they always loved each other

Yuri’s first kiss was from Otabek.

Yuri had been ranting and raving, going on about Viktor and Yuuri, complaining about how affectionate they were. They should have the decency not to do it right in front of his face, Yuri had thought. Maybe he was sexually frustrated, or jealous of the two, but he tends to get pretty heated when complaining of their PDA.

Otabek listens, nodding and saying, “yeah,” where it fits. When Yuri pauses, Otabek asks, “have you considered that you may envy them?”

Yuri flares again, shouting, “envy them? That level of love is sickening! And they’re always touching each other, why would I envy that?”

Otabek simply shrugs while approaching Yuri, hugging him slowly from behind.

“What’re you d-” Yuri starts.

Otabek murmurs, “you’re telling me you don’t ever get jealous when they hang on each other like this?”

“Well- I mean,” Yuri tenses and his cheeks redden.

Otabek chuckles softly, and moves away, taking a seat on the bed.

“Hey, wait a second,” Yuri argues. “That’s not fair!”

“Why not?”


“Because I was right. You’re jealous of them.”

Yuri crosses his arms. “Why do you get to tell me how I feel?”

Otabek stands again, and approaches Yuri, bodies mere inches apart.

“Because I /know/ how you feel. You want what they have, don’t you?”

Yuri opens his mouth to reject the claim but cannot find words.

“Tell me I’m right,” Otabek breathes out.

“I mean,” Yuri stammers. “Maybe a little bit, but-”

Before he can finish, Otabek places his lips onto Yuri’s, cupping the back of his neck with his hand.

When Otabek pulls away, Yuri stares at him momentarily, dumbfounded. “Okay, you may be slightly more right than I thought.”

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Fav Batfam ships for the boys and why?

Eh, not a huge shipper but there are ships I like

Dick/Babs, love me some DickBabs. I know a lot of people don’t like it and that’s fine. I respect DickKory but I just never could see it working longterm. I guess same with DickBabs because they’re both so alike and similar and have different goals. I see them more as star crossed, always loving each other very much and wanting to have that intimacy, but too many things (family, jobs, their goals) get in the way.

Jason/mental stability

Tim/Kon (betcha didn’t see that one coming) just because it’s very well developed and wow that’s some good chemistry and, beyond all that, Tim and Conner are very easily compatible. Love shouldn’t be a circus, a wild rollarcoaster, it should feel like home.

Damian is a baby, not even pretending to think in that regards (but besties with Jon, Maya and Colin with Maps and other GA kids as “normal” friends)

Listen, I’ve experienced the destruction of a soap couple (Will and Sonny) where there was no coming back from the character’s shitty actions. That was because the one stopped loving the other and wouldn’t make the effort to rebuild things. Also, as @beautifulhigh and I have discussed, their show just didn’t give a shit about them and didn’t recognize what they had.

This is different. Because at the root Robert and Aaron both still love each other, and I truly believe they always will. Aaron didn’t stop loving Robert through Robert literally holding a gun to his head. He’s not going to stop now. He’s also I’m sure going to recognize his role in what happened and they’re both going to make the effort to repair the damage. Plus, despite this lazy cliched writing, I believe Iain that their plan is for Robert and Aaron to be endgame. They know what they have in Robron, and they may have deliberately misled us with The Incident™, and that was very much not okay, but I do believe they will be alright.

(tbh I equate it with Kurt and Blaine. Glee was shitty and treated Klaine horribly but they knew what they had and they gave Kurt and Blaine their happy ending.)

Alish’s older sister, Aloira.

Aloira works for the Queen back in Divinity’s Reach. Even tho they rarely see each other they would always love and support the other. Alish never liked being in Divinity’s Reach and thought her skills as an Elementalist would be better outside the walls. Aloira on the other hand loved it. She picked up blacksmith and armorsmith up when she was young and excelled at it on an early age. Improving the Queen’s soldiers equipment she was recruited by Anise.

Anise quickly realizes that Aloira didn’t just had a gift for crafting but her fighting and tactical skills were that of a captain. Aloira quickly rose through the ranks and became part of the Royal Guard. Now working together with Captain Logan Thackeray she plans tactical attacks at Lake Doric to make sure the citizens of Divinity’s Reach stay safe.


top 15 rwby duos - as voted by my followers

#4. Ruby Rose + Yang Xiao Long


By the way man, this why we work well together, you know? You see free soup, you make a decision to eat it.