they also sometimes make mistakes here and there

The universe never really sent me a warning. When love first arrived, I didn’t pay attention to him the moment he walked right up to me. I didn’t even spare him a second glance. Love wasn’t what I wanted love to be, was far from what I wanted him to be. Love was from a different world and our paths crossing was never part of our plan. But love had already set his heart on me and was persistent. Love showed effort that I never asked him for—love waited for me because love knew I would always walk home. So love walked beside me every single day on my way home and held my hand. Love would even sometimes stay for a little while once we reach the house, love gave me a forehead kiss while my head laid on his shoulder riding the bus but left it at that because love knew that if his lips touched somewhere else, it would be another story. Love made sure I always made it home safe, love inspired me. Love made me do things I never imagined I’d ever do in my life. Love held the ice in the warmth of his hand and it melted. Just like that. But love always fought with me. Love glared daggers at the friend who was only asking for help in courting someone else that he admired. Love stopped talking, stopped seeing me. And love grew tired. Love gave up. But love told me he still wanted to be friends. And with a final wave of hand and a smile, love walked away.

And once he was no longer in sight, I was sure I wanted nothing to do with that. I swore I wouldn’t let love set foot in my house again for a while once it came knocking at my door on a winter night. But love reappeared not long after, just when I wasn’t expecting love to.

Love looked different now. No more tan skin and deep, chocolate eyes. Love smelled different now, spoke differently now. With a sweeter voice, gentler hands, a broader back, and a different kind of warmth. Now love’s eyes, a lighter shade of brown—so mesmerizing. But love wasn’t all new after all. Because love already met me years before, he just didn’t remember. Love didn’t remember my name, but recognized my face. Love wanted to know my name. For the second time. Love roamed the hallways, sneaking a glimpse room after room searching for that one familiar face.

Now love would stay up late at night with me when my mind won’t stop counting reasons to hate myself, keeping me wide awake. But would usually make sure we both got enough rest. Love cared differently now, gave just the kind of love I have always longed for probably without him knowing it. Love became everything I have ever hoped for and so much more. Love’s arms alone felt like home and love offered more kisses now. Love felt safer now. Love made sure he always took care of himself, because he knew I couldn’t afford to lose him, so did I. Love never forgot to remind me knowing I need reassurance every 3 seconds of everyday. Love became the miracle I’ve always asked for from the heavens above. Love became my main source of happiness. Love, every time he got the chance, would hold me in his arms singing me songs all the while running his fingers through my hair and on my skin. Love would wait ‘til I finally got a ride home. Love would always think I’m beautiful—with my hair a mess, cheeks stained with tears, and with a crestfallen face. Love would always say I’m beautiful. But love would also cry, get angry, and would sometimes be cold and distant. Love would also make mistakes and would sometimes forget. Love wasn’t as simple now. Love wasn’t perfect, but neither was I. Love hasn’t been there that long, not all my life, but has been making up for all the years he wasn’t. And that’s all that mattered. Because love promised that love would be here to stay until the very last breath he’d take.

—  irrxlevxnt 
Attention, spoilers below!

You know what’s the greatest thing about Thirteen Reasons Why?
It’s that everyone, every single character, is totally, completely human. They’re all 100% realistic and three dimensional. They’ve all got both virtues and vices, strenghts and weaknesses. They’re all also deeply flawed and damaged.
Obviously they’re not all the same… In fact, everyone has their own very distinct personality (and they always, always act on character).
But what I think the show is trying to say is that nothing is either black or white.
It’s one big fucking gray area and we’re all in it. The people who made small mistakes that ended up in tragic outcomes and the people who knew that what they were doing was wrong and did it anyway.
Because yes, Hannah was an amazing, funny, clever, beautiful girl who did not deserve anything she got. But yes, she also did have a flair for the dramatic.
And yes, Bryce Walker is a rapist and I hope he gets the sentence he deserves and more. But - and here you might not agree with me - Justin also told us he was always generous with him and his other friends.
This obviously is not to say that Hannah being a bit of a drama queen excuses the people who hurt her. And also is obviously not to say that Bryce being there for his mates excuses him for commiting one of the worst crimes possibile.
This is just to say that whoever wrote this show, whoever wrote this characters, knows exactly what they’re doing. Way too often TV and cinema (but also books, comics, video games ect…) tell stories in which people are either entirely good or entirely bad. And, I know, they do it because we like to read and watch stories in which we can identify with the good main characters. And it’s okay.
But it’s also not realistic. Those people are not realistic. In real life people fuck things up. Hopefully not as bad as they did in Thirteen Reasons Why, but still, it happens. People make mistakes and people kill themselves. It’s tragic, but it’s real.
To sum up, what I’m trying to say here is: it’s okay to watch shows in which the characters always choose what is right instead of what is easy. It’s okay to identify with those characters and it’s okay to “use” those shows as an escape from reality.
But sometimes you have to watch shows like Thirteen Reasons Why. Not because they tell you what is going to happen, but because they tell you what COULD happen. Anyone could be the next Hannah and anyone could be the reason why they decide to kill themselves. Shows like this remind us that actions have consequences. So, next time, think before you act and try to fix what you can still fix, before is too late.
Because, before Hannah proved them wrong, everyone on the tapes thought they were the good character.

… Except for Jeff. Jeff was 100% pure.

