they always have each others' backs

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For the prompt meme, if you don't mind crack, bittersweet!prompto and the sun is out!prompto and their reactions to each other's lives? Have a good day!

“Nope, nope, nope, fuck that, I’m taking you back with me, your universe can fucking fight me, dude!”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works.”

“It is now! Because I said so! I am cute and deadly and I always get my way, watch me.”

“It’s not so bad.”


“Iggy and Gladio and Noct would miss me.”

“I’ll take them along too, then! We’re leaving this burning wreckage of a reality behind. I know! We can be a twin act! …four twin acts! It’ll be fine.”

“Because that’s not going to backfire horribly.”

“Your world is a literal dumpster in a fire with sprinkles of crystallized misery for spice. You don’t get to judge.”

“You’re kind of an ass, aren’t you?”

“I have a great ass, thank you very much. I also have a spine and a fist full of gun for whoever doesn’t like it.”

“That’s. Uh. Haha. Wow. Okay.”

“It’s not! Really not! But that’s okay, I’m going to fix it.”

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Maki-chan, why do you always spend time with Nico-chan if you think she's annoying?~

She might be annoying- no, scratch that… she IS annoying, but we’re still friends. We still care about each other.

It’s true we disagree a lot, but ultimately we both want what’s best for Mu’s. We’re trying to get to the same place, we just have different routes.

Besides, I kind of appreciate that she’s so willing to bite back at me. I’m not always right, and I can rely on her to point out when I’m wrong. I do the same for her. We keep each other in check.

It might look like we’re arguing constantly, but we’re both the kind of people that need that at times.

If I could talk to my cats for one minute and have them understand what I said:

I love you and I think you’re perfect. I promise to always take care of you, you will never go back to a shelter. I’m sorry things have been hard sometimes but it will get better soon. Please stop trying to go outside, it’s dangerous, and Pandora, please stop sticking your face in burning candles, that will hurt you. Also the vet doesn’t want to hurt you, her job is to keep you healthy. Don’t hit each other because that’s mean. Stop eating my cords, you could start a fire and die. If I’m pointing my phone at you, hold still for a minute, it’s important. Thank you for being wonderful. I love you.

(I timed that, it’s a minute.)

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I am in such a toxic relationship and a large part of it is because of me but I just don't know what to do. We've tried breaking up so many times but we always go back to each other. It's been a year of this and both of our mental health is terrible because of it. I know we shouldn't be together but I can't let go but I can't stay this unhappy anymore. I feel so much pain every day and so much sadness and I worry if she'll be safe if we end it. I don't know what to do, I have nobody to talk to

Do you have contact with her parents or siblings? If I were you I’d break up with her and tell her family about it so they could take care of her and make sure she’s safe. It’s like when you’re on a plane with your kid and they ask you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first, and then on the kid. Take care of yourself first, then try to help others. I’m sending you a tight hug. You’re strong. You will be alright.
I hope that if you decide to break up for real, everything will go smoothly. 💫💫

Supersonic; Everyone But You II (Biadore) - Shadyqueenie

A/N: Hi cuties! Here’s Everyone But You II 

I’m not super happy about this chapter (honestly I feel like I’m disappointing the honeys who asked for a part II), so I decided that there will be another one. In short time, I believe.
As always, please forgive my grammar mistakes Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ
Kisses! Your Duh, Shady ✨

Everyone But You II is part of the Supersonic Collection (you’ll find Part I in the tags (: )
[Those one-shots are slightly connected with each-other. The only common thread is the fact that almost everyone works at Vanguard Magazine, an important fashion magazine.]
In this chapter Bianca and Adore have a date, but Adore jumps easily at conclusions and Bianca is still carbs-obsessed

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All the five intervals for an Andromeda OC :3 (5,10,15,20... etc)

Oh nice! I have never been asked about an Andromeda character before so wonderful :) I am going to go with Ryder, Sarah– I also play default Ryder ;.; I don’t care about customization in these kinds of games, prefer it in things like Fallout, Skyrim, etc. So a little backstory. Sarah and her bro Scott are super close, obviously. Always been the best of friends, and had each others back. Their dad is a nice guy, but he’s distant as we know. Which sometimes Sarah would take personally, but she learned eventually thats just who their dad was. Anyway, here she is! :D

 **Gif found on google, credit to owner!**

5. How old is your OC?
Sarah is 24. Her birthday is March 11th, so she’s a pisces.

10. What is your OCs favorite outfit?
When she’s working she likes to wear the standard colors of her track suit or whatever it is. When she’s able to dress herself however he prefers street fashion. Jeans, sneakers, a sweater. Comfy, cute and also practical and her. 

15. What makes your OC angry?
Well besides being interrupted or talked down to, she doesn’t like when people underestimate her. She also doesn’t like having to repeat herself or having to explain her jokes even if they’re bad :P

20. What’s your OCs favorite kind of pizza?
She is totally a pineapple on pizza kinda girl, and you can fight her if you want but she’s the Pathfinder, so I don’t recommend it. 

