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  • Persona 3: We part as colleagues who accomplished an important mission at great cost.
  • Persona 4: We part as good friends who will always remember growing up together during our wonderful year in the country!
  • Persona 5: Shit, the feds are on to our polyamorous Satanic crime ring, everyone get in the van.

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oh man. i'm a little overwhelmed by the glorious 25th just because i had no idea until today that the discworld readership used it as alzheimers/dementia awareness and that's really close to home for me for a lot of reasons. not that that's a bad thing, just like... damn today means even more to me now than "an important day in my favorite books".

I’m glad I could spread a lil more awareness of it, anon :) 

I hope Dan and Phil enjoyed their ten year long Florida vacation (and specifically for Dan, his 3 second excursion to the Bahamas)

what’s black & white & red all over?  answer: deadpool in a maid costume. on an unrelated note, has anyone found the brain bleach??

“you look like billy ray cyrus”