Also, sorry, I wasn’t planning to turn this into a morality lesson. It just happened.

Sansa, Smart

So. Sansa. I hear some people think she’s not very clever. This is a view shared by several characters in the books.

But there’s no reason the readership should share those views. Sansa is a very clever individual who makes increasingly good use of several skills she started the series with, and develops greatly as an observer and an actor over the course of the story.

Putting everything under a cut, for reasons of four books of brainpower.

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Why Protection Before you get a Spirit Companion is Important

So lots of people don’t understand the importance of protection before bringing home a spirit companion. So, why do we need protection? 

Well, to start off, bringing in a new spirit companion can bring you attention from unwanted visitors. When you start getting into dealing with spirits, it basically sends out a beacon to others saying “Hey, look at me! I work with spirits!” and that always brings in the bad as with the good. This also doesn’t have to do with bad spirits either, it could be an astral parasite that you don’t want spreading.

Another reason as to why you should set up protections, is that sometimes people make mistakes and spirits deceive people into thinking they are what they are not. Even if it is from your best friend who has been working with spirits for 10 years, it’s important to keep in mind that people do make mistakes. Also not to mention spirits are extremely powerful and one powerful enough can slip through without warning.

Now you may be asking “Well how do I prevent these things?”, well here are some options that you can research if you are interested.




-Did something get out of hand already? Try banishment.

-Black salt to absorb any negativity.

-Energy Cleansing

I’ve seen so many posts about how latinxs that don’t know spanish are valid. And it’s true (even tho spanish is not the only language in latinoamerica) you don’t need to know spanish to be latinx! 

But, i want to make a post for the latinxs that are learning/had to learn english. Not because we really wanted, we HAD to. We don’t need to be in USA to be obligated to learn english, because we are used to hear “you are nothing if you don’t know english/you need to know english to be someone in life” in our own country. I know that it can be frustrating, even in your free time when you use tumblr, english is everywhere. Sometimes when i’m here, i have to talk to myself in spanish because my brain is tired of english. I know that i make mistakes all the time, i hate when i need to say something and i don’t know how, i don’t like being so insecure. I see you, i feel you, i’m proud of you. 

For the latines in USA that had to/are learning english, hold on. You are probably so tired, not only of english but also…people, the culture, the differences. Hold on, breath and remember your country…está en tu interior. In your memories, in your culture, in your language, in your accent. It’s hard, but don’t hate your accent, you need to love it. You’re taking english and mixing it with yourself, with your identity. That’s your accent, a beautiful thing that you created.

For the latines in USA that don’t know/are not confident in the ‘other language’, it’s okay. You don’t need to learn, but if you want to i know that every latine here that knows that language, would be so happy to teach you/talk to you to practice. We get it, we undestand how awkward it is, how insecure you can be but we already love you because you’re trying. 

Para todos aquellos latines que no están tan seguros de su inglés o directamente no saben, también quiero compartir este post. Tu validez como persona no pasa por el hecho de saber o no inglés, ni cuán perfecto es. Tu idioma, tu forma de hablar, las expresiones de tu país son hermosos, nunca lo olvides.

Para todos os latinos que não estão tão seguros com seu nível de inglês ou não entendem, também quero compartilhar esse post. Sua validez como pessoa não depende do fato de saber inglês ou não, nem quão perfeito é. Seu idioma, seu jeito de falar, as expressões do seus país são lindas, nunca se esqueça. (thank you @keith-koganes for the translation!)


Alright you clowns i’ve had it up to here with your zack-taylor-is-only-the-funny-friend-and-nothing-else-bs

Because Zack Taylor is funny and loud and sometimes obnoxious, but he’s also extremely dedicated and caring. My god he’s literally punishing himself in these panels because he almost failed to save someone, and he hates that he came so close to that failure.

I mean if these panels tell me anything it’s that this boy hates failure and pushes himself to obscene measures just so that he can keep from making mistakes, never mind the fact that screwing up is just a part of life. I imagine that this mindset bleeds into a lot of other aspects of his life too, like his care of his mother, or the jobs he works to provide for his family. Failure is not an option for Zack Taylor. 

Like he may talk a big game but this kid is dedicated to being a Ranger and to saving people, regardless of his own personal health and that’s important for us to unerstand his character. I mean chances are that Zack is a virulent perfectionist and doesn’t half-ass anything.

Please, his snarkiness and propensity to tell bad jokes is a part of him yes but hes also a multifaceted character, there’s more to him than just being a goofball.

(panels are from the Power Rangers Aftershock comic)

The Office

AN//: hello dis is 4u. I made it. special thx to my friend @rogueimagination for givin me writing advice and givin me da courage 2 post. plss let me kno what u think !!! much love <3

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien + Reader

Word Count: 3364

Warnings: Swearing

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“I guess what I’m saying is… we should see other people.”

I bit my lip hard and held back tears. A million thoughts ran through my head at once, but nothing seemed to make sense. Weren’t we happy together? I guess not. Because here I am, getting dumped.

What did I do? Why doesn’t he like me anymore? Did he even like me to begin with? There must be another girl. No, he would never cheat.

I lifted the corners of my lips as much as I could without falling apart.

“Yes, I think that would be best too,” I lied. Not wanting to look pathetic by overreacting and breaking down, but also wanting to get the hell out of here as fast as possible.

