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The video is trending at #12 right now!!! Everyone keep streaming the video on Youtube please!!! Even if you're not in the US or can't use a US VPN (the youtube views count for the US chart) pleaseee still stream as in doing so the number of views goes higher which is always great. And it can rise on the trending section, which might lead to more people outside of the fandom watching the video!! SO PLEASEEE STREAM THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE!


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Instead of the fandom fighting over whether it’s V, V and Saeran, or whatever, can we all just be really grateful that we’re getting at least 1 new route which Cheritz has spent a lot of their time and effort on, and, as always, we’re probably getting it free like the rest of the game?

Like, this is amazing and people should be way more appreciative instead of just fighting each other trying to prove the other’s wrong for bragging rights when the route(s) is/are announced.

We’re getting a new route, that’s awesome, thank you so much Cheritz for dedicating so much time and effort to us.

Nerdy girls need love, too

Date a girl who always wears something based on some weird movie or tv show or cartoon. Sometimes it’s obvious, like Princess Leia’s medal-award ceremony outfit. But it’s more interesting if you need to figure it out, like a hand-dyed tee shirt that’s red on the right, green in the middle and blue on the left. (Hint: there’s a circle with an arrow coming out of it on the front at the waist…)

EXO reaction: their cute s/o being sassy

~requested by anon~
♡GIFs are not mine♡

Kim Minseok/Xiumin 

Shocked. That’s the right word to describe this man when you gave him the attitude. All he did was ask you to pass the remote and you responded with a sassy comment about his laziness. He quickly snapped back to reality as he scolded you for being mean. lowkey thought it was hot

Kim Junmyeon/Suho

He got no time for your shit honey. He gave you an angry look just right after harsh words left your mouth. He was shocked at this sudden change of your behavior considering you were always cute and giggly. He even grew a bit worried about this situation. 
Have you been spending more time with Sehun lately?”

Zhang Yixing/Lay

We all know he’s a confused and easily startled person in general so when you sent a snarky comment towards him, he started to analyze everything he has said previously. He didn’t know where the comment came from and it surely hurt his feelings seeing you like this. He wanted his cute s/o back!

Byun Baekhyun 

Unlike other members, he’s pretty okay with it. He didn’t take your comment seriously and just laughed it off. Of course, this shocked him a bit and he was ready to ask questions about your sudden change, but he realized that everyone has some mood swings. And he really likes that darker side of his s/o!

Kim Jongdae/Chen

On the outside he was totally cool with your comments, he deals with Sehun everyday anyways. But on the inside, oh. This boy was terrified. What happened to his s/o? Will his s/o be cute ever again? Does he have to deal with two Sehuns now? He had so many questions, but was afraid to ask what happened.

Park Chanyeol 

Don’t do this to him. Ever again. A million thoughts run through his head as he questions himself “what did i do to deserve this?”. But he’s not a softie and he actually tries to be sassy too. 
You…go…you know what….uh-
Nice try, Chanyeol

Do Kyungsoo/D.O

He already knew that his cute s/o will act like this sooner or later, you can’t be cute forever right? He had also prepared a response to any sign of sassiness. 
Oh, okay, seems like you’re doing the dishes tonight honey.”
But Kyung-
No. Suffer.

Kim Jongin/Kai

This sweetheart didn’t want to see his s/o all sassy and mean, so he sat down for a minute and started to think really hard. Soon he came up with a solution. 
Hey, listen, how about you stop being sassy and go back to being my cute s/o and i kiss you as a reward?
In his head: “Nailed it

Oh Sehun

You didn’t expect him to be that shocked yet he was sitting there, staring at you with an angry expression. His gaze sent a shiver down your spine and you automatically regretted saying anything. 
Uh, ‘scuse me, who taught you this?
Sehun, you’re the one who’s bein-
I can’t believe this. Who in his right state of mind would teach my cutie such bad words?
Ahh, i guess i’ll never know the answer.
he’s a meme

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Hey Ian, were you nervous at first of making a video for YouTube? I want to at least try to get into posting one video just for fun yet I dont really like the sound of my voice or my appearance. Any advice?

