they always go to the same places lol

Hey psssht hey hey guess in what fan-fucking-tastic fandom I got myself in for 3 months in already pls dont kill meh

uhm… … …the last time I was in RPF hell was eons ago (KPop lol) and I have no idea how I got from one place to another this time around…

BUT I digress! There’s this one YuzuVier fanfiction that I’ve been reading since the first day it was published on Ao3 and I adore it so much aaaaHHH WHY IS DRAWING RL PPL SO MUCH AGONY it’s always the same tredding the thin line of ‘does this look okay’ and ‘omg cringe’

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I'm sorry but when would Harry have even started dating her? He "broke up" with Tess a month ago, then immediately after he was in London for a while after Robin passed, then immediately after that started doing Dunkirk promo and was all over the place going to the different premieres, and she was also not always in the same city he was in, so tell me exactly when they would have met to even start a relationship lol? Also he claimed to not know her like 2 weeks ago...

Logic? Timelines? In this fandom? Not realistic, nony 

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OH MY GOD I HAVE ONE. College AU where literally all of GoM go to the same college and live in the same house or apartment (and its nice af cuz Akashi's got most of the rent covered lol). But the thing is, Akashi's s/o is also there and they share a room. But every time they try to get in the mood to do the do, one of the members always interrupts. In the bedroom, living room when they're alone, or even when the place is fucking empty. Up to you if they ever succeed in having they're sexy times~

College AU because I’m heading back to college here but I CAN TOTALLY SEE THIS THANK YOU ANON. FUNNY STORY I’m kinda hanging around my boyfriend’s place like Akashi’s s/o (but I don’t live there) so this IS KINDA RELATABLE.

Your eyes perked up as someone fumbled with their keys at the door. It opened, but it was only Midorima’s tired green eyes that greeted you — not Seijuro, as you had hoped. “Hey,” you said. 

As a regular student, not a member of the university’s competitive basketball team (that practiced ‘til late evening), you were home quite frequently, and the boys would trickle in depending on their schedules. Together, you and the Generation of Miracles shared a large two-story house a few blocks from campus that Akashi had graciously rented for his teammates. Since you were Akashi’s significant other, he asked for you to share a room with him, and of course, you couldn’t decline. 

Midorima was usually one of the last ones home, since he usually enjoys studying in the library. However, Akashi never failed to be the latest one back, and for that reason, you missed him desperately. Usually, you end up falling on the sofa waiting for him and he would gently scoop you into his arms, carrying you up the stairs and placing you on the fluffy king-sized mattress. 

Or, on nights when he was extremely tired, he would open up the sofa into a futon mattress and curl up next to you with extra blankets. He never woke you up, but you did anyways — just to kiss him good night. 

Today, you were determined to stay up. After all, it was a Friday and Fridays were reserved for late night wine and…some after hours fun. You and Sei didn’t get that very often. You sighed, rubbed your eyes and was about to lay down for a minute when you heard the door knob jiggle and Akashi appeared, with windblown red hair and reddened cheeks from the fall weather. 

“Hey handsome,” you called from the sofa, and his lips quirked into a small smile. “What took you so long?” 

He looked apologetic as he scooped you into his arms, placing gentle kisses across your face. “Ah, you know…errands. I hope you accept my deepest apologies,” he said, flirtatiously kissing your hand as he pulled you closer to him. Akashi gives you the deepest kisses; he was no stranger when it came to boldly invading your mouth with his tongue, as you gently moaned into him. 

Just when he began sliding his muscled arms down your back, you both broke apart when you heard heavy footsteps descending down the stairs. Aomine’s hulking body was covered only in a towel as he obliviously walked past you two, heading towards the kitchen. 

“Put on some clothes,” Akashi remarked, but his eyes never left your lips. It felt like an eternity as Aomine made his nightly protein shake (with his screeching blender blasting noise), but Akashi’s fingers were sensuously massaging your body the entire time. As soon as Aomine’s footsteps ascended the stairs, Akashi immediately pounced on you, like a tiger that had been patiently awaiting its prey. He nipped, bit and sucked as you struggled to hold back your moans, and just when he scooped you into his arms to carry you up the stairs… 

“Akashiiiiiiiii-cchi” Kise’s bright voice pierced through the silence of the house, and his blonde head peeked out from his bedroom. “I forgot to ask you, but did you see any magazines in our mail box when you came home tonight?” 

Akashi’s jaw hardened, and for a split second, you thought he was going to drop you. “No. Check it yourself,” he said, before storming up the stairs with your body still in his arms. 

He yanked open your shared master bedroom and threw you on the mattress (the biggest piece of furniture in the room). “Stay,” he commanded, and you did. After all, it was futile to disobey Akashi in the bedroom, for he only sexually punishes you for it later. You stayed, but only moments after you left the room, Murasakibara barged in, a bag of chips in hand.

