they always will be more right

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Sometimes questioning your gender is like: 

“You’re a girl!”/”You’re a boy!”

And that’s okay. 

What I mean by that is: It’s not always as easy as “This feels good and this feels bad”. 

It can be more like “Huh, it doesn’t feel quite right when people call me a (girl/boy). I wonder why. Maybe I’m… not a (girl/boy)? No, that feels weird and kind of wrong, too. Or does it feel right? What on earth am I feeling right now?” 

There’s nothing wrong or strange about that. It’s certainly not a sign you’re just pretending. 

It’s not easy to reject something that has been pushed on you for all of your life so far. Don’t expect yourself to just magically know. Give yourself time to get to know yourself. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom

Bellamy Blake is such an important character because he cries. He is such an emotional and emotive man, and to have that portrayed in a leading man who is respected by his peers is so powerful.

Bellamy is such an antithesis to the toxic masculinity often presented in an “alpha male” character. He cries, he thinks with his heart, he listens to and considers others, delegates when he knows he’s not the right man for the job, and is undeniably a family man - seriously have you ever seen him more in his element when he has to take care of kids or be a father/brother figure? He makes so many mistakes, but he tries to learn from them, and always away from harmful misconstructions of what it means to be a Real Man ™ and towards positive ones. And to have that portrayed by an asian man - a SOUTH EAST ASIAN MAN no less - who never get roles like this, is so exciting and invigorating.

Bob Morley breathed fresh life into a character that could have been boring and flat and done to death but instead gave us an exciting and unique lead who is constantly pushing boundaries on what a leading man can be.

Bellamy Blake is a breath of fresh air and i love him whole heartedly.

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ahh i know this is a really vague ask, but for regency au does stuckony ever get in fights over small things? not like full blown fights, what do they get into small, two-day or less arguments over?

Competitions. Always competitions.

Bucky insists he can do more push-ups than Steve. Steve is adamant that this is absolutely Not True and Tony don’t listen to Bucky’s lies it demeans them both. “Alright, asshole, right here and right now,” Bucky snarls, and Tony is terrified because he thinks his fiances are going to get into a fight but then they both drop to the ground and start doing push-ups. “Huh?” Tony says, confused, and then looks at Natasha and Clint for help. Clint is laughing too hard to help but Natasha has no problem walking over and smacking both their elbows so they face-plant on the floor.

They get into a sword fight that sends Tony screaming for Sarah because they are Not Stopping and Tony is afraid they’re only going to stop if they kill each other. Sarah swans into the room and lovingly thumps them both over the head and gives them a dirty look. Then she flounces away muttering a disgusted ‘alphas.’ “We wouldn’t have hurt each other,” Bucky insists. Tony looks at the blood staining Bucky’s shirt, the cut on Steve’s arm, then looks up at them again silently. “We wouldn’t!” Steve insists under his incredulous stare.

And of course it’s even worse when they finally marry. They bicker over who’s given him the most hickeys, who pleases him best, who beds him the most. Tony is mortified but doesn’t know how to ask them to stop because he’s also sort of flattered? He’s almost relieved when they go back to physical feats because then they leave him and their bedroom out of it.

The thing they bicker about the longest though is names for the baby. They assume that Tony would want to name a girl after his mother–and that’s fine, that’s absolutely alright, they’d be happy with a girl named Maria. But they are rabid about their chosen names, and they argue about it for months, until Tony’s in labor and then the baby’s born and he calls him “chipmunk” and they panic and blurt out their chosen names instead because they don’t want a baby named ‘chipmunk.’ It’s their longest argument but it’s also their most useless one, too, because Tony chose both names in the end.

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I WANT CETO TO DRINK MY BLOOD HONESTLY and I also want them to know their hair looks like nakajima atsushi from bungou stray dogs. They are clearly a weeb and I'm onto them

mm tasty ~

also oh no………. you’re right hahah it looks similar but more messy :’’D ceto is a weeb confirmed

also can i just mention that i’m very impressed by how easily i managed to draw their awful hair again,

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Hey there, do you know if vets are generally taught anything about rodents during school/training? a large amount of mouse and rat owners generally self treat/ medicate because a lot of vets refuse to take them for anything other than URIs (even then, they give antibiotics to be taken in water. which is ineffective because they are almost always not getting the right dose -_-) and getting pts (which I've heard they do wrong as well since it's difficult to heart jab a creature that small.)

