they always feel attacked

Another “Coincidence” (I call it destiny)

So funny thing. Dan Stevens, who plays the Beast in this year’s Beauty and the Beast is the guy who played Sir Lancelot in Night at the Museum 3.


The guy who has a fucking Lannistarth emblem on his armor. The guy who is so godsdamned pretty. The guy who gets Octavius constantly mesmerized by his PRETTY BLUE EYES.


who else is sick of those posts that define what a trigger is and isn’t and how your reactions should be based on them

a trigger is just something that triggers bad memories (and therefore feelings associated with those memories)

a trigger isn’t always a panic attack, it doesn’t have to be extreme and those posts that define it like that to make a point about jerks who make trigger jokes aren’t doing much to help

someone do something that your abuser always did, it made you think of them, and now you’re silently having emotional flashbacks even if you’re outwardly covering it up pretty well and would be considered simply “uncomfortable” by others? still a trigger!

someone do something that your abuser always did, it made you think of them, and you have a panic attack complete with loud crying and hyperventilating? also a trigger! both are triggers! congratulations now you know not to invalidate how other people react to trauma

Sun in the houses

The Sun represents  your self-worth, how you experience life and express your individuality. The house where the Sun is in, will express in which area of life you will shine through, what kind of things will make you feel “complete”.

Sun in the 1st house: “Self respect is everything”.

These people present themselves as strong and confident, but actually they may be self-conscious. They’re concerned of what people think and say about them. However, if their Sun develope well they may become self-assured and prideful. Thus, they shine when they are able to express and being themselves. They love to be in the spotlight and may seem arrogant and attention-seeking at first (or always tbh). They tend to feel attacked easily when people doubt them.

Sun in the 2nd house: “Our possessions posses us".

These people like to feel powerful, and they find power through their possessions and wealth. They shine through what they possess: this is the kind of people that actually buy expensive things because that supposed to make them important. Therefore, their inner-wealth is connected to the tangible world, to what they have. However, these people usually have high self-esteem, even if they find themselves poor. After all, they have a weird and energetic need to make money and gain power.

Sun in the 3rd house: “Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it".

People with this placement literally love to talk and share their knowledge! They find power and feel complete through long talks, debates and intellectual efficience. These people tend to feel really proud of their intellectuality and useless facts~ and may have problems with patience and anxiety. Their curiosity is big and they have a way through people.

Sun in the 4th house: “The past is never where you think you left it".

The Sun in the 4th house makes someone who’s focused on the past and is more comfortable among people they’ve known from a long time. Through this house they can expand their life in a are more gregarious way and may be more attached to one land and their wealth. These people shine, feel completed through their loved ones.

Sun in the 5th house: “The creation of beauty is art”.

 Sun in the 5th house is really creative and artsy. This combination makes someone really playful and fun-loving, more focused on enjoying the pleasures of life than actually working to get them. These people shine through games and their creations (such as art, children, etc) and, like Sun in the 1st, feel completed when they can express themselves.

Sun in the 6th house: “A job isn’t just a job. It’s who you are".

These people tend to be diligent and hard working, and prefer to stay away from the spotlight. These people take pride of their work and may have a hard time accepting reviews.  They feel complete when they are busy and are helpful to people. Actually, these people NEED to feel useful.

Sun in the 7th house: “People often say that this or that person has yet not found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates".

These people have a rough time getting to know themselves and tend to blend with their loved ones and friends. They’re those friends that mimic other people’s gestures. They find themselves secure when they have someone by their side, and may need actual self-development. In fact, they shine through their relationships and feel complete when they reach harmony.

Sun in the 8th house: “The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places".

These people feel like there are parts of themselves under the shadows, and will go deeper in their psyche to get to know it. They may have a rough time  keeping away from their limits. Due their powerful and intense nature, they may come off as complicated or even secretive people. They feel completed when they find the truth and are able to self-improve themselves.