“Do you know where Akashi keeps his treats? He owes me some,” the giant said, as he casually popped five chips in his mouth. Before you could respond, Akashi returned and slammed the door loudly.

“OUT!” he yelled at Mura, and you winced. In your boyfriend’s right hand was a pair of handcuffs, and after he slammed the door in Mura’s face, he wasted no time settling you in with his metal toy. 

“Ahem,” you heard a quiet cough inside the room. You blinked. It was Kuroko. Akashi flushed a deep shade of red and nearly flung himself at Kuroko, if you hadn’t pulled back on his right arm.


bts are stuck in a time loop. 

every time something goes wrong, they go right back to the start. the hat jin is wearing at the very end says “different but same”, meaning each loop is different from the other but the outcome is always the same. 

he travels back to save a member, but he will be forced to save the consequences and another member will die in their place. 

if you look at the dates from the 2nd reel, where jin was changing, you can see that it was dated august 30th. 

on the first august 30th, jin, in a grey sweater, turns to his side and sees that the vase of flowers have fallen over. 

then, he changes from that grey sweater into something more formal. 

the last scene of jin changing was ALSO dated august 30th. jin, in a grey sweater, turns to his side and catches the vase of flowers that were about to fall over. 

he then changes from the grey sweater into something else more casual.

i’m not sure if the repeating of all the videos have symbolism, it could perhaps just be so we can all watch the reels from start to end, but it’s as if they’re trying to make us feel the time loop. experiencing the twists and then expecting answers, but then only starting from the top.

it’s also peculiar how the last scenes they added talked and hinted of “going back to change something.”

one last thing, each time jin travels back in time to save a member, there will be another one to take their place, right? a minute changed in a complex system would cause a large change elsewhere. this would be called the butterfly effect.

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How do you feel about people who make Yurio overly feminine? I don't consider him one of the other, he's just Yurio. Even though some of the art is beautiful, it's still strange seeing him in cat leggings and shorty shorts sometimes. The same goes for all the characters, since I see Yuuri this way a lot. Especially since many people consider him more submissive, but I can see him going both ways lol. Yuuri can definitely bottom, he isn't always a delicate flower.

Personally, I think that the fact clothing is gendered in the first place is ridiculous and anyone should be able to wear whatever they want. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people drawing characters in clothes not typically worn by their gender, especially characters from a show like Yuri On Ice that canonically had characters exploring their image and wearing things with both masculine and feminine aspects. You have Viktor with the original eros costume he said was designed to suggest both genders at once that he paired with his long hair and then Yuuri choosing that same costume and asking Minako to teach him how to move in more feminine ways. Clothing shouldn’t have a gender in the first place and our society is filled with very rigid gender roles so it’s nice to see characters exploring things outside of those confines.

There can be some issues with things like this of course, as there can be with everything. If one character, especially in a pairing, is consistently drawn as big, strong, powerful and hypermasculine and the other as weak, dainty, fragile and hyperfeminine then that can go into the territory of assigning heterosexual roles to nonheterosexual characters and relationships. But I don’t think that simply drawing characters in clothes society decrees is not for their gender is always the same thing.

So basically, while I think that like with everything there can be good aspects and bad aspects, I don’t think there’s anything immediately wrong if someone wants to draw Viktor in a dress or Yuuri in a crop top or Yurio in cat leggings. The fact that clothing is gendered in the first place is bullshit and there’s no reason for certain people not to be allowed to wear certain things. So I think regardless of what gender you identify as, if any, everyone should be allowed to explore their image and wear whatever clothes they want. 

I miss you
Message not sent. Save as draft?

Did you find it? Or was it her?
Message not sent. Save as draft?

You told me you
Message not sent. Save as draft?

You said
Message not sent. Save as draft?

You said you were leaving me to find where you belonged in this world. What’s her name
Message not sent. Save as draft?

Message sent.

                                                     Messaged received.

                                                     How are you?
                                                     Messaged received.

I miss you
Message not sent. Save as draft?

Your side of the bed doesn’t smell like you
Message not sent. Save as draft?

I stayed up all night watching your favorite movie and cried
Message not sent. Save as draft?

You would have called me a crybaby
Message not sent. Save as draft?

Im okay. Tired mostly. Work has been annoying
Message sent.

I had to quit, the hole in my chest that you left was eating me alive
Message not sent. Save as draft?

What about you?
Message sent.

                                                      I still taste you when i kiss her
                                                      Message not sent. Save as draft?

                                                      I didn’t think I’d see you in every
                                                      Message not sent. Save as draft?

                                                     I’ve been okay. I miss home though.
                                                     Message received.

                                                     I miss you. I
                                                     Message not sent. Save as draft?

You’re not missing out on much.
Everything is the same old.
Message sent.

Please come back everything has changed
Message not sent. Save as draft?

Everything feels empty without you here to
fill the room with your laugh i sound like a fucking idiot
Message not sent. Save as draft?