I turned away but found myself glancing back at him one last time.

“Goodbye Dylan.”

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(Spoilers, spoilers for GotG everywhere!)

Headcanon that Peter, in a way, saved Yondu, too, without even knowing it.

According to the wiki, Yondu was exiled from the Ravagers by Stakar after he picked Peter up, pretty much around the same time, even.

Please consider how Yondu must have felt around that time. Stakar was the one to get him out of slavery. Stakar was the one to train him into a right Ravager, to groom him until he was ready to become a Captain himself. Yondu was a part of Stakar’s closest team, and judging from how both men reacted when meeting at the Iron Lotus, they were very close before the banishment, and both very hurt and scared by what they felt had been a betrayal from their opposite.

That’s not just a boss-subordinate-relationship – Yondu and Stakar were friends, perhaps even family, most likely something akin to what Peter and Yondu had.

And Yondu, boom, lost it. Yondu lost his second family abruptly and with the knowledge that they probably despised him for what he had done. He lost them because of a mistake – a mistake he regretted, as shown by the fact that he kept Peter by his side to save at least one child’s life.

And here comes the headcanon and the key to that one.  


Peter may have been and even now may be a stubborn brat sometimes with no respect at all – but he’s also bright, kind, and captivating. People love him easily – he loves easily, and that makes it very easy to become friends with him. I reckon that Peter, though treated not that softly and kindly by Yondu, still was one of the main reasons why Yondu didn’t lose the last bit of the softness in his heart after his fallout with Stakar.

Plus, having a curious and adventurous child on a spaceship – a Ravager ship nonetheless – is pretty much a good distraction from sorrows and worrisome thoughts, since one tends to spend a good time chasing after said child with no room in his mind to worry about anything else.

Instead of mourning what he had lost - what he had gambled and lost – Yondu could concentrate on raising Peter instead. Even had fun with it, if that smile in the scene where he teaches Peter how to shoot is any indication.

Yondu had fun raising Peter.  Not always, but he had. And he was proud of the boy. And somewhere along the line, he came to consider Peter as his son, and himself as the boy’s Daddy. Which means - Yondu loved Peter.

Which is freaking important because Yondu being able to love at all would probably be doubted by pretty much the whole universe. The slave, the thief, the thug, the man-who-sold-children-and-got-expelled, still had a heart left to love.

It’s my understanding that Peter is pretty much the reason that this could still happen after all those scars Yondu’s heart and soul had taken.

Yondu may have saved Peter more times than either of them can count, dragging the boy out of danger and fights and, in the end, sacrificing everything for him – but I strongly believe that, especially in the beginning, Peter was the one to save Yondu.

He saved Yondu’s heart.

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In your opinion, which star wars character is the mostly likely to make puns?

All of them.

I mean, Anakin Skywalker canonically makes puns on a regular basis, sometimes while killing people. So, you know, he probably wins the pun wars here. But he’s far from the only contender.

  • Luke definitely takes after his dad in the pun department.
  • Han Solo groans a lot at other people’s puns, but it would be a mistake to think that keeps him from making his own.
  • Chewie has three modes: hungry, salty as hell, and punny. You just can’t tell ‘cause he doesn’t have subtitles.
  • Leia’s puns sometimes go over people’s heads because she gets pretty detailed and even esoteric about them. Sometimes her puns are visual rather than verbal. They’re also all brutally sarcastic.
  • Lando Calrissian is that rarest of rare comic masters: someone who makes puns that are both sophisticated and actually hilarious (rather than just so bad they’re good).
  • Artoo mostly curses, tbh, but when he’s not cursing he’s punning.
  • Threepio wins the secret underground droid pun championships pretty much every year.
  • Obi-Wan’s puns are generally terrible, even by pun standards. Although he puns pretty regularly, for some reason people are always surprised when he does.
  • Padme mostly makes political puns. Everyone groans. That’s why she keeps it up. Their groans give her strength.
  • Shmi Skywalker is the undisputed champion of puns that look like groan-worthy humor on the surface but, on closer examination, turn out to be scathing indictments of people in power. As well as just really good puns.
  • Jar Jar Binks regularly drafts and submits legislation with punny names.
  • Sola Naberrie runs a holonet site that’s nothing but punny political memes. It takes on a decidedly revolutionary slant after the establishment of the Empire.
  • Breha Organa is capable of delivering puns with a completely straight face to Governor Tarkin, and even, on one memorable occasion, to Palpatine himself.
  • Bail Organa is a dad joke in human form.
  • Beru Whitesun takes after Shmi in her scathingly punny sense of humor.
  • Owen’s puns are much more groan worthy but Beru and Luke love him anyway.

And I could go on. This is a galaxy replete with punsters.

Except Palpatine. Sometimes he tries to make a pun, but it’s painfully obvious that his heart isn’t in it and though he can fake a lot of things, a decent sense of humor isn’t one of them.

The secret library

Fandom: Harry Potter x Narnia (crossover)

Pairing: Edmund Pevensie x reader

Words: 1.101

Warnings: None, I guess

Extra: In this imagine I put Edmund as a Ravenclaw. I know many of you guys think he would be a Hufflepuff or maybe a Slytherin. But I just really wanted to make this, I still hope you’ll like it ! :) 

{ English isn’t my first language, so sorry for grammar mistakes! }

Y/H/N: Your House name

Y/N: Your Name

As you turned another page of your book, you felt the boy staring. He had been here ever since you’ve arrived. Even longer, he had already been here when you had arrived.