We are taught about every domestic species, though admittedly we get taught a lot more about common pet species (dogs, cats) than we do those that are presented less commonly to vet clinics (mice, rats). Mind you, I know next to nothing about species that are illegal to keep here, like hamsters and gerbils because funnily enough I’ve never had access to them.

Though I do resent the implication that ‘vets don’t know anything about rodents’. We are taught about mice and rats, there is a wealth of knowledge out there about so-called laboratory species, they’re just kind of inconvenient to treat.

It also becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. I was much more confident with treating rats and mice in my first year out because I kept getting all the clinic’s rat and mice cases. It’s been several years since I’ve had to handle one, and in that situation I’d go back to being very green. The less a species is presented to a vet clinic, the less vets will maintain the skills to handle and treat it. This is why exotic pet clinics pop up, so they can focus those skills on those species of interest.

Such tiny animals can also be difficult or expensive to dose. If I want to put some rats onto doxycycline, for example, I can either get powdered stuff to add to water very cheaply, take a paste designed for cats that tastes like beef and dilute it with water and hope the rat will tolerate it being syringed into its mouth, or get it compounded into something super tasty at great expense of around $80. An exotic animal clinic, because they have enough demand, might order their compounded medications in bulk, or have their own vats of sweet agents to mix the medication into themselves, keeping costs and time to treatment way down. A clinic that sees one rat every 5 years can’t afford to do that.

As for intracardiac euthanasia, the animal should be anaesthetised before it happens so it’s not feeling anything. It does take practice to do ‘perfectly’ but it’s still doable even if you have to reposition the needle.

I’m concerned that there is a paradigm with a lot of exotic pets that ‘vets don’t know so I’m not even going to both looking for one that will try’, because there are more and more exotic vets out there, and as demand for those skills increases, so will the supply.

There’s a huge percentage of vet students that want to work with exotic animals, but only a few go on to do so seriously because they just don’t get access to that caseload.

Knight in a Flight Suit (Modern AU) | Poe Dameron x Reader

Request: You said I could haha Can I request a Poe x reader where she is always full of joy but because of some jerks who bully her, like in a vicious way, has huge insecurities and Poe notices it so he spends more time with her to subtly protect her maybe with affectionate small things? She falls for him but those jerks manage to make her believe Poe is messing up with her and when he confess she just slaps him right in the face all heart broken because it was as the jerks said? But Poe truly loves her?

A/N: Thanks for always sending me cute things to write, please enjoy yet another modern!AU with Poe <3

Warnings: swearing, bullying

Word Count: 1209

Originally posted by markiplayed

The Air Force you thought would be a great place to be, to spread you wings (no pun intended). And it was, you enjoyed every damn second you were in the cockpit of your plane. You even started to develop a bit of a crush on the lead pilot in your class; Poe Dameron. The two of you barely talked, but when you did you were almost positive he had the same feelings. It was hard to tell, especially where he would always hang around Snap and Jessika during their downtime. So you would just admire from afar.

Now you weren’t the best in your class, and you were well aware of that. But so were the others. And they constantly reminded you of it. You didn’t let it bother you, but you weren’t about to start a fight with them.

“Hey look, there’s our little pilot,” taunted Armitage, another pilot in your class. “How was target practice today?” He asked a sly grin appearing on his face when you just looked down and kept walking.

“I heard she almost blew our Commander out of the sky,” his friend, Ben, chimed in.

Armitage let out a low whistle, “and you’re still here? Damn, who’s cock did you have to-”

“That’s enough,” another voice spoke up, you glanced up and saw Poe pushed himself between you and the two others.

“Oh, big bad, Poe, coming to your defense,” Ben laughed.

“I said that’s enough,” Poe repeated, “She may not be the best pilot but she’s learning, and has a lot more integrity than you pricks,” he said.

“Ouch,” Armitage said sarcastically. But nonetheless, they backed down.

“Thanks for that,” you smiled up at Poe. “You didn’t need to step in.”

