they always get freaked out

ok but au where shiro and allura are both students at the garrison
  • allura is an exchange student who’s been accepted at the garrison, and immediately singles shiro out as the top of their class
  • shiro being like “who is this amazing beautiful girl - wAIT DID SHE JUST BEAT MY PILOTING SCORE”
  • just imagine them being highkey rivals trying to act lowkey
  • “you’re staring again shiro-” “i am not!” matt rolls his eyes
  • allura having a totally amazing squad tho, and her bestie is some guy name markus
  • (matt and markus have crushes on each other & share commiserating looks over their ridiculous friends)
  • shiro is officially Starstruck when he sees her benchpressing in the training room
  • a group project where they’re the only two who actually do shit brings them together as friends
  • long nights with lots of coffee cups and sharing study notes
  • allura falls for him slowly over little gestures (him memorizing her coffee order)
  • one day she doodles his name in the margins of her tablet notes and then remembers they always compare notes, freaks out and erases it
  • when shiro gets sick and has to miss class allura is the only one he trusts to take his notes (they just think on the same level), and vice versa
  • still having a healthy competition with lots of friendly flirting teasing
  • always giving each other compliments
  • they graduate top of their classes, tied neck and neck
  • they kiss for the first time when shiro is going to leave to go to Kerberos and they’re all stumbling over each other and he’s super flustered when trying to confess when allura just kisses him
  • “come back to me in one piece, takashi”
  • he doesn’t

Also, I hope Ginny and Mike’s respective family issues becomes another point of connection for them. I want them to open up to each other the way they can’t with anyone else. I want them to be each other’s rocks. 


I don’t know if this has anything to do with each other at all, if it’s just an easter-egg or if it could mean something, but I think the name of that band is really interesting…

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So basically once a year Luke just disappeared and nobody knew why just that he was upset and he just disappeared and I was thinking Alex could have a dark day and Maggie gets worried. I'm always freaking out that I'm a burden to others when I'm upset and seeing that in Alex would be kind of cool... Sorry if this is too much

It’s not that Alex does it on purpose.

She doesn’t want to worry anyone. Doesn’t want to burden anyone.

That’s exactly the point.

It’s not that she does it on purpose, the disappearing. The vanishing.

She survived being on a fugitive with a three hundred year old Martian, and she’s not a trained DEO agent for nothing.

She’s good at disappearing. At vanishing.

Very good at it.

But not quite as good, apparently, as Maggie Sawyer is at finding.

Because when Alex does it this time – when they’ve had her father back for a few weeks and she’s just too overwhelmed, too overcome, too everything, too nothing, because she was his pride and joy and then he was dead and then he wasn’t and then she couldn’t save him but then she did and then he wasn’t the same but he was but he wasn’t, so she is overwhelmed and she is overcome and she is everything and she wants to be nothing – when Alex disappears this time, Maggie finds her.

It’s a sunny day – gorgeous – but Alex has all the shades pulled and she courts the darkness like just a few short weeks ago she was courting Maggie Sawyer, and she was courting death, courting danger, courting destruction, as she fought at Maggie’s side, at her sister’s side, to get her father back.

And now everything is fine, and she has no reason not to be fine.

But she’s not fine.

So she courts the slivers of darkness that she can find in the overwhelming sun, the sun with the audacity to shine, with the audacity to boast its brilliance without even doing Alex the courtesy of letting her evaporate.

Because if she is nothing but molecules – just for a little while, just while she rides this out – Maggie can’t tilt her head and squint slightly like she does when she’s worried, and Kara can’t insist on flying through her window, and Eliza can’t call her Alexandra and J’onn can’t stare at her when he thinks she’s not looking, fighting the temptation to read her mind so he can know exactly what’s wrong and James can’t bring her extra donuts on game night because he knows something’s off and Winn can’t gently touch her arm and remind her that he’s here, always, if she wants to talk about anything.

If she is nothing but molecules, even for a little while, they can’t worry. She can’t worry them. Burden them.

They all have enough going on, anyway.

But Maggie apparently disagrees.

She doesn’t kick down the door of the abandoned warehouse Alex breaks into when she needs to get away, when she needs to kick and scream and collapse on the floor and let herself get dusty, become dust, before her numbed out tears patter onto the cold, hard, unforgiving ground and trace patterns into the cobwebs and sawdust.

She doesn’t kick down the door, and she doesn’t ask what Alex is doing in there.

She’s already asked Winn, and she knows it has nothing to do with DEO business. She knows exactly what Alex is doing, because she knows… Alex.

