they always yelling to me for feed them or clean their toilet

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Hi can i request where MC + RFA members go out to eat someplace unfamiliar to them and MC gets sick from getting food poisoning, what would RFA do? lololol TY ❤

i’ve never had?? food poisoning?? i did some research so I wouldn’t get anything wrong so bEAR WITH ME BBY –Noodles xx

also sorry if these are SHITTY I HOPE YOU LIKE THEM!!! <3 seven’s is kinda long. oops.


-You two were going out on a date tonight!! He was so excited omg

-You headed out to a new Italian restaurant. It was so good omg. How did Yoosung pay it was so expensive and you two are bRoke

-The next night you felt nauseous as fcuk and had chills. It just steadily got worse as the night progressed and you started throwing up

-Yoosung gets worried and calls you, only for you to answer sounding extremely sick. HE GETS SO WORRIED

-Immediately comes over to take care of you

-”M-Mc!! Are you okay?!” Obviously NOT dipshit

-He sticks with you the whole time you’re sick and waits on you hand and foot, making sure the fever stays down

-Immediately helping you to the bathroom when you get sick and he sits with you and rubs circles on your back until you’re finished

-”M-Mc!! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean for you to get sick when we went out…I’ll take good care of you, okay??”

-He feels like it’s completely his fault but it’s not BBY ITS OKAY

-He cleans your house while you’re sick. He transcends to become Yoomaid.


-You guys went out to celebrate his new role in an upcoming musical

-He takes you to one of his old actor buddy’s restaurant, which was hella good???

-That night when you get back to you apartment you immediately have to go to the bathroom.

-You call Zen to let him know you can’t hang out tomorrow with him, you got sick

-”MC! My princess, I’m coming to take care of you!” “But Zen-” “NO BUTS! I’m already here.”

-He has to go to work, though. So he makes sure you’re okay before he has to leave for practice.

-Brings back soups and random items that he eats when he gets sick because he has no idea how to handle this on the inside

-He rants about the restaurant on the messenger and now nobody in the RFA goes anymore


-Jesus this woman needed a BREAK. So you take her out after forcing her to stop working fOR ONE GODDAMNED SECOND

-You take her out for a picnic on a summer day. You literally bought all of her favorite foods and she’s so blessed to have you??

-But what you didn’t know was that the store you had gotten them from had gotten a bad batch of that shit man

-Later that day you think that you shouldn’t have eaten as much as you did, and you’re constantly in the bathroom

-She immediately knows what’s up. She preps everything she needs to keep you from getting worse, and she has all the medicines, soups, and blankets for you.

-As soon as you’re in bed she doesn’t let you get up. She feeds you when you get hungry, but mostly you sleep. So she leaves you be.

-You asked her for cuddles, to which she responds

-“If it’ll help you get better, MC, I’ll do anything for you.”

-You secretly cry on the inside. Kind of from how bad your stomach hurts but mostly because that just made your heart hurt.


-For Valentine’s Day, he takes you to the best restaurant in town. You heard they had gotten a new head chef, so of course you agreed??? And he rented the whole damned restaurant. Nobody else was there. Jumin what the fUck

-You guys have a five course wine dinner, and it was AMAZING. No wonder it was the best in town!

-But…in the middle of the night you wake up feeling extremely nauseous. You run to go puke in the extremely expensive toilet, which wakes Jumin up

-Immediately comes to your aid while texting Jaehee at one in the morning to get you the best medicine and remedies. Give her a B R E A K

-”MC, darling, Assisstant Kang is on her way with your medicine.” “Jumin it’s one-” “And she’s still on her way. I brought you some water and a hair tie, do you want me to pull your hair up for you?”

-You’re practically bed ridden for like two days because Jumin won’t let you get up. He’s always bringing you something to break your fever or some soup or SOMETHING

-He and Elizabeth come to snuggle with you after he takes off work early to make sure you’re alright. Because his kitty (both of them) don’t like to be by themselves, now do they?

-You drive by the same restaurant the next week and it’s out of business. You tell Jumin about it and he internally nervously sweats


-This boy lives on nothing but chips and Dr. Pepper okay

-So you order take out most nights. Tonight is one of those nights. You try the new Chinese place down the street!

