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You spin around, and everyone else in the room freezes, do you know each other? You can’t believe your eyes, it’s him. Stupid who just had to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Unselfish prick. 

With five long steps you’re able to lock your arms around him, and with a thigh grip quietly whipper between gritted teeth into his clothes."I cant believe you’re really here, I missed you so much.” Then you lean back, look him in the eyes and plant a hard punch in the arm.

“Don’t you dare do it again, you self-sacrificing fuck.”

Summers in Sparklers

Request: hello love! do you think you could write something super fluffy and cute about the reader and Fred where she’s a year younger than the twins but really good friends with Ginny and she spends a summer at the burrow and they both take a liking to each other and then when they go back to hogwarts they spend even more time together and its fluffy and when Ginny finds out she tells George and basically they make it super awkward but still cute and super duper fluffy??? lol thanks darling :)

“Thanks so much for letting me stay here for the summer Mrs. Weasley!” You smile as you enter the Burrow. Ginny had offered you a spot in her home while your own parents were away. 

“Nonsense darling! Any friend of Ginny’s is always welcome here. Now, uh, let’s see…. Fred! George! Get down here!” Molly shouted upstairs. A few thundering footsteps down the stairs later, a pair of twins stood before you. 

“Yes mum?” They say simultaneously, which made you giggle. One of them caught your eye and gave you a mischievous smile, which peaked your interest.

“Help carry Y/N’s trunk upstairs into Ginny’s room,” Molly commanded. 

“Why can’t Ginny do it?” they groaned. 

“Because Y/N and I are going to hang out somewhere else. Y/N, this is Fred and George. They’re annoying so just ignore them. No need for the likes of you to set off your pranks in Y/N’s face. Come on!” Ginny tugged your arm and you followed her the the backyard. Looking past over your shoulder, you see Fred grinning at you. 

“Weren’t they the ones who repainted all the classrooms with magical paint last year?” You ask Ginny.

“Yeah. It was funny at first, but it was hard to properly make Potions without flashes of light blinding you every five seconds,” Ginny rolled her eyes.

You giggled again in response. “I thought it was pretty funny. Gave everyone a reason to legitimately stink at Potions. Even Professor Snape couldn’t make them right half the time!”

“Well I’m glad someone appreciates our fine arts!” A voice speaks up from behind the both of you. You swirl back to see the twins approaching you with a box of something in their hands. “Unlike our sister here." 

"I told you two to leave us alone!” Ginny frowned. 

“And miss out on showing Miss Y/N here the best display of fireworks and sparkles she’s ever seen? We wouldn’t dare deprive her of it!” George ruffles Ginny’s hair. 

“You boys better-” Ginny fumed.

“It’s alright, Ginny. I wouldn’t mind,” You put a calming hand on her shoulder. You look back at the twins. While George was unpacking the boxes, Fred took an extra second to shoot you a wink before following his twin. 

The summer flew by in a blur. Most of it involved hanging out with Ginny or the twins. They even named a trick after you when you accidentally shot too many sparklers into the ground, making the entire landscape glitter for a week. You found yourself drawn especially to Fred. You only told Ginny about your crush, which she took as a groan. 

“Great. Now we can’t even properly talk about boys without getting involved with my family,” She rolled her eyes as you laughed. On the last day of August, Ginny managed to catch George alone and decided to speak up about you. 

“Hey! George!” Ginny hissed at her brother. She looked behind her, making sure that neither you nor Fred were listening. In fact, she found the both of you talking and lightly flirting as you two sat in the kitchen. 

“What?” George looked up from getting food. 

“I hope Fred doesn’t like any other girl because Y/N definitely has a crush on him,” Ginny whispered. 

“No way!” George gasped. Ginny nodded while trying to hide a grin. “And you’ll never guess who Fred likes either!" 

"Tell me it’s Y/N,” Ginny went serious for a moment. 

“It is!” George snickered in secret. 

“No way! Okay we need to think of a way to get them together,” Ginny declared. 

“I know exactly what to do!” George cracked a sly smile. 

The train whistle blew on the iconic Platform 9 ¾. Summer was officially over, along with your stay at the Burrow. Mrs. Weasley squeezed all of you in a tight hug. As Ron left to sit with Harry and Hermione, you found an empty cabin with Ginny. Not a few seconds later did Fred and George pop in as well. You hid a smile as Fred sat directly across from you. 

“Too bad school has to start now. At least we get to pull off the Y/N! Hopefully in Snape’s room!” George pointed out. 

“Wow, you’re putting that into full force already, huh?” You chuckle. A few minutes into the train ride, the candy trolley rolled right next to your compartment. You didn’t feel like eating anything after Ginny dared you to an overwhelming amount of helpings during Mrs. Weasley’s last breakfast. 

“Want anything Y/N?” Ginny teased you. 

“You’re the worst,” You roll your eyes and focus on the window instead. 

George and Ginny went out, leaving you and Fred alone. A period of silence ensued as both of you daydreamed about one day being able to be together as a couple. A loud rickety noise distracted the both of you. 

“Hey! I think the door’s stuck!” Ginny shouted from outside. 

“What?” Fred frowned as he tried to pull open the door. To no avail would the door open. 

“We can use magic to-” You draw out your wand.

“Guess we’ll have to find another cabin. Good luck getting out! Oh well, bye!” George shrugs and says rapidly. The next thing you know, they both dash out down the hallways, snickering at their clever little plan. 

“That was…strange..” You take a moment to digest the situation and put your wand away. The train ride went in silence. Both you and Fred had no idea what to do next. The train gave a lurch some point in the train ride, which launched you into Fred. 

Both of you stared at each other in the eyes awkwardly. You blushed madly and stared down. The train rumbled again and you gripped Fred’s arm to keep your balance.


“Oh geez! S-sorry!" 

You completely forget when that strange little moment caused you to start snogging Fred in the middle of the train ride, but you did. You two were pressed up against the seats and holding each other tightly, not wanting to let go. 

It wasn’t until the rapping of a knock on the compartment window did you realize that the Prefects were going around doing a cabin check. You and Fred sprung apart with red faces. The Prefect stifled a laugh and gave an awkward cough. 

"We’ll be arriving in fifteen minutes,” was all she said as she scurried away with an embarrassed face.

“So…I guess we’ll be entering Hogwarts as a couple, huh?” Fred looked at you with a silly grin. 

“I suppose we are,” You blush and kiss his cheek. 

“You know. I’m starting to think we’ve been set up,” Fred informs you.
“I think I know exactly who your first prank victim will be Fred,” You give a cheeky grin. 

“You know…we’ve still got fifteen minutes left to kill,” Fred smirks. 

“Save it for Hogwarts, Fred. We’ve got the whole year.” You roll your eyes and playfully slap his arm.  

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If you are still doing AUs about Pietro could you do just keep running into each other everywhere? Thank you


You didn’t know what it was…was it god playing tricks on you? Maybe fate was real and it was trying to tell you something. Every time you went out for your morning run, went out to eat breakfast at your usual cafe spot, or even going out with friends, you always saw him–him, the one person that seemed to have been magnetized to you.

Going on your usual morning run, blasting the upbeat music in your ears as you seemed to have only focused on your breathing and your steps, you didn’t even notice someone was coming your way. You would have thought that the person would have swerved away before even being five feet away from you, but that wasn’t the case–the two of you slammed right into each other.

You had thought the sudden impact would’ve caused you to go falling back and ending up injuring your behind with a massive bruise, but that collision never came as you felt an arm wrapped around your waist as the other one held onto your hand.

A sudden gasp left your lips as you realized what had happened, only to snap out of it and look up into your ‘savior’ eyes to see it was him–the silver haired man that seemed to have been running into you everywhere. “Are you alright?” He asked, but you couldn’t hear due to the loud music, causing you to furrow your brows.

“Huh? Sorry…the music is too loud,” You let out a small chuckle as you removed the earbud to only see him smile as he gently let go of you.

“I asked if you were alright, but seems to me that you are,” He eyed you, meeting back with your gaze as a smile reappeared on your lips. “I am glad I caught you in time, or I would have felt extremly terrible to make an angel like you injure yourself.”

“Angel?” You arched an eyebrow, seeing him slightly shrug.

“Well, there is no other explanation as to why you keep appearing everywhere I go, so I assumed you are my guardian angel,” He shrugged again with a half smile as he scratched the back of his neck, causing you to grin and look down at your feet.

“Hah, well…I am nowhere near being an angel-not that i’m evil or anything,” You quickly shook your hands as he laughed, “But, I guess I’ll take it as a compliment.” Nodding your head, he looked back at you, with a look as if he had to tell you something.

“You know…maybe we should make these run-ins less…how do you call it, coincidental?” He slightly squinted his eyes as he then nodded.

“And how would that be?” Tilting your head a bit, he let out a low laugh as he then pushed his silver locks back.

“Well, I was wondering if…you know…you would like to go on a date with me, yeah?” He simply asked, not so pushy, amazed that he didn’t even stutter once. Seeing the smile grow on your lips, he felt his heart increase in speed, then realizing that you were nodding to only make the beating even faster.

“Yeah, yeah…I would like that.”

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omg so I've known this boy for like 11 years and I always had a crush on him and whenever I stopped having a crush on him, he would have a crush on me, but no one would tell us when we liked each other at the same time and it would just go back and forth between us not liking each and liking each other and now we both like each other and are going on our third date on Saturday


Commission for stories-and-dreamers​, who explained her woes as thus: people mistake her dorm room for the bathroom, since they are next to each other, and therefore try to get into her room for the bathroom. Why yes, that is a problem. And therefore, a sign for the door was deemed a good option.