Oh yeah for sure. I’m still nervous when I make videos for YouTube, and I still don’t really like the sound of my voice or my appearance haha. It’s just one of the things I have to force myself to overcome. It does kind of get less scary the more I upload, but I think I’m always going to be at least a little nervous every time I post something. It always feels like “uh oh this could be the end of my channel, right here! Everyone will probably hate me after this!”

Just because I don’t quite like myself doesn’t mean that other people are going to feel the same way, though. Just gotta put yourself out there if YouTube is something you want to do!

Or, I mean, come up with a series that doesn’t involve being on camera or your own voice over. That’s also an option.

Taehyung as Your Boyfriend

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- Tae= a lovesick puppy all the time everyday

- He asks you out right before a concert and he’s never been more energetic on stage when you said yes

- Always offers his undivided attention when you need it

- Hugging you constantly

- Leaving kisses all over your face

- Showering you with kisses period

- He’s very affectionate

- Always gives you compliments

- Only really uses pet names when being really cheesy or if he wants something

- And the petnames are absolutely ridiculous

- “How’s my sugar plum booty babe”

- “Tae what the hell does that even mean”

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Jaebum x Reader [featuring GOT7 x BTS]  →  angel!au / demon!au
Warning: violence, language, & mentions/descriptions of death

Masterlist (including teasers)
A/N: chapters are updated every Friday

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I was always like, "I can't wait for Yuuri to get more confident in his seduction skills so he can surprise Viktor and give him the best sex of his life." I thought this would be a few years down the road. In yet, no that isn't the case. Yuuri had that effect on him right from the beginning xD (Normally suave Viktor turning into a complete teenager when trying to approach him + almost cumming without Yuuri even touching him). I seriously HC that the best sex Viktor ever had is with Yuuri.

Viktor is so very weak when it comes to Yuuri! And he’s definitely had the best sex of his life with Yuuri, not just through the physical side but because of the emotional connection they now have too. The love and affection they both feel for each other comes through very strongly when they sleep together and for Viktor, someone who craves love and affection and especially that from Yuuri, that makes the physical side of things so much better for him too. (Although even without that, Yuuri still does a pretty damn fine job of blowing his mind every time!)

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Hi there, could I please ask for a prompt where Robin takes a critical hit meant for Frederick?

[of all the angst prompts this is the one I never did for fred// makin history, anon]

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

You were used to fighting right beside Frederick, but sometimes distance was required. You always kept a close eye on each other, watching your blind spots and working together even when apart.

But Plegians were stronger than they seemed. You hadn’t expected the battle to be so difficult, or the high number of mages. You considered your magic resistance strong, but few others were.

There were several who were more susceptible to magic attacks. You knew Frederick was one of them.

That’s why you practically screamed at him to get out of the way when you saw the dark mage point an attack at his blind spot. A shout swallowed by the war around you, that he didn’t hear. He was completely vulnerable.

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Jean-Paul Sartre and Personality Theory

Sartre was a French existentialist philosopher who’s main for us was on the existential qualities of freedom and bad faith. Now I’m gunna keep this brief and not terribly wordy but i think this is importaint for the MBTI and Enneagram community to know. Sartre and Albert Camus (another French existentialist) kinda popularized this idea of “bad faith”, which in simple terms is basically when you limit your freedom by lying to yourself. 

A humorous take on this philosophy from the always wonderful

Essentailly, anytime we mentally limit ourselves by saying we cant do certain things or make certain choices we are being, to some extent, delusional. For example: You have kids to feed and a wife at home, you cant just tell your boss to shove it, you’ll have to accept coming in this weekend like he says. Right? Wrong. You could kill your boss. Or yourself! Or, more likely, start looking for a new job this instant and maybe have one by next month. Just because you feel like you only have “one choice” never means you do. Even if they are absurd, there are boundless choices before you. 

