s not ready for that, plus she’s probably scared of losing Camila’s friendship and ruining their public image. That was the time when Lauren started lashing out at the fandom, calling us delusional and stating clearly that she was not bisexual. Camila, witnessing how hard Lauren is against any romantic association with her, is very hurt ( I think at this point she already had very strong feelings for Lauren) and starts distancing herself from her (that’s around June/July). Maybe Lauren thought Camila wanted to distance herself because it’s Camila who didn’t want to be associated romantically with her, which pissed Lauren off even more because she thought “Camren” was the reason she was losing her best friend. 

They stay distant until the end of the year - Lauren starts dating Luis, maybe a way to get Camila off her mind ( there are theories out there about Lauren and Luis’s relationship being p.r to shut down Camren, I guess it’s always a possibility). Anyhoo, during that time Camila’s feelings only grow stronger, probably pushed also by jealousy and I think eventually she confessed her feelings to Lauren, which Lauren couldn’t reciprocate since she was in a relationship.

2014 : little time has passed since Camila confessed her feelings and Lauren probably can’t get her out of her mind - I think that’s the reason why she eventually broke up with Luis. Once that was done, Lauren returned Camila’s feelings and there you have it : Camren finally together!

They probably shared their first kiss, which was also Camila’s first kiss, at that time - since Camila says her first kiss was at 16 (not sure since it changes every two interviews 😂) then the kiss must have happened either in January or February.

By March/April they’re full on together, they go on “dates” - the most famous one is the 1975 concert.

They both realize they’re very serious about this relationship and slowly tell their families about it (Sinu probably knew since day one 😂) - eventually the management finds out. Of course, tiny problemo, you can’t possibly have two members of a still very new girl group publicly in a lesbian relationship, no sir. To add to the situation, the Camren fandom is getting bigger, starts its own detective agency. 

I think the girls fought hard to be able to actually stay together, even if it had to be behind closed doors. They probably had to negotiate a lot, and part of that negotiation was for one of them to have a good p.r boyfriend, and unlucky us, they’re about to go on tour with Austin Mahone aka Dorito Boy.

The “relationship” between Dorito and Camila is sold to the medias - they’re just asked to appear together outside a few times, hold hands and that’s that - but it was probably already too much for jelly Lern who decided to shut this down real quick, which is why it only lasted like 3 weeks - the break up is staged and sold to the medias as well.

Since a p.r boyfriend for Camila is not an option anymore, maybe a p.r boyfriend for Lauren will work better - oh and look who’s coming with them on tour soon, the Vamps! The p.r relationship is put in place with asshole Brad - my own personal theory is that maybe he didn’t know exactly what the p.r was for and he started actually wanting to date Lauren for real but she shut him down, probably revealing her relationship with Camila, hence the song “I found a girl” - they had to stop the p.r there, and because asshole Brad got his little asshole pride hurt he then went on to basically say Lauren was a slut in an interview with his little dicks asshole bandmates. 

Anyway, moving on. While all of this p.r is happening, Camila and Lauren try to navigate their own relationship while having to stay hidden and pretending in front of the world. Not an easy thing to do while at the same time having to deal with the pressure of touring and the fandom who’s always watching. 

Eventually I think Camila wanted to end all of it and come out. Probably by letting themselves “caught” making out or something, since the label/management would never let them properly come out. Slight problem, Lauren doesn’t want to, she’s not ready and there’s too much at stakes. We all know Camila is a dreamer, an optimist, and she tries to convince her but nothing does it. 

2015 : They eventually break up over it beginning 2015, knowing it might be the only way to salvage their friendship, for the good of 5H. They were both probably incredibly hurt by that break up.

(We enter The Hurting 😉 )

Basically that whole year was about them trying to get over each other while remaining friends for the sake of the group. That’s why we still get lingering looks, smiles and hidden touches… because who on earth could get over someone they still love if they have to see them everyday? 

A whole lot of shit also happens when Camila does her first solo collab with Shawn - she receives hate from “fans” like she’s never received before. The girls aren’t allowed to support her publicly because the perspective of a feud is more appealing to the medias so management plays that card.

Basically a really dark time for Camila, where she ends up writing “I Have Questions” in an hotel bathroom before she stops writing altogether. I think it’s a period where Camila’s anxiety really shot up and became a real problem for her, which is also probably why she distanced herself from the girls, to not bother them with her problems, and also obviously to stay away from Lauren.