Full-size print is 13x19, and the sign within the sign is 6.7x9, so that’s a good way to tell people that this is not the room you’re looking for. I got a kick out of doing this, so thank you!

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—Oncers Spread Love Project (Hiatus Countdown Edition)—

And we’re back! For those of you who have not participated in our previous few Oncers Spread Love projects, you’re in for a fun treat! As previous participants know, Kenzie and I started this project a few years back after seeing so much negativity and hate in the fandom. We wanted to combat that hate with love. So, we started a project where we randomly paired up several of you with another anonymous user and had you get to know each other over the month before revealing yourself at the end! Because the last few projects have been such a hit, we wanted to bring you another one to count down the days to the Season Five premiere. Can you believe we’re already on our FIFTH season?!

As always, it’s a Secret Santa concept
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haHA Boosh headcanon that once when Vince and Howard were in school they were hanging out being their usual touchy-feely selves - sitting close, holding hands, touching each other’s arms/shoulders/faces/hair - when Vince needed to go to the toilet so Howard was just sitting there by himself when a group of boys came up and started to bully Howard because they had seen him and Vince together, and Howard was just like, ‘yeah we’re friends, what are you on about?’ and they start pushing Howard about and then beat him up pretty bad but they scram when Vince comes back and starts yelling. And so Vince starts asking, ‘What happened Howard?! Why did they do this?’ and Howard can’t bear to tell Vince the truth, partially because he’s embarrassed and partially because he doesn’t want Vince to feel guilty, so he tells a lie like they just wanted his money. And Vince notices a cut on Howard’s lip and reaches out to pull his chin closer for a better look, but Howard pulls away quickly and yells ‘Don’t touch me!’

Hetalia - Alternate Universe Idea

An alternate universe where there is a old restaurant that is pretty large and has been abandoned for years, it has chandeliers and round table with white table cloth on it. Each table has broken candles that have no use. The history was that in the 1900’s somebody had locked the doors and set a fire to kill everybody inside. Now, each night all whose died there are seen, the chandeliers light up and the scent of food will waft the place. In the back corner there is a Italian sitting across from a German. They had just gotten engaged. There are two waiters, one with long brown hair and golden eyes, the other with glowing purple eyes working together serving food. Each time they pass they smile or high five each other. Although when they look like there carrying dishes, there just carrying air. There are three siblings at a table always laughing, two men and a female, the first male is tall with blonde hair and green eyes, the other man looks like him but with different hair style and is shorter. The female has short blonde hair with a red headband in it. Each night they talk about gardening and there future. Theres a couple that is two blonde males, one always with a huge grin the other with a floating curl and a quirk of a smile. They don’t seem to really move that much though. The table behind the two there is another blonde couple with two kids who talk about traveling the world and exploring while there parents assure them that they will. There is a spaniard flirting with a Italian while he busts a table, asking the Italian to hold things. Each night these ghosts replay there fateful night. Any person that has passed by has seen the lights, heard laughter and then screams.

captain america & black widow rant

ok so where do I begin…OH IM PISSED. ok so what the hell happened to cap and widow. I’ve spent days thinking about this. WTF was marvel(joss) thinking it makes sooo much sense why steve and natasha would be together. like come on they where the main characters at marvels highest point who had WONDERFUL chemistry, romantically or just as parters. It made every bit of sense they had the biggest differences with the biggest similarities and not to mention they are running the new avengers. TOGETHER.

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but back to my point they fight perfectly together. they are ALWAYS in sync. and they have a SHEILD THING!!!! they always protect each other.

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now my real question is what the hell happened like i understand they wanted both of them to have romance, but banner and Sharon? i feel like they aren’t good fits at all for both of them. banner and widow had no build up at ALL and it made her characterizations completely off. and we al know  Sharon and Steve have problems and come on she’s like related to peggy…no respect. Plus they are no where near as good as steve and natasha. I mean whatever room you put them in you could cut the sexual tension with a knife

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but now to civil war they are broken apart. are they going to keep dangling/destroying their relationship? because its not going to be easy to salvage what happened in age of ultron.

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 but there is hope there can be HOPE the russo brothers are back and I’m hoping they can save what used to be or what could be.

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No but. They are really together. Oliver and Felicity really truly love each other and we get to see it. See them living together, figure their lives out /together/, fight about things and then make up. They will be in a commited relationship. I cannot believe this. What a time to be alive.

I know right?

Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are boyfriend and girlfriend. They are in a serious relationship. They love each other!!!!

I can’t wait to see them be together. Even when they weren’t together they had that unbreakable something and now they get to nurture it and grow it. It is going to be so great.

We are going to see them be a team within a team.

Are they going to hold hands? Does he always put his hand on small of her  back when they cross the street? How many little casual kisses are we going to see? They are going to be touching each other all the time.

Oliver has never had this kind of relationship. One where he is 100% in. There is no doubt in his mind he is a man in love. There is no doubt in his mind that he wants to be with Felicity Smoak and ONLY Felicity Smoak. 

And for Felicity I mean I really don’t think she has ever loved someone this much. It will be so fun to watch her just be with him. They are so different. Does she find his dry humor/snark/sarcasm just adorable? like she just thinks he is so cute! does she always grab his face? does she sit on his lap a lot?

I think that they both have their ups and downs. I think I’ve had more conflict with Maya. I’ve also been with her longer. The thing about Tristan is that he’s always been a good friend and it keeps going back to that. Tristan has been just a supportive friend through everything and that’s important. I think that’s an important thing to have in any relationship. Miles had chemistry with Maya and they’ve had good times. So I think it’s just a hard decision. I think there will be less conflict in the end, maybe, with Tristan just because they seem to have an understanding. They respect each other and they’re comfortable around each other.
—  Eric Osborne on who Miles should be with

Here you go oh-my-drarry all four parts together 😘

“Pint please.” Harry nodded at the bar man as he heaved himself down on the bar stool and dropped his chin into his hands.

It had been a long week.

Taking his first sip of beer he closed his eyes as the sweet nectar flowed down his throat, relaxing his muscles and unclenching his jaw. Placing his glass back on the bar he opened his eyes and they immediately landed on a very familiar head of white blonde hair and a pair of grey eyes which were looking at Harry unblinking.

They held each others gaze for a moment before Harry nodded in greeting and Malfoy stood and slowly made his way around to the empty stool beside Harry.

Harry always marvelled at the grace with which Malfoy managed to move and as he threw one long leg around to sit on the stool, Harry tried to stop his eyes from roaming the rest of his body…

“You look like shit Potter.” Malfoy drawled as he placed his own pint beside Harrys. He had pulled their stools closer together as he sat down and his thigh was now pressed against Harrys. Swallowing thickly Harry rolled his eyes,

“Wedding stress, you know yourself what its like dealing with a frantic fiancé who wants your opinion about centrepieces that look absolutely fucking identical to each other.”

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair. Ginny had been on his case all day with owl after owl about wedding related stuff. Harry honestly didn’t care what colour flowers they had or what drinks to serve with the canapés.

“Told her I’d left something at the office and escaped here for a bit of peace.” He went on.

Malfoy was trying not to grin but the corners of his mouth were twitching.

“I dont know what youre laughing at. I heard you flooing Astoria from work the other day about button holes. You sounded like you couldnt have given less of a shit.” He laughed.

“Thats probably because I dont in fact give a shit Potter. Tonights topic was place cards for the wedding breakfast. I told her we had a late meeting at the office and I’ve been hiding in here ever since.”

“So we’ve both begun lying to our future wives even before the vows have been made?” Harry laughed.

He looked up to see Malfoys eyes had darkened and they were gazing at Harry with an intensity that made him scared to blink.

“I think we’ve both been lying for a lot longer than just tonight Potter.” He whispered and he pushed his thigh closer to Harry.

As he looked deep in to the steel grey of Malfoys eyes Harry felt all the familiar feelings and emotions he worked so hard to bury fighting their way to the surface. He’d only just sat down, couldnt he finish his pint before he had to fight an erection?

Breaking their gaze Harry picked up his glass and downed the rest of his pint. His eyes flickered up to see Malfoy following suit.

“Same again lads?” The barman asked.

Harry glanced at his watch. They’d have to be quick tonight. Ginny was waiting for him and he wont get away with avoiding her all week.

“No thanks i have to get going..” Harry mumbled as he threw on his coat. Draco was looking at him again with a look that set his nerves alight. A knowing look passed between then, without words they silently communicated. They’d become so adept in their discretion that even the bar man wouldn’t have noticed.

“Me too. Ill walk with you.” Malfoy said quietly and gestured for Harry to go first.

As he made his way towards the door he could feel Malfoys gaze on his back and the anticipation began to flutter in his stomach.

Once they were outside the cold air whipped Harrys face and he let out a long low breathe.
“Cold tonight.” Malfoy said as he stepped up beside him. Their arms brushed slightly and Harry unconsciously leaned in closer.

“Yeah. Office?” Harry asked turning to face him. Malfoy was still slightly taller than he was and he peered down at Harry, a small frown puckering his brow.

“Office.” He agreed and pulled Harry closer to him by the waist. He held him there for a moment and the breath caught in Harrys chest before he felt that familiar sensation swoop over him as Malfoy apparated them to their shared office at the ministry.

Once inside, Harry wasted no time in pushing Malfoy against the nearest desk, which happened to be his, as his captured his mouth in a hard wet kiss.

Malfoy flung his arms up in response and as Harry teased his mouth open with his tongue, Malfoy moaned in appreciation and snaked his fingers through Harrys hair.

“Ive missed you this week.” Harry breathed in to Malfoys open mouth as he worked on unbuttoning his shirt at the same time.