-After a few hours you realize that maaaybe that cute little Chinese place isn’t very cute anymore.

-You get really, really sick and Saeyoung has no idea what to do

-He tries to help you the best he can, because he loves you?? And he hates seeing you getting this sick it hurts his heart.

-He already doesn’t sleep enough, so when you’re sick he sleeps 0 hours during that time, making sure you’re alright. He helps you when you need to go to the bathroom, making sure you get there quick enough without tripping over anything.

-”I’ll hold your hair”

-Vanderwood yells at him for not getting anything done and Saeyoung just whines to him that he has to take care of his little star

-He starts cooking dinner for you guys after you get better. No more take out for MC.

One Fateful Night

This is a request that I got eons ago from the beautiful @prettyepiic! I have to apologize for taking so damn long, but I started this, then sat on it for months! I decide to pick it back up and see if I could do it justice.

This is far from finished, but I want to put feelers out to see if it’s good enough to continue.

No warnings for this chapter, but eventually NSFW

Negan x Reader, Jason Crouse X Reader, John Winchester x Reader

2200 words


What do a high school coach, a disbarred lawyer/ investigator and a hunter of supernatural beings have in common? You might think nothing, and most would agree. Except for one special lady, that brought them together for one spectacular night that none of them will forget.

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Future Baby Mama (Chris Kreider)

Anonymous said:

Would you possible be able to write one for Chris kreider?? I love that man and I love your writing! Could it be about him having to babysit a teammate’s kids and needs helps so he calls the reader over and you guys just have a fun time and he starts talking about one day have kids with the reader.

Word count: 1649

Originally posted by thatwasvesey

“I am in way over my head.” You’re not quite sure what to think when the first words out of Chris’ mouth upon calling you are not the standard greeting.

“Hello to you too, Chris. Why are you in way over your head?” You ask.

“(Y/N), I’m serious. I’m literally at DEFCON 1 right now.”

“Why are you ready for nuclear war?” You deadpan.

“Marc and Lindsay are having a date night tonight and they asked me if I could watch the girls. I figured that it wouldn’t be too difficult; they’re three and one, what harm could they do? You wanna know the answer?”

“A lot of harm?”

“A lot of harm!” He says. “I caught Anna trying to give the cat a bath in the toilet and the baby is constantly crawling away from me!” You can’t help but to laugh at your poor boyfriend’s situation right now. “Can you please come over and help me?”

“I don’t know, I’m a little busy right now.” You tease, when in reality you’re just sitting on your bed and watching Riverdale.

“Please? The baby’s cute when she’s not trying to escape.” He barters. You’re already up and grabbing your keys before he uses the baby’s cuteness as a weapon.

“I’m on my way.”

“Oh thank God-Anna do not draw on the wall!” He yells as you laugh and hang up.

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Touch (Langst Fic)

Prompt: based on the idea by @richiegayzier where Lance gains Blue’s ice powers and can’t touch anyone without killing/badly hurting them with a twist. I hope you don’t mind!

For: @lowbloodkiwi because you brought me out of my miserable writer’s block with your comment on a previous fic and gave me inspiration too! Hope you enjoy ♥

Lance was used to being cold at this rate. The shivers, the stiff and unwilling limbs he had to defrost before he got out of bed every morning, were becoming something he was used to. Constantly cold fingertips (even with the gloves Pidge had made him) that could barely hold a glass, that couldn’t touch the other paladins, that couldn’t casually brush against them anymore, that could never run through soft, fine hair.

Lance hated it.

He loathed those gloves. They were of a soft kid material, and white in colour and whatever Pidge had done, wearing them meant that he couldn’t hurt anyone. More or less. They were not perfect and holding onto something (or someone) for lengthy periods of time was not advised. The ice would sooner or later seep through. He loathed what they signified: no touching.

Lance had never really thought about the number of times he touched people. Hugs were nice when given or received and he always casually slung an arm over someone’s shoulder. At least that is what he used to do. Not anymore.

He craved touch, oh how he craved it!