                                                             Are you still you? Do you still smile?
                                                             Is everything really the same? I hope so
                                                             Message not sent. Save as draft?

                                                             Im not surprised lol. That place has                                                                        always
                                                             been boring.
                                                             Message received.

Youre not wrong. I’m going to bed though
have a good night
I love you
Message not sent. Save as draft?

Youre not wrong. I’m going to bed though
have a good night
Message Sent.

                                                                I wish i could beg you to stay
                                                                She doesnt smell like you
                                                                It feels like im wrapping my arms
                                                                Around a stranger at night
                                                                Message not sent. Save as draft?

                                                                Yeah, its getting a bit late. You have a                                                                     good night too,
                                                                i love you
                                                                Message not sent. Save as draft?

                                                                Yeah, its getting a bit late. You have a                                                                     good night too
                                                                Message received.

                                                                It wasn’t worth it.
                                                               Message not sent. Save as draft?

-Words Unspoken

Vanderwood's Gender - Korean vs. English Comparison

Hi there♡

Thanks for sending in a request! This is also something that I have been wondering if anyone would send to me.


You know, I always found Vanderwood someone I can relate to lmao. I find myself saying the same things that Vanderwood does throughout 707’s route lol. Whenever I go to my lil’ bro’s place it is always a mess. I am always nagging and cleaning at the same time.

He’d always say, “아 누나 오랜만에 보는데 좋게 좀…^^” which is translated to like,  "Noona, it’s been a while since we last saw each other, let’s not…^^“

Then I would always smack him in the back of the head for even trying with me ^^

…I think I will go today and see how he’s doing ^^;;;; his place better be clean.

Enough of my blabber, let’s get on with the real deal, shall we? There should not be any big spoilers since the real thing I will be doing is just comparing and contrasting the English and Korean version for the identification of Vanderwood’s gender. I will be looking mostly in 707′s route.

So if you are interested, please join me under the cut ^^

Please note that although this is an analysis, there may be opinions that may differ or be consistent with mine! While I can give some sort of Korean background, for debatable topics, I do not represent all of the Korean minds for respective topics. Also, please excuse any errors or let me know if clarifications are needed, for English is not my first language! Thank you and enjoy! 

Keep reading

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So, I'm new to actually...Thinking J2 are in love. For the longest time I thought "conspiracy theory!!" but as of late, I decided to be open-minded and, well, now I see it. I was wondering, can you remember the thing or moment that first made you realize they're in love? Tbh I think they love their wives, but I don't think they're IN love with them. I get the feeling they're sweet, close friends and parents together but not in love. Again I'm VERY new so I don't truly know about the wives.

But also…Idk how to feel about Gen. Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t mesh quite as well with J2? What do you think? (Sorry if you’ve answered similar questions before, again I’m new as in like…Only today literally did I finally realize lol)

hey! it’s cool to hear you now see the light! thanks for being open minded!

for me there wasn’t a specific moment that made me go: “ok that’s it THAT is gay” lol no, it’s just an accumulation of things and looking at the big picture

so long story (not so) short:

i started watching spn in summer 2015, and dug in the fandom in september 2015 and the thing is i never gave a shit about jared and jensen and conventions and all, i figured they got along but didn’t care more than that because i was only in it for sam and dean and during those months i never EVER saw once a tinhat post or even a mention that there are fans who think j2 are together all i saw was posts by people shipping j2 being like “hahaha they are such husbands!” you know? but only in a joking shipper tone so i never took it seriously and the way i found about their relationship was purely coincidental!! so i could have never learnt about them at all if not for this coincidence!!! 

i found @jaredandjensendaily blog by pure luck (i suggest you read it if you haven’t yet, it’s really great) and it was the most shockng experience of my fandom life i swear to god because i really did NOT expect something like that coming from jared and jensen lmao, i remember EXACTLY when and where it happened, and i was in a shop and i was staring at my phone for like 10 minutes like “what the fuck is THIS?????????!!!!!!!!!!!” so i was really excited and interested but it was 100% the thrill of discovering a big secret and pure juicy gossip lmao i still didn’t give a shit about j2 themselves, and she talked about j2 being together like its the most natural and obvious thing in the world (which it is but i didn’t know that at the time) and i was like “WHAT??? IS SHE SERIOUS????!!!!!” 