“Youve seen me everyday you pratt we share an office.” Malfoy whispered against Harrys lips. As his mouth dipped lower, pressing soft kissed down Harrys jaw Harry felt his cock harden further.

“You know what I mean… We haven’t had anytime alone. Its driving me crazy spending so much time with you and not being able to - do this.” He said as his hand slipped down Dracos back and cupped his arse, pulling him closer.

Their cocks bumped together and they both let out small whispers of pleasure, their sounds mixing and dissolving in the air.

“We’re alone now.” Malfoy said simply and with his long elegant fingers he began undessing Harry. Within moments they were naked and Harry allowed himself to be pulled to floor, ontop of their discarded robes.

He lay beside Malfoy and threw his head back as the blond began a slow torturous delivery of kisses down Harrys torso. A silver picture frame shone in the light and an imagine of him and Ginny last christmas smiled down on him. He closed his eyes and focused on Malfoys mouth, wet and sweet and inching closer to Harrys now achingly hard prick.

A loud grunt fell from his lips as Malfoy took his cock with his mouth and began sucking with a fast relentless pace. There was no time for them to build up to it tonight, they didnt have the luxury of taking their time. They both had places to be, weddings to plan.

He looked down as Malfoy worked the head of his cock with his tongue and could see he was stroking himself off. Pulling at his blond hair Harry puled Malfoy back up to him and rolled him over so he was on his back.

“I need to fuck you.” He grunted and he ran his fingers down between Malfoys arse cheeks and teased his hole. He smiled as Malfoy writhed under his touch. He always knew the exact spot to make him come undone.

“Do it Harry. Fuck me. I need you…..” Malfoy replied, his voice hoarse and laced with desperation.

Not even bothering with lube, Harry spat on his and slicked his cock with his own spit.

They had to be quick this time.

Grapsing his cock he placed the head at Malfoys tight hot entrance and paused a beat, drinking in the sight of Malfoy beneath him. He was flushed and sweaty and as he rolled his hips up to meet Harrys cock, Harrys heart gave a painful twinge. How could he ever live with out this?

Closing his eyes and shutting out his thoughts Harry thrust hard and heard Malfoy cry out below him.

“Oh fuck this is just what ive needed..” Harry moaned as he began a fast relentless pace.

He forgot all about wedding plans and place settings and his mind was focused solely on slamming in and out of Malfoy until he came. He looked down to see Malfoy staring up at him, his hand moving in fast hard strokes over his own cock, meeting Harry thrust for thrust.

“You look amazing.” Malfoy whispered to him as he licked his lips.

Emotions battled inside of Harry and he pushed away the dark feelings of guilt and regret and tried, with all he had, to feel the pleasure spreading out from his groin. He didnt know when they would get the chance to do this again, to be together. His heart gave another painful thud and he slammed in to Malfoy harder, faster, trying with each thrust to push the dark thoughts away.

Harrys pace quickened and he could feel the rumble of his orgasim approaching. He wanted to pause it, hold himself in this moment forever and never lose it. He looked down at Malfoy and burned the image deep inside his head. His flushed chest and swollen pink lips. The dark look in his eyes as he fisted his own hard length, staring up at Harry with a look in his eyes that made Harry want to cry.

But the wave of his climax was too strong and it washed over him with a brutal force. He plowed in to Malfoy and emptied himself in to him as he watched Mafoy spill his own climax over his own belly.

He pulled out quickly and rolled heavily on to his back beside Malfoy. They lay there for a while, neither of them spoke. Only the sound of their breathing broke the heavy silence between them.

Everything they wanted to say, everything they wanted to do hung in the air between them. Harry could feel it vibrating - like a pulse. Like it had a life of its own.

He drew in a breath, ready to say something, anything, when Malfoy moved suddenly and stood, gathering his robes. Harrys insides turned to ice as he felt the wall between them reforming. He slowly stood and began putting his robes on.

“I cant do this any more…” Malfoy said. His voice was flat and dead and it made Harrys stomach tighten.

“Don’t start with this again Draco. Please. We both know how it is.”

“So you go back to your miserable life and I go back to mine and that’s just that is it? A quick shag after hours on the floor of the office and you’re done with me?”

“You know its not like that. You know the position I’m in - that we’re both in -”

He didnt have the energy for this again. He looked around their shared office, all the places they’d had quick fumbles during quiet lunch times or blow jobs under their desks. It wasnt supposed to have meant anything, it wasnt supposed to have turned in to - whatever it had turned into.

He looked at Malfoy - at Draco - as he buttoned up his robes. He wanted to hold him, to wrap his arms around him and never let him go. But he knew that would make him worse right now. Instead he went with their usual routine.

“Lets leave then. Both of us. We’ll pack our bags tonight and go, just the two of us. No more weddings, no more fiancés. We’ll jist go Draco, me and you.” He took a tentatice step closer.

“You know that’s impossible Potter don’t be so utterly ridiculous.” Draco spat at him before his feature fell and he ran his hands through his hair. He looked like a man who had fought and lost a huge battle and hd nothing left to give.

“My Father will disinherit me if I dont go through with this wedding. And you’re the Golden Couple - the Saviour and his perfect Quiddich playing wifey. They’d never let yiu be with someone like me…”

Harry closed the gap between them in two strides and took Dracos face in his hands.

“I dont care about any of them Draco, I care about you. If you want me to, I’ll walk away from it all. We can deal with it all, your Father, the public. Draco I lo-”

“Dont say it.” Draco whisperd and he placed his fingers over Harrys lips.

“If you say it, i wont be able to walk out of here right now and I need to walk away.”

He leant in and placed his forehead against Harrys. Linking their fingers together Harry closed his eyes and breathed in the now so familiar scent of Draco.

“You know I do though.” He whispered.

“I know. Me too.” Draco replied and he gripped Harrys hand tighter.

It was the same argument, same ending every time they had sex. Harry wasnt even sure when it had stopped being just sex and when it had become something more. When it had become everything.

“I have to go.” Draco whispered and he pulled back looking deep in to Harrys eyes. With his heart aching and his cock still throbbing Harry saw the life they could have together there in Dracos eyes. The two of them together, happy. No secrets, no sneaking. He could stand there forever, lost in Dracos gaze and pretend that was his life.

But it wasnt. And they both had places to be. As Draco leaned and placed a soft fluttering kiss on his lips Harry closed his eyes.

“I’ll see you at work tomorrow Potter.” He said. Harry kept his eyes firmly shut as Draco moved away. He heard the door close behind him and felt the cold wash over him. Finally opening his eyes and letting the tears fall freely Harry looked again at the silver photo frame on his desk and Ginnys face smiling up at him.

Gathering his robes he made his way to the door, putting his jacket on as he left. As he fished inside his pocket for his keys he felt a small fold of paper. Taking it out and unfolding it he recognised the neat scrawl….

“Being with you breaks my heart but its also the only thing that can fix it.”

Harry folded the note and placed in the back of his wallet. He switched off the light and walked out in to the dark corridor. He knew they’d be back her, whether in a few days or weeks or even tomorrow.

And this was the only thing keeping him going.


Drabble Part Two:

The champagne was flowing, the music was playing and looking around the room, everyone looked like they were having a wonderful time. At first glance, you’d be forgiven for not noticing a solitary figure, standing at the back under the high arched windows, his white blonde hair shining in the moon light streaming through the window.

He didnt have the same drunken smile that everyone else was wearing. He wasnt swaying in time to the music or engaging in the laughter or chatter that was vibrating around the room. Instead, he was shrinking back in to the shadows, willing them to swallow him and hide him from everyone.

But Harry noticed. His eyes darted to Draco every few seconds but he was lost, staring at something far off that Harry couldn’t see. He had tried several times to make his way over to see him but he was jostled and cornered by the hundreds of people wanting to speak to him, to congratulate him. He was shaking hands with familiar faces and not so familiar faces, a practiced smile fixed firmly on his face.

Just as he managed to escape the clutches of Aunt Muriel and moved through the crowd towards Draco he heard glasses clinking and everyone turned to the top table at the front of the room. Quiet fell through out the room and Harry froze, his eyes fixed on a pair of dark grey eyes which had finally looked up to see him. He gave Draco a small smile and his heart tightened painfully as Draco smiled feebly back.

“Ladies and gentleman, I am honoured to be welcoming you all to this special day. The day when my little girl, my only daughter, becomes a married woman.”

Arthurs voice filled the air and Harry turned to see his new Father-in-Law beaming down at everyone from the front of the room. Ginny appeared beside him and linked her fingers through his. His mind flashed inconveniently to the previous weekend when Draco had held that very same hand, laying soft wet kisses to the tips of each finger. His fingers tingled at the memory and he gripped Ginnys hand tighter, wishing he was holding long slender fingers and not her tiny delicate hand. She mistook his tightened grip and leaned closer, resting her head on his shoulder. Guilt washed over him like a cold wind.

He barely heard Arthurs speech, his concentration was dipping. He’d drank too much champagne on an empty stomach and the room was becoming hot and crowded. He turned again to see Draco, still under the window. He looked almost angelic, his hair a glow of white like a halo against the light spilling in from the full moon. Trying not to think about running his hands through that hair Harrys stomach twisted painfully as Dracos new wife slid up beside him, placing her hand possessively over his chest. Her wedding ring reflecting the light, shining like a beacon and almost blinding Harry - a reminder that he was hers. Not Harrrys.

“…. And as they start their new life together as man and wife, i wish them all the luck and happiness they deserve. And I would like to thank then for the further blessing they have given me and Molly with their news today - that we’re going to grandparents again!”


