they always forget the dragon!


Queen Anora Theirin (née Mac Tir)

We have been given the gift of freedom by our forbearers. Let us not squander it.


Another appreciation post for Revas the mama elf… How much she changed from the beginning of her story to the end ❤ she started growing her hair and also began wearing a bit of makeup after she started seeing Solas, although he never noticed. She was already perfect to him! For Trespasser, I took all her makeup settings off since she’s dying due to the mark. She felt so real to me because of her imperfections but I honestly believe out of all the perfect looking Inquisitors I have made, she is the most beautiful. I will always adore her and will never forget her!

Genyatta Dragon AU; Genji and Hanzo are the dragon spirits of the winds. Hanzo is more traditional and prefers to remain in Hanamura near their main shrine. Genji is more free spirited and often travels as far as he can to see the world. 

On his travels he comes across the Shamabli temples and to his surprise the monks can see him! Genji spends lots of time there, enchanted by the omnic monks who live there. While he’s there he happens upon one named Zenyatta who is charmed by Genji, he speaks with him often and they trade stories of their travels. 

Genji finds himself falling for the gentle omnic and craves to be able to touch and be apart of Zenyatta’s life. Zenyatta begins traveling again after resting at the temple for a while and Genji goes with him. Eventually their explorations take them back to Hanamura where Genji is confronted by Hanzo. 

Hanzo quickly realizes what’s happen and is angry with Genji for loving someone so insignificant. The two fight viciously and Genji is struck down. Hanzo is filled with regret and gives up his powers, becoming a mortal man as he attempts to repay for his sins against his brother. 

Zenyatta is broken hearted over Genji’s demise. He continues his travels as he tries to help people but never forgets his precious dragon always keeping a memento of Genji with him. 

One day he meets another omnic who embraces him the moment their eyes meet, revealing that he is Genji. What little of his power had been left had allowed Genji to meld with a broken down omnic and create something new. He’d searched for Zenyatta but since he’d never gone back to the temple Genji had no way to find him. 

The two were reunited and traveled together happily. 

McHanzo bonus; Hanzo meets a demigod by the name of Jesse Mcree who is very interested in Hanzo since he’s aware he’s a fallen dragon spirit. Hanzo complains about his new traveling buddy/stalker but really he doesn’t mean it. He might even think he’s kinda cute. ;3c


In flower language, the forget-me-not symbolize “true love” and “don’t forget me/ remember me.” Willow and Solas share a quiet moment as forget-me-nots fall from above. Solas gave her a purple violet, which means “my thoughts are occupied with love (about you).”

May the drawing and playlist remind you of the happy days in the Solavellan romance.

EDIT: updated the photo, description, and added two songs to the playlist.

Forget-Me-Not: the Solavellan Mix under the cut. Enjoy Solas Fluff Friday! <3

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Why do I always draw things that I know will take me forever and a day. Why. WELL IN ANY CASE. I love Cherche and Minervykins. You know I do because I spent an eternity shading them. B’)