The ice abilities seemed mainly focused on his hands, but the rest of his body also suffered. He was constantly cold and although he had told the rest of the paladins time and time again it was only his hands that caused harm, Shiro didn’t want to risk it.

“We can’t make mistakes, Lance. I’m sure you understand.”

He did. And he avoided any body contact, always 5 metres away.

He made mistakes, though. Pidge had decided to wake him up one morning, unaware of the fact that he took off the gloves at night and had awoken him from a nightmare. It was a mistake he never repeated and the gloves were worn at all times.

He didn’t mean to grab her wrist.

He didn’t mean to.

He didn’t.

He never wanted to hurt any of them.

He just wanted to be touched.

The blue paladin couldn’t get back to sleep. He kept staring up at the ceiling, and the black abyss above wasn’t helping his train of thought at all. His body shuddered every now and then, but they didn’t bother him any more.

He was so cold and was imagining being hugged by Hunk. Warm, powerful arms engulfing him in a hug, face pressed to a breathing, warm chest. The scent of home Hunk always seemed to have filling his senses. The feeling of touching someone. He almost forgot what it felt like.

Lance blinked rapidly, willing the pent-up tears to retreat back into their lair. He sighed heavily and blinked again. Shiro giving him a congratulatory pat on the back, Pidge burying her face in his chest when she was upset. Even a hug from Keith sounded appealing.

He let the tears loose and turned to sob quietly into a pillow, body almost retching with sobs as he continued to cry. That was just what he did five minutes later: he retched into the toilet, throwing up what little he had in his stomach and then some.

He choked and tried to pull himself together, his face a mixture of tears, snot and vomit. Splashing his face, he washed away all remnants of what had passed (save for the red eyes) and padded back to the bedroom to get dressed. He was never going to sleep and anyway, he was pretty sure Keith or Shiro were up.

He looked at the gloves, now wet from the face wash and grimaced. So much for positivity; his gloves were sopping. He headed out of his room, body freezing and spirit dampened, like clothes left out in the rain, utterly miserable.

Keith didn’t bring up the fact that he looked like shit and the fact that he didn’t greet him like he usually did, and for that Lance wanted to hug him- No. For that he was exceedingly grateful. Shiro looked on worriedly, scar scrunched and eyebrows furrowed, but didn’t speak. Thank God for small graces.

“Okay, everyone, we want this done cleanly and quickly with minimal collateral damage. Lance, that means no reckless behaviour!”

Lance knew Shiro meant it as a way of rousing him, but he couldn’t help but nod and utter a soft ‘I’ll try’. Shiro’s shoulders slumped visibly through the video feed and Lance felt the guilt eat him away slowly, a hollow and empty feeling filling his chest. He gulped past the lump in his throat and readied himself to attack.

Lance didn’t remember Shiro saying that there would be this many Galra soldiers. Then again, he could barely remember half of what he had said. He got as many as he could with his bayard, mind wiped clean of any of his problems. Soon he was allowed to breathe, sweat clinging to his brow under the helmet.

“Lance, requesting backup!” Keith’s voice sounded shrill and as he looked around, he could see the rest of the paladins around him except for Keith, though he could see him in the distance, completely surrounded.

Slowly inching his way over, he hid behind a pile of boulders and took a few shots, making sure to be accurate, his own heartbeat filling his head. After taking down four of them, he inched closer and was just about to shoot another when he was hit from behind.

He groaned and quickly sprang into action, body wracked with chills. Everything just hurt and he didn’t have much time to react when a wall of flame hit him straight in the face. Raising his hands to brace himself, he could feel the gloves burning away and he gritted his teeth, a gutteral yell exiting his mouth as he grabbed the flame throwing weapon and partially froze the Galra’s hands and feet and shot him in the chest.

Then he heard a gasp through the comms. Turning around frantically, he saw with utter dread, Keith collapsed in a heap not far ahead of him. For a brief moment, Lance’s heart stopped and his stomach churned. He should have heard the Galra soldier creeping up behind him. If only he had noticed.

His heart in his throat, he dashed towards him, lungs burning and legs screaming. Kneeling down by him, he saw blood. Lots and lots of blood. He held back a sob, hastily ripping Keith’s helmet off his head, only to drop it like a hot potato when he realised that he no longer had his gloves on.