Harry had no idea Arthur was planning on spilling their news to the entire room. He was suddenly drowning in a sea of hugs and kisses as their guests descended upon him and Ginny. Blindly thanking them all Harrys eyes darted back to the window at the far end of the room. He was gone.

Finally managing to break away from his guests Harry slipped out in to the large foyer. It was quieter out here away from the music and large oak doors lead out in to a beautiful garden with a fountain and tall high hedges, nearly trimmed and manicured.

Harry strolled outside past a few guests smoking on the patio and made his way down the large stone steps and in to the garden. Following his gut he walked down the gravel path until he came to a large willow tree, and a lone figure sat on the bench below.

“Were you going to tell me or just wait until the baby was born and i could read about it in the Prophet?”

Draco didnt even turn to see Harry approaching, he sat with his shoulders hunched, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees.

“I didnt know Arthur was going to announce it tonight. Of course i was going to tell you.” Harry sat slowly beside him on the bench. He reached out to place a hand on Dracos knee but thought better of it.

“Last week, when we spent the entire weekend together, you didn’t think to mention it then?”

Harry thought back to the previous weekend. It had been the most incredible 3 days. He had wanted to tell Draco, but he was scared of ruining everything.

“I was going to. But we hardly ever get time like that Draco and i didn’t want to spoil it. It was the most incredible few days and i just wanted to stay hidden, in our bubble and not think of real life. I knew after those few days Ginny would be back from her hen weekend and we’d have to go back to normal. I just wanted it to be perfect.”

“It was perfect. I almost forgot i was married. That you wasn’t really mine.” Draco ran his fingers through his hair, his breathing long and slow.

“I am yours.” Harry said simply and Draco laughed as he turned to face him, looking at him properly for the first time. His eyes were red where he’d obviously been crying and Harry felt a raw, unabashed pain whipping his insides.

“No, not now. You’re about to start a family Harry. How can this carry on when you’re going to be a Father?” Draco asked desperately. Harry wished he had the answers.

“I need you Draco.” He whispered as he pulled him closer, running his lips along Dracos neck.

“We’ll work it out, we always do. We knew this was going to happen. You’ll be a father too soon enough. The whole point of your marriage was to provide a Malfoy heir. It doesnt change anything - it doesnt change how i feel about you.”

A desperate longing was overtaking him and he cupped Dracos face in his hands and kissed him fiercely. He needed Draco to know, needed him to see how he felt, what he meant to Harry.

Their kiss quickly intensified and a desire to feel Draco, to hold him and have Draco hold him back consumed Harry. He pulled Draco and lifted him on top of him, frantically tearing at his robes as the blonde straddled him.

“We cant have sex on your wedding night Potter.” Draco moaned against Harrys mouth as he sucked his bottom lip.

“We had sex on yours…” Harry replied and he felt Draco let go. They were lost in agonising ecstasy.

As Draco slipped down on to his cock Harry felt a pleasure that was beyond pain. He was bleeding, and Draco was the only one who could mend him. He rooked his hips and they began a fast merciless rhythm, each thrust chipping away at the pain and anguish.

Grasping at Dracos hips Harrys orgasim exploded without warning and he cried out as the pleasure tore him apart. As he rode the wave of his climax he felt Draco shudder and his thighs tightened around Harry as he came with him.

The silence was deafening and only the sound of their laboured breathing broke the quiet night air. In the distance he could hear the band playing and Harry pictured Ginny, in her gown, looking so beautiful and radiant. All the dark, bleak feelings he buried when he was with Draco rushed back to the surface.

As Draco climbed off him and threw a quick cleansing charm over them both he turned to look back at the party. He looked broken and it pained Harry that he couldn’t fix him. Not properly. They could patch each other up, with stolen kisses and hidden moments but the wounds were always torn open again violently when they had to leave each other.

“You’d better get back. They’ll be wondering where the groom has got to.”

“This doesnt change anything Draco. How I feel about you, how I wish things could be, its all still the same.”

“It changes everything Harry.”

“It doesnt have to.”

Draco held his gaze, a burning look in his eyes as he pulled Harry closer and kissed him softly on the lips. He made to pull away but Harry held on, deepening the kiss, trying to put everything he felt and everything he couldnt say in to it. Draco gasped a short breath of air as he kissed Harry back, hard, before pushing him away.

“Go on, get back up there before someone comes looking for you.” And with that he turned and sat back down on the bench.

Harry licked his lips, taking in the taste of Draco before turning and walking back towards the stone steps. He knew this was the last time - that they wouldn’t be together again for a while. Swallowing down the hurt he steeled himself for a night playing the perfect husband.

As he dipped his hands in to his pocket against the nights chill he felt a small fold of paper. He clutched it tightly but didnt take it out. He couldn’t read Draco’s words. Not tonight. His wounds needed to heal before he ripped them open again.


Drabble Part Three:

“Its a boy Mr Potter!”

The Birthing Healer held up a small pink and very wrinkled little human and Harrys heart seemed to double in size, making room for all the love he was suddenly overcome with.

“Hes got your hair.” Ginny whispered as she lay back on the stack of pillows, exhausted and glowing. Harry looked down at his wife and wished, as he had so many times before, he could be the husband she deserved. He leaned in and kissed her forehead and as he did, he cursed himself internally for thinking of him. Even now, at one of the most important moment in his life, Draco was there, at the front of Harrys mind.

He took the bundle of blankets containing his precious new baby and sat down slowly, a fierce protectiveness already forming as he looked down at his tiny, fragile son.

He knew how much he was going to love him, having fell so madly in love with James when he was born. Harry hadnt been prepared for the assault of emotions the first time he held James. This time, he was ready for it and he let them wash over him as he held his son.

“Albus Severus. You look like you’re going to be just as much trouble as your big brother” he whispered.

Soon they were invaded by visitors and well wishers as their family and friends came to meet their new arrival. Harry sat beside Ginny as she cradled their son and James raced in to the room eager to meet his new brother. They looked to all intents and purposes the picture of a perfect family. Nobody knew the dark secret Harry carried with him. He loved Ginny, so much. And he wanted to give her everything she deserved. But only Harry knew that she only had a part of him. The rest of him still belonged to someone else…

That even now, surrounded by the love of his family, he felt an empty hole, deep down in the pit of his stomach. Guilt raged inside him and he hated himself that Ginny wasnt enough for him.

“Guess who we’ve just seen on the way up?.” Ron said casually as he stroked the babys head while Hermione cradled him.


“What, here? At St Mungos?” Harry said, louder than he intended.

“Yes, Astoria had their baby a few days ago. A boy apparently. He didnt see us but he had that dazed new father look about him.” Hermione laughed.

Harrys insides turned to liquid. He felt the room spinning around him. Draco was here. Their sons had been born around the same time. Did he know Harry was here?

“I’m going to stretch my legs and get a drink. You okay for 5 minutes with Ron and Hermione?” He asked Ginny. She was now sat on the bed with James curled in her lap and she looked so peaceful and content Harry had to look away.

“Yeah, fine you go. Bring me back some pumpkin juice would you?”

Harry barely heard her as he made his way out of the room. With absolutely no idea what he would do when he found him, he wandered to front desk to see if he could find out which room Malfoy and his family were in. In his haste and lost in his thoughts of seeing Draco again he collided hard with a figure coming in the opposite direction.

“Oh sorry I - Harry!?”

Harrys stomach dropped and landed somewhere in his knees. Draco stood in from of him, unchanged from the last time Harry had seen him properly as his wedding.

Words failed him and he stood looking into the familiar grey eyes and it was as if theyd never spent a day apart.

But they had. It had been years. The old wounds that had never really healed were torn open and Harry felt an acute pain ravage his heart.

“I hear Ginny has had another boy. Congratulations.” Draco smiled politely. His formal manner was like knife piercing Harry and he swallowed thickly, trying to ignore the onslaught of emotions raging inside him.

“Erm yeah, Albus. Just born this morning. Congratulations to you too, you finally got a Son and heir.” Harry managed to choke out. How were they standing here like old acquaintances, and not - whatever it was that they were?

“Yes, Scorpius. Father is especially pleased.” Draco smiled and his eyes flickered briefly to Harrys mouth. He realised he was chewing his bottom lip.

“Fancy getting a cup of tea? I was just popping out for a quick drink now while Astorias sister is visiting.” Draco said suddenly. Unable to persuade his voice to work Harry simply nodded and followed Draco down to the family room at the end of the ward. There was nobody inside and Harry closed the door behind them and sat on the nearest stool.

“Hows the new job going?” He asked Draco as he made them both a cup of tea.

“Well its not new anymore I’ve been there a couple of years.” He replied. Harry knew exactly how long he’d been there. Down the very hour he could recall Draco packing his desk up and moving out of their office a few weeks after Harry returned from his honeymoon. It felt like only yesterday and also decades ago at the same time.

Harry watched as he placed two sugars in his cup and passed him his tea.

“You remembered how I take it.”

“I remember.”

They sipped their tea and held each others gaze, neither one wanting to be the one who spoke first.

“You seem happy.” Draco said suddenly and was smiling a sad smile that didnt reach his eyes.

“I do?”

“Yes. The Prophet still follows your every move and I’ve seen you, at functions and parties and such. You seem happy. Thats why I never - i mean thats why I left. To give you a chance at a happy life. I just wanted you to know that. Walking away, leaving you, it was the hardest thing ive ever done. But it was worth it, to see you happy.”

Harry felt as though the air had been sucked out of the room. His breath caught in his chest and he stared, unblinking in to the eyes that had haunted his dreams all this time.