I think eventually the girls went through to Camila and did everything to support her.

(We enter The Healing)

Somehow Camren found a way to really rebuild their friendship, which was always laced with quite a bit of flirting.

2016 : Lauren tries to get her girl back. And it takes a while 😂. I think they started an on/off casual kinda thing because Camila wasn’t ready to go down that road again probably because she was scared of getting hurt and also because she knows they will be in the same situation they were before, having to hide. But what can you say? The heart wants what the heart wants, and I think eventually they did officially get back together somewhere in the middle of 2016. 

(We enter the Loving *behind closed doors*)

If now Lauren feels more comfortable with her sexuality and the prospect of coming out - the problem now resides in Camila’s upcoming solo career - they already know 7/27 will be Camila’s last album with 5H. Coming out at this point in the game would be a public suicide. There’s no way in hell it’s happening. 

So instead Camila makes the deal of playing the “straight” girl image as much as the label wants if it means her and Lauren can be together behind doors.

A few months roll out, Camila’s departure is coming soon and the label needs to get ready for the “after Camila” - and the person who comes after Camila is Lauren. Now, how to make Lauren become even more popular? What could make medias talk about her? A little weed in her bag? Yes, but it’s not enough, she needs to make an impact. What could be more impactful than a well prepared coming out? Oh I know! You pair it up with a letter against the biggest enemy of the country at the moment, Donald Trump. 

But you can’t just risk that out of nowhere, you need to test the waters first, see how the fandom would react to Lauren’s coming out  - enters Lucy.

Now, Lucy has been Lauren’s best friend for years, she obviously knows about Camren and I believe she was also friends with Camila. The fandom knows Lucy, we’ve seen her with Lauren on multiple pictures, Lauren calls her her “sister”. Choosing Lucy to be Lauren’s love interest is a very smart move because there’s tons of “proofs” to back it up and for the fans to create a timeline of. Obviously the Laucy timeline will also have the benefit of discrediting the Camren timeline since Lauren couldn’t have possibly been with both girls at the same time. 

So, to test the waters, a photo of Lauren and Lucy kissing at a party is purposely leaked - the fact that the picture was taken at party is important because if the fandom and the medias don’t react the way the management expects them to, you can always say the kiss was just a kiss between to best friends who had a bit too much to drink at a party. Turns out the fandom reacts exactly like predicted, they embrace Lauren for who she is, they defend her against the people who “outed” her, she’s the new hero. That’s why only a few weeks later they give the green light for her to fully come out through a politically incline letter.

You might be wondering why would Camila, Lauren and Lucy accept such a plan? Well in Camila’s case it shuts down the Camren rumors which helps her keep her straight image up, plus it gives the woman she loves the opportunity to finally be herself. Lauren gets to finally come out and be proud of herself while at the same time protecting her girlfriend’s upcoming solo career. And finally Lucy gets to be known by the fandom and the LGBT community, putting her name out there before she releases her first album. 

So here we are, end of 2016 - Lauren is out and in a supposed relationship with her best friend, Camila is still playing the straight girl wanting a spanish boyfriend, while Camren is still together and in love behind the scenes. 

And now, it’s time to say goodbye. It’s all planned out, a feud is going to happen, Camila’s exit will be a dramatic one. Dinah leaves us little hints a few days prior, Normani cries before their last performance as a five piece and then it starts. 4 statement letters is all that everybody needs to believe everything went wrong, 4 letters is all that everybody needs to believe that a 4 year friendship ended in a day. 

2017 : radio silence for a weeks - Camila gives an interview in which she says none of the girls are talking to her, they keep the feud game going. 

Now that Camila is gone, there’s no real use for Laucy anymore and even if Lauren is identifying as bisexual, the label would rather have her being in a p.r relationship with a man - they use a photoshoot and an interview to end it simply and boost Lauren’s image in the LGBT community - which they will also do by having Lauren collab with Halsey.

Her and Camila are still together, but obviously it’s getting even more complicated now that they can’t absolutely be seen together. 