anyway on her blog she linked “speak the truth”   and said to read it if you’re a newbie so i did it and was truly impressed, i wasn’t convinced at all but i was definitely leaning on the j2 tinhat side and since i was interested i made research and started looking for tinhats blogs and all and watching conventions and little by little you start seeing the patterns and you start seeing and witnessing how much j2 love each other and since speak the truth stops in early 2013 i learnt thanks to tinhat blogs that j2 actually live in the same place which made me go “WAIT WHAT?????!!!!!” and again with time you discover new slips and inconsistencies and you see that j2 spend all their time together instead of with their “wives” lol so in the end you understand that the only logical reason that explains all of that (the slips, the inconsistencies, the them always being together and living together and raising their kids together and getting married at the same time and people they work with saying how much they get along and actually witnessing how much they get along during cons and knowing the only reason spn went for so long was because of how well they get along and the not brotherly looks they give each other etc etc etc) the ONLY reason it all makes sense is that they’re in love and have to hide it because otherwise it would put an end to the show, THIS  is the key that exlains everything else, them being gay and bearding is the last piece that completes the puzzle, that explains all the weird and shady stuff that surrounds j2

so it’s been a while now that im 10000% sure that j2 are together and what they have is relationship goals and every day with more slips and the time they spend together or the damage control that comes after they look too gay (couch couch date night incident), they only convince me more and more

so yeah no, sorry, there’s no one thing that sealed the deal for me, it’s everything put together that does it and honestly i really don’t get how people can be convinced by one moment, i get when people go to conventions and see them together IRL and they’re struck by their love but just one moment?? nah man i need some cold hard facts, and catching j2 red handed in their lies, that’s what truly convince me

to me understanding j2 are together is 50% seeing how beautiful their love is and the sacrifices they make to stay together in this homophobic business and society and it’s 50% respecting myself because i hate how j2 and their PR team treat us like fucking morons and think we’re all stupid sheeps and they can sell us their bullshit narrative and we’ll swallow it and say thanks, yeah no i have my fucking pride and im not gonna let those assholes make fun of me like that no way

about the wives, youll learn little by little why people (me included) dont like them and dont believe they’re close friends 

but basically danneel was a party girl, drinking, doing drugs and forced jensen into the marriage by going on the ted casablanca show assuring everyone she will marry jensen so jensen was trapped but after jj’s birth she calmed down and now shes pretty low key so now she’s the “good” beard, and also jensen is giving jobs to her entire family with the beer business and that’s annoying to me, she can fuck off

and gen was cool at first but jared was always the one doing the most OTT bearding *insert eye rolls*, also people dont like her cos she cant act and ruined ruby and she’s gotten worse and worse with the years, fighting with the Js leading to jareds breakdown in 2015 and now with all that instagram bullshit to have all the attention on her bla bla bla and with the latest vid of her with jared shes officially THE worst tm (and with this latest vid i think it’s an understatement to say she doesn’t mesh with j2 lmao) so she really needs to fuck off lol

but most of the relationship with the wives is based on behind the scenes talks so there is no hard proof of that and i suggest you make your own opinion, take your time, but just don’t believe it when j2 say they have a support system with the wives thats utter bullshit, they just push the narrative that they’re  a big family to make it look normal that they (j2) spend that much time together, live together and raise their kids together and if it weren’t for those bearding arrangements j2 would never spend that much time with gen nor danneel so nope not a close friendship

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I dont want bts to become mainstream in america (bc honestly they're already mainstream in korea) but idk what I feel??? Like it was nice while it lasted being a part of this fandom almost no one knew about but now its gonna be all different I hope the fandom doesnt ruin their reputation you know bc there are always some assholes im so conflicted with myself bc they deserve all the recognition they get and when they get big in america they'll get big in europe and its too much for me to handle

It’s totally okay to feel this way I think. I mean it’s been a little overwhelming with everything that has been going on lately, and of course whilst we’re happy for bts and all the great things they are achieving, it’s easy to feel a bit nostalgic about the past… I know I do a lot sometimes. I think the best thing to remember is that they are still the same bts as they were when they debuted. They’ve stayed grounded and true to themselves since the beginning and that it is why they will always be my favourite group, and they will always have a place in my heart when I’m old and grey lol.

It’s totally fine to feel sad about change, but I don’t think much will actually happen during all this. I still think their popularity in Korea is their sole purpose (because why wouldn’t you want to be loved and respected by your own country?) so I don’t things will change at all and I don’t think the group as a whole will change either. Just think of it as more people falling for the group you love!

It does scare me when I think of them maybe attending the bbmas, but only because I don’t want people to be horrible about them or for them to look stupid. (Maybe I’m thinking too much about it, idk lol). But it’s okay to worry!

It’s a double edged sword when it comes to the popularity and especially seeing as the western world and Korean world are so different, but just remember, they are still the same people and I doubt that will ever change!! I think everything is just up in the air right now because of all the craziness about the bbmas. It’s okay to have conflicted feelings, but we don’t know what the future holds, so just hang on in there! I bet everything will blow over soon and just try to think of it as bts getting everything they deserve for creating such great and inspiring music !!!