It wasn’t just now, every time you would go to the library he was there. Maybe because of you. You had no idea, but you would sometimes exchange looks or talk to each other. You would sometimes also hand books to each other of, both, your own.

Even though you were both a little bit shy. You felt your feelings growing towards him. You’ve never told him that, and you wanted to keep it that way.

The boy’s name is Edmund Pevensie. He is in his fifth year, just like you. He is a Ravenclaw and you are a Y/H/N.

You looked at him, as you did so, he quickly turned back to his book. So fast that you almost couldn’t say he was staring at you. 

You felt your cheeks redden. ‘What are you reading?’ you asked quietly, not to bother any people. He looked up to you again. ‘Oh-er-, nothing,’ he said as he quickly tried to hide the cover of the book. 

You shrugged, ‘Common, Edmund.’ you said. ‘I won’t judge,’ you promised. He looked at you with a smile. You had to fight back the urge to melt at that moment. He showed you the cover of the book. 

‘Homerus Ilias.’

‘Homerus Ilias,’ you read out loud. He looked down at the table, ‘You probably think that I’m a nerd, don’t you?’ he asked. ‘Greek Mythology,’ you said quietly, ‘Is amazing.’ 

Edmund looked to you again. ‘Seriously?’ he said happily. ‘I’ve always been interested in Greek Mythology, and everything else that has to do with it.’ you said smiling. ‘Bloody hell, me too,’ he said.

He looked like he was thinking for a second and then looked back to you again. ‘There’s something that- has all kinds of Greek Mythology books inside it. And much more other books. Would you maybe… like to- join me to that?’ he asked stuttering.

‘You mean a date to a library?’ you asked blushing. ‘Not-not just a library,’ he said fast. ‘A secret one, and you have to promise not to tell anyone else about it,’ he said to you. ‘Well then, I promise I won’t tell anyone,’ you said. A feeling in your stomach appeared and you felt thrilled.

- Time skip -

‘So, here we are,’ Edmund said. You both had just entered the Ravenclaw common room and were now standing in front of a wall. ‘Edmund, this is a.. wall,’ you said.

‘Why did you had to ruin the moment?’ he said sarcastically. You laughed. ‘Could you please close your eyes for a second?’ he asked. You blushed. ‘Sure. Is there a secret password to come inside, then?’ you asked as you closed your eyes. ‘Yeah you can say that,’ he chuckled. 

He gently put his hands on both your shoulders. You were shocked by this sudden movement. Edmund realized it, and quickly took his hands of your shoulders. 

‘It’s-It’s okay.’ you quickly said. ‘It was just so sudden, and it’s difficult to see two hands coming your way while your eyes are closed,’ you said laughing. He laughed, ‘Alright, well I’m going to lead you now, may I ?’ he asked. You nodded and let yourself be lead to the secret library.

The moment you smelled the scent of leather books and heard the sound of a crackling fire, you opened your eyes.

You gasped, and covered your mouth with your hand. ‘You-Those-It’s-,’ you stuttered. You were speechless.

The library was huge, and there were so many books. All the walls were covered with books and the room was enormous. There were countless much bookcases filled with countless more books.

There were some cozy places where you would be able to read. There were some fireplaces as well, and there were even some tiny rooms with a bed located in it surrounded by the bookshelves on the walls. Some ladders led to them. 

This was the most coziest and most beautiful place you’ve ever been to. You suddenly realized that you totally forgot that Edmund was still standing beside you. Edmund didn’t care about the secret library anymore, instead he stared at you. This time he didn’t look away as both your gazes met.

‘Edmund, this- it’s amazing,’ you said quietly. He smiled, and his green eyes lit up as well. ‘Yeah, it truly is,’ he said. He looked around and said, ‘Rowena Ravenclaw, the founder of Ravenclaw, made this secret library for her students. Normally students from other houses don’t know about this.’

It took you a moment to let all of that sink in, when you suddenly realized.. ‘Why did you show it to me then if it’s supposed to be a secret?’ you asked quietly. 

Edmund stopped looking around and turned to you. He reddened, ‘I-I er, trust you, and you promised me,’ he said. ‘This is a big secret, I shouldn’t even be here. You wouldn’t just reveal a secret this big to someone you think you can trust,’ you whispered.

Edmund took a few steps towards you. You were so close and your heart was beating so fast that you thought he could might hear it. ‘It’s more about trust, you’re right. Y/N I..,’ he whispered. 

He couldn’t finish his sentence as you pulled him closer and he pressed his lips against yours. A feeling of happiness filled your body but it quickly faded away as he pulled back.

‘Y/N! That’s-not what I wan-wanted to tell you. I d-don’t love you,’ he stammered. Your eyes widened. ‘What? Seriously? B-but y-you kissed m-me!,’ you stammered back. Fear ran through your body, and your eyes were ready to fill up with tears.

It stopped as you saw Edmund bursting into laughter. ‘Merlin’s beard, Edmund! I thought you were serious!,’ you said. He kept laughing and you hit him. ‘Stop!,’ you chuckled. ‘It’s not funny!.’ 