Keith’s eyes were closed and a small trail of blood was exiting his mouth, though his mouth twitched slightly, face unusually white. Lance’s hands hovered over him hesitantly, like confused birds unsure of where to fly to. He was frightened and he couldn’t touch him, he couldn’t. He would just hurt him more and what was he supposed to do? The blood kept sluggishly dripping from his side and Keith was dying slowly in front of him.

He choked back another sob and spoke shakily. “S-Shiro? Keith’s… Keith’s hurt bad, Shiro. I don’t… I can’t..!”

He wanted to curl up into a ball and die. All he wanted to do was beg that Shiro kick him off the team because he was so damn useless that he couldn’t even help a paladin in need.

Shiro didn’t found frantic, but his voice sounded worried. “We’ll be there soon, Lance! We’re all a bit tied up here. Keep calm.”

Lance slumped and looked at Keith forlornly, tears forming in his eyes and he sniffed. He couldn’t do anything. If Keith died, it would be all his fault.

“L-Lance?” Keith’s voice croaked and Lance tried to pull himself together, trying to stop the never ending rain.

“Don’t move, Keith.” Lance spoke sharply as he tried to sit up, hands automatically reaching to push his shoulders down to earth. Then, without meaning to, he hiccuped, “I’m sorry,” as he snatched his hands away.

Keith grabbed his hands and Lance’s eyes blew wide, trying his best to wrench free. “You idiot! The suit can’t protect you!”

For a bleeding out person, Keith was strong. “It’s all right, Lance.” His voice was so soft and so gentle that Lance gaped, stupefied by his tone. “It will work out.”

Lance struggled and sobbed, trying to get free from Keith’s persistent downward pull, but he soon found himself cocooned to Keith’s side, his arms forced around him in an improvised side hug, fingers dangerously near to his wound. He gasped and spluttered, his mind screaming that he was going to kill Keith and it would be all his fault.

“Keith, stop!”

He gave up, limbs tired and aching with cold, eyes red and nose runny, throat ripped apart at the seams from screaming. Keith was as good as dead. Then Keith wrapped an arm around his shoulder and he stiffened. This. This touch, this warmth, the feeling of another body next to his own. It felt so unfamiliar and so strange and he wept, for he was slowly killing his team mate but relishing it at the same time.

He didn’t even realise that he fell asleep.

Lance felt really warm, warmer than he ever recalled and soft pressure all around, confining yet so comforting, like a fortress of protection. His eyes shot open and he looked around at the Pidge and Hunk, both piled on top of him, surrounded in a strange material. He was about to jump up when he heard a low cough above him to his left.

It was Shiro, who looked a little worse for wear but otherwise fine, though his expression appeared wearied. “It’s fine, Lance. It’s something Coran was working on, kind of like a heating blanket. You can’t hurt them.”

Lance opened his mouth, one question on his lips.

“Keith is fine, Lance. He’s in a healing pod now. You saved him, in fact.”

Lance gaped, mind blank and he looked at Shiro stupidly.

Shiro didn’t seem to have noticed and almost appeared like he was talking to himself. “It was really very clever, slowing his heart rate like that so that he lost a minimal amount of blood.” He smiled down at the confused paladin. “Good job!”

Lance cried, cried with relief and sobbed even more as Pidge and Hunk awoke to his tears, softly wiping them away under the protection of the fabric. Touching him.


Something her always took for granted.


Something he’d never have to go without again.

He cuddled into Pidge and Hunk, happy and content.


@sparklemichele I just have to XD

You pick up your daughter, Elena from her crib and places her directly on Eric’s hairy chest as he casually browse his tab. Immediately, he glares at you.

“Unless you want to clean the toilet, mind her for a sec”, you say before disappearing to do house chores. You know Eric doesn’t mind, in fact he secretly enjoys it.

When you told Eric that you’re pregnant, his response was he shrugged and said ok. Of course, you feel slightly offended like he doesn’t give a shit, but after a while, you noticed how he always bring home the food you’ve been craving, holding your hair and rubbing your back while you puked and other things where no one sees. He loves doing all those, but just for you to see.