“You’re wrong.” He whispered. “I’m not happy. I’m tormented. I love my sons and I want to be a good Father to them but I’m empty Draco. When you left you took a large piece of me with you and I havent been able to put myself back together.”

He realised with shame that a tear was running down his face and he blinked furiously to hold the rest of them back. He looked up at Draco and the ache in his heart threatened to overpower him as he saw he too was silently crying.

Pointing his wand at the door and muttering something Harry didnt hear Draco suddenly closed the gap between them and pulled Harrys face up to his. As their lips met, Harry felt the broken pieces inside him begin to reform. Pain he didnt even know he was holding on to eased and he felt like he was breathing air for the first time in years.

He pulled Draco closer, the longing he had been fighting to contain all these years finally breaking free. They were gripped by desire, intensified over their time apart and Harry grasped Draco as tight as he could, scared of ever letting him go.

“I’ve missed you so much Draco.” He moaned and he felt overcome as lust rolled through him and his heart was banging in his chest.

Draco took advantage of Harrys open mouth and slipped his tongue inside, lapping at Harrys own. His hands were exploring Harry and Harrys body responded to his familiar touch.

As Draco slipped his hands under the waist band of his jeans a carnal hunger surged in Harry and he responded with an almost savage enthusiasm.

Clothes were being ripped apart and Harry pushed Draco roughly so he was bent over the small table. He smiled as he saw Draco grip the side of the table in anticipation.

“Tell me you want me.” Harry said. He needed to hear him say it, he needed to know Draco wanted him, needed him, as much as he needed Draco.

“I want you Harry. I need you to fuck me, please, fuck me…” The desperation in his voice made Harrys heart twist.

As he felt Dracos hot tight arse around his cock he let out a loud grunt. A blistering heat was coursing through him and he gripped Dracos hips so tight he knew he would leave a bruise. He wanted to mark him, to leave a reminder of himself on Draco.

He rammed Draco hard in to the table until his legs felt they might buckle. The sound of their skins slapping together and Dracos breathless moans dissolving in the air where breathing life back in to Harry.

He bend down, raining warm, wet kisses down Dracos back.

“Harder Harry, fuck me harder.”

Dracos voice was ragged and Harry obliged with such a force that the table shot forward. He gripped Draco tighter still, his fingers digging deep in to his hips and plunged into him hard and fast. A sheen of sweat was slick between them and Harry felt Dracos muscles tighten around his cock as he came beneath him. With a strangled cry Harry let go and let himself slip over the edge, coming hard and fast inside of Draco.

His knees gave in and he collapsed on top of the slim, pale body under him. Burying his face into Dracos hair he breathed in his scent and it felt like coming home.

“I cant be happy without you Draco.” Harry whispered into his hair. He reached down and took Dracos hand in his, lacing their fingers together and holding on to him tight.

“We’re moving Harry. To France.”

He turned so he was facing Harry and kept their fingers linked tightly together.

“France?” Harry felt like a hot poker had been plunged in to his stomach.

“Astorias parents had a manor there and since her Father passed it’s been empty. She wants us to go and live there, just as a trial for 12 months, but with a view to staying there. She spent her summers there as a chid and she thinks its the best place to raise Scorpius. To be honest I think she just wants to get away from my Father.”

Harry didnt know what to say. He’d barley seen Draco since his and Ginnys wedding 2 years before but he always knew he was just down the corridor at work, always close, never close enough.

“When?” He managed to choke, the words sticking in his throat.

“In a month or so.”

For a brief few minutes, Harry had believed he had Draco back. That he could go back to living his double life, and pretending to be the perfect husband would have been so much easier if he had Draco there with him. But as quickly as his ideas for the future had formed they were being snatched away again.

“You were right.” He whispered, pulling their linked hands up to his mouth and kissing Dracos fingers.

“About what?”

“Kids do change everything. I cant ask you to stay, to leave your Son. My sons are my world I could never leave them.”

“I know. We always knew it had to be this way Harry. We were fooling ourselves if we thought it would ever work, that we could ever be together.”

“I saw it Draco, so clearly in my mind. I still do. Not a day has gone by where i haven’t thought of the life we would have had together.”

Fresh grief consumed Harry as dreams of what could have been slipped away from him again.

“My feelings for you have never changed Harry. Even when i was packing up and moving out of our office, when I was ignoring you in the corridors at work, it broke my heart every time i treated you like a stranger. I meant what i wrote you that night, being with you breaks my heart because i cant be with you the way i want. But you’re the only thing that can heal me.”

Harry blinked back the fresh wave of tears and leaned in to kiss Draco, committing the feel of his lips to memory as his mind screamed at him he would never feel them again.

“In another life, in another time, we’d have been so happy together Draco.” He whispered and they held each other tightly, knowing that when they let go, they were letting go for good.

Finally they stood, dressing in complete silence and straightening the room.

“Anyone could have heard us, or walked in.” Harry suddenly realised.

“I spelled the door shut.” Draco explained and he brushed down his robes. They both looked wrinkled and disheveled. But Harry couldn’t find it in him to care.

“Take care of yourself Potter.” Draco said as stood with one hand on the door. He paused, taking one last look at Harry before turning and leaving.

Feeling hallow and cold, Harry sank in to the nearest chair and let his sobs rack through him. Eventually, he stood, splashing his face with water and running his fingers through his hair.

He though of his two beautiful sons, and Ginny, who loved him and deserved better than what he had given her so far. He knew seeing Draco today had thrown his wounds open beyond repair. He would never heal. But he was Harry Potter. He would battle through and dig deep to find something in himself to keep going.

As he reached the door, he paused and pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. A small folded note was tucked away at the back, untouched since he first placed it there the night of his wedding.

“How lucky I’ve been to have had something so special, that it makes saying goodbye so hard.”

With a sting in his heart and fresh tears in his eyes, Harry folded the note and placed it back inside his wallet. He made his way back to his family, his sons faces shining in his mind with a promise to be the best Father he could be.


Drabble Part Four:

“Parked alright then?” Asked Ron as Harry, Ginny and the kids finally found them half way up Platform 9 ¾.

Harry nodded, a fixed smile on his face as his eyes scanned the platform. There was thick streams of steam billowing from the scarlett red train and the figures moving about, saying goodbye to their families and hello to their friends where indistinct and shrouded in a thin smokey veil.

Harry knew he would recognise him immediately just by his silhouette. The anticipation of seeing his face was agonizing.

“I did.” Ron prattled on, unaware he didnt have Harrys full attention.
“Hermion didnt believe i could pass a muggle driving test, did you? She thought I’d have to confound the examiner.”

“No I didn’t, I had complete faith in you.” Hermione replied with a smirk.

Harry laughed politely and cranned his neck, pretending he was looking for James, who he could see safely a few feet away catching up with his friends.

He had to be here. Scorpios is the same age as Al, he should be starting Hogwarts today as well. Harry wondered if the Prophet had actually got it wrong and he was still France.

Together with Ron they lifted the kids trunks on to the carriage and Harry could feel the heavy ball of sadness growing in his stomach. He knew how excited and nervous Al was to finally be going off to Hogwarts, but he was going to miss him terribly. He certainly didn’t have a favourite out of his three wonderful children but he was definitely closer with Albus.

Ron caught his eye as eye as Lily and Hugo talked animatedly about which house they wanted to sorted in to when their time again. As Ron nodded to point at something over Harrys shoulder Harry turned, his eyes trying to focus on whatever Ron could see through the mist.

“Look who it is.”

And there he was. Draco, with his wife and son. Harrys heart stopped completely and as Draco caught sight of them, he nodded in polite greeting before turning back to Son. Only Harry would have picked up on the tightening of his jaw and the flicker of their past in his eyes.

His heart began to best again at twice its normal speed and Harry could hear his pulse racing in his ears. Draco had aged slightly of course but he still had the same flawless skin, his hair was slicked back in to his usual style although it was longer than Harry had ever seen it. Even from where they were standing, even through the thick whisper of smoke Harry could see the familiar steel grey eyes. He swallowed thickly and dragged himself back to the present.

“Focus on Al, this is his moment.” He told himself.

Once the boys were safely on board and everyone had said their goodbyes Harry and Ginny made their way back out to the Muggle side of the station with Ron and Hermione. Lilly and Hugo ran ahead wanting to have a look at the muggle trains.

“So we’ll see you Sunday then, at Mums?” Ron asked as they reached the exit.

“Yeah, see you Sunday mate. See you tomorrow Hermione.” He gave her a hug and clapped Ron on the back as they left.

“Right, come on trouble, give your Dad a kiss and say goodbye.” Ginny called to Lily.

She jumped on Harry eagerly and he caught her swiftly in his arms and pulled her up, hugging her tightly.

“Be good for your Mum wont you kid.” He said as she kissed his cheek. “I’ll pick you up Saturday morning for quiddich then your staying in mine for the night.”

“Okay Daddy. Can we go to Uncle Georges shop with my pocket money?” She asked excitedly.

“Yeah, just dont tell your Mum.” Harry laughed even though Ginny could hear.

“Right, see you Saturday then.” Ginny said as she kissed his other cheek.

Harry watched them leaving, the pit in his stomach growing deeper and the feelings of regret and grief that ate away at him flared up with a vengeance. He didn’t hear foot steps approaching but he was felt him there suddenly beside him.

“Hi Potter.”

The voice was so familiar it filled Harry with warmth. He turned to see Draco standing beside him, looking at Harry with a burning look in his eyes. It heated Harrys blood and set his nerves alight.

“Hi.” He replied. His eyes drank in the face which was so familiar, he knew every curve, every line. There were new lines and creases that Harry had not seen before and he forced his mind to commit them to memory.

