they am both

whenever the members see comments asking for other members on vlive, they lowkey reply negatively and show they don’t like that. stop doing that!! they have a tight schedule, they’re all tired and literally sick. just appreciate and respect the members who took the time to do vlives, as well as the absent ones who are probably working or resting

“Sometimes, I feel bad for the champions I love. Like Rakan? I love you so much but I’m sorry I don’t engage like you’d want to - I’m still just a wuss for now. Jhin? I’ll try to get you your artistic snipes, but I hope you can settle for a support scoreline. And Azir? You’re a beautiful emperor, but no more than a headless chicken at my hands… Hopefully I’ll get better though!“


when she proposes and you’re petty af


“we should be lovers instead”

Lena is so grateful to have a friend in Kara. Then why does she want to ruin it for herself by wanting them to be so much more? Must be a Luthor thing. Kara wouldn’t want her anyway…would she?


dad, no

Seriously though, amen to people who can make the difference between being asexual and being aromantic.

These people deserve a medal for not ruining the fun of other people’s ships.

You all rules.

Just wanted you guys to know.

*wakes up in a cold sweat*

magic mic