Once done, you pick her up and places her at her high chair as you start to make lunch. Eric strolls in and picks Elena up. If anyone, minus his best friend Reilly, ever sees Eric making funny faces and cooing his daughter, he’d kill them.

“Eric, Max is sending me out to Amity tomorrow. You mind looking after her until I return tomorrow evening? I don’t think I can bring her with me”, you ask as you chop the vegetables.

Eric looks at you, slightly horrify by the idea. He needs to look tough as a leader and how is he supposed to do that when he’s holding his daughter? Elena would definitely be terrified of him after that. He sighs.

“Fine”, he says as he shrugs.

(The Next Day)

Reilly notices a pink bag on the floor of the training ground. Then, he notices Eric setting Elena down and let her wander around the training ground.

“Where’s (Y/N)?”, he asks.

“Max sends her off to Amity. Some issue with the security there”, says Eric. The initiates begin to enter, but the transfers stop dead track when they see Elena. The Dauntless born make their way around her.

“Alright, today we will be sparring each other. Dauntless born vs. The Transfers”, says Eric.

“Does this kid included?”, asks one transfer. The Dauntless born look at him as if he’s insane.

“Dude, that’s Eric’s kid”, one Dauntless born jab the transfer to shut him up.

“Rei, sort them out”, says Eric and Reilly nods before executing the order. 

As Eric and Reilly observe the fight, little Elena toddles her way back to Eric and tugs his pants. “Dada, hungry”, she says.

“Can you wait? We’ll finish soon enough”, says Eric, but Elena pouts and shakes her head.

“No, hungry”, she says and Reilly chuckles.

“Jeez, she’s so you through and through”, he says and Eric jabs his side.

“You mind watching over them?”, asks Eric as he picks Elena up.

“Yeah, sure daddy-o, better feed her before (Y/N) kills you for starving your own child”, says Reilly, still smirking.

Eric brings Elena to the mess hall. As he shoves a burger in his mouth, he feeds his daughter some mashed potato and jell-o. Peter snickers to see Eric playing dad when he’s always the tough stone cold leader. Noticing Peter, Elena uses her fork and stabs Peter’s arm, causing Peter to jerk away in pain.

“No laughing!”. she yells. Eric smiles and kisses her hair.

“Oh boy…”, Max mumbles. What is more terrifying? Eric or his mini-me who is just as same, maybe twice the murderous Eric is?

(That Evening)

You pass by Peter and notices his bandaged arm. Eric must’ve done something. Who else could’ve done it? When Eric explained, you simply stare at him with disbelieve.

“She did what?”, Elena was the one to stab Peter?

“What? He was laughing at me and my daughter didn’t like her father being laughed at. He’s lucky she didn’t bite him or something”, says Eric as he casually scrolls his tablet. You roll your eyes.

You check on Elena and sees she’s sleeping with a smile on her face. “You had fun, didn’t you?”, you kisses her and tucks the blanket up to her chin. You walk out and kiss Eric.

“You did a great job, daddy”, you say.

Eric smirk. Of course he did.



Mabel stirred.

“Sir! SIR!

There were huffing and snorting noises coming from outside, heavy thuds on the floor, almost like…. Clops?

“Sir, sir you cannot bring a horse into the hospital-“

The door slammed open.


Mabel looked over at Henry, who was holding the girls, and looking completely befuddled. Next to him, holding Hank and on this plane for the low low price of a Snickers bar, floated Dipper, looking equally confused. Though he shouldn’t since he knew their guest.

She grinned. “Hey President Trembley!”

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Pay to Play

Chapter Two

Charlotte Green is a shy and studious medic student living in London struggling to pay the bills; she joins a ‘sugar daddy’ website and gets selected by none other than Tom Hiddleston, a notorious bachelor and extremely wealthy City solicitor, with a few little kinks.

M rating.

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I learned quickly that Tom is not a patient man. He gave me a grand total of two days breathing space between our ‘agreement’ and our first ‘date’. I also learned that Tom does not text. Ever. Which, of course, meant that I had to call him any time I wanted a chat- not that that was ever likely to happen voluntarily. His phone call concerning our date was curt and largely bare of instructions; all I had to do was be ready for 3pm sharp. I had no clue what he had in mind, or how long it was going to take. I woke up especially early the morning of, even though it was a Saturday, to get some much needed studying fitted in. I got so carried away that I completely forgot about lunch, and really anything but my assignment.