Sun in the 9th house: “Travel far enough you meet youself".

They’re the social justice warriors™ of Tumblr. Basically, their main focus is on education, morals, religion and their high ideals. Actually they are proud of their knowledge and they feel completed when they learn about a topic they’re passionate about. They may be intolerant when people don’t agree with them, but well developed this Sun will be tolerant, adventorous and curious. Also they are interested in other countries’ affairs and cultures. :)

Sun in the 10th house:  “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent".

This placement makes people who are really bossy and tend to have a big social life. Their main focus is to climb higher and get respect from other people. They tend to show themselves as authorities and probably they’ll have problems in their work places if they don’t get they’re not the boss there. However, they put a lot of energy on their work so it’s possibly they’ll end being one. These people feel completed when they get a high position in their career/society.

Sun in the 11th house: “It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation".

These people have big hopes and big dreams. They look at life in terms of opportunities, and have a need to be different or outstanding. Their main dream is to make an impact in the world, and they’re fullfilled when they get it. Like Sun in the 9th house, this Sun when well developed will be open-minded and tolerant, while bad developed this Sun will be impatient, arrogant and smartass. 

Sun in the 12th house: “There’s bravery in being soft”.

The Sun in the 12th is kind of drowned in fears. These people are very connected to their subconscious and tend to pass most of their time alone. They might loose their sense of identity when they’re among too much people. Actually, they’re like a chameleon: their personality changes unconsciously depending the person they’re with. People with this placement feel completed when learn and developed their spiritual life.

(Some of the descriptions are based on asks I’ve already answered).

(All the quotes are from Internet).



「 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY  」:            1  /  ∞ 

❝  Do you have to be special? Do you have to be acknowledged by others? I don’t believe that. At the very least, this boy… it’s alright if he doesn’t become a great man. Why does he have to be better than everyone else? This child is already great. After all, he was born into this world.  ❞    ━ Carla Yeager

Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes

Summary: Storms are scary enough as it is. But what’s scarier is waking up panicking in the middle of one.

Word Count: 1699

Warnings: fluff, a panic attack, feels, storms

Notes: It may be valentines day and although this fic isn’t exactly themed to match the holiday, it should be fluffy enough to suffice. It’s a little drabble fic I thought was cute to write when I couldn’t sleep, so I hope you all like it as well:)

This fic was edited by the hilarious and talented @doujinshidan; thanks Sage for dealing with my late night nonsense:P

As always, I love feedback more than I love myself, so ask away! And of course, enjoy:)

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  • levi: you know, hange, maybe the reason the inside of the walls smell like shit is because YOU NEVER FUCKING SHOWER
  • erwin: oooh, shots fired
  • erwin: *makes finger guns and pretends to shoot them* pew pew!

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okay but imagine an au where kara was kidnapped and tortured by CADMUS for months and she'd finally escape or be saved by the DEO and she'd be afraid to sleep alone because of night terrors so she'd call Lena for a sleepover and Lena would comfort her :,)

Kara wouldn’t want to bother Alex and Maggie, so she would just sit home alone with all the lights on because she’s terrified. She would try to distract herself with romcoms. Kara would want to fly but she would be too scared to leave the house by herself, because the last time she did that she got hit by a kryptonite dart and woken up in a cage. So she would sit on her bed, holding her legs tight while she rocks herself back and forth when another panic attack strikes.

But talking to Lena always makes her feel better. So she writes her an email at 3am, knowing that Lena wouldn’t even see it until the morning but just writing to her still helps. It would be a regular email about something totally random, but anything just to make the connection with the brunette.

What Kara wouldn’t expect is a reply only 3 minutes later. Kara finds out that Lena doesn’t sleep more than 3 hours per night. Lena asks her why is she awake and if she’s alright. Kara tries to avoid telling her just how badly she feels, she beats around the bush making dumb excuses but Lena knows.

