they also have black widows

The Bar is Where I Go

A Bucky Barnes One Shot

Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You

Bucky’s POV

The club isn’t the best place to find a lover…

I think the brightest lights I’ve ever seen are in this damned nightclub. Screw Stark for opening a club. Screw Nat for making me come. And screw those fucking strobe lights.

“Enjoying yourself Barnes?” Tony comes over to the table I’ve inhabited, smirking as he notices my obvious displeasure.

“Immensely,” I huff at him, glaring up through my bangs.

“Lighten up Buck!” Natasha comes sauntering over holding a pair of drinks. “Here, try yourself,” she says winking as she places a glass in front of me.

“What the hell are you talking about Nat?”

“She’s talking about one of the club’s most popular drinks…. The Winter Soldier. Clever right? There’s also The Black Widow and one I have cleverly named The Night Cap.”

This is too much. I know if I open my mouth I’ll say something Steve will chastise me for tomorrow. It takes all my self control to not punch Tony in his stupid grinning mug. I shove myself up from my seat glaring at my snickering teammates as I sulk off.

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Women’s Appreciation Meme
 ⇉ Favourite Characters: Natasha Romanoff

so i saw @axkaban say this the other day and was like. this is relevant to sO MANY OF MY INTERESTS and needed to draw it bc well. aceromanoffs

tryin new styles at the moment!

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Natasha Romanoff

for woollie xx

So here’s what happens

Matt and Karen get in a bit of a bind. Bad guys, guns, no way out, etc. Basically it’s Tuesday for these danger-seeking numbskulls.

But then! A mysterious rescuer bursts in, possibly on a stolen motorcycle, and wipes the floor with all the bad guys with effortless class and panache.

Matt is like ‘…woah’ and Karen’s like ‘Shit. Shit. I thinks that’s the fucking Black Widow. Holy shit.’

Bad guys taken care of, Ms. Widow proceeds to deflect all of Karen’s many questions. Instead, she smiles, grabs Matt and Karen and, without even untying them, herds them into the back of a truck and slams the door.

Some time and a very bumpy ride later, the truck stops. Matt’s ready to come out guns blazing (so is Karen, lbr), but when the Black Widow opens the back door she mostly seems wryly amused, not threatening.

They’re in a garage. Matt orients himself, mapping the new area - but something in the shadows makes him stop breathing. Karen hisses, ‘what, what is it,’ but the Black Widow is already talking.

“Packages delivered, as promised,” she calls out as she finally removes the restraints on Matt and Karen. “There’s a bit of wear and tear, admittedly, but some things can’t be helped. We good?”

And then Foggy Nelson steps out of the shadows.

“We’re good. Thanks, Natasha,” Foggy says to her, relieved. “I owe you.”

“Let’s just call it even,” she says as she turns to walk away. “See you around, Nelson.”

Natasha Romanoff gets into a car and leaves. Karen and Matt both do their equivalent of staring slackjawed after her.

Then Karen says to Foggy, “…you know Natasha Romanoff? You’re on a first name basis with the Black Widow?”

Foggy says, “Wow, you know, you guys look beat. Do you want some sandwiches? I’ve got some sandwiches here.”

They get sandwiches. They also get zero answers.

But no. 

Natasha as an actual part of the Barton Family.

  • Natasha babysitting so Clint and Laura can go out.
  • Natasha doing Lila’s hair and playing barbies with her.
  • Natasha buying Cooper a pretend detective kit so he can be a SHIELD agent
  • And then also having to buy Lila one too (and also a Black Widow halloween costume)
  • Natasha singing lullabies in Russian to Nathaniel
  • Natasha insisting Wanda be Nathaniel’s Godmother for obvious reasons
  • Natasha helping around the farm
  • Family movie night that ends with Natasha falling asleep on the floor with the kids
  • When Natasha has nightmares she gets to sleep with Clint and Laura too or when it storms along with everyone else
  • Family hugs
  • Natasha gets hugs first when returning from missions
  • She has her own room at their house
  • Natasha is the only woman Laura would ever share Clint with
  • Natasha spending Thanksgiving and Christmas at the Farm
  • Natasha being a second Mom to the kids and Clint and Laura allowing it because of the fact she’ll never get a chance to have her own children
  • Lila and Cooper think Natasha’s last name is Barton and she doesn’t have the heart to tell them otherwise
  • Natasha getting up at night with Nathaniel so Clint and Laura can sleep
  • Natasha helping Clint make improvements around the house
  • Natasha helping Laura talk Clint out of making improvements around the house
  • Natasha most of the time siding with Laura
  • Clint unable to say no to both of them
  • Just Natasha getting a chance to have the family she never had
My Thoughts Throughout The Finale

**WARNING! Major spoilers for the PLL Season 6 Finale! You have been warned**

Oh, people are running. Cool.

Charles is going to jump?

Don’t really care.

