they are 15 year old girls on the internet

Brace Yourself...

Okay, I find Adrian Howell very very very attractive, not because of the fact that he is related to a certain someone danisnotonfire. I, a teen girl, find a boy attractive, because it is simply my chemical and hormonal structure. That’s the way it is. 

However, the point I originally wanted to make was:

if I say Adrian is cute, I’m not saying it to be jumped on by danasours. I’m saying it because I think he is cute. (which btw fyi he totally is)

I am a slave to my ovaries, and I do not want to receive criticism because I’m a teen girl with a crush.

This is the internet people, how many times have you tweeted about someone of your preferred sex or posted something on facebook about some eye contact action. Probably more than you’d like to admit.

 I am aware that this is a very small account, with only 19 followers (probably less by the time you read this), but if any of my posts ever reaches a substantial amount of notes, I want it to be this one.

So for the record, hi Dan, love what you do, but don’t jump down my throat for thinking Adrian is cute, he probably likes people close to home too.

Adrian, you’re cute, and I’m truly sorry on behalf of the phandom for any harassment you have received in a desperate attempt to get to your brother, it’s shallow, weak and uncalled for.

Phandom, chill the fuck out okay. Not everyone wants to hurt him, do your research, you’re on the internet 99.999% of the time anyway, might as well put it to use.

Internet friends😇

Hi (:
My name is emely and I’m looking for some Internet friends :) I don’t care about your age/sexual orientation/gender/… But I’m 15 years old and from Germany. (btw sorry if my English is bad)
I like a lot of band like 5sos,twenty one pilots, the 1975,p!atd,fob,atl green day or the chainsmokers but also artist like Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Troye Sivan, Drake or Ed Sheeran (:
I also like stuff like Dan and Phil, Tana Mongeau, coll is cool and the gabby show on YouTube.
I like a lot of movies/books like divergent, the maze runner, the breakfast club,… But also TV shows like shadowhunters, stranger things, supernatural, sherlock, the vampire diaries, Bates motel,American horror story,…. Stuff like that haha
Sooo if you like any of these things you can like/reblog this or just text me (:

(you can also like or reblog if you don’t like any of the things I just said but want to talk to somebody about your problems or just about how today went I’ll answer you always and I’m sure we can find a topic to talk about😇)


Teen Instagram Star Breaks Down The Lies Her Photos Told

Instagram star Essena O'Neill decided to quit social media – at 18 years old. 

The teen Internet star, who amassed a following of over 750,000 people on Instagram and over 260,000 subscribers on YouTube, seemed like she was living the “perfect” life on Instagram. She posted photos of herself on the beach and in glamorous homes, wearing bikinis and tight dresses, not a hair out of place. 

“A 15-year-old girl that calorie restricts and excessively exercises is not goals.”

Stop! Wait a minute! Read my post?

Hi! I’m a 17 year old girl.
I’ve been on this site since 2015 (2014 maybe) and I’ve been posting on and off that whole time but last year (well most of last year) I took a break. I thought that I would email these amazing profiles instead. But I would find these posts and screenshot them and tell myself to contact them and then Id back out. So today in not backing out. I would love a penpal of any gender, race and preferably closer to my age. (15+)

I haven’t been watching tv much lately but my still favourite shows are Jane the Virgin, Teen wolf, The 100, the originals (even though I’m soo behind), Grey’s anatomy (again, behind) I like young and hungry, speechless and a bunch of other shows I can’t remember right now. Oh and crazy ex girlfriend and devious maids!. (And a couple disneh shows)

My favourite movies are most of the marvel movies, love Rosie, grown ups, (hairspray, high school musical, grease, Connie and Carla) 21 jump street and many more that i cant think of right now.

Music would have to be Ed Sheeran (still navigating my way around ÷) Sam Smith, these days a little X Ambassadors and 21 pilots, Jessie J, Nathan Sykes, I have to admit I still love one direction, I’ve been listening to some little mix, the vamps and so many different songs with different artists. (My music taste is quite varied but not varied enough to say I listen to everything) oh and I like Sam Hunt.

I’ve also got a thing for Denmark (I don’t know, I just think it’s absolutely beautiful) and so I learn Danish on an app whenever I remember to learn it. I also speak Afrikaans (but nowhere near fluent) because it's  one of the languages of Namibia (where I live) and they teach it  at school.

I really like photography (I take pictures every now and then) I love to read (the mortal instruments, divergent, the maze runner, the nightingale, to all the boys I’ve loved before, delirium and a bunch of wattpad) I like to sing (I’m private) I enjoy acting in the school play, I love vintage/aesthetic things and pastel tones. I have dogs and cats and dreams and thoughts id love to share. I have a shoulder to lean on and a mouth that will sometimes never shut up. I also listen quite well (I think, no ones ever told me I’m a bad listener…unless I just wasn’t listening when they said it…;) ).