It wasn’t until I heard my flatmate, Saranya, staggering loudly into our cupboard-sized bathroom that I remembered: time. I dived for my phone and began hyperventilating when the digits 14:27 winked back at me. I was still in my raggedy Snoopy pajamas, my hair was in dire need of a thorough lathering and honestly, I couldn’t set foot outside the flat without a bit of makeup on my tired face.

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Long Miserable Rant

Confession. Please read all of it if you have the time.

Guys i need your help. I’m 24 years old and still living with my family. I feel miserable. I’ve been trying to get out from under my family for years. I had a job about 3 years ago and got layed off and been jobless ever since. I’ve been looking for jobs all over the place and I mean everywhere! no one is hiring or I don’t qualify for the job. I can’t even get a job at mcdonald’s or any other fast food chain because their either not hiring or I don’t qualify and they won’t give me a chance. Almost every time a bill comes in the mail I get stressed out because my family member will look at the bills and give a long drawn out blow and look at me and say “ you gotta beat the pavement” or “you need to find something to help out.” I feel like a failure. I’m trying my best to find a job. I even told the jobs I would volunteer for awhile, but they don’t budge. I know I’m not suppose to just take anything but I’m in desperate need right now. The last job I had was at a factory, but no factory jobs are hiring. This has been going on for 3 long years now and I know I’m going through depression. I feel like I shouldn’t even eat because when they bring food I didn’t help pay for any of it so I feel like I don’t even deserve to eat. I have to put on a smile and okie dok everything my family tells me to do because I live under their roof.

My family is really manipulative as well.I love them, they feed me and shelter me and I shouldn’t be complaining because people have it way worse than me, but my family has messed with my mental state.

I’ll give you SOME examples because if I tell you everything they do I’ll be typing up here for a few years.

I have a sister who is a really really jealous minded person and manipulative. When we were in school, she would find out who some of my friends were and she would tell them lies about how I talked about them and their weight or I told a secret that I wasn’t suppose to tell and they would believe her and to this day, these people won’t talk to me because of something she said. When she brings friends over she tells them that I always tell her that I’m better than she is (I’ve never said anything like that, nor do I think that) and that I pick at her weight and there are some more things she told them, so they walk around in my house ( my parents house) looking at me up and down or staring at me.

When I tried to tell my family what they were doing they said it was just my imagination. She will walk by with her friends laughing and talking and will look at me in the corner of her eye to see if I’m looking. Guys she’s done more stuff than this. I was angry and wouldn’t speak to her because I felt like if I did I would yell and scream and end up fighting her. When I stopped talking to her, she would do things that  nobody claimed they saw. Like I was sitting in the car and the doors were open. She comes out and slams all the doors to the car and walks back in the house to sit down. Guys, I know this sounds petty but she really is a manipulative person and has done worse things. My family was getting mad at me because I wasn’t talking to her like everyone else was forcing themselves to do.

Then she got pregnant. We ended up talking, but she would still try to do things to get something started like she was saying that the family said I will never have a baby and I’ll die alone ( mind you, she was 18 and had a one night stand when she pregnant and the guy doesn’t want her) She also told me one day to feel her stomach to feel the baby move when I did I started to smile, then she jerked my hand out the way to get a reaction out of me.

She had the baby. Everyone was in the hospital room holding the baby. When I held the baby she was watching me while I smiled and talked to the baby then all of a sudden she says “ okay put my baby down” and she only did it to me and no one said anything to her. After getting out the hospital, she never kept the baby and I mean never. She would (and still now) drop it off at a family members house and leave. I know my mom finally told her to take care of the baby. My sister got angry ( mind you, I had nothing to with the fight). She starts an argument with me just so she makes it seems like I made her leave the house with the baby. She’s being really dramatic and packing up the babies things and her things and her friends come to pick her up and they all speed off in the car. And I was left with the backlash. They made it seem like it was my fault that she left because my mom was crying on the phone and telling my grandmother (who I staying with at the time) about it.