‘Alright, alright,’ he said holding back his laughter. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said. He pulled you into a hug. You wanted to pull back, ‘Stop! No, that was mean!,’ you said laughing as well. 

‘Y/N,’ he whispered as he looked into your eyes. ‘I love you.’ You blushed and smiled. ‘I love you too Edmund,’ you whispered back.

And with that he pulled you into a kiss. A gently but longing kiss.

All was well, and you loved it. The boy you liked, liked you back. And you couldn’t deny it, it was the best feeling you’ve ever felt.

Happy Birthday to the amazing Ryuya-sensei! 💖🎉

i love him sm haha

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“You’re no longer students but are now professionals trying to make it in the world of showbiz.”

–Hyuga Ryuya, ML2K Episode 1


Words describing Ryuya: patient, athletic, caring, strict, determined, forgiving, understanding husband material perfect amazing isshsj


Basic info:

Height: 192cm

Weight: 85 kilos

Blood type: A

Birthday: May 15th

Zodiac: Taurus ♉️

Instrument: Trumpet


“O-oi… bad…did you get scared..”

“Ma..that timing too…it’s probably one of the President’s actions. Don’t worry, moreover, this time I made it up about the ghost.”

“Don’t say that, it was because you worked until late. I didn’t think you’d get this scared….My bad. There’s nothing here. Na..”

“…You, you’re kinda cute. Look, don’t cry. It’s fine now.”

–Hyuga Ryuya, Episode 3 Sweet Serenade: “The Metronome that starts to move”


Ryuya’s aesthetics



Ryuya’s favourite way to unwind is by either taking a long drive on his bike or by spending a night at a ryokan, soaking in an onsen. Also his grandfather is the head of a temple, Ryuya would most likely prefer a shintoistic wedding to a western one.

His cooking skills are top notch and remind you of home. He doesn’t spend a long time in the kitchen, choosing to prep quicker and healthy dishes rather than gourmet food.

He’s trained in karate, judo and aikido when younger. This evolved into other forms of martial arts and fighting as he grew older. To add to that, Ryuya enjoys sports and working out so he’s pretty fit. If he wanted, he can start his own dojo.

He’s a little overprotective when he treasures somebody. He’s aware of that and beats himself up over it at times but he still tries to show how much he values that person.

Ryuya’s weak to pleading and puppy eyes. A few pleases, with those eyes and clasping your hands together will result in him doing your bidding (albeit very reluctantly and it’s how Reiji gets the job done when it comes to him). If its something wrong, expect him to be more stubborn than a rock.

He’s often conflicted about trying new things. While he wants to, he’s a little afraid that it would result in a big change. This sentiment grew after Haruki passed away.

He’s a very lovable man despite the strict outside. At home, he’s much more easygoing and loves his parents and family (still trying to make Yamz open up here though). Sometimes, Makoto or Touma, his younger brothers, insist on watching some of his movies together.

He’s the Head of Gryffindor house.


“You think I am a gentleman, do you not? If that’s not the case then I’m tired of this gap between us. Don’t you think so?”

–Hyuga Ryuya, Sweet Serenade Maji Love Ending: “Sequencer Romance”

My route translations were a bit rushed so apologies for mistakes! >.> also ty lulu for bearing with me while i was fangirling so much hahaha im too tired to rant in the tags too lol

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ROBY I HAZ A PROBLEM. EVERY ARTIST JUST SAYS 'YOU HAVE TO KEEP PRACTISING TO GET BETTER!' WHICH IS 100% TRUE. THE QUESTION IS : WHAT ARE YOU MEANT TO PRACTISE??? I want to learn how to draw in a cartoon style but I have no idea where to start, how to develop my style, whether to copy, use references, draw from my head etc. PLEASE HELP!!

use references from life, its helped me a lot regarding both poses, drawing clothes, etc. a cartoon style is just a simplified, stylized version of reality so you gotta learn anatomy first (hence why using irl references is helpful cause you’re viewing the original source. copying from another artist/referencing off their art isn’t necessarily going to help you a lot since they too might have anatomical mistakes and you’ll end up picking up from them) 

your style will form naturally, you can tweak things here and there every so often to make it look more how you intend it to be but it happens with time, just as improvement does. 

also, push yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes! if you draw a lot of chibis for example, try drawing more “actual” people (a good reference site is 


A Family Addition for Captain Swan

A Canon Divergent set sometime in the future after Emma and Killian are married.   A series of one-shots centering around a CS pregnancy.  Pregnant -Emma’s POV - here, Pregnant - Killian’s POV - here Doctor’s Visit -Emma’s POV - here  (Read Emma’s POV First as it will make a bit more sense.) The story can also be found on FF

Thanks to @duathadun for her excellent wall work and for @hellomommanerd correcting all my mistakes.  

Doctor’s Visit - Killian’s POV

Rated - K   Words - ~4700


“Good morning, you two." 

"Morning, Mom,” Killian heard Henry say to her quietly. 

Turning toward her from where he was standing at the stove, Killian noticed that she looked rested, “Morning, love.  Shall I make you two or three of these little strips of pig fat?”

“No, you eat the bacon.  I bought an extra bearclaw yesterday that sounds really good right now.  I’m even going to add a little peanut butter to it."  

