they always amuse the shit out of me

Decided to attempt to relearn something while taking a break from the commission queue: very rusty portrait. I rely too much on lines, which drives me insane, so I tried looking at tonal shapes. I need more planar shifts. Eh!


he loves grabbing reactions from individuals, no matter if he knows them or not. he seems to like the ones that look too surprised or actually play along with it. this is what he’s grabbing from the other and he grins with sheer amusement, quirking a brow as he peers at him.

“mh, yeah. there’s tons of other shit to do for money, but where’s the fun in that?” he pauses letting out a laugh before his face drifts back to the stoic visage he’s almost always supporting. “alright, what’re yer suggestions then? i don’t think yer actually comfortable with me doin’ that.”

jasper jordan hate is so funny to me because it’s always like

  • “weLLS DIED BC JASPER LIVED!!!11″ where the hell is the connection there is none
  • “he caLLED harpER low-HANGINg-FRuiT anD reJECTED HeR!” yeah wow crazy shit a 15yo boy who crushes on someone else politely tells a girl he can’t hang out with her later and then when his best friend asks why he didn’t take advantage of the situation jasper basically says he didn’t want to bc harper is only interested in him bc of his new-gained popularity which she is
  • “he doeSN’T do Shi t HE’s so USeLESS!!!” totally, as the main chemist of the camp he never made gun powder or installed mines with raven, he didn’t blow up the bridge (with monty’s help), he absolutely did not save all the delinquents by setting off the rocket explosion around the dropship – he also never pulled octavia out of that lake away from that monster, he totally didn’t save bellamy’s life who was about to get killed by lincoln, his relationship with maya never lead to all the delinquents getting out of mount weather alive, him gathering people and planning how to escape and get a message for help out to camp jaha never happened, he didn’t step up and motivate all the delinquents and fought with them against the guards, also he totally did not save harper and monty from being drilled to death, nope
  • “he tREATs mo nty liKE Shit!!!!!!11″ agree 100%, in fact he hates monty, you can see that especially in s2 when he risks his life twice whenever someone just touches monty (tho maya told him not to do anything stupid but his gf is so much more important than monty, that’s why he gives no fucks about what she said to him and goes to save monty), also in s1 when monty completely disregards and talks down his feelings for octavia and they start to argue because monty just hurt him a lot, and then jasper is the first one to approach monty and ask him to come with him, it’s because monty means nothing to him and he feels superior as you can see
  • “he’s a whITE STrAIGHT fucKBOy!!!1″ so you assume someone’s straight (which is outrageous bc being straight is like comitting genocide) unless they make out with a person of the same gender and you judge someone because of the skin colour they were born with ok totally cool that’s how you do it A+

basically jasper jordan is the worst person on this show you are so right you convinced me well done, valid argumentation