“Anything to help out,” Poe said, “maybe to let them eat their words I could give you some tips and pointers when up in the air?” He suggested.

You nodded your head happily, “Yeah, that would be great,” you said, “thank you!”

This went on for almost two months. Poe would always seem to be able to come to your defense whenever Ben or Armitage were around. And as Poe said, he did give you pointers, and you saw your flight scores improve and you started to get closer to Poe. Your feelings only swelled for him after he decided to help you out. Finally, there was one day when Poe was out in the field with Jessika and Snap that Ben and Armitage decided now would be a good time to fall back into your life.

“Hey there little pilot,” Ben cooed stepping up next to you.

“How are things with Dameron?” Armitage asked taking your other side.

“Fine, thank you,” you said simply.

“Oh?” Ben turned his head to look at you, “because from what I’ve heard he’s only being nice to you because he felt bad.”

“What are you on about?” You asked, halting your walk.

“Well it is true, is it not, that your flight scores improved?” Ben asked, you nodded your head, “And that only happened because of Dameron. If he hadn’t taken pity on you, you would have been long gone by now.”

Him and Armitage stalked off leaving you to your thoughts. Is that really the only reason Poe had been hanging around? The two of you never really talked after classes, and you supposed you never really established any form of a friendship. For once were Armitage and Ben right? You scoffed, you didn’t need pity. You could get by on your own. Help or no help, you would have gotten to where you are now.

“Hey, Y/N,” it was getting dark out now, and you had been out for you evening run when Poe decided to find you, catching up in a light jog next to you.

“What, Dameron?” You asked pulling out an earbud.

“I just haven’t seen you all day, thought I would say hi,” Poe said slightly confused by your defensive demeanor.

“Don’t you have something better to do with your time?” You asked.

Poe slowed his jog, grabbing onto your arm lightly so you would stop. “Did I do something wrong?” He asked slightly confused.

You scoffed looking away, “and if you did would it make a difference?”

“Did Armitage or Ben say something to you?”

“If they did?”

“Y/N… talk to me, what’s going on?” Poe asked, hurt that you kept shutting him down.

“They did say something, Poe. And you know what, I don’t need you fighting my fights, or giving me your pity. And to think that I actually liked you. Only to find out that you just saw me as a limping dog who needed help.” You shook your head and stuck you ear bud back in and took off on your run.

You didn’t see Poe for the rest of the night, you went to sleep feeling bad about snapping at him. But you didn’t need him. He was just trying to gain good credit by helping you, just to make himself feel better. The next morning you woke up early and got dressed quickly to get down to the hangar and ready a ship for the day, hoping to avoid anyone else. When you opened the door, you were greeted with a large vase filled with roses, and a note as well. You picked up the note and read it over.

‘Y/N, I don’t know what Armitage and Ben said to you, but I can assure you whatever it was isn’t true. I care about you, Y/N. I only helped because it’s in my nature. I hate people picking on others because they think they are better than everyone. I thought you enjoyed me helping you out with training to improve your scores. If I offended you in anyway, I am so sincerely sorry.

P.s, I really like you too.

P.s.s, if there is any hope of you forgiving me, come find me before class, that way I can apologize in person.


You bit you lip and grabbed the flowers left outside your door. You set them on your desk next to the note. You left the room and went off, five minutes later you were outside Poe’s door, knocking on it hoping he hadn’t already left. Poe opened the door a few seconds later and smiled.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hi,” you replied meekly.

“I’m sorry about last night.”

“I am too,” you said, “I shouldn’t have let what they said get to me.”

“It’s okay,” Poe assured you, “So… about us,” he began, “is there still hope?”

A smile spread across your lips, “I think so.”

Poe grinned, “Good, because I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.”

You were confused at first, but he then leaned down and captured your lips between his own. You smiled into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck as he snaked his own around your waist. Any worry you had about him melted away.

Poe pulled away from the kiss, leaning his forehead against your own.

“Armitage and Ben can fuck off,” you said with a small chuckle.

“Yes they can,” Poe agreed a wide goofy smile on his face as he went in to capture your lips once more.