He turned back to the stove, thinking that sounded truly awful and flipped over the bacon when he heard her mutter, "Seriously?!"  Immediately following the single word a loud noise was heard and then in a raised voice she exclaimed, "HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU HAVE TO BE TOLD TO TAKE CARE OF THE EMPTY CONTAINERS?" 

Quickly placing the food onto a plate, he turned toward the table, "Swan, now take it easy. It’s not good for you to get worked up.  Here have some eggs.” He set the plate down but noticed her eyes were glassy and her body was vibrating with obvious frustration.  He wanted to go to her and take her in his arms but she wasn’t ready for that yet.  She still had a few things to work through on her own.  His Swan.  So brave, yet so stubborn.  

He knew he had somehow touched a nerve when she looked at the plate and swallowed hard before uttering, “I don’t want eggs!  Didn’t you hear what I said?   I want my bearclaw and I wanted peanut butter but NO!”

His heart heavy, he watched as she grabbed the bag and her pastry and left the house with a forceful shut of the front door.  Wiping his hand across his mouth he glanced over at the lad, who was sitting staring at the closed door, the look on his face a combination of sadness, hurt and love, “You alright?”

“I’m fine Killian.  I’m sorry about the empty jar."  He hung his head as if awaiting punishment.  

Killian laid his hand on Henry’s shoulder, "Son, you know it’s not you, right?” He nodded his head. “But maybe in the future if you eat all of something you can put it on the list." 

"Sure thing, Killian.  And Mom?  She will be fine?" 

"Aye, Henry.  She will be fine.  Now grab your pack so you can catch the bus." 

While the lad ran off upstairs, Killian put the kitchen to rights and packed him a quick lunch. On the way to where the bus stopped, he once again promised him he would check on Emma.  

Henry climbed onto the bus and stuck his head out a window. "Don’t forget to get those maps off the Jolly you promised.  I need them for my project." 

Making a mental note to get them later, Killian pulled out his phone and when David answered, got right to the point, “David, it’s Killian.  Emma left in rather a hurry again this morning,” the tone of his voice expressing just as much frustration as he assumed his Swan was feeling.  

“What set her off this time?”

“I believe it was the lack of peanut butter.”

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Why do you like our son Ezra?


I think I tend to like characters who have overcome a lot…and Ezra has gone through so much and come so far! He lived on the streets for years, learning to think of himself first, because that’s how you survived. BUT even after seven years on the street, he goes and HELPS the Ghost crew, even though there is nothing in it for him. He even says he can’t believe he is doing it, but he DOES, because he has such a good heart! And honestly, that’s one of the things I love most about Ezra, just how kind and trusting he is. Sometimes it backfires on him, yes, but MAN for a kid who grew up on the streets he gives people the benefit of the doubt so quickly! 

Originally posted by kimbachan

And despite his hard childhood, he still has so much life in him, smiling, and laughing and living life to the fullest. He is honestly such a ray of sunshine in the crew. You can see it in how worried they get when he has a hard time. Just <33

Also, he is so good at comforting and giving advice, like, he genuinely wants to help others and honestly gives good advice/pep-talks/comfort when others need it. And he isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, he lets his family know how much their love and support means to him.

I know I’m ranting, but I love Ezra and here are a few more things…He is brave, like sometimes reckless, but in a Rebellion that is good. He’s not scared to do what he needs to (or thinks he needs to, even if maybe he shouldn’t…) especially when it means protecting/helping out his family. He’s also just grown so much, like he’s made mistakes and learned from them and pushed through so much. Like…he’s not perfect, but that’s just what makes him so lovable, because he has flaws but you can tell what a good heart he has, despite all of the suffering in his life and I just LOVE HIM.

SnK Warrior Band AU (Not a Fic)

So, I got this ask today. And…

To answer your question, anon: Yes I do! I get what you mean and this is actually quite a fun thing to talk about. So much, that it even gets its own post!

I am a hobbyist when it comes to music and I enjoy the Warriors quite a lot. Before I wrap up that statement with the main event, I have another AU which is my perfect peaceful 1980s Paradis country life, but that’s for another time. 

As for this one, I always thought it would be cool if these characters were in a band. Usually it’s interesting to see how they would interact and what kind of role they would have, so… putting those obvious facts aside, these would be my ideas: Keep in mind I haven’t written one of these yet so this is a first haha.

Zeke Jaeger - Lead Guitar, Vocals

My favorite boi gets the attention, of course! I think him being lead is kind of appropriate since he is the “Lead Warrior” in canon. The hippy/messy hair always reminded me of 80s metalheads, and.. for the record, Takehito Koyasu (Zeke’s seiyuu in the anime) is an amazing singer as well. I feel like he would make a great vocalist. He is a quite literal Beast at the guitar and has endured the pain that is music theory. He dislikes it a lot and instead chooses to play in his own style, usually resulting in him failing to practice properly and bust out mad shredding instead of the actual song. He gets his act together on stage though. He sometimes wishes he would write songs but usually finds it diffucult and leaves it to the rest of the band. He gets along well with the other band members and usually forgets the fact that he is a decade older than them.