She asks Kara if she can come over and bring some chinese food. (Kara was starving but was too afraid to order anything. Not that a pizza guy would hurt her, but the mere act of opening the door and interacting with someone…)

Kara asks if she can bring pizza as well. So they eat and talk and watch movies and Kara falls asleep with her head on Lena’s lap. It’s the most sleep she got all week since they got her back.

Lena makes dumb excuses about how bored she is and how much she simply enjoys Kara’s company, just so she can come over again every day. It becomes their thing, and Kara can only sleep when Lena is there spooning her. Sometimes she would wake up screaming n Lena would hold her tight and whisper that she’s safe n give her kisses.

hey guys

i should probably tell you my opinion of the reveal of the armored and colossal titans being reiner and bertholt respectively.

i don’t hate either of them. as characters, i understand and respect their motives. they were children, age 12 i believe, when they broke down wall maria. they had been brainwashed by their society. i get that.

i also get that the two ended up struggling with mental issues for years because that was how they coped with doing something so awful to so many people that they had grown so close to.

i feel as though this earns them some sympathy points.

but does this necessarily justify what they had done?

personally, i think no. what they had gone through should be enough to let them be seen as human beings. their experiences rather run home the point that humans are just awful creatures and that kids are often swept up in their fights, never knowing any better. that’s an important point that should not be ignored.

but should we pardon a criminal on the sole basis that they feel bad about their crime and regret it? the point still stands that they had done the deed and that nothing will give back the lives that were lost or return the changed ones back to where they were.

anyway tl;dr, i don’t hate bert and reiner for what they did, since they have shown that they aren’t deserving of unbarred hatred, but i sure as hell don’t forgive them. that’s just my two cents anyway.

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*chin hands* I am super enjoying these "the Guardians decide Tony is theirs now sorry not sorry" headcanons/fics. :) mwah!

Who doesn’t. They just swoop in, see sad, tragic, almost broken Tony, and decide that nope, this is not gonna work, we wanna see him smile, he needs a real family, so they just take him. Preferably right from under the Avenger’s eyes, so they know exactly what is happening.

I mean, come on. The Guardians are a real family, they are everything the Avengers should have been but aren’t and when Tony meets them for the first time he is going to be more than a little bit wistful, because this was what he always wanted. And instead he got settled with the Avengers, where most of them just barely tolerate him.

But the Guardians they see that Tony should have had a family, that he needs a family and they are very open to add people to their family. Well, they are very open to add Tony to their family, because he is amazing, and funny, and has great music taste, and understands Groot, and can work on everything that needs working on, he has a great sense of humor.

The Avengers just stare at them, because ‘What? Which Tony Stark are you talking about?’ they ask and that’s it.

Drax just picks Tony up, Groot on his shoulder, while Rocket secures their retreat, not that they really believe anyone will come after them anyway.

Gamora and Peter just stare disapprovingly at the Avengers, unable to believe what they are hearing here, can they not see the precious person Tony is?

When they are on the space ship, the Avengers leaving without much protest when Rocket aimes their canons at them, Tony quietly admits that he can’t go into space, he has a thing, okay, it was a nice thought but he has to go back now.

The Guardians are absolutely not going to let that happen, they all have some great ways to deal with PTSD, okay, here, look, Rocket always builds something when he feels like a panic attack comes on.

Tony just stares at them because no one apart from Rhodey has taken his panic attacks and his PTSD seriously and he might just tear up a little bit when everyone gathers around him to hug him, telling him that he deserves so much better, and promising that they will figure it out, they can fly around Earth for a while first, until Tony is settled.

Tony is honestly afraid this is a dream because it’s everything he ever wanted and he thrives under the careful care of the Guardians. When they come back to Earth a few years later the Avengers barely recognize him; happy and laughing, obvious laughter lines etched into the skin around his eyes, and he carries himself with a confidence he never had with the Avengers.

But now Tony has found his family and it shows.