25. What time of year does your OC prefer?
She’s a summer girl– loves hiking, swimming and exploring outside. She also loves straight up winter though too, bundling with layers and blankets and a warm cup of coco!

30. What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there?
She likes to keep things trim, but not completely shaved. 

35. How flexible is your OC?
Very! She loves Yoga and does it probably more than she should but its so dam relaxing! So she can pretty much do anything lol.

40. What is the craziest thing your OC has done?
She once went streaking in the Citadel on a dare. It was late, but everyone is awake ALL THE TIME SOOOOO…. doesn’t say much does it lol. Obviously people saw, but she did earn a reputation of being fearless, which she loves.

45. Does your OC like reading?
She loves reading. Usually before bed, or she will read out loud to Vetra or her brother too. Bath time and outside reading is also really nice and relaxing for her. 

50. Does your OC cry easily?
She does sadly. She doesn’t like it but she has a hard time because she gets a little worked up, and excited. She also feels a lot, and gets very attached to people/things and forms very strong connections to them. She’s a sensitive bean, but also hard as a rock when she needs to be. BUT with that in mind, she can totally hold her own in situations that it calls for. She is very disciplined. 

55. What gender is your OC?
Sarah is a lady and associates as such :D

60. Does your OC enjoy nature?
Very much so! Sorta already went into this one XD But yeah she’s a big fan of the outdoors.

Thanks so much for the ask love :D Hope you enjoyed my answers <3 

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For your anon: My husband and I met when I was fifteen, he was 17, and I fell for him hard and fast. We went on our own lives for a while but we always seemed to come back to each other. FFW about 13 years we are still crazy about each other (and married). Sometimes it takes a while for people to come back to each other, but having lived that, I can tell you it's entirely possible. Don't give up hope!

This is so sweet and romantic! I’m so happy for you and your husband and I wish you the best in the world! I do believe everything is possible and if it’s meant to be, life will help people find their way back to each other and the feelings will never fade. After a while, it’s like you’ve never been apart at all. 

I’ve decided that my favorite ships are those ones where you don’t care if they’re together romantically or not, as long as they're together. It doesn’t matter if they’re kissing, as long as you know they’ll have each other’s back through everything, and really it’s a stronger bond than if they were banging anyway.  Because it’s all based off of trust and loyalty.

listen…. middle aged ships are my jam. there’s something hopeful about seeing two older people fall in love (or still being in love) on my screen. 

give me two workaholics who realise there’s more to life than their job when they meet each other. 

give me two people who’ve been to hell and back together for years and have always had each others backs.

give me two people who’ve been married for decades and are more in love than ever. 

give me two lonely people thrown together in a life or death situation and let them realise they would’nt want anyone else by their side. 

give me two people who’ve been heartbroken more times than they can count who find hope in each other.


The great thing about fandom/internet friends vs. friends you meet out IRL, is that when you get to know people for the first time face-to-face, there’s this awkward process of trying to figure out juuuust how much of a dork they are, and how much you can nerd out before you scare them off. Like, you don’t wanna break out the real freaky shit right off. There’s always the impulse to hang back a little, as you try to gauge just how into a thing they are. But with fandom friends? You fucking met them in the garbage heap. You knew their fucked up narrative kinks before you even know their real name. They are screaming their passions into the void. Your friendship comes pre-loaded with already knowing the exact depths of each other’s depravity, and any ordinary-people-shit you have in common is just a bonus. 

  • Arrow writers: Ok guys for this new season I am thinking of something groundbreaking.Get this! Oliver Queen goes through an emotional crisis as something from his past comes back to haunt him! Let's make it dark! Also bonus points for screwing up a female character
  • Flash writers: Hey guys great to be back. So I am thinking for this new season Flash screws up and this comes back to haunt him! Also we could include an evil Speedster! Oh and of course the ban on female characters interacting with each other is still in effect.
  • Supergirl writers: Great to be back for another year guys. So we have two main topics as always. What guy should Kara's life a revolve around this season and how can we hurt her emotionally?
  • Legends of Tomorrow writers: Wasssssssup.? Anybody did something kinky this summer? I know I have! So my turtleducks let's drop some acid, blast some Bjork,turn on the History Chanel and come up with something groovy for this season! But first! Shots!
;the touch of silk (m)

pairing: min yoongi x reader, sugar daddy! yoongi, vampire! yoongi
genre/warnings: smut, romance, blood mentions, but nothing too crazy, dirty talk, dom! Yoongi
words: 14,221

:: summary— in a world where vampires coexist with the living, there are many humans looking for a cheap thrill…you’re ashamed to admit you’re curious too, putting to good use a dating app you find…but Min Yoongi is nothing like you imagined a vampire to be…

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With all these attacks you shouldn’t be out on your own.
—  Well, I’m not on my own, I’m here with you, High Warlock of Brooklyn.

mike and richie as twins

(sorry for how long this is! i got a little carried away)

-they have the same parents, but richie takes their dad’s name and mike takes their mother’s