Reiner Braun - Rhythm Guitar, Writer, occasionally does Vocals

Reiner sometimes wishes he would be lead, but Zeke is so good at it Reiner doesn’t mind. Reiner is one of the main songwriters and most songs with humorous yet meaningful lyrics are usually written by him. Despite wanting to shred like Zeke, he enjoys playing rhythm and makes those dank expressions you usually don’t make when you play rhythm, such as the extreme faces. Reiner also does additional vocals in some of the songs or the double scream with Zeke. He and Zeke the are the type to spend hours at a music store trying to decide what amp to use and how much money to blow on the newest models. Reiner changes his strings ridiculously often. When not planning a new song with Zeke he usually practices with Bertolt or plays Acoustic in his spare time.

Bertolt Hoover - Bass, Keyboard

Although he doesn’t play the keyboard often, Bertolt is very proficient at Bass and can deliver some amazing lines. He doesn’t like slapping too much but he never makes mistakes while playing. Sometimes he will analyze lyrics that Reiner and Zeke have discussed. He also knows how to play the keyboard though he doesn’t do it too often and instead chooses to focus on bass. He is the type that doesn’t own too many bass guitars and prefers only one. Only one, with a similar tune and too many fancy techniques, though he doesn’t have difficulties pulling them off.

Annie Leonhardt - Drums, Vocals, Keyboard

Annie sometimes wishes she had more of an active role writing songs, but Reiner laughs it off and tells her to “leave it to the experts”. Zeke doesn’t mind, but he saves time and just discusses the upcoming song with Reiner. Annie is so good at drums they’re the instrument that stand out during most of the songs instead of Zeke’s insane 130bpm shredding. Everyone admires her for it, and although she doesn’t take much credit she enjoys what she does to the fullest and even shows it, especially during a performance. Her and Bertolt are an inseparable duo in instrumentals and perfectly play in sync, complimenting each other quite well. Annie also does vocals on a somewhat rare occasion for their slower, less heavy songs. She doesn’t have much confidence in her voice though everyone in the band and the audience screams at her otherwise. She also plays the keyboard during said songs and wants Bertolt to learn it, though she doesn’t tell him why.

Galliard (Former) - Rhythm Guitar

He used to be in the band but left because of tension between the members. He thought he would go off on his own and improve by himself. In reality, although he was acting like he was in charge and better than the others, he actually felt left behind because of a past experience and instead wished to be able to compare to the others, which is the real reason why he left, even though he told the others the opposite. He used to play rhythm and still does but is away from the others.

Pieck - Manager and Audio Engineer

Pieck is responsible for the band’s equipment and recording sessions. She makes sure the song comes out just right on the technical side and that it’s promoted among the fans in a positive manner. She herself plays the keyboard as well as some traditional and indie instruments, though it’s only a personal hobby.

And yeah! By the way,

Here is a Song which I believe they would cover and get famous for! (The best part is at 2:20)


ahaha okay so i wasn’t gonna talk about this because as a seiusa shipper this scene hurts my heart and also tends to be a scene the fandom reacts unnecessarily violently towards but i got sick of the void of empathy so here’s my thoughts

bear in mind two things: a) im not very good at analysing stuff and b) i’ll refer to seiya with she/her and i’m not arguing with regards to that (actually, im not arguing with regards to any of this stuff, this is just me attempting to shine a light on seiya’s motivations or perhaps, more accurately, lack of motivations)

for context, this scene comes at the end of an episode in which we are shown that seiya is preparing to move on from her “new life” as it were and this, unsurprisingly, is a difficult and emotional stage for seiya’s character. seiya, unlike yaten and taiki, actually settles really well into life on earth, so much so that she actually falls in love with usagi. this episode is the point at which seiya truly realises the extent to which she has fallen, when she sees usagi rather than kakyuu in her daydream about home.

i think, for a sixteen year old with a huge responsibility who is experiencing a new planet, that’s gonna be confusing as hell. seiya’s entire life and existence and purpose on earth has (supposedly) revolved around finding kakyuu thus far, with everything that came with being an idol just being part of the disguise. here though, we see that there’s more to it than that, and that seiya is indeed emotionally invested in her earth life and more specifically, in usagi. this has always been a part of her character but i think this is where it really comes to the forefront.

this all culminates in the above scene which has led to…pretty disturbing responses calling for seiya’s head which is…yikes, but anyways. it’s important to note that this scene comes after seiya has already prepared to say goodbye, after she sees the drawing of usagi and mamoru on the desk and comments how their time together has been short, but fun - there is no malice, nor motivation of any kind to change usagi’s mind or whatever. that isn’t part of who seiya is as a person and it never was.


whilst seiya frequently displays a casual side to her approach to her and usagi’s relationship, this doesn’t mean that seiya doesn’t have feelings too. and it doesn’t mean that she isn’t hurting as well. this is something i think the fandom at large either fails to pick up on or really doesn’t care about and like, idk, maybe it’s worth some thought.

seiya is upset in this scene. she’s upset and yes maybe she’s jealous, because she is there and she is protecting usagi and she cares so deeply for usagi. and this mamoru person (who seiya knows nothing about by the way - unlike the audience) is absent and possibly, in seiya’s perspective, appears to not care at all and yet usagi can still only think about him. and that’s going to be fucking painful. seiya doesn’t know the extent to which usagi is suffering either, because usagi up until that point has publicly kept it quiet because she is a brave little soul. 

and so, seiya slips up. and i cannot say that what she says in “am i not good enough” was the correct thing to say because of course it isn’t. she takes usagi’s pain and suffering and she does make it about her. but here’s the thing - seiya is also suffering at this point. seiya is also going through pain. and seiya reacts based purely on emotion at this instant. unrequited love hurts like hell and i personally can’t begrudge her the opportunity to make a mistake here in how she deals with that. this isn’t a planned line or something she necessarily thought would make usagi change her mind or anything like that. this is literally a teenager in love expressing pain and a lack of self-confidence and not being careful of usagi’s feelings whilst doing so, because she is wrapped up in her own pain - as is natural for her to do, because seiya kou also experiences emotion, and seiya kou also sometimes lets that get to her.

it’s a mistake yes, but it doesn’t make her a bad person. we all make mistakes, especially where emotions are concerned, and i think it’s important to make note of that. im not saying u have to love seiya or even like her, but baying for her blood because she fucked up slightly in an emotional moment is just too much.