“How have you been?” Draco asked. He placed his hands in his pockets and shifted slightly on his feet. He seemed nervous.

“Okay. You? When did you get back from France?” Harry replied. Fighting every urge to grab Draco and hold him he folded his arms, his fists balled tight.

“Beginning of summer. Once the divorce was settled I moved back to the manor and Astoria stayed on in France. She’s just here for today to see Scorpios off to school.”

Harrys head was suddenly spinning - divorce?

“You’re divorced? Since when?” His mouth had gone dry and his tongue suddenly felt to big for his mouth.

“Last year. It was a job keeping it out of the Prophet, but i figured word would eventually spread anyway.”

Harry mind was racing as he held Dracos blaze, unable to blink, unable to move, he couldnt find his voice and his mind had abandoned him.

“I heard about you and Ginny. Once I knew you’d done it, that you were free, I knew i had to leave. I had to finally, after all these years be honest with Astoria, be honest with myself, about who I am and what I want.”

He took a small step closer to Harry, their faces just inches apart. Harry forgot he was in the middle of a crowded train station full of muggles, the world around him disappeared as he reached out to touch Dracos face.

He had to feel him, to make sure he was really here in front of Harry saying these words. Harry had dreamt it so many times these past 11 years, he was afraid to let his heart believe he wasn’t about to wake up numb and alone in his flat.

Dracos skin was as soft as Harry remembered and he closed his eyes at Harrys touch. Reaching down and taking his hand in his Harry disapperated to his flat with Draco in tow. Standing in the middle of his living room, holding Dracos hand, Harry still felt dazed, like he’d stumbled in to one of his dreams.

“I never thought this would ever actually happen.” He whispered, finally finding his voice. It was thick with emotion and he swallowed hard, feelings building and rising in his chest that he had kept locked away for so long.

“I had to leave Ginny. I couldn’t go on pretending anymore. It wasn’t fair on her. She deserves someone better, who loves her the way she deserves to be loved. I was willing to spend the rest of my life alone rather than go in lying to her.”

His breathing was coming in short sharp gasps and he ran his hands down Dracos neck and over his chest, his mind still refusing to believe he was real.

“You’re not alone Harry. I’m here.” Draco whispered as he pulled Harry in and kissed him slowly, hesitantly. When he felt Dracos mouth on his Harrys heart spluttered. It had been so long since he had felt - anything.

The longing Harry had carried since that day in the hospital was banging loudly at his chest and he was overwhelmed by his need, his hunger, to feel Draco and devour him. Their kiss deepened, 11 years of separation being forced in to one moment.

Pulling apart and gasping for air, Harry smiled. They didn’t need to rush. Neither of them had anywhere else to be or anyone else to get back to. They could take their time and enjoy each other. They had the rest of their lives.

He looked in to Dracos eyes and felt his heart swell, feelings he never thought he would feel again were awakening deep inside.

“I can see it again.” He said quietly, holding Draco’s gaze.

“See what?”

“Us. Together. The life we should have had. Its still there. I never want to lose you again Draco.” He said, holding him tightly.

“I came home for you Harry. You are my home. No more lies, no more pretending to be something we’re not. And no more goodbyes.” Draco whispered against Harrys lips as he kissed him again.

No more goodbyes.

“I love you Draco.” Harry whispered. Finally saying it out loud, knowing Draco was his, and his alone and that he was finally allowed to love him.

“I love you too Harry.” Draco replied and Harry felt all of his wounds, the pain that he had been carrying all this time heal and disappear for good. They wouldn’t be torn open again this time. He knew things wouldnt be easy, they never were.

But he knew they’d be facing them together, at last.

luke always loved going for walks in the fall, especially right after it had rained. he loved the smell of the crisp air, the cool temperature. he loved holding your cold hand, swinging it back and forth as you went down the path. you always cherished these moments with luke, when you didn’t have to speak to be close to each other. he’d brush your knuckles against his lips, the cold metal of his lip ring bringing shivers to your skin. “i love you,” luke would tell you, his bright blue eyes the brightest you had ever seen them. they were in great contrast to your surroundings of warm tones. you sucked in a breath as you watched him get down on one knee, blinking up at you as he let your hand drop to reveal you the shining diamond ring he had concealed in his pocket. the moment the question was out of his mouth, you were flinging yourself at him, whispering your confirmation in his ear and then pressing a sweet kiss to his mouth. 

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Meet in detention au ((From my angsty Tweeky))

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Butters had never been to detention before. He was a good kid! He never got into trouble! Well… That’s a lie. But whenever he got into trouble it wasn’t his fault! Eric had always managed to get out if getting in trouble but never Butters. He couldn’t even remember what scheme had landed him in detention. Butters walked cautiously into the class and rubbed his fists against each other, showing the teacher his detention slip before taking a seat at the back and biting his bottom lip nervously.


Any Other Way

Oh okay so the y/n thinks she likes c/f lets just say but c/f actually likes y/f maybe. And c/n likes y/n but is too afraid to tell her. When y/n somehow finds out c/f has feelings for y/f, she realizes c/n has always had feelings for her rather and they end up each other’s interests

You look at (c/f) from across the classroom as he and (c/n) work together on the assignment. (c/n) was your best friend and you met (c/f) this year. You had sudden interests in (c/f) and all of a sudden and being around him made you quite nervous.

You felt a nudge of your shoulder causing you to turn your attention back to (y/f). “Hm?” You say turning to face her once again. “I need help with number 5 (y/n),” she says furrowing her eyebrows, trying to figure out the equation for the last few minutes. “Uh yeah sure just subtract the 4 and multiply by 2 and there you go,” you say turning another glance towards (c/f). He’s looking in your direction but he doesn’t seem to be looking at you. (C/n) sees you looking and gives you a short wave. You wave back and give a smile but look back towards (c/f). Furrowing your eyebrows in confusion you follow the direction of his focus and lay your eyes on (y/f). You shake off the negative thoughts of (c/f) possibly liking (y/f) and look back at the assignment and see (y/f) now struggling with equation number 6.

You take the paper, easily finishing the remaining problems and then turning it in. The bell rings and (c/n), (c/f), (y/f) and you all head outside to lunch. “We’ll meet you there in a few minutes okay?” (Y/f) says and she pulls you to her locker. She opens her locker and puts her book away before grabbing her lunch and then looking at you. “Did you see (c/f) looking at me in math?” (Y/f) asks, shutting her locker. “Yeah i saw him. Why?” You asking in a smaller voice. She shrugs her shoulders, “I don’t know, he’s kind of cute,” she says smiling to herself. You nod in agreement. “Yeah he’s cute.” You say faking a smile as you piece together the fact that your chances of even liking (c/f) were getting slimmer.

“Come on the boys are waiting for us,” you state as you start walking and hearing her trail not far behind you. You take a seat next to (c/n) while (y/f) follows suit next to you and (c/f). You sigh as you slowly still lose hope and glum into the seat. “What’s got you down buttercup?” (C/n) asks. Being used to the cute nicknames you reply,“oh it’s nothing, just not feeling well,” you say opening your eyes and seeing his (e/c) orbs staring back into yours. “Well I don’t like seeing you sad so don’t make me have to tickle you.” “Okay fine. But mostly because I don’t want to be tickled at this hour,” you say giving him a smile.

The lunch bell rings signaling that you should head to class. (c/n) and (c/f) had class together next but you and (y/f) had different classes so you all walked different ways.

At the end of class, you walked down the hall to your locker. “I don’t know man I really like her” you hear someone whisper from the other corner. You peek from behind the locker door around the corner and see none other than (c/n) and (c/f). You smile and give yourself a little bit of hope that maybe he was talking about you. “Why don’t you ask her out man.” (C/n) says in a hushed whisper. “Yeah maybe later today she asked if we could study together for the math test because she was having trouble with it,” he says. Your smile turned into a frown as you’ve just replayed the words he’s said to (c/n). You were great at math. We all knew (y/f) was the worst at it and constantly asked us for help with her homework. The jealousy was building in your body. (Y/f) knew you were great at math. She was trying to get closer to (c/f). You shut your locker loudly and walked down the hall not bothering to talk to either (c/n) or (c/f).

You get home and already finish your homework. “Hey I’m bored. Wanna come over you read from your phone from (c/n). Yeah sure. Be there in 5.

You tell your mom you’re leaving and walk across the street to (c/n)’s house. You and (c/n) have been best friends for a while so you walked in the house and he’s playing video games.

(C/n) was facing the tv with his back to you. He had a head set on with the volume really loud. He didn’t hear you walk in so you just waited him to finish he level. “Dude (c/f) you’re terrible. Just kill the guy already,” he says fiercely pushing the pushing the buttons. He must have been playing with (c/f) on the game as well.

“Why are you so out of it today. Thinking about (y/f) too much huh,” with the cockiness rolling off his tongue. “Oh shut up I don’t talk about (y/n) too much,” he continues saying. Your eyes widened. (C/n) liking you is something you never thought would happen. When you became friends you figured your friendship was too important to change. “Yeah so what if I do. I like her a lot, it’s not like her knowing would change anything,” he says finishing the level. “It would actually change a lot,” you say catching his attention, yet he doesn’t turn around.

You can see a small part of his cheeks turn red and you notice the way his head slowly dips down to avoid your gaze. “With the silence of the paused game all you could hear was the small chatter of (c/f) through the head set. You walk quietly with your shoes pattering on the tile floor. You saw him in a whole new world now. You saw him as something you wanted. “I like you too. I didn’t think we would ever be something,” you say sitting next to (c/n) and giving him a reassuring smile. He nods and looks into your eyes. “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asks setting down the controller and taking off his headset. “Yeah. There isn’t much we need to change since we mostly act like a couple,” you say shrugging your shoulders. “Except now… I get to do this,” he says placing his hand on your neck and placing a small kiss on your lips. 