“Danvers, just tell me one thing, just answer me the one question: are you physically hurt?“

She needs to know, because she knows how hard Alex can punch, and she knows how hard Alex can kick, and she knows how solid concrete is, and how tempting stone walls are when you want nothing to disappear, to be only your own burden.

Alex doesn’t answer for a long moment, because she’s on the ground and she’s shocked at the lack of judgment in Maggie’s voice.

Shocked at hearing Maggie’s voice on the other side of the door at all, because no one’s ever been able to find her before, on these dark days.

Shocked at the question. Not what are you doing in there or why aren’t you letting me in or what the hell is wrong with you.

“No,” she hears her own voice calling before she realizes she’s opened her mouth, before she realizes she’s dragging her body toward the door that Maggie must be crouching on the other side of.

“No, I’m not physically hurt.”

There. Not so bad. She’s used to calling out her condition after an explosion, a shooting, a cave-in. This doesn’t have to be so different.

“Okay. Do you want me to leave, Alex?” Maggie is calling, loud enough to be heard, but soft enough to not send Alex spiraling, and Alex presses her back against the door, and she takes comfort in imagining that, on the other side, Maggie has her hand pressed right where Alex would want it.

She wants to say yes, and she almost does. “I didn’t ask you to come, Maggie. I didn’t even tell you where I am.”

It comes out like an accusation, and she didn’t mean it to. Didn’t mean to sound so angry.

Maggie doesn’t seem to notice. Or rather, she doesn’t seem to mind. “I know you didn’t, Danvers. That’s not what I asked you. I asked you if you want me to leave.”

No. Please don’t leave. Please break down the door, please pick the lock, please break down my door, please pick the lock I chained around myself so long ago.

Yes. You deserve someone whole, you deserve someone full, you deserve someone strong.

No. God, god, god, please, no, don’t leave me, not now, not ever, because if I think I’m broken now, my god, I don’t want to imagine what I’d be if you ever left.

Yes. Your smile is starlight and your laughter is an antidote to my worst poisons and your hands are gentle and your hands are strong and your hands shake when they touch me and you don’t deserve this, you don’t need this, you deserve happiness, not… me.

None of the warring words in Alex’s mind, in Alex’s body, find their way out of her mouth.

She hears Maggie shift outside the door, and she nearly yells out, because she’s nearly convinced that Maggie is leaving.

But she’s not. She’s settling in, with her back against the door – her back against Alex’s, it sounds like – and she’s leaning her head back against it, too, and Alex hears it, feels it, so Alex does the same.

Silence stretches into minutes, into an hour, more.

“I’ve got you, Ally,” Maggie reminds her, just the once. “You are never, ever, ever a burden. And I’ve always, always, always got you.”

She’s so quiet before that, and after it, too, that for a while, Alex wonders if she’s hearing things, if the imposed darkness of the warehouse, of her mood, is clouding her brain.

But the part of her that still knows, even now, that Maggie Sawyer loves her – is even in love with her, maybe – knows that she’s not making anything up.

That Maggie’s got her.

And sure enough, when she’s ready – when she needs to eat and needs to pee and needs to shower and needs to fall into Maggie’s arms and let Maggie play with her hair and whisper sweet everythings in her ear until she falls asleep and wakes to Kara and Maggie making breakfast together and laughing softly so as not to wake her – Maggie’s there, and Maggie’s eyes are soft, and her arms are open, and the way she touches Alex, the way she holds her with her warm gaze, makes Alex think that maybe, just maybe, she’s not a burden at all.

Maybe, just maybe, she’s worthy of being cared for.

Little things the Hogwarts Houses do

-drinks a lot of tea or coffee
- is either really messy or really neat
-like debating stuff but really hate getting interrupted, so they set a lot of rules and have debate clubs and stuff
-generally introverts
-really epic at board games
-look up cute animals on the Internet and coo at least once a day
-really appreciates people
-excellent at giving advice
-dislikes horror movies and tense scenes
- are generally peaceful but if you hurt their friend they will fight you
-watch horror movies on a bet and then get a little freaked out
-always ready to argue about anything under the sun and will happily switch sides if everyone agrees with them just so they can argue
-is generally terrible at board games but will always be very dramatic about them
-is actually just very dramatic in general
-is ridiculously proud of stupid things like being a Gryffindor or having the most freckles
-not all cool people are Slytherins but all Slytherins are cool
-a Slytherin wrote that not me
-are weirdly good at sensing which one’s the murderer in mysteries
-will shock you with their knowledge of obscure subjects

guys guys guuuys you will not believe this but:

  • i got a not only one (1) but two (2!!!) comments from the author of one of my favorite fics
  • which led to me i finally editing “handsome dude from the train”

for a long time i stopped dreaming presumably bc i smoke too much weed and that’s an actual side-effect of cannabis consumption but for the last few months i’ve been dreaming again despite smoking more weed than ever and… it’s cool 

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I love how you answer all your asks within the minute you receive them. It's like you're just refreshing Tumblr every second, to see if you got lucky. Haha, LOVE you! 💕

well s*** this seems like im a desperate loser with no life…….which i AM but……im def not refreshin tumblr…….. but my xkit thing pops up in the corner saying i have a message and then i get really quick hot panic bc i always FREAK out wehhn someone messages me bc anxiety u feel me

summer iwaoi headcanons:

  • oikawa hates hot weather, he constantly feels tired and drinks hectolitres of water
  • iwaizumi is one of those people who can bite into popsicle and it freaks oikawa out 
  • oikawa always gets horrible tanlines
  • he also can’t stand it when at the beach it’s iwaizumi who’s the center of attention. the only reason he still goes with him is that he can see him without a shirt for a few hours
  • the only good thing about summer for oikawa is that he can wear really short shorts and finally show off his legs
  • iwa-chan’s grandmother lives in a small village near the sea and they visit her every year
  • they think it’s the most beautiful place on earth, the night sky there is breathtaking
  • they like to just sit in silence and watch the sunset
  • despite everything oikawa thinks it’s the best time of the year
Dating Tara Chambler would include

-Always trying to get each other to laugh

-Protecting each other

-Freaking out whenever you get separated in case she gets hurt and vice versa

-Being each others family

-Really tight hugs

-She’s a big spoon and pulls you to her chest at night

-She’s honestly awkward at first when it cam to kissing or touching

-But now she always wants to hold your hand

-And leaving kisses all over your face

-Always complimenting each other and trying to make each other blush

-Playing with her hair

-So many inside jokes

-Always trying to think of something fun to do to relieve stress whenever you can

-Really tight hugs

-Giggling into kisses

-Doing what you have to protect each other

-And always having each others backs

-Staying up late at night talking

-Wearing her flannels

-Admiring how strong she is

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I never messaged guys first. Hardly messaged guys at all. Any conversation I had with someone was always super short because I would get bored or freak out a little and stop replying. I don’t know why, but after I matched with this guy, I really wanted to hear from him. This was partially because he said “swipe right for the best pick-up line from my favorite 90s sitcom” and I really wanted to know what it was because I love stupid pick-up lines. But after a few days I still wasn’t getting anything so I decided to message him first. We really hit it off and messaged each other for a few days and found out that we had a ton in common. He asked me if I wanted to meet him for coffee sometime and I said yes.

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Anon asked: Omg ur legit the best writer on tumblr ilysm. Anyway, I have a prompt, if you would be so humble as to accept it. destiel, hs au where Dean and cas are like 16 and sam is only 5. John leaves money for Dean while he’s on business (like always), but it gets stolen. Dean is freaking out and asks cas to watch sam so he can pick up an long shift to earn it back. When he gets home, he sees sam and cas’ lemonade stand on the driveway because Sam wanted to help with money. Dean thinks it’s cute that cas helped and asked him to stay for dinner and fluff! Bonus points if Sam asks if cas is deans boyfriend!

“What happened to you?”

Dean sighed, leaning against the row of lockers Castiel’s was attached to. He knew he looked rough, people had been gawking at him all morning. There was a large bruise on his cheek and cuts all over his face. It hurt just to blink, but Dean couldn’t miss a day of school or work.

“Some guys jumped me on my way home last night.”

“Oh my god, are you okay?” Dean caught Castiel’s hands before they could start fluttering around his face.

“I’m fine.”


“But, I was going to stop by the grocery store on my way home so I had all the cash my dad left with me. They took it.”

“Oh, Dean. I can give you–”

“No, Cas. I don’t want anything from you. I mean, it’d be awesome if you could watch Sammy tomorrow so I can pick up am extra shift, but–”

“Anything you need. When do you want me to be there?”

Dean was rushing around the house when Castiel arrive the next morning. Sam was sitting at the coffee table in the living room, stuffing ceral in his mouth as he watched cartoons. Castiel ran his finger through the five year old’s soft hair and went to slow Dean down.

“What do you need me to do?” He asked. Dean gave him a look that was mixture of gratefulness and despair.

“I’m not going to ask you to do my chores. I’ll do it when I get home.”