Ya’ll I can’t even write down how much my family has done to my mental state.

I moved from my grandmas house because all of a sudden my sister wanted to move in. I had to clean up after her and the baby because she wouldn’t do it while my grandmother was at work. She would leave the house and I would have to watch the baby. My grandmother would make me drive her anywhere she needed to go knowing that me and my sister were not on good terms and I had to do it because I was living under her roof.

When I moved ( by the way I stayed with my grandmother most of my life, from when I was little til recently,) my grandma was telling everyone I moved out because I didn’t want to follow by her rules anymore and would throw bible scriptures in my face. I didn’t know what else to do bit cry. I was angry and heartbroken that my grandmother lied on me like that. I always and I mean ALWAYS did what my family told me to do. I never disrespected my grandmother, my parents, or anyone else in my family. I always did what they told me and I was always trying to please them and I never talked back. My sister and my other two siblings (I have two brothers and two sisters, my other sister isn’t disrespectful either)  was always the one’s cussing them out and fighting my mother and my dad and I mean physically.

When I got home from school before my grandmother came and picked me up, my mother would make me clean up after my brothers. The house just stayed nasty because of them. They would pee all over the toilet and outside of it and I would have to clean it. They would dip and leave dip cans all over the place and I would have to clean it and they would be sitting in the room playing video games (since I’m out of school, I don’t go to the house much, but when I do I notice that my brothers always leave the house a mess and won’t help my parents clean the house. Every time my mom and dad tell them to come down out there room and help clean they roll their eyes and cuss under their breath and half way clean. My mom tells me she will pay me 5.00 if I clean something in the house, but I refuse to do it and she gets mad and walks away.

My two brothers used to fight my parents all the time and would leave holes and all the doors missing in the house. My mother was always taking up for them regardless but never me. She said that I was always trying to act perfect and like miss goody two shoes. My brothers were always fighting each other and me. One day my brother had jumped on our little sister while I was gone to school. Then we ended up fighting. and my brother gave me a black eye. When my parents came home, my dad saw my eye and got mad at my brother, he was about to start yelling at him until my mom came in crying and saying how I gave him scratches (that no one could saw) and said “it takes two to tango, you always walking around like you perfect and he got scratches all over him, with long ass finger nails” and said some more things. After that my dad didn’t say anything.

He never took up for me when my mom treated me like that. Never. Every time my mom would say something he would just sit there. My dad is a good man he works really hard and provides for his family and always makes my mother happy, I used to tell people that I wanted a man like my dad  but I felt like deep down that I really didn’t mean that because he would let my mom say anything to me.

I think some of my family ( my mother and siblings) liked the fact that people didn’t like me because when I told them the things they were doing they would still bring them around the house and talk to them. They would invite them to cookouts but wouldn’t invite me. When I came around my siblings would look at me like they were discussed that I was there and look up and down at me and keep talking their friends.

I’m so sorry this was a long post, I’m just sitting here crying with my heartbreaking. I’m not trying to play victim and I’m not trying to act like I’m perfect just because I didn’t beat up on my parents and didn’t disrespect them. I never tried to make anyone feel like that.

I want to move to a place where I can dream and put actions to those dreams. The place I have in mind is S.Korea. I want to write novels, I want to sing , I want to be a model, and do some more things. I know running away from my problems is not the answer, but I don’t call it running, I call it not putting up with their mess anymore and getting life started.

I feel like I may be too old for some of my dreams, but I hope not. The only thing I can think of is to stay in school for two years and get a teaching job in Korea, but I still need a job now.

I ran out of ideas. I’ve been to job fairs and temp agenicies, fast food places, and anywhere else you can think of but I don’t ever hear anything from anyone, I call people almost everyday, but their no help. I’m always giving out my resumes and asking if their hiring. I feel so useless and used.

I feel like I’m in the way and that I’m just a waste of space. I feel like I don’t know my real self. Everyone is always volunteering me to do things and never ask me before hand because I don’t have a job. Please if any of you who read this please give me any suggestions or advice. Let me know. Thank you.