In that vein, Sartre hated any sort of definitions that put people into groups. Race, nationality, cutural loyalty etc. If you were to say to Sartre “I’m a Texas, we love the Rodeo!” Sartre would first ask you to question if you, as an individual, really love the rodeo, or do you love it because you think you should. Then he would question if you were living authentically at all if you were defining yourself with such meaningless terms like “Texan”.

And here we get to MBTI and Enneagram. Sartre would hate them, because whenever you say things like “I’m an INFP” you fundamentally limit yourself to be anything other than that which you’ve defined yourself to be. “You” ARE free. However, that’s not what I want to talk about, because obviously this blog is pro-MBTI/enneagram. I want to talk about his thoughts on facticity vs trancendentiality.

So the facticity of “you” refers to the things about you that are unequivocally true. Your ethnicity, your current occupation, who you’re married to, your favorite hobby. While transcendental qualities refer to that which you could or will be. Your hopes, dreams, what you strive toward, your end goals. Sartre says that there is a disturbing human tendency to focus heavily on facticity and to make everything transcendental ultimately factual. We deny the transcendental for what is factual about ourselves and define ourselves by facticity. Sartre says that is, you guessed it, bad faith. We are so singularly focused on the next promotion that we don’t even think about what we could be doing instead which is absolutely anything. We limit ourselves by that next promotion and live and die by it. 

MBTI/Enneagram is, in essence, pure facticity. We want to understand ourselves as we are. We take a microscope to the qualities and traits about ourselves that make up how we act and seek to explain that. However, we ignore our ability as humans to be random and tracendent of any rule. Everything has to ultimately make sense in the context of our “XXXX (ENFP) XwX (7w6) XX/XX (Sx/Sp)”. We ARE that. We “understand ourselves”. However, we are not just what we are, we are also what we could be. Say your an INFP with the potential to be a great leader in the right context. What we know about INFPs may very well tempt you to stay in your lane and try to find a more artistic life path. That’s facticity overcoming trancendentiality. MBTI/Enneagram then becomes a severely limiting factor that oozes bad faith.

However, a solution might be to instead choose to focus on the trancendental elements of MBTI/Enneagram. Enneagram is perfect for this. In enneagram we have the direction of area integration in which a 7 becomes a 5 in growth. The trick then would seem to be defining oneself equally as a 7 and a 5, lalancing facticity with trancendentiality. Focus equally on what you could do if you applied yourself, rather than making excuses based on what you are.  In the case of MBTI, we need to look at what an INFP looks like in its most healthy state and focus on that equally with where you’re at now. An INFP can make an empathetic leader with a golden moral compass, that’s every bit as you as the timid book worm who reads “The Stranger” (Albert Camus) in the corner.

I think this shift in thinking would benifit the community greatly and keep us from the stagnation that comes from strict definition. We have spent so much time rigidly defining and explaining everything and so little time actually figuring out how to apply it in a way that is beneficial and helpful to the individual. Growth is the most importaint element. Transcendence is every bit as importaint as facticity and i think Ive explianed that. As always, thanks for reading!!!

So everyone is going crazy about the new KH3 trailer, me including…maybe. (lol, I detached myself from high expectation after too many waits). I guess I would go crazy if i get to see Riku (in the new outfit!) or moreover, Riku with Sora…or Axel and Roxas! But all in all, I’m just glad it’s going to be release next year. Will have to get PS4 then. I’ve been waiting since I was a teenager until now I’m an old fart, lol. . . This doujin: it’s more like Riku with KH1’s personality, always teasing Sora. He’s much more calm and nice to Sora in KH2 but old habits must die hard, right? XD

Taehyung’s Home Videos {Kim Taehyung} ~Happy One Month!!`

Prompt:  23 & 7 for taehyung pls? 💙

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warning: recording, 

|| Requests Open || Smut Game 1 || Smut Game 2 || BTS Masterlist || GOT7 Masterlist ||


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what are your 3 favorite things about Danny?

Ooh, I gotta narrow it down to just three? Hm…Well, I’ll do my best.