-this is because when they were kids they came up with this idea no one would guess they were related if they had different last names

-nancy laughed at them both and told them how ridiculous that was, but it stuck

-they shared a room up until they were seven and got in an argument and richie ended up throwing soda at mike and ruining the duvet of his bed (they had already destroyed a lot of stuff before then.  This was the final straw for Mrs. Wheeler)

-mike finds it obnoxious how messy richie is

-their bathroom is half warzone, half last ditch attempts by mike to keep it clean

-they end up having their own “sides” of the counter but richie’s stuff always ends up on mike’s side

-once richie used mike’s toothbrush so mike dunked richie’s toothbrush in the toilet and didn’t tell him

-dustin and lucas sometimes laugh at richie’s jokes and mike hisses “don’t encourage him”

-richie has a habit of flirting with everyone

-this includes will.

-sometimes he makes a dirty joke and winks at will and will blushes

-mike gets annoyed by it, but always tells himself it’s just because he doesn’t want his gross brother hitting on any of his friends

-they have fights over who’s going to have the sleepover this weekend.  

-the losers always make sure to include mike though

-just like the party includes richie (if he’s home, a lot of the time he sneaks over to eddies)

-mike never tells their parents that richie’s snuck out, no matter how mad he is, because he knows how horrible eddie’s mom is

-when he was younger, mike had a crush on bill, something he will NEVER admit

-he also had a crush on bev, who was so nice to him and used to offer him the last cookie/soda/bit of chips

-the party is kind of in awe of how cool bev is, and they always try to invite her to join their party

-richie is like “MY FRIENDS NOT URS” and bev finds it really funny

-even though richie and mike get on each other’s nerves, they band together really fast when one of them is picked on.

-richie constantly comes home with black eyes and a bloody nose/lip because people pick on mike and his friends

-mike and eddie help clean him up, both telling him to “sit still idiot”

-when they’re sixteen one time richie comes out of the shower with just sweatpants “hey mike, have you seen my scorpions shirt?”

-will goes bright look and glances down super quickly

-mike notices this and gets kinda angry? Not at will just the general situation

-but richie has been in love with eddie since he was like ten, and they’ve been dating since 8th grade so he only has eyes for his eds

-he notices how bothered mike is by this and just kinda laughs to himself bc he knows they’ll have to sort it out for themselves

-nancy, richie, and mike are a fucking power trio

-nancy takes them out to the city every month or so, less when she heads out to college

-they always visits mike’s “nerd stops” like museums and various comic book stores.

-they also hit up record shops (for richie) and occasionally nancy sneaks them into a grunge show “ONLY IF THEY PROMISE TO BE GOOD AND STAY IN HER SIGHT”

-both of them dread when nancy drags them to a clothing store, whining the whole way, but they have fun messing around with different outfits while nancy shops

-they talk about boys (and girls, the wheelers/toziers are bi icons) over food and whenever someone mentions will, mike gets all blushy.  Nancy and Richie share knowing looks

-nancy is definitely the cool, protective sister.  If she hears anyone in the higher classes making fun of richie and eddie she’s fucking ON THAT, turns out richie learned it all from her

-richie and mike definitely bond over how sucky their dad is. Insulting him when he isn’t around, teaming up to argue with him when he’s being ridiculous

-they know secrets about each other too, one’s they’d never tell anyone else

-mike knows that richie has nightmares about a family that hurts and ignores him, and it’s his biggest fear to end up alone like he is in his dreams

-richie knows that mike fears no one will need him anymore, and that he’s always struggling to have his voice heard

-richie gets real tired of mike and will sharing looks and then looking away blushing, and skirting around each other.  He “accidentally” locks them in a closet, and comes back thirty minutes later.

-they’re kissing

-they basically rip apart when richie opens the door


-will is bright red and mike is all stuttery “SHUT UP RICHIE”

-richie in a rare moment tells mike how happy he is for him (after will goes home)

-mike is all smiley and happy

-”he still thinks i’m hotter”

-”BEEP BEEP RICHIE” and a pillow is thrown at him

-richie and mike end up going to different colleges

-both of them joke how happy they are to escape the other, but in truth it’s kind of sad

-the second night of being alone, without mike close by, richie calls mike at like 1 am

-mike picks up immediately

-”did you have a nightmare?”

-richie doesn’t want to admit that he misses him “it’s fucking weird not to hear your annoying voice yammering away”

-mike realizes what’s going on “real quiet now that your shitty music isn’t blasting”

-both of them just chat about how life is going, until they start to fall asleep

-richie is best man at mike’s wedding, and mike is best man at richie’s

-mike gets strippers for richie for his bachelors party

-richie sets up a fucking LARP session

-and richie’s speech makes mike cry (it ends with “i love you, you fucking nerd”)

-when mike and will adopt a daughter,  richie and eddie come over to visit and play with the kid a lot

-mike and richie like to pretend to be each other

-the kid is never fooled, she knows who her dad is


“I make offers for things I want until I get them. And then I get them”