I don’t know what else to say except that I would really appreciate pretty much anyone texting me even if we dont have much in common (some of my favourite people to talk to only have about 2 things in common with me which makes our friendship that much more interesting). I speak English fluently and I don’t mind if you don’t or if it’s all you can speak! Also, I have this deep love for God but if you don’t, that’s cool too (another favourite person of mine to talk to does not believe in God at all and we get along just fine minus the occasional arguements that are bound to happen in any friendship)

Anyways, if you happen to find me even remotely interesting, I can be found here:

Because lengthy emails are the best way to know eachother when you’re like me and suck at small talk :)

But if you really cant/don’t want to do email:

nothando_ef (instagram)


Oh and I love food!  (Making it and eating it) I just thought that was worth mentioning…


This is a screenshot of the post that is supposedly accusing John Green of “child sexual abuse.” The next is a screenshot of John Green’s age. It worries me that, when Mr. Green read the above post, his mind immediately jumped to child molestation. I feel this says more about him than the post itself does. John Green makes young girls feel uncomfortable. He needs to recognize this and do some self evaluation. Why does the discomfort of young girls in relation to him bother him so much? Personally, I’m uncomfortable with the idea of a 37 year old man frequently talking to young girls less than half his age on the Internet. It strikes me as. Wrong. He is taking the worst kind of approach to this. The young girls who reblogged this post with commentary received so much hate from his cult that many of them have had to move accounts. Guess what, John Green? You’re creepy. You make my stomach churn. You write like a 15 year old boy dying to get laid. And the way you have approached this situation doesn’t make me feel any better about you.


My name is Solana (everyone calls me soli) and im from Argentina.

Im 16  years old (turning 17 on october)

I speak english and spanish, i would love to talk with people from anywhere. I ve never had a penpal or internet friend but i love making new friends so here i am.

Some of my  fav series are How to get away with murder, Orphan Black,Gilmore girls, RuPaul Drage Race,Glee, etc

I reaaally like almost all music but my favorite artists are Melanie Martinez, Troye Sivan, Bea Miller,Nirvana, Beatles,One direction, Queen and more.

I enjoy reading, singing, journaling,travelling, photography, art, any Tarantino movie, writting poems, make up and idk hehe.

I consider myself as a feminist and hate Trump not sorry tbh.

It doesnt matter where you live, your gender, sexuality, religion, race or anything, contact me and we can email or maybe snail mail.

Preferably 14+ ages. 

Email: solanascadutosanzi @ gmail .com

Twitter: Solusanzi

Looking for Online Friends

Hi there~ I’m on here looking for online friends or even a best Friend, so yah…

My name is Leslie but my family calls me Lili (you can call me either one) and I’m 13 years old. I’m looking for a friend anywhere from ages 13-15.


- kpop (snsd, exo, nct, got7, apink, fx,oh my girl, red velvet, bts, exid,shinee, gfriend,Blackpink, aoa, kard, and any other groups you would want me to listen to)




•making up random scenarios that i know won’t ever happen


About Me:

I’m short(about 5'2), I am mexican-american. I speak English, Spanish and I’m learning korean. I am introverted extrovert(I’m introverted at first but as I get to know you better I become extroverted)

I’m looking for someone to be able to be long term friends and that is open minded. Race, sexuality, gender doesn’t matter, I just want someone to be able to talk to about anything and everything.

Also if your racist or homophobic I rather not talk to you. 

*btw I’m super shy so I might be awkward as we talk but as I get to know you I will open up to you.

Message Me:

Tumblr: @korean-moon(better choice to talk to me)

Instagram: @ssekaii_

sup, possible friendos. *finger guns*

Hi, I’m Raven. I’m a 15 year old girl looking for some internet friends. 

I like Gotham, High School Musical, Riverdale, and the Spiderman movies. (The Amazing Spiderman is my favorite, but I love both.)

My favorite musicians are Taylor Swift, P!ATD, MCR, and FOB. 

I’m looking for someone around my age (14-17) and I don’t care if you’re a girl or a guy. rahvee-paige 

Penal Wanted (probably obvious since I'm on this tumblr)

Hi I’m Amanda, I’m from the USA and I’m fifteen years old. This feels like I am filling out a dating profile, lol. Anyways, I am looking for someone around the same age (15-17), Preferably a girl ( I’m just awkward when it comes to guys, tbh), from another country to send snail mail to. 

If you are still reading, some things about me:

-reading, writing, art, and being outdoors.

-I can speak english and some french, but with French I may make some mistakes now and then. (or a lot).

-I am some what introversive, but writing for me is easier, so I will put a lot into my letters, and looking for someone who will reciprocate.

-I am not very athletic if I’m honest, but I enjoy riding my bike, hiking, running, and ice skating, although I am bad at all of them.

- I am christian, which is a big part of who I am. However, I am not judgmental towards any sexuality, gender, race, or religion, despite the stereotypes. People are people.

External image

-I uploaded a picture but It isn’t showing up on my computer screen as anything but a blue question mark, hopefully it shows up for you.

-I listen to pretty much any music but heavy metal and trap, but my favorite artists right now are Ed Sheeran and the Lumineers.

-I am very interested in different people and places, and plan on traveling a lot when I get older.

-I am looking for someone who won’t be afraid to be real, and talk about more than what you would post on instagram. I am not a downer or anything, but I won’t always write like my life is perfect. If you ask how I am, and things aren’t fine, I won’t pretend they are.

-I would like to exchange emails first and get to know each other for a couple months first, just to make sure you aren’t a stalker or spammer or something. This is the internet after all…

if you are still reading after all that…

1) wow, you have a lot of patience!

2) message me on this tumblr:

my insta is: @a.growing.rose if you want to check it out, I don’t really post much.

i have unfollowed every single ‘big’ one direction blog because i can’t deal with these stupid elitist friendship groups they keep promoing like all those people who reblog them in hopes of becoming a 'barbie bitch’ or some shit HAVE SOME SELF RESPECT FFS MAKE FRIENDS ON THIS WEBSITE BY TALKING TO PEOPLE AND SHARING INTERESTS NOT BY APPLYING TO BE THEIR FRIEND LIKE A FUCKING JOB INTERVIEW