“Dean. What needs to be done?” Dean sighed.

“There’s some laundry, the kitchen’s a wreck,the living room–” there was a bang and Sam peeked around the corner.

“I made a mess.” Dean sighed a again and Castiel laid a hand on his arm.

“I’ve got it. Don’t worry about a thing.”

“You’re the best. I owe you whatever you want forever.” He kissed Castiel’s cheek, then kneeled down in front of Sam.

“You be good for Cas, okay? I’ll be home in a little while. I love you.” He ruffled Sam’s hair then left.

“Okay, Sam. What do you want to do today?

"Paw Patrol!” The boy squealed, running back to the couch. Castiel went to the kitchen to get a towel and to take stock of the mess he would have to clean up.

Sam’s ceral bowl was upside down on the carpet. Castiel picked it up and picked all over pieces up before soaking up all of the milk that he could. He used a spray cleaner on the spot to make sure it wouldn’t smell, then joined Sam on the couch.



“I wanna help.”

“Help with what?”

“De told daddy on the phone that we dint have money. I wanna help ‘im.”

Castiel was unable to stop the smile from spreading over his face.

“I think that’s a great idea. I have just the thing.”

It took a while to get everything together, but soon enough Sam and Castiel were standing on the side walk with a condensating pitcher of lemonade on the table that Castiel had carried out. There was a sign hanging on it in Sam’s shaky, backwards writing offering a cold glass for a dollar.

Luckily for them the day turned out to be sweltering. They had to close the stand several times to go inside to make more and had to make an impromptu trip to the grocery store to buy more supplies. Castiel let Sam help him squeeze lemons and measure out sugar. He knew that there were simpler ways to do it, but he knew Sam would have more fun this way, and feel more proud when he told Dean about it later.

By six o'clock, they had twenty dollars in their collection box. When Sam wasn’t looking, Castiel slipped all the money he had with him in, too, knocking it up to fourty five. Sam was delighted and insisted on counting it over and over when they didn’t have a customer. Sam was bouncing in excitement when Dean pulled into the driveway.

“What’s this?” The older Winchester asked, scooping Sam up when he ran to him.

“We made lemonade!” He said. “Cas let me pour.”

“And he only spilled a little bit,” Castiel smiled, holding a cup out to Dean. “On the house.”

“Thank you,” Dean said, hoping that Castiel knew that he meant for more than just the drink. Castiel nodded, then turned to clean up.

When they got inside, Dean took Sam to give him his bath and Castiel started dinner. There was cheese burger macaroni on the table the table when they joined him again. After they finished eating, the three of them settled on the couch to watch some more of Sam’s cartoons until his bedtime.

While Dean was getting him tucked in, Castiel started to straighten up the house. He was surprised at how clean Dean managed to keep it, with how much he worked and having to take care of Sam. He was sweeping off the stairs when he heard Dean and Sam talking.

“Did you have fun with Cas today?” Dean asked.

“Uh-huh. He’s nice.”

“I know.”

“Is he your boyfriend?”

“What? No!” Castiel could have laughed at the squeak in Dean’s voice if the words hadn’t hurt so much.

“But you kissed him.”

Castiel quickly finished on the stairs and went back to the kitchen while Dean struggled with how to explain what he did to Sam. Everything was clean, so Castiel went to the laundry room and started a load, then sat on the couch. Dean threw himself down next to him a few minutes later.

“Thank you for today,” He said, looking at Castiel with earnest eyes. “You went above and beyond. I really appreciate it.”

“It was nothing.”

“I don’t think you know how wrong you are.” Castiel smiled and laid his hand on Dean’s arm.

“I’d do it again in a heart beat.”

Dean smiled and Castiel couldn’t help himself, he leaned in and pressed his lips against Dean’s. The kiss only lasted for a moment before he sat back, shocked at himself.

“I’m sorry. That was…I shouldn’t have done it. I’ll just go.” He stood up, but Dean’s fingers caught his before he could go too far.

“You could stay,” He said, softly.

Castiel was surprised to say the least and allowed Dean to tug him back down onto the couch. Dean placed a hand on his cheek and pulled him in for another kiss. They took their time experimenting with each other, testing the limits, until Castiel had to leave.

“I’ll call you tomorrow,” Dean, walking him to the door.

“Okay.” Dean pulled him in to kiss him again, then smiled at him.

“Get home safe.”

“I will. Good night.”


Dean stayed at the door until Castiel was in his car. Then his taillights were no longer visible, Dean walked back inside and sunk back into the couch, unable to keep the smile off of his face.