they always find each other


Well, I’m not on my own, I’m here with you, High Warlock of Brooklyn.
                                             — I have tremendous respect for the new Head of the Institute.


when did we drift so far apart? (insp)


mama leia and bb-ben - When will father be back?

… as he grows older and stronger in the force, he can tell when she doesn’t know without even asking.

//part VII of a small collection of Leia & BB-Ben tributes done for our 🌹Princess Carrie Fisher🌹the galaxy misses you!! a bespin throwback <3 you truly have always belonged among the clouds.

The Burden of Atlas (9/9) - 38k, complete

Summary: Alec Lightwood is a low profile, high success assassin. He’s the son of two lawyers, notorious for flying in the face of justice for the love of money, who he retaliates against by taking on cases that require working outside the law to ensure justice is served.  Magnus Bane is underworld royalty as the divergent son of a highly respected crime lord. He dissolves drug cartels, prostitution rings, and any other monopoly that threatens to poison his beloved Brooklyn. The two of them together are the perfect storm. When a new threat arises that combines the case of Alec’s new prospective client and a drug cartel Magnus has been keeping tabs on for years, the pair is out for blood.

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My sincerest gratitude to everyone who has taken the time to read my very first multichapter fic! ♡