Panic Attack- (Teen wolf)

This is my first preference so I hope it’s okay! It wasn’t requested by it just popped into my head and I had to write it

TW- panic attack.

(Always feel free to talk to me, I won’t judge!)



He knows immediately, he sees it coming because he knows the signs and he always knows what to do. He’ll pull you into his embrace, whisper soothing things in your ear, getting you to try and breathe at the same pace as him, he’ll do anything. He’ll get you water, he’ll hold you and after it’s over, he’ll run his fingers through your hair and let you talk it out, not caring that you’ve soaked him with your tears. He has help, he loved you.


It comes with being a werewolf, being able to smell feeling, sure he could avoid it if he tried but when he smells that panic on you, he knows it not good and immediately get’s into action. He’s calming you down before you’ve even got the chance to get too worked up. Scott would talk you through them, get you a paper bag to breathe into, give you a puff of his inhaler, anything you need in that moment that will help you catch your breath and help you feel better again, he’s willing to try it.


Again with the werewolf senses, he could sense it quickly. He would speak to you a lot, saying things like “Come on baby, count to 10 with me okay?” “I’m so proud of you, come on, your doing so well”. He’d encourage you to breathe, to count with him, to breathe with him, taking any pain he could from you. He’d wipe your tears and let you get it all out, he’d then spoil you for the rest of the night, taking it easy and having a nice dinner.


Straight away he’d notice your heart rate pick up abnormally and he’d swing into action, stopping whatever he was doing, getting to you being his main focus, his top priority was getting you to feel better. He’d take you to that special place the two of you share that you always feel calm, he’d hold you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear, kissing your head and just helping you through, he’d be telling you try and take deep breaths, it didn’t matter if it failed, as long as you were trying, he’d assure you everything was okay and he would protect you, nothing would hurt you or they’d have to go through him.


Once Liam realised what was happening, he would too start panicking, he’d try and calm you down, while not being calm himself, further panicking you. He’d be running around getting everything you needed and more, water and any medicines you needed to take. Through time he’d get better and he'd always stick to the same plan, getting you somewhere quiet where you could follow his breathing and have him hold you until you finally calmed down. Liam never brought up your panic attacks again, you asked him once and he had simply said “Their in the past, we’re in the present. I want you and If they come with you then so be it, I want you, all of you” and you only had to hear him say that to know you were in love.


He’s be clueless. Completely and utterly clueless. He’d sit with you and try to calm you the best he could, rubbing your back not knowing whether he was doing more bad than good. He’d get into the swing of it eventually, holding you and whispering things to you always worked best, so he’d do that, try to soothe you, run you a hot bath with candles afterwards to relax you. Peter might not be good showing love or compassion, but his efforts were much appertained and just the gesture of how much he cared was enough help with the calming down.

When You Sleep

(title from the song “When You Sleep” by Mary Lambert)

Word count: 985

Author: ace-of-babes-98/AlteanPools (both me, whatever)

Pairing: Klance (voltron legendary defender) although it could be considered just platonic??

rating: e (fluffy fluff fluff!)

*     *     *

Lance is a light sleeper. Without his headphones, even the smallest noises can and will wake him up. This isn’t usually a problem - most nights, he has the energy to go through his usual before-bed routine which involves settling into bed with his headphones. The only times he falls asleep without them is after particularly tough missions. On those nights, he’s just too damn tired to bother with any of it, and crashes the moment his head hits the pillow. But, everyone else in the castle is usually just as tired and so there’s not a lot of commotion on those nights. Either way, Lance sleeps pretty peacefully.

Tonight is one of the nights that Lance can’t be bothered to do anything but change out of his day clothes before flopping onto his bed. Their run-in with the Galra today had been an uphill battle and everyone had come out of it exhausted.

At an ungodly hour, there’s a noise in the hallway. Heavy, sleepy footsteps that wake the blue paladin. He lays and listens as the person, whoever it is, stops just outside his door. It’s weird enough that someone is up at this hour, but now they’re just standing outside his room. What the fuck?