The label wants a p.r boyfriend for Lauren and Ty Dolla Sign is in need of some headlines with his new album coming out this year. Her and Camila are already having a hard time maintaining their relationship because of how complicated things are with the “feud” and Camila having to stay in the closet, plus probably other unresolved issues between them - the new p.r plan is the last straw that breaks the camel’s back - they eventually mutually decide to break up and to try to figure themselves out without the other. Camila buries herself in work and Lauren parties away the pain. When Camren shippers keep coming at her from all sides she loses it and tweets that Camren “was never real, ever” to shut them down and probably to shut herself down too.

I still think they’re in touch, they keep each other updated on their lives, congratulate each other on the new projects.

I really do hope now that they both try to be with someone new, try to heal and figure out who they are without the other. I hope Camila gets to come out once her career is well established. I hope they can meet again in a little while and actually be together in open light and finally be able to be free to love each other.

The end, until the next chapter 😂

Again this is all theory, a big fanfic - saying this to all the haters out there, no need to bother sending me an ask, you’ll just be wasting your time ✌️

tbh every single person on louis’ team and one direction’s team who tried to dull his shine over the years and every single one direction fan (and solo harry, liam, or niall fan) who has talked shit about him is personally invited to kiss my fucking ass and i hope every single one of you end up feeling like the absolutely terrible and idiotic people you are when his solo material comes out and he scalps the entire planet with how incredibly lovely and talented he is :)

2017 Tony Awards Summary:

- dear evan hamilton
- great comet invented theater
- no one cares about hello dolly
- “shut that crap off”
- everyone adores ben platt and for a good reason
- a play award
- the gays and many woc were robbed
- did come from away exist past the ten minute mark
- seriously we don’t want anymore hello dolly
- josh groban is our king
- another play award
- you call this PRIDE MONTH????? gaybills aren’t ENOUGH
- sara bareilles was there with pie
- the entire team and their family gets up on stage for one award
- bland
- and kevin spacey isn’t here

YOu know what makes me proud? 

Yongguk fighting through his panic disorder and depression to be a strong leader for his boys, working his booty off being an incredibly leader and father figure to his boys through their darkest hours and stepping up when they needed him the most. 

Himchan stepping up and taking care of B.A.P while Bbang was out, despite getting lack of lines and respect from some fans still hold his beautiful head up and never is down on himself and stays strong 

Daehyun writing and composing his own songs and being able to perform them on stage and getting the chance to act after talking about wanting to get into acting for years. 

Youngjae writing and composing his own songs and getting able to perform them on stage, Being an energetic fluff ball and just aboslutly the most beautiful and greatest man always.

Jongup writing and composing his own songs and being able to perform them on stage, growing into the group as one of the shyer members but still getting all the support in the world by fans, how he’s talked about not being confident in writing music but ended up being the first member to have a solo on one of B.A.Ps albums 

Junhong writing and composing his own songs and performing them on stage, making the choreography for B.A.P along side with Jongup, going into B.A.P at such a young age but still being mature and thoughtful to his hyungs, going through so much with B.A.P at such a young age and being strong through it all 

B.A.P being an incredibly hard working humble group that have gone through a slave contract and year and a half haitus and coming back stronger than ever, dropping songs that fit in every spectrum of genres, B.A.P working their asses off to getting where they are now through dedication and love for their fans and getting 100% support from all of us while returning it all to us with all the amazing one of a kind content they give us. 

We’re a p spoiled fandom  having stanning the strongest idols in kpop and I’m just so fucking proud of them ;;

NHL!Bitty, Part XII -  ‘A Stanley Cup Wedding’

The Schooners win game seven and dethrone the defending champion Falconers to claim Seattle’s first national title. 

Eric was definitely not expecting Jack to propose immediately after losing.

(A rework of the ‘Game 7 PVD vs SEA’ prompt that totally retcons some NHL!Bitty stuff, so timeline-wise: the Falconers took the cup Eric’s second year with the Schooners. The Schooners win the following season.)

NHL!Bitty Masterpost

Game Seven. Third period. Eric’s running on adrenaline, blue Gatorade, and rage.

Jack and the rest of the Falconers first line are racing to catch up, but Eric is ‘criminally fast’ (thank you ESPN for the lovely descriptor), and it’s almost too easy to whip the puck to Carter and wait for the siren.

Snowy can’t stop it. The Schooners will win in regulation. 

For a brief, terrifying moment, Eric sees Morin’s breakaway as the death knell of his relationship. He has flashes of Freshman year and he thinks ‘Jack is going to hate me’.

Eric closes his eyes and waits.

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