“I can’t believe I could have been kissing you for so long. You smiled as he leaned in for another kiss, pulling you into a trance. He leaned back towards the couch pulling you into his arms. He rested his hands on the small of your back as you combed your hands through his hair. It was the first of many kisses between you two and being this intimate with him showed you how much you felt towards him.

The next day at school, you and (c/n) walk into math together holding hands. You separate and head to your seats where you sit next to (y/f). They aren’t here yet so you’re stuck peeking looks at (c/n). He occasionally looks back at you and sticks his tongue out in good humor.

(c/f) walks in but not far behind (y/f) walks in too. You know they were talking before the entered the classroom. The guys do the bro handshake before (c/f) takes a seat and (y/f) takes a seat next to you while fixing her hair. You look over and the guys are in deep conversation and smiling to each other. “So you and (c/f) what’s up.” She widens her eyes and quickly shushes you. She sighs. “Okay. Well yesterday he helped me in math and before you get mad I’m sorry but he’s really cute and he said he would. But anyway… yesterday we were standing in the library and while we were looking for books and being really flirty, he just went and kissed me,” she says taking a deep breath after.

You explained the story between you and (c/n) and how things were well. At lunch you sat close to (c/n) but you noticed something on (y/f)’s neck as she moved her hair so (c/f) could put his arm around her shoulder. “Is that a hickey,” you ask pointing to a small purple spot on (y/f)’s neck. A blush invades her pale cheeks as she quickly covers her neck with her hair once again. (Y/f) hits (c/n) on the chest as he chuckles slightly at what he’s done. You laugh along with him as you see (y/f) cover her eyes in embarrassment. (C/n)’s voice interrupts your giggles as he says, “oh please (y/n), don’t act you have nothing to hide,” (c/n) says with a cocky smirk while pushing your hair from your shoulder to show the hickey that was twice the size on the side of your neck.

All in the end, you and (y/f) lay your head in your hands as you listen to the guys gloat and smirk about their girls, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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2 years ago today, I fell in love. I fell in love with a girl who has changed my life since. She was the first girl I gave myself to. The way she smiled at me, the way she pouted until I kissed her, how she only wanted to sit on the same side as me at restaurants, the way her eyes light up when I told her I loved her. We had our ups and downs like every couple, but we always found a way back to each other. She was my soulmate and for some reason I still believe so. Everyday she reminded me that I would always be the one she would love the most because I was her forever. When you connect with someone the way I connected with her, the world stops turning and it feels like it’s just the two of you. It’s sound cliché but I promise you it’s 100% true. One year ago, she left me. I was broken. I stopped eating, I spent my days sleeping and crying, I didn’t even want to breathe if she wasn’t mine. She kept finding her way back into my life, only to leave again. I let her destroy me because I thought that’s what love was. Fast forward a year to today. She has a new girlfriend who she loves. She no longer thinks of me, the girl who loved her more than anyone else ever could. As for me, I’ve gotten better. I’ve surrounded myself with people who bring nothing but happiness into my life. I wake up early to get coffee and sit outside, I speed down back roads to feel the cool summer air. I’ve let other girls come into my life and I’ve also let them leave. I’m living a life I’m happy with. But sometimes, when I’m driving at night blasting music, I swear I smell your familiar scent and I picture you singing along with me.
—  I will wait for you
We did it.

It’s not the romance or sex that guarantees a successful relationship. It’s the ability to work together as a team, complimenting each other like two interlocking puzzle pieces. This is something Aria and Ezra always had, but never realized until they’d been apart for five years. 

“We did it,” Aria said. “We really did it.”

Ezra held the first copy of their book in his hands. He’d written most of it without her, but when he had developed crippling writer’s block, she secretly started where he left off. And although he was a little irritated that she did this behind his back, he soon realized how well her writing complimented his own. It wasn’t until this experience that they decided to publish the book together, as a team. 

The process of becoming coauthors wasn’t entirely platonic, though they wanted it to be. No one–not even their significant others–knew of their slip on the third floor of The Radley Hotel shortly after running into each other for the first time in years. Their relationships slowly crumbled following the one night stand. Neither of them celebrated this occurrence, but let’s just say they didn’t waste very much time moving on.

The flight to Iceland was a spur of the moment idea, fueled by the high of publishing their book. Everyone thought they’d flown to Chicago to do some book promotion, but little did they know, they were actually exchanging vows in front of a secret waterfall in Iceland with two witnesses Aria had barely known from the year she spent there in high school. 

They loved each other and didn’t need to prove this to anyone. They didn’t desire to seal the deal in front of one hundred people. They wanted to do it now, in the rain, in the most beautiful place both of them had visited. Aria found a stunning ethereal wedding gown in a vintage shop in the small town they’d traveled to. Ezra wore a simple button up shirt and a pair of black dress pants. It didn’t really matter, anyway, because shortly after they’d shared their first kiss as a married couple, they removed their clothing in the bedroom of the small grass-covered house and shared more than a kiss while the rain continued to fall in the village.

For several days, the newlyweds spent their “honeymoon” exploring castles, mountains, rivers and waterfalls. They couldn’t wait to explore the rest of their lives together. 

When Aria returned from her “trip to Chicago,” she met up with Spencer as she promised and told her a bunch of lies about a bunch of important people she met, all while thinking about her husband. 

As Spencer told Aria about the status of her mother’s campaign, Aria’s phone buzzed from her purse. She glanced at it, finding a message from Ezra containing a photo of their marriage license that must have just arrived in the mail.

We did it. We really did it.

A moment later, a second text.

Do you want anything special for dinner, Aria Montgomery-Fitz?

Sorry. I just like saying it. 

I guess they’d have to be a secret once again.

Story inspired by photos from this blog post.
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You been out all night
I don’t know where you been
You slurring all your words
Not making any sense
But I don’t fucking care at all


The first year at university was a roller coaster ride for me and y/n both. Sure, the first couple of months were great; we got to see each other all the fucking time. 

It was always something from after lectures at the coffee shop down 43rd Street or back at the apartment we shared together. You’d think it was the most perfect fucking thing wouldn’t you? 

But things started getting sketchy and I’m not really sure how we went from needing each other constantly to me sitting here on my bare couch with a glass of scotch. 

I remember the first real argument we had, a few weeks before this. It was stupid as fuck, but that’s when things fucked up majorly. 

The typical freshman parties were always swinging and because we were in different universities we never went seeing as we wouldn’t know anyone there apart from each other. But I guess a point in time was bound to come around the corner when I wasn’t everything she needed: at least that’s what it felt like then, I’m not so sure now. 

It was just a few Tuesday’s ago…

“Sammy, I’m grabbing dinner with a friend tonight. So I’ll be home a little later, but I’ll text you,” she said over the phone, while I sat in Central Park with two lattes and an almond croissant (her favorite). 

It was fair enough she wanted to spend some time with her friends, and I had no intentions of questioning that. So I told her I’d see her home and hung up, trying to hide the pecking disappointment in my speech. 


University was a whole different story from High School, that’s for sure. But it was pretty great, I’d been enjoying the past few months. 

I had an apartment with Sam that we shared in Manhattan, just the two of us. We’d go to our lectures in the mornings and be home to spend time with each other. It was pretty great. But the thing is, I never really saw anyone apart from Sam and was getting desperate to go out and explore; I didn’t want to cling onto him because we both deserved lives of our own too. That’s how every good relationship works anyway. 

And it wasn’t long after that when opportunity came knocking on my door and a guy from my English Literature class stopped me outside campus. He introduced himself as Matt (espinosa???hmmm…lol I thought I’d use some other magcons unooo) and soon he asked me if I wanted to grab dinner, as just friends of course because I told him about Sam in prior conversation. I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity so I agreed for that day and made sure to call Sam and let him know, completely forgetting I promised to see him in Central Park on our bench for coffee (one of our favorite things to spend time doing).

“Okay babe, I’ll see you home,” He said, cutting the call. 

“Shall we?” Matt asked, escorting me towards the subway station. 

The evening was delightful in general. Matt and I had quite a lot in common so it was easy to make conversation about courses, favorite things and life I guess. We walked around the city along the Hudson just chatting away. 

Almost forgetting about dinner and realizing it was nearing around 9pm, we walked to an Italian restaurant Matt knew which also happened to be conveniently near my apartment.

It was just really nice to have been able to spend time with another person apart from Sam, and I guess it was a bonus we were studying the same thing. 

“Y/n I can walk you home? It’s almost 12am, I don’t think it’d be safe if you just walked yourself.” Matt informed me as he grabbed my coat off the hook near the entrance of the restaurant. 

“Are you sure? I mean I hope you don’t mind or anything, I know that dorms are at least another 20 minutes away,” I hesitated, feeling guilty for even considering to accept his offer. 

“Oh shut up, it’s nothing. I’m planning on skipping tomorrow anyway because of that essay Mr Makowski assigned us last week, so I don’t really need to rush.”

And so we walked, me having absolutely no idea or even a flicker of thought in my mind at this point of just how ridiculously Sammy would react. 


It was probably the 27th time I had tried calling her and was ready to call the cops. Y/n always answered her phone but I hadn’t heard a word from her since she called to cancel our date in the park. 

I’d sent her texts too, various ones. 

Baby, where are you?

Shall I make dinner?

Babe, are you okay? Are you even reading these..

Y/n is something wrong?