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i saw your reblog about people being comfortable w themselves in relation to dan and it just!! made me feel so safe!! idk why but i had a Bisexual Awakening today bc i saw a really pretty girl and we kept looking at each other and glancing away and ughhh i always knew i was bisexual but this is the first time i've ever actually been attracted to a girl in real life and i've never told this to anyone or even said it out loud lol but im bisexual and i know i can never be openly so +

+ bc i live in India and its just not a possibility for me even though there are so many brave people who do it everyday but i just feel so !! (in a good way) about today idk why and i just had to vent somewhere and i hope you dont mind ahhhhh!! (i always kinda see you as the big sister of the phandom and idk i just lol)

Ah, my love. Of course I don’t mind! I love Dan for how he just kind of… didn’t say anything, and yet said everything, because like you said, it makes me feel safe. I’ve been having a sexuality crisis most of my life, tbh, and I only just decided that I wasn’t going to label myself, so to have Dan then basically do the same thing meant the world to me. I’m so sorry that where you live is a scary place to be open and be yourself, but I am so, so happy that Dan could be someone who could make you feel more safe than you do currently.

Not being able to live openly can be hard… but love yourself, above all else, and it’ll be okay. You don’t have to compare yourself to the people who are brave adn fighting right now. It’s okay to not be able to, and it’s okay to fight your own battles with yourself and keep yourself safe above all else <3

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Hi, what is your thought on the newest ch? I've been to the vk tag and there are quite many negative posts about it. I know fans are still dissapointed at how Yuuki still doesn't clarify her feelings well, but I'm still hopeful that it will be resolved in the end.

I think everyone needs to take a deep breath, first of all lol

About the negative posts, I get where they’re coming from. Like I said before, I’m not a veteran fan compared to some other bloggers who have been here since day 1. Expectations of each chapter are different for each person and that’s okay. It’s fine to voice your opinion and explain why you’re frustrated. Even if I’m not frustrated, we can talk about it together. As Zekis, we’re used to each one of us agreeing on the same things and being on defense to those who are not. Guess what, guys? I’m not you and you’re not me. We’re not going to agree on everything, even relating to Zeki! It’s all okay.

The real problem is that each chapter is released every two months lol. The long wait unfortunately makes us expect a lot. Since we wait excruciatingly long, we want a larger “pay off”, and Hino’s snail-like pace is not helping.

Overall, I liked this chapter. I’m always welcoming of Zeki fluff, even if not all of the pieces are in their place for Zero and Yuuki to have a proper relationship. That’s just me. Even if I don’t really like how Yuuki is going about things, I’m able to set that aside and just enjoy the scene. Others would prefer Zeki to be in a better place to fully appreciate the fluff. Like I said, that’s okay too.

The real question is whether or not Hino will actually resolve all the issues we’re wondering about, or will she continue to have Zeki in this “limbo” state? My opinion and hope is that she will. Zero thankfully has been questioning Yuuki of the nature of their relationship. This shows that he is not going to be okay with more of the same. If Zero was totally fine and tolerable to anything Yuuki gave him, he wouldn’t be questioning it. However, we’ve seen him in this chapter and the last asking Yuuki about where their relationship stands. Hino would not bring this up if it would not be a factor later. I really liked @getoffthesoapbox ‘s speculation that Yuuki will eventually have to make a decision between the two men because she was not clear on her feelings the first time and even when she started again with Zero.

Can I also say that I’m super excited about where the discovery of the cure is going?? Like how getoffthesoapbox explained, I don’t think Kaien Cross is going to be the true cure to vampirism. When I first learned that Cross was being hinted as the cure, I was actually disappointed. I had my heart set on Ren or Zero being the cure. That, in my mind, would be absolutely brilliant and give Zero/Ren (indirectly Zero) a purpose greater than ever and he would undoubtly be the hero of the entire story. After some thought, I came to the conclusion that this still could be a possibility because when would Hino ever have one of her characters “save the vampires/world” and not be one of the trio? I just couldn’t see that happening. I do look forward to seeing what happens. As always we have to remember that our perfect ending might not be Hino’s. I’ll hope for the best, nevertheless!

Thanks for the ask, anon!

Yuri on Ice interview translation - Pash! 2016/12 (p10-11)

I could finally finish translating the interview with Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Yuri Katsuki) & Kouki Uchiyama (Yuri Plisetsky) published in the 2016 Dec. issue of Pash!, on pages 10-11. Actually I started translating it last Wednesday (afternoon), but then episode 7 caused me to be brain-dead for the next following days… Not in a negative way, but yeah I’m sure you can understand what I mean @_@

By the way, it wasn’t viewed a lot because when I posted it I had just created a Tumblr account and so for some time it did not show up in any kind of search (tag search included), but I actually translated a similar interview with the same 2 seiyuu from Animage, which you can find here. Normally when interviews with the same people are published in the same period they tend to be similar, but actually these two interviews are quite different and both very interesting to read, so I do suggest that you take a look at that one too. I find myself nodding a lot when reading them, I feel that both Toyonaga and Uchiyama are very much into their roles and what they say about the characters makes a lot of sense to me.

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Toshiyuki Toyonaga & Kouki Uchiyama Cross Talk

Toyonaga-san and Uchiyama-san play the two “Yuri”. In a friendly atmosphere we have asked them about their roles and the relationship between them and also about what they think of each other’s acting.