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You’re Always Right

Requested by the amazingly talented @sorenmarie87

Dean x Reader | Prompt 13: “I promise you I have never once sparkled in the sunlight.” (SMUT)

Words: 2810

Warnings: Smut (obvs), language

A/N: None really. Hope you like it doll! Love ya!!!

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The Marks of Running Ink pt. 31

Summary: The world as Tory knew it didn’t exist anymore. The world is a nightmare where corpses come back to life and where you can barely trust those at your side, a world in which no wall can offer sanctuary. In a world where nothing is more important than surviving, what do you need a soul for?

The world as Negan knew it ended in a hospital room, but his new world started right there as well, a world at the tip of his fingers, a world for him to write the rules. And rule number one is: Nothing matters if you’re dead.

Warnings:  SLOW BURN, angst, swearing, death, violence, fluff, hurt/comfort, child endangerment, general trauma, drama, mentions of infidelity, general lack or morals, mentions of nudity, smut, mentions of blood, mentions of roamers/walkers/biters/zombies, apocalyptic world. As always, I don’t want to give the story away in the tags, read at your own risk.

Author’s note: And I present you another time-jump! Guys, finally, CANON! I’m really happy we’re all here and so excited to know what y’all think! You know the drill, wanna be tagged? drop me a line! Every comment is appreciated, as always. Finally, onto the chapter…

Part 30Masterlist


Three years later

Alexandria, VA

“Don’t tell me you slept with him again.” Jessie groaned. Tory shushed her friend with a giggle.

“What can I say, Jess? Spencer is sort of pretty and I’m a fool for pretty faces.” Tory quipped.

Jessie shook her head. “You’ve been doing this for what? Three years?”

The younger woman nodded and sipped at her coffee.

“Is he any good?” Jessie asked, smiling sardonically into her own coffee.

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I think Ludwig can be pretty petty? Like imagine Alfred promised to be home so they can eat dinner together, but he’s super late and when he comes home dinner has already been put away and Ludwig is on the bed with all 3 of the dogs and there’s no space for Alfred. Basically Ludwig’s way of saying “oh look, there’s no room. I guess you have to sleep somewhere else :(“

and it’s even funnier because usually the dogs are NEVER on the bed lmao. His explanation is “the dogs are always on time for dinner, I think they deserve this spot more than you right now” without looking up from his book.

he’s so fucking funny.

it nevers lasts long though because why would he make his partner sleep on the couch for something so small? he just needs maybe an hour or so to express his disappointment.

Saying No

My husband made an observation that our house has been messy lately. I’m good at chores and cleaning, so it really bothered me that he was unhappy with our home. I feel scattered when our house is even a little bit messy, and it only happens when we have a LOT going on. At the moment we have a lot going on.

At his disapproval, I fought back. How dare he, right? I give so much to everyone, right? I give so much to him, right? I am exhausted, right? I keep everyone else together. I give everyone everything that I have. I don’t feel appreciated, right? This is all his fault… right?

I talked back and cried, then talked back more. As always, he kept calm and just listened. I stormed out of the room, told him not to follow me, and I sobbed some more. I always get the most upset when the facade I’ve carefully built starts falling apart. Try as I might to -not- be overwhelmed and overtired, I am. I’m exhausted. I’m grieving. I’m giving a lot to others who are exhausted and grieving. It was like a slap to the face when I realized I’ve been pouring from an empty cup. This is a bone deep kind of tired. He let me have my moment alone, and then came in and scooped me up. He said the only thing that would calm me down, “I am never disappointed in you. Never. You’re always a good girl. Always.” After some time of wiping tears and snot away, we talked about ways for me to not overextend myself. I want to endure the hard times, accomplish each day with a soft strength, tackle my dreams, face my demons, reconcile my past, help when I can, and to be so kind that it gives people hope. I need to be more aware of my own self though. When I can’t breathe, it’s anxiety telling me to slow down and to skip that coffee. When I can’t feel, it’s depression trying to sneak in while I’m too busy to notice. When my hands shake, it’s because I need to give my body rest. We wrote down ways for me to say no to people that are asking more of me, to the people I love. Loved ones come to me to shed their winter blues, because I hide my own pain behind pretty colors and shades that offset the eye, and because I appear to be made of stronger things than steel. I need to be honest with my pain, and learn to cope with it so others can fully understand that when I say, “Please, no” its more like a prayer and less like a barrier. We wrote about having more check ins with each other. Sharing chores and tasks, and most importantly sharing pain so it’s not such a burden. I don’t need to be super woman. I don’t need to go to the gym everyday, paint the Mona Lisa, give give give my energy to others, raise our baby, and have dinner ready by 5pm each night. My to do lists don’t have to have to do lists. I can slow down. I can focus on building a calm environment for my little family. I can say yes to more things I like and no to other people’s hurt and stress. I can shut my phone off and tell people I won’t be answering emails for a day. I can push my deadlines if I need to. I can go on a date!!!! I can take a nap!!! I don’t need to say yes to everything when I can say no.