Not one fucking reply. I nagged at the end of my roots, trying to relieve the ever-growing tension in my head causing migraines. Honestly, I don’t really know what I would do if something had happened to her. 

And just then, as if perfectly timed, the twinkling of shifting keys sounded outside the door way and I jolted out of our bed room. 

There she was, her coat in her hand, inviting in some random prick who I’d never had the pleasure to meet. 

“What the fu”

“Hey baby,” She hugged me before beckoning the guy towards us. 

He definitely looked around our age and was clad in a fucking blazer. Obviously he was rich as fuck. I clenched my jaw as I watched his eyes flicker up and down y/n as she had her back to us and turned the kettle and pulled two cups out of the cabinet. 

I had no clue what the fuck was happening so I simply spoke up, not caring much at all if I sounded rude; “Y/n, who the fuck is this?” 

She introduced him to as Matt and that bastard has the audacity to extend his arm and try and fucking touch me. Who knew where his hands had been?

Touching my fucking girlfriend in places only I should touch.

“I thought you said you were going out with a friend for dinner?” I questioned.

“Um yeah, this is him…”

I knew she could sense my disdain radiating off of me and perhaps he could too, but I couldn’t give less of a fuck. 

“So you’ve spent the last 7 hours with some random guy? Is that why you were too busy to check your phone and text your actual boyfriend or at least call?”

My blood was boiling and I was so ready to punch the shit out of Matt, who stood up having taken a seat on our couch just seconds ago. 

“Hey man,” he spoke up, “It’s not her fault, don’t get pissed. I get you’re protective and all but she told me at the very beginning about you. I swear I wouldn’t have tried anything.”

“So if you knew from the fucking beginning, why did you take her out?” My volume slightly raised. 

“It was just as friends man, she’s in my English class.” I sensed the way Matt was trying to cover up for what he’d tried to do. I’m a guy, I know how we think. There’s no fucking thing as just friends most of the time. Well it shouldn’t be that way with my girl anyway.


The heat in the room was much too overwhelming for me to handle, as the two guys began to slit at each other’s throats. Sam was acting completely out of order based purely of his jealousy. We’d been together for 9 months and perhaps that wasn’t long enough, but I would’ve thought that he’d know by now that I would never ever do anything to lose him. 

“Don’t feed me that bullshit and stay the fuck away from my girlfriend. I don’t give a damn if you want to be her friend or if you want to fuck her. Keep your filthy ass to yourself and don’t you dare come near her, asshole. Got it?” Sam boomed, something I had never experienced before. He would always stay quite and keep his anger to himself when he was pissed off. 

“Y/n, I think it’s best if I go, maybe we can catch up on that tea some other time when your jealous boyfriend learns how to control himself.” Matt looked at me as he wrapped his scarf around his neck and stepped hastily towards the door. 

“Matt wait I-”

“No don’t fucking wait, that was the best thing you’ve said in the past 20 minutes. Please get the fuck out of my house.” Sam interrupted me. 

God was I fuming now. 

I held the door open for Matt and waved him good bye, the most apologetic look I could feign plastered across my face. 

Closing the door behind me and turning to face Sam, I stepped over to him. 

“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

“You’re asking me? I’m sat here pulling my hair out over the thousands of missed calls and ignored texts when all along you’re fucking with some prick who’s been hitting on you in your English class?! The only fucking thing wrong with me is that I’m too in love with you to not worry about you every fucking second you’re away.” He spoke, although his volume had lessened, I could still feel the anger that shook him as he stared at me.

I felt so bad, I hadn’t bothered checking my phone even once. 

I felt so bad, I hadn’t thought about him enough.

I felt so bad, I hadn’t given back that love that captivated him in every possible way. 

But the venom in my anger still flowed deep within and spontaneous ignorance sprung out instead. 

“You don’t need to constantly check up on me, I’m fine. I don’t even think it’s about me being okay. You were just so fucking jealous that you’re not the only person in the world who wants to talk to me and you blew a fuse on Matt. It’s fucking pathetic, Sam.”

“Of course I’m fucking jealous y/n, why wouldn’t I be? He’s just like you. You both know where your life’s going but I don’t. I know you need someone like him but I want you to need me instead. Sometimes it affects me so bad I guess I just…” He ran his fingers through his hair, a habit I’d taken note of as being what he did when he was stressed. 

I hated seeing us like this.

So I walked over and kissed him. Kissed every single part of his face and told him I wanted nothing else but him.

I didn’t lie when I said that. I wouldn’t be lying if I said that even now.

Even when he was somewhere else, not in my arms.

He could have had any girl he wanted, I never knew why he chose me in the first place.


We repeated that married old couple shit for at least a month after that. I tried to give her space with Matt and her other friends and in return she forced me to go out too. The space soon took it’s toll every night between the sheets and there wasn’t even any point in me sleeping near her anymore.

So I wouldn’t. I went out, got drunk, and repeated that shit.

It kept me numb but I was fully awake.

One day, I recall it being around 4am, I stumbled in through the doors and nearly tripped over the suitcase that leaned up by the entrance. I didn’t have to see much more to know what was about to happen.

She stood there, tears in her eyes, gripping her purse. Even then she was the most beautiful fucking thing I’d ever seen.

I wanted to tell her, but my mind told me no. My chest hurt at the sight, but wouldn’t fight back. 

“You told me to take the space, y/n. How much more do you want to give me?”

“I’m gone, Sam. That’s as much as I can afford to give.”

And it happened again. I remember the same feeling when I couldn’t talk to her the next day at school after we first met. But this time a lot worse. 

I never got a call, nor a text. Perhaps she was with Matt, or maybe she went back to Nebraska. I would never know.

She could have had any guy she wanted, I never knew why she chose me in the first place.


It took a lot of convincing, but I was finally given a dorm at the University accommodation. I did what I knew I had to do, even if the ache never left my chest since that very night.

I never got a call, nor a text. 


Anon: Flirting with Robbie?

You and Robbie had always been friends but it was clear to everyone that you both wanted more and everyone could tell because you to flirted constantly. It was like a game and whoever asked for a date lost. Today Robbie was coming over for a movie day because due to his filming all the time you two didn’t get to see each other often. You heard a knock at the door and ran over “ROBBIE!” You yelled once you saw his face. You hugged him and he laughed hugging you back. You two didn’t kiss or anything but boy did you want to. “Wow y/n did you get more beautiful while I was gone?” “Only if you got more attractive.” You said pulling him into your apartment and sitting his on the couch. You both out on your favourite movie. “Hey y/n.” Robbie said looking over at you. You turned your head and he yelled popcorn while throwing a handful in your face. “Seriously babe!” You said getting some out of your hair. “Don’t worry baby girl you still look hot.” He said laughing at you after you got it all out. “What’s so funny?” You said running your hands through your hair. “Here.” He said pulling some out of a strand of your hair. He tucked it behind your ear and it was only then you saw how close your faces where. “Nice breath.” You whispered. “Nice pores.” “Shutup.” You both didn’t move as if it was a challenge who would move first. After a while you heard Robbie mutter “Screw it.” Before bringing his lips to yours in a deep passionate kiss. “So y/n how about a date.” “Well I won.” “Shutup.” He said before kissing you again.

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Can you do #34 for the drabble thing with Chris Evans 💛

a/n: first Chris fic! I hope this is good. I’m going to make the drabbles short.

Held Back (Chris x Reader)

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It was a typical friday night for you. You were a college student and on the weekends you often spent your time at your childhood best friend, Chris Evans, apartment in Boston. Chris was a few years older than you and you had met when you were 14. Since then, the two of you had be come practically inseparable until recent events involving Chris’ constant filming and your school. But put that aside, the two of you always found time for each other. You knew his deepest secrets, and he knew yours.

However, now you were sitting on the couch, legs propped up in Chris’ lap, happily munching away on the tacos you had ordered as the two of you watched TV. It was how you had spent any weekend together since your time with each other began to become limited. 

“So, how’s school?” Chris asked nonchalantly, eyes never leaving the TV. You sighed before furrowing your eyebrows and answering.

“It’s going good. Architecture is a lot harder than you think, though.” 

You heard him chuckle and then felt his body shift under your feet. You looked away from the TV and looked into his blue eyes. You watched as he studied you, and after a while a frantic “What?” escaped from your mouth. His expression softened. 

“Nothing, your just so adorable when you’re frustrated, ya know?”

No, I do not know Christopher. You wanted to shout.

You couldn’t stop the blush from rising to your face. 

“Just. The way you crinkle your nose, and your eyebrows furrow, and you get this stormy look in your eyes. You’re beautiful.” He said breathlessly.

Yeah, you and Chris had both had your fair share of relationships, but never in a million years would you expect him to say something like “You’re beautiful” especially when you’ve been pushing your feelings for him to the side for years! You looked up at him, eyes wide. You could’ve sworn he was leaning closer.

“Just…trust me. Okay?” 

And before you had a chance to respond, his lips were on yours. HIs hands on either side of your face, pulling you into him. The two of you parted, and a surprised look crossed your face. Kissing Chris felt so natural. Almost second nature, and you felt the sudden urge to do it again. You grabbed him by the back of his neck and pull shim in for another kiss. This time when you pulled away, you didn’t even need to see yourself to know that your lips were swollen. Your kisses were fast, the urger to be with each other fueling the two of you. You looked up at Chris through your eyelashes, a half smile on your face, and you watched as a similar expression disappeared from his.

Shit, what did I do?

Chris’ eyes were a shade or two darker than normal and his face was now somewhat serious, as you noticed his mischievous smile appear. 

If you keep looking at me like that, we won’t make it to a bed.” He said lowly, before grabbing you once more, and proceeding to kiss you while you melted into his arms.