He’s about to get up and see what’s going on out there, because it’s grown quiet again and they’re still outside his room, but as he gets out of bed the footsteps move back the way they’d come from. He can hear a bedroom door open, not far from his own room, and close again.

Only one person’s room is that close to his.


He considers asking Keith about it the next morning over breakfast, but ultimately decides not to. Maybe he was just sleep walking?

But Lance is curious. So the next night, he purposefully doesn’t put on his headphones before bed. And sure enough, at about the same time, he’s woken by Keith’s footsteps approaching and then stopping outside his door.

A few minutes pass and then Keith goes back to his own room, leaving Lance a little confused. This doesn’t seem like sleepwalking, but… it could be? Maybe?

This happens most nights for several weeks - in the middle of the night, when everyone else is sound asleep, Keith will come stand outside Lance’s door for a few minutes before returning to his own room.

Finally, Lance has had enough of it. The next time those footsteps approach, Lance opens his door to find Keith looking back at him, a little bewildered.


“What the hell, Keith?”

The blue paladin is ready to have a full on confrontation about this. Keith is 100% awake! What the fuck has he been doing? But he’s stopped in his tracks when he notices the expression on Keith’s face. His eyes are wide and glossy, as if tears are gathering there. He’s shaking and looks very… small. Very afraid, like a frightened kid. He’s got his arms wrapped around himself, as if he’ll shatter to pieces if he lets go.

“Are you okay?” Lance asks instead of whatever angry comment he’d planned. He reaches out to place a hand on the red paladin’s shoulder

“Yeah!” Keith lies, although not well. His voice wavers and he has to swallow hard before speaking. “I’m fine.”

“What’s going on? Why have you been standing outside my room almost every night?”

“You were awake?” Keith is trembling harder now. “It’s dumb.”

“If it’s got you upset it’s not dumb.”

“I’ve been having nightmares. I… I don’t really know what about, but I’ve been waking up r-really panicked.” His voice is cracking, seconds way from breaking. “At first I tried calming down on my own but it didn’t work. So I thought I’d feel better if I just… wasn’t alone. Your room is right here, I thought I could come to you for help. Just so I didn’t have to be by myself.”

“You should have knocked or something instead of standing outside my door, having a panic attack.”

“I would always get this far and then feel really stupid about the whole thing.”

Lance sighs, wrapping an arm around Keith’s shoulders and guiding him into the room. The blue paladin settles back down in his bed, pulling the covers back and and scooting far enough over for another person to fit.

“Well, come on. Let’s get some sleep, Mullet.” He pats the empty mattress next to him.

“You’re serious?” Keith asks, not in his usual “this is a terrible idea” way, but in a “are you really being so nice” way. He is still panicking, standing in Lance’s doorway as the door slides shut behind him.

“Yeah. I’m not going to leave you alone in the hallway like this. I’m not heartless, you know.”

Keith slowly makes his way to the bed, as if uncertain. Then he gets comfy and Lance tucks the blanket around them both.

“Next time you have a nightmare, just come on in and make yourself comfy.” Lance stifles a yawn, tucking an arm around the red paladin’s waist in a protective manner. He presses his cheek to Keith’s shoulder, feeling sleep taking over.

“Thanks, Lance,”

“Yeah. Don’t say I never did anything for you.” he tries to joke, but it falls a little flat since he’s already halfway asleep. He can feel Keith’s form slowly stop trembling as the other boy relaxes.

Keith picks up on the joke anyway, huffing out a tiny, half-laugh. He feels safe and warm now, much better than he’d felt alone in his own room, and his eyelids grow heavy.

Lance wakes the next morning alone, the mattress cold. But over breakfast, when nobody else is paying attention, Keith offers him a small, grateful smile.

And that night, at an hour nobody should be awake to see, Lance’s headphones are pulled away and he is woken briefly by Keith’s voice whispering “Scoot over.”