If you’re like me, and give a lot of yourself every day then here is a lil reminder: you can take a day off. The world won’t stop spinning.

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sometimes i remember that when honerva got sick zarkon basically lost his mind trying to make her better & eventually threw himself & her into pure quintessence to try to save her & like. thats not the only reason everything went to shit but it makes me think about the black paladin & how keith was accepted by black so he could save shiro & repeatedly saves shiro so obviously theres a pattern there & so there MUST be someone shiro would do anything for and MUST be keith & it always fucks me up

YESS RIGHT?!! The commitment they have for each other fucks me up on the daily but @dent-de-leon has so many good meta posts on Zaggar and Sheith parallels. Every time I read one I’m screaming because of how accurate they are, I can only find this really short one right now but if you wanna get more fucked up over how much they love each other definitely see if you can find some because they’re worth the read

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Hey are your requests open? If it's not feel free to ignore this but I was wondering if you could write a Billy x Girl with cancer headcanon? I'm struggling with cancer right now, and it's been putting me in a pretty bad mood lately, and I guess I just wanted something to cheer me up.

they definitely are, and normally requests go to the back of the queue but i’m making an exception for you. i’m really sorry you’re in the situation you’re in and i’m sending my love and hoping that you make a recovery x (please let me know how you’re getting on if you feel like it - my ask box is always open)

i hope this is more or less what you wanted, and i apologise if i got anything wrong while writing this. let me know if you want it changed/rewritten

  • When Billy found out you had cancer, he could have sworn his heart broke right in two
  • You didn’t tell him at first, you didn’t want him to have to deal with something like that, but he slowly figured it out
  • You were out of school for a whole week at one point and you didn’t tell Billy why, and whenever he tried to come over and see you, your parents told him you weren’t feeling well and he couldn’t see you
  • He tried to get in through your window but you had locked it and drawn the curtains, so he believed that you were simply just sick, maybe you had a cold or something
  • When you started wearing hats to school, he really knew something was up – you hated hats, why would you be wearing them all the time now?
  • And he thought maybe you were just trying something new, people do that sometimes, but you refused to take it off at home and he was getting really suspicious
  • Billy was really worried about you, he was your boyfriend and you couldn’t tell him what was up, he thought he must have done something wrong
  • You’d stopped letting Billy come over after school and on the weekends, only letting him see you if you were in school or going to the diner or something outside
  • You wanted to distance him from you, as much as it hurt you, you didn’t want Billy getting caught up in everything, you couldn’t hurt him like that
  • But he found out eventually, putting two and two together, the hats, the absurd amount of meds you took in classes when you thought no one was watching, the cycle of being out of school for one week and back the next three, then away again
  • He knew the cycle too well with his own mother going through it, and he was so mad at himself for not noticing it sooner with you
  • And so he asked you about it one day before the end of school, pulling you into a classroom that had just been emptied of students
  • You didn’t want to talk to him about it, you wanted to go home
  • “[Y/N] I think I know what’s up”
  • Billy didn’t even want to talk about it himself, just the thought of you being so sick made him cry at night
  • You didn’t respond to him, you just wanted to leave and not have to break his heart with the truth
  • He wouldn’t let you, not in a forceful way or anything, but just the look in his eyes. He was so worried about you and he couldn’t risk losing you now
  • And so you told him about it, you spilled everything, about where you were going, about the sudden change in accessories, why you couldn’t see him at your house
  • You were crying, and he was crying, and you probably spent about half an hour in that empty classroom sobbing into Billy’s chest before deciding it would be better to do this at home
  • So he took you home and he stayed with you like he used to, you curled up in his arms on the best, him humming softly to keep you calm
  • And it became a routine for the two of you, he’d take you back from school, you’d end up back in his arms. Sometimes you didn’t talk at all, but he was always there, taking care of you
  • His love for you never wavered, not when the hair fell out, not when you were too exhausted to do anything, never
  • He was always by your side, making sure you were okay, always reiterating that he loved you at every possible chance he had because he knew how difficult it must be for you, going through all of this more or less on your own until you told him
  • And he stayed with you all the way through your recovery, knowing that you would always be with him no matter what, and he would always be with you
  • Because he loved you, and he could never, ever deny that to anyone again