Yuri starts to develop manliness and Yurio starts feeling nervous.

—First of all, let us know what you think about the character of Yuri Katsuki.

Toyonaga: Yuri-kun is an athlete qualified enough to participate in the GP series, yet he is mentally weak. But I think he has very good technical and acting skills. The fact that he’s a late bloomer is very Japanese in a way.

Uchiyama: While he seems psychologically weak at first, as the story progresses he becomes more manly, like he develops a backbone. We see that he’s not only weak, which makes us understand that he is a person with many different sides to him. He’s 23, which is still young, but in figure skating that’s not necessarily young, and he himself realizes that this might be his last season. Seeing the story through his eyes makes you realize how tough the world of figure skating is.

—What do you think about him finding eros in katsudon?

T: Yeah well I had kind of mixed feelings (LOL). But the way he is always serious about things is cool, and seen from an external point of view it’s also somewhat amusing, and I think this, together with the world created by (Mitsurou) Kubo-san, is one of the selling points of the series. Besides, Yuri-kun chose katsudon, but in the real world too there might be skaters who choose bizarre things as their theme. In this anime we know that he is visualizing katsudon, but if we watched without knowing it we would just normally think that his skating is fascinating or erotic.

—Regarding “Yuri’s manliness” as you mentioned before, in the series there are scenes where he declares love during a press conference, or he suddenly lets out that he wants to be hated as the man who stole Victor from the world.

U: If you asked me whether I could do the same… I’m not sure. Yuri has been living in the high-level figure skating world, so he might perceive things in a different way than us. It’s probably not the first time he deals with the mass media. I don’t think it’s easy to understand the state of mind of someone like him.

T: I kind of understand him in a way. When I was around 23 I also wasn’t very discreet about what I thought, in both a good and a bad way. I remember that I used to speak out loud what I thought and felt without really being careful about it. I didn’t really think about how what I said could shock or affect the people around me. When I recall this I think that indeed Yuri-kun is just 23, he’s pretty young in the end. But I do believe that he must have been under a lot of pressure, both because of his psychological weakness and because he had to face the truth that Victor had become his coach. Maybe that press conference in episode 3 is actually the moment where he became determined to skate with Victor despite all the pressure.

—What about Yurio, then?

U: Yurio is about to advance to the senior tournaments after obtaining very good results in his junior years and being praised as a genius. He has an ambition to make a grand senior debut to show himself to the world.

—The electric guitar BGM that plays when he shows up is quite impressive.

U: Yeah, it’s pretty flashy. There are a lot of scenes where he shows an aggressive behavior… (LOL)

T: He bullied me (LOL).

U: But I think that the gap between his hostile behavior and the moments where you can feel his real age is one of the elements that makes his character interesting.

T: Yurio has kind of a bad temper (LOL).

U: He’s a bit unusual.

T: Personally, I was actually looking forward to seeing how Ucchi would play him. In the end that sharp personality does suit a 15 years old boy. As we can see in some scenes like in episode 3 “Onsen on ICE”, he is also able to acknowledge his own defeat, which means that he’s not just selfish and that at his age he already understands that recognizing when you lost is the key to becoming strong. That’s what makes him a genius, in my opinion. People like him have the qualities of a star, and that’s why other people follow them or are attracted to them. …I envy his popularity! (LOL)

U: (LOL) Well, Yurio is catchy. Including his looks.

—What impression did you (Toyonaga-san) receive from Uchiyama-san’s Yurio?

T: It’s presumptuous for me to say this, but I’ve always thought that Ucchi has a flair for sensing other people’s acting. In this series too, when we discussed with sound director (Youji) Shimizu, director (Sayo) Yamamoto and Kubo-san and it was decided how to flesh out Yurio, he responded right away. Same goes for my Yuri Katsuki. When playing Yuri-kun I decided to make him really “flat”, and I personally had the feeling that both in the recording test and the actual performance Ucchi was adapting his acting to that, like “I see, Tosshi is playing Yuri in a flat way. Then I’ll do this other way (for Yurio)”. I think that’s quite remarkable.

U: I think that in a way Toyonaga-san is a stubborn person, as in he usually has his own idea on how he wants to play something. I’m not really like that, so when someone tells me “please do this way” I don’t have a reason to object and I just change my acting as requested. But when Toyonaga-san is told “please try to do this way”, sometimes if he has a different opinion he will speak what he believes out loud. It’s a different style, but I respect him.

T: I’m not sure which one is better though (LOL). But actually it’s not something that happens so often to me. I can also do like Ucchi, usually. Just that for Yuri Katsuki, I have the feeling that I can’t play him properly if when they tell me how to act I can’t understand the reason Yuri is feeling that way. So it happens that, during recording, we spend time talking Yuri’s lines over. The thing is that if I just do what they ask me without actually being convinced of it I’m worried that it might reflect in my acting, that it won’t sound convincing… Yeah, I guess I am stubborn, indeed! (LOL.)