Happy Easter! Today, I drew a Delphox in @vestabraixen‘s style! I made a few mistakes here and there, but I really think it came out well! I hope you all had a Happy Easter, and I wish you all a good night! ^v^

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The queer developers shouldn't be punished for the game grumps doing voice work for their game. Plus it isn't a ddlg joke at all, it's dad's dating the whole game has dad jokes in it. You make a dad who dates dads and you can make a trans dad and one of the dads you can date is also trans.

Nobodies being punished here dude idk what ur on about. I don’t care if people like this game and I won’t judge anybody for liking it, I don’t even care if people watch gg bc that’s their business I just think people should be aware and be able to admit that gg aren’t just perfect little babies that mess up sometimes but always learn from their mistakes, they are wealthy middle aged men who constantly regurgitate bigoted sentiments and rarely own up to it unless there’s a huge backlash, they don’t need anybody to defend their honor

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Hey Cross, I am craving a Strong Sakura fanfics after reading Pulling my Weight - Itsthechocopuff so do you any good one ? Thanks for your help :)

Ugh, there’s so little really good strong!Sakuras out there (especially ones that actually show her development).

Freedom in the Eyes of Another by Oroburos69

The Wave Mission is a failure. Team Seven is captured. Sasuke is gone. Kakashi is next.

Sakura has no choice but to be a hero.

In Bloom by Emmar

Sakura does what’s necessary on both a personal and professional level, and makes her first kill her most important.

believing in heroes by guycecil

And how to become one.

Kakashi goes down on a mission and, since the boys are incompetent, Sakura takes things into her own hands.

halcyon days verse by jaylene

Sakura sees dead people. well, two dead people to be exact. everything changes.

hands like houses by jaylene

Sakura finds herself trapped in the past and discovers a new family along the way, however unwilling she may be.

Otokage by writer168

“He chose your fate. You have to take over his job. His village. His place in the world. This is the life you have to live. So, what do you say? Do you accept the position as Orochimaru’s successor?”

When Kabuto manages to convince Haruno Sakura to become the Shodai Otokage, she finds out that this might be the best decision she’s ever made.

“Finally, I’ve done something right.”

Stumble by writer168

After dying, Sasori and Sakura- once sworn enemies- never imagined being brought back to the world in the living. But they were in a much simpler time. A much, much simpler time.

No Rest for the Dead, No Peace for the Living by bewaare

There have been three people since the formation of the Haruno clan with their kekkei genkai. Sakura is the third. She can see ghosts.

Dead men have tales to tell and she is the only person who can hear them speak, and she is the only person in konoha who knows all of its secrets and can see its streets filled with its countless dead. Sakura is the only one who knows the real cost of war.

Dirt and Ashes, or: The One-and-a-Half Body Problem by Tozette

The invasion of Konoha during the chuunin exam didn’t fail. Team seven is broken, people are dead, and Sakura is hurt and frightened and a very long way from home.

Alternative summary: In which Sakura carries half of Hidan across two countries, leaving a trail of blood, bodies, and other people’s legs.

How Long is Forever? by aoutrance

Sakura has come back to do good deeds and fix some shit. Not posted in chronological order.

Woman Out of Time by aoutrance (this one’s a HPxNaruto crossover but it’s Sakura-centric; it’s also discontinued, with the new version here - Someone to Fear, Not Hunt - but I like this one more)

After a jutsu gone horribly, terribly wrong, Sakura finds herself thrown into an entirely new world with no feasible escape. Unfortunately for her, the adventure is just beginning.

A Game of Two Halves by Crunchysunrises

The kyuubi had a secret. A splendid, delicious secret that it held close to its heart: Kushina and her lover had made a mistake.

Kill Your Heroes by Evil Is A Relative Term

Because, sometimes, we are what our adversaries make of us. Because Gatō only needed Zabuza to neutralize Kakashi. He isn’t afraid of one little pink-haired genin. But even mice will bite when cornered. A story of where fear drives the most vulnerable member of Team Seven, from Wave and beyond.

Expedient by SwiftKick

In order to cement a truce between the two villages, Konoha and Iwa exchange recently graduated academy students. Fortunately, if anything were to go wrong, Haruno Sakura was just average enough to risk losing.

Not Weak by BlackElement7

When Sakura’s team refuses to help her and calls her weak, what will happen? Especially when somebody shows up and offers to train her.

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do you have any tips on how to stay focused while studying or doing school work?

yes! this can be really difficult and i admit that i often lose focus as well, but here are some resources and tips for you:

i hope this was helpful and that you have an amazing day!!