“I love the idea of ghosts. I love to think that there are ghosts around me, helping me, coming to me in my dreams. It’s always a great feeling when you get visited by somebody from the beyond who isn’t with you anymore. I don’t know if you have it or not but…boy it feels good when that can happen. It’s something you can really take with you into the future. It usually happens to me at just the right time. I wish it happened more often, but when it does happen, you just feel so lucky that they came to say hi.”

– Paul Thomas Anderson talking to Terry Gross 

Stills from Phantom Thread (2017, dir. Paul Thomas Anderson) 


The Doctor(s)

Well I had this done for awhile I guess I just completely forgot to post it but then I had a stupid idea to make it part of the “The——“ series (great name right! 😂) and add a type of horn design to them although for Dr. Iplier I decided to go with more of an antler design but meh whatever. If anybody wants to see the designs without the Horns/Antlers I’ll be glad to post them as well.

As always thank you for stopping by and I’ll see ya in the next post!


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I'm so right there with you, feeling a mixture of sad and pissed for Armie. I think what breaks my heart more is he really seems to think he's "riding Timmy and Luca's coat tails" as he has said in so many interviews. And then he gets snubbed! Argh. He was utterly amazing in CMBYN and deserves some recognition already!!!

i know :’((( your message brought me to tears bc yes i wanted armie to be nominated because i want him to feel valued because he always thinks low of himself and he deserves to know that he’s so much more than he think he is. it just breaks my heart really

I had a terrible time doing the Disney College Program. I’ve always wanted to work for Disney, just like my mother had, and I wanted to keep up the tradition but it was terrible and I feel like I let her down because of it. I knew what I was getting into but like the managers just made everything worse, and I ended up getting fired because nothing was right in their eyes and I have never felt more defeated in my entire life. 

i’ve been seeing posts asking if the papillon is getting weaker.

honestly, there’s no significant changes.

he still uses the same method.

the only difference is who he akumatizes now. majority of the akuma victims of season 1 are teenagers, plus a few adults and a kid. however, in season 2, it’s mostly adults, plus a few kids, a teenager and a robot.

i know we are only 10 episodes in for the second season, but right now, adults and kids are taking the lead. it may change in the future, but based on the S2 preview, we’ll be seeing more adults getting akumatized.

that’s alright.

i’ve always wondered why only teenagers get akumatized in this show as if they’re the only ones who have emotions.

anyway, since the focus for season 2 is mainly adults (and kids, don’t forget the kids!), i’m pleasantly surprised to see a different reaction to their akumatization.

the papillon is an adult, possibly in his 40s. if he akumatizes someone from his age range, or even better, older than him, do you think they will respond well when he starts telling them what to do?

as for the kids, it’s clear that they are never going to cooperate, but it’s actually amusing seeing how things turn out when it doesn’t go the way that you want.

people say that the papillon is getting weaker because his victims start talking back to him and not doing what he asks. while it can be seen as if his control over them is slipping, remember, the papillon manipulates emotions.

all his victims have a degree of control over their emotions with the papillon poking here and there to push them to make their moves. if the papillon has complete control over his victims, we won’t be having a lot of failures.

they are supposed to do one thing but there’s always something else.

similar to how the rest of the characters whose development is non-existent, the papillon isn’t free from lack of character development too. there’s a total of 37 episodes to date and his speech always ends with ‘i will get the miraculouses next time!’

how many next times you need?

i personally feel if this show has linear narrative, the papillon would have changed tactics by episode 5.