U: I don’t think that’s a bad thing (LOL). Maybe if there was a better word? “Stubborn” kind of tends to have a negative image.

T: Nah, I think that I really am stubborn. That’s why I’m very envious of your ability to reset all you’ve done until that point and just restart from scratch. I’m not really good at that.

U: Sure thing is that Yuri really speaks a lot in every episode. He’s a perfect example of a protagonist.

T: Kubo-san too told me “sorry that there are so many lines, but actually there’s gonna be even more later on” (LOL). But to be honest, what I found most difficult is not the number of lines but the fact that comedy parts and realistic parts are mixed up. This series has a very fast pace, and sometimes my acting mind can’t keep up with the speed. Like the sudden switch when the mini charas show up, it’s not something that happens very often in other series.

U: When watching it might not feel as fast, but yeah, playing it is quite tough (LOL).

—How do Yuri and Yurio feel about each other?

T: I don’t think Yuri thinks that much about Yurio…

U: He doesn’t look like he cares a lot about him.

T: Yeah, it looks like he doesn’t really think anything. He has stronger feelings regarding the fact that Victor came to his place. Yurio feels that Yuri stole Victor from him so of course he lashes out at him continuously. As for Yuri, he’s like “there’s no point in taking it out on me..”. In the end it’s not like he personally asked Victor to come there.

U: I think that Yurio is profoundly convinced that Victor was supposed to become someone that would greatly influence him, and that he was stolen from him. He is also nervous because he wants to keep up his good results from the junior era and he fears that if he doesn’t start properly he will lose the best period for an athlete. He is also afraid that if Yuri Katsuki blossoms he might become an amazing athlete. It’s for all these reasons that he is determined to pull apart Yuri and Victor. That’s how I picture him when I play him.

Victor is to Yuri the same as Jackie is to Toyonaga-san!?

—What is Victor to Yuri and Yurio?

T: To Yuri I guess he’s basically like a god. He has always admired him. I used to be a big fan of Jackie Chan, I think it’s probably the same.

U: I see. So it’s as if Jackie Chan suddenly showed up at your place and told you “I’m going to teach you action stunts”.

T: …I guess it would be like that. “Eeeh! No, wait, my room is full of your posters!!”. Kind of.

U: Ok, maybe not really the same (LOL).

T: Probably not (LOL). Well, it’s not like I wanted to do stunts like him anyway!

U: You should be an action star of a certain level for it to be the same (LOL).

T: Yeah. I’m not really on the same level as Yuri-kun (LOL). Well I do think that it’s somewhat like that. In the beginning Yuri-kun was probably ecstatic, but after some time he’ll likely get worried of what people start to think about him, considering that Victor is giving up his life as an athlete to coach him. I think he will realize that he cannot keep on just worshipping him like before.

—Who is your favorite character?

T: I like Popovich, absolutely! I really want you to look forward to his spirit (LOL).

U: I’m sure people will love his character. (Wataru) Hatano-san did a good job.

T: Yes! He’s really pitiful, but when you see that from the outside it’s kind of funny! Mind, I’m not talking bad about him, but isn’t it true that sometimes people who are seriously sad, surprised or scared look a bit funny seen from an external point of view?

U: Depending on the point of view the same thing can feel like either a comedy or a tragedy.

T: He’s the perfect embodiment of that. You can completely understand his feelings, but he’s still funny.

U: I like Kenjiro Minami quite a lot. He looks up to Yuri, right? I really liked how he shaked Yuri up when he was feeling embarassed about his past performances.

T: To Minami-kun Yuri was probably the same as what Victor was to Yuri.

—What scenes impressed you?

U: I liked when in episode 1 we see the recollections of Yuri’s life. I thought it was really well done how in such a short amount of time they showed many sides of his past. It had a great impact and I like it a lot.

T: I liked the scene in episode 2 where Yuri hastily hides all the posters in his room and then when he’s in his bed he suddenly realizes how happy and excited he is that Victor is there. I think it’s very much like him. Also, who is that guy, Takao, that Mari neechan was talking about?? (LOL). He just appears for an instant but I can’t help wondering who he is. Also, the night before “Onsen on ICE”, when Yuri goes to Minako-sensei’s place to practice the choreography, and the scene in episode 4 where he sits next to Victor on the beach and they talk, they all fit Yuri’s character and had me impressed.

—Could you tell us some anecdotes about recording?

U: The 3 skate nerd sisters played by (Akiko) Yajima-san are amusing. They are entertaining to watch on the screen as well.

T: Those 3 sisters are funny. They first record the 1st one, then the 2nd and the 3rd, so basically Yajima-san is doing the recording in 3 times. Sometimes the picture just shows the lineart and sometimes it’s just the storyboard, so not even sound director Shimizu understands what line is said by which sister (LOL). But apparently in Yajima-san’s mind they are different and actually she changes her acting slightly for each sister, I think that’s really amazing.