  1. The fact that he’s allowed to be a 14 year old kid who makes mistakes and has flaws and is far from perfect. He’s relatable. He gets stressed and tired. He complains about having to play superhero. He just wants a normal life.
  2. Despite that, though, he still learns from his mistakes and always tries his hardest to do what’s right. He’ll take the high road when others won’t, and he’ll try to protect even those who might seem like they don’t deserve it. He really tries to better himself, and he grows into a really strong and admirable person (even more than he was.)
  3. His love for space!!! I just love that he has such a specific, unique passion, and that it’s something that remains constant. Danny’s a space nerd. He’s a junior astronaut. He’s got blueprints for a space shuttle on his wall. He is adorable and I love him.
Falling asleep on Sigurd would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him noticing your eyes getting heavy and just scooting closer, in hopes you’d fall right onto his shoulder and always smirking when you would

-Him acting smug about it as if it was obvious that you’d fall onto him and him leaning back to get you comfortable

-Him wrapping his arm around your shoulders and keeping you closer to him, only to tuck your hair away carefully

-Him rubbing your shoulder while keeping the others company, only to slowly trail down to your back or waist as you’d slump over him

-Him seeing you mumble or shift too much in your sleep, and grabbing his lute nearby to play you a little ballad

-Him undoing your braids and untangling your hair carefully before pulling you closer to his chest and letting you be more comfortable

-Him liking how soft your hair is and just smelling it before starting to leave a few kisses here and there

-Him getting mad at his brothers trying to pick on you and just threatening them

-Him always telling the others that he’s too busy to join them whenever you’d sleep on him

-Him making fun of you for falling asleep the moment you’d wake up, only to apologize as you’d start to playfully fight him

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Daddy's Home

Tyler loves coming home to his baby boy.
Pairings: Tyler Joseph x Male!Reader
Warnings: daddy kink, light bondage, lots of praise kink right along with lots of degrading, choking, top!tyler
Word Count: 2.5k

(this is my first x male!reader, feedback would be so much appreciated)

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The Center of the Universe (Drabble Challenge)

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46. “I could beat you up, you know that, right?” + 49. “But I said I love you.” + Sehun

Self-improvement was always a good thing, but the one thing you could never seem to improve was your personal timing with, well, everything.

The first time you had misread Sehun had resulted in various humorous consequences, however, you had been by yourselves, just the two of you. It wasn’t nearly as embarrassing as today.

You sat at the island flipping through a magazine and sipping your tea. Jongin was reading over your shoulder, pointing out clothing items he liked or that he thought would look good on you.

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I've always been told to pray for the Holy Spirit's prompting when I need to make a big decision, which has usually worked. I pray that the right option gives me a strong sense of peace and the wrong option(s) a sense of uneasiness. What do I do when depression and anxiety cloud my judgement? In other words, how do I discern which direction I should go when I feel fearful and negative about all options? How do I differentiate between God-given caution against something and plain fear/anxiety?

You know, I’ll be honest, my faith seems a lot more reckless than others. I have trouble discerning what Gods will is for me all the time, and since I’m not God, I can’t really ever tell what his will really is. My only option and recommendation is to pray the Prayer of Abandonment, and just abandon yourself to God’s will on a daily basis. Don’t look to your own personal and changing emotions as a divine indicator of what God’s will is, abandon yourself daily to him, and have peace in that. Sometimes, especially when we have depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses, we need to “go dummy” as I call it. Which is basically “God, I DONT HAVE THIS, so it’s all you.” Sometimes I’ve even prayed “God, I’m a dummy, hit me with a brick if I’m going in the wrong direction, otherwise I’ll be still here with you.” Sometimes you might not feel peace when God’s will is rocky, and that’s okay, just say the prayer of abandonment, and welcome yourself to that reckless faith.

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the lyrics of the song in the pic harry liked on instagram: "You're a part-time lover and a full-time friend / The monkey on your back is the latest trend / I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you / You are always tryin' to keep it real / I'm in love with how you feel / I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you / We both have shiny, happy fits of rage / You want more fans, I want more stage / I don't see what anyone can see in anyone else but you." <3333

I’m going to listen to it right now