—Lastly, please leave a message for our readers!

T: What is interesting about this series is that the meaning of “growing up” is a bit different than in most others. Yuri-kun already has skills, so it doesn’t really feel like he’s “growing”… more like that Victor is opening doors for him that he wasn’t able to open before. When he’s not performing he still is his usual meek self, so his original personality does not really change, but by being with Victor he’s influenced by him little by little. I think you are all cheering on the GP series of the real world, but in the meantime the GP series in the anime is also getting to its most interesting part and the China tournament is about to end.

U: Yurio is waiting for you in the Russia tournament coming next.

T: Yeah. There will finally be the confrontation with Yurio. Stay tuned to see how they will end up eventually. In the next episode, ep. 7, my favorite guy Popovich is going to show an amazing performance (LOL), enjoy that and the rest of the series too!

U: We are going to see lots of characters with varied personalities, coming from different countries and grown up in different conditions. This series is an original anime, so actually we’re also very excited when doing recordings because not even we know what’s going to happen in the long run. I hope that you can feel the same while watching. Be sure to follow the series until the end!

T: …Actually, I heard how it ends~… from Kubo-san.

U: I don’t think you should have.

T: It’s not how you think! I couldn’t help it… She got drunk at a dinner meeting and just let it slip out (LOL).

U: Don’t make her drink! (LOL)

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In what areas do you go?!? How was meeting them like this?

Won’t tell the areas but anyway it was surreal because it always is meeting them in random places when you don’t expect it. Niall was with his friends minding his own business I was minding mine with my friends too, I saw him sitting there with his friends, nothing major. i would never go there and scream or ask for a picture. He was also next to me while ordering beers at the counter and I just tried to breathe properly and scream internally but you couldn’t tell from the outside lol i have a good poker face :) same with harry, it happened that we crossed paths more than once but i would never bother him or scream or do anything crazy. I just acknowledge their presence in my mind and that’s all. 

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I'm a scorpio and I find virgo boys very attractive they're so mysterious to me and they're all so adorable too! I'm just wondering, am I the only scorpio who's attracted to (mostly) virgos? What about you? Which signs are u most attracted to? Also, what placements are attracted to virgos?

SAME I love virgos, I’ve always said I’m probably going to end up marrying a Virgo 😂 water signs are usually attracted to earth signs, it could also be your mars, venus, 7th house, 5th house, or rising! It depends on the whole chart as well but those are usually the first places to look for attraction.

I usually find myself attracted to scorpios the most, but also Pisces or earth signs! I have Scorpio and Pluto in 7th so that explains that lol. I also have mercury in 7th so I get along with virgos and geminis too

Usually if you have a water or earth rising, 7th house, Venus, sun, moon, or mars, you will be attracted to or attract virgos!

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it will never stop lol like do u see these other tinhats in other fandoms that ship men who are already married w two kids? it always keeps going. it's sad

A post about Kristen and Robert having 3 secret babies together had 80 notes on it the other day, when those two haven’t been seen in the same place in years.

People who enter these delusional fantasies do it to be delusional. They’re not interested in anything people actually do or say. It’s all the stuff they create in their own heads that’s real.

what i realised after having a sleepover with my two best friends since primary school is that i need to stop looking for friendships the same level i have with those two?? like when ive always had it? like they dont share the same interests as me but we still have fun and even so i have made lots of great friends online with the same interests!!!!! 

i guess i felt the need for genuine close friendships despite already have many is that many dont live in the same area/country ?? so like i get really envious seeing people who are great friends constantly hanging out going to places since my friends arent always conveniently close?? 

but ofc i can always like visit!! like i guess i miss back in hs we can just meet up whenever really cos we lived nearby

im just rambling really lol but i need to remember and properly appreciate the close genuine relationships i have even if they arent physically close by 

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Of course there are a lot of times where the paps just follow celebs around, but they have to start from somewhere. Someone gives them info on where celebs are and then they go to that destined place. Look at JLaw, she's in a relationship and she's barely talked about or seen with HD photos with him. Why? Maybe because she has a different level of fame or maybe because she's managed to keep her relationship under wraps without everyone knowing everything. It's possible -3/4

Lol is always the same agency that send these paparazzi to Abelena. And Abelena always let public to the world every time they will have a date.It’s not a coincidence

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I'm bad at being creative and I always intend to do something creative in minecraft but I always just end up making new worlds and doing the same thing (find a place to build a base in the future, set some basic stuff up, go mining, etc) and then I start over eventually lol but it's ok I have fun and it's honestly pretty calming

Thats what I like to do too! It calms me down. I like to do a lot of exploring too and picking flowers and i like taming dogs and cats but the cats are hard to find! I also like fishing and abandoned mineshafts and looking for villages and temples!