Why are the police officers getting their guns out? The bitch is going to jump he’s not armed.

Hold your fire bitch.

I always liked that guy.

I like the first half of Hanna’s statement “You’ve been such a bitch to us.”.

Oh, we’re back at the dance.

The moms are still locked in the basement lol.

Is that red coat?

So Mona was that creepy person? 

Guess I should have known.

Rhys is not Charles, like, c’mon guys.

Is that Jason?

That’s creepy how he’s stuck his face over Ali’s.

He’s clearly not dead. 

He’s breathing I just saw it.

Maybe they’re moving all the bullshit.

Okay did we just step into the future? 

Sara staying outside? 

That’s kinda weird.

Maybe she wants a shower or to run away.

Shower Harvey. 

Jason is there! 

Oh no, my bby.

Obvs she’s talking to Charles, who else?




CeCe is Charles?!

Hold tf up bitch I’m still trying to understand that CeCe is Charles.

Okay, I’ll buy it for now. 

Nice solo song.

So she tried to help Ali by giving her a bath.

That’s kinda cute.

Mr D is real mean.

Hannily synchronized same.

Same tho.

“Like they were twins”.


So Bethany pushed Mrs Cavanaugh.

Why is Spencer so surprised?

They literally had a whole thing about how Mrs Cavanagh didn’t commit suicide.

Toby knows that.

Did you really forget Spencer?

Like really?

Mona and Spencer know.

That look.

Oh, Red Coat!

It is seriously messed up that you dated your brother.

What kind of question is that Alison?


So CeCe hit Alison thinking it was Bethany.

That’s kinda sad.

I still don’t feel sorry for her.

Mona didn’t technically kill Bethany, since Melissa did, but you know.

Carry on.

CeCe and Mona were Radley bffs. 


Bringing up the car incident.

Yup that’s awkward.

I remember that episode.


Hold up.

They weren’t happy.

Emily cried loads of times over Ali.

They never stopped trying to find out who killed Ali.

They saved Alison in New York.

Is she serious?

They never gave up on Alison. 

They obviously weren’t happy that she was gone.

I cannot.

This bitch.

Sara is Red Coat?!

I’m so done.

That’s such bull.

I don’t want Shower Harvey to be Red Coat.

She’s not lying but I’m not happy.

Not a bad person?!

You hurt my babies so many times.

Wow close up.


Calm down.

Creepy af.

Sara was also Black Widow?

Are you kidding?!

Are you actually having a giggle?

That should have been Melissa and we all know it.

Must have been an act.

Never liked Sara anyway.

Go Spencer!

Mona came prepared.

Those heels are to die for.


I made myself laugh…

So who killed Mrs D?

We still don’t know.

Who killed her?!

So CeCe buried her and videoed it?

Fuck Sara Harvey.

Well Shit.


Go Spencer!

When did she learn to diffuse a bomb?

The internet?

Idc bby Spencer is a boss.


Sara just got knocked the fuck out.

Go Emily!


Best part of the episode.

Game over bitches.

Spencer’s southerner accent tho.

My God.

Sparia banter.  

Someone help.

What happened to Sara?

Did Emily hit her that hard?

Lol idec.

I really like Spencer’s outfit.

Not gonna lie but I would wear that.

Sparia hug!

Oh and Hanna joins.

My heart.




Emison said I love you.

I’m going to cry.

Oh my God.

Spencer’s “Bye, baby, Hanna-banna.”

I cannot

Someone bring the tissues.

I’m dying.

Stop saying goodbye!

It hurts!

I’m crying.

Five years later?

I don’t know if I’m ready.

Wait, is Alison a teacher?

Who’s he?

What is happening?

Hanna was very demanding.

Emily was demanding too.

Who tf is he?

Is Alison married though? 

The bored said Mrs and a different last name…

Is Alison married?!

Idc about who this guy is who is after them but is Alison married?

Are you kidding me?

You cannot end there.

I’m depressed now.

Well time to turn on all social media

Tumblr time.

i respect papaya though

i respect anyone who lives in australia

because you know when you hear about those horrible animals that could kill you in two seconds???

almost all of them

live in australia


the bulldog ant:

the funnel web spider:

the taipan:

the box jellyfish:

the cassowary:

and let us not forget the cuddly and adorable platypus, the males of which have venomous spurs that can leave you in intense pain for weeks

of course becoming victims of any of these creatures isn’t an every day thing but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, AUSTRALIA

Ok but like Joss Whedon saying that there would be no after-credits scene in AoU because ‘nothing could top the shwarma scene’ made me so mad, so just for you, Joss, I have compiled a list of examples that could have been used for an after-credit scene.

• A preview of Guardians II
• Some kind of lead up to Civil War
• More baby Groot dancing
• Kate Bishop and Clint Barton
• Any of the Avengers dancing to Beyoncé
• A preview to a Black Widow movie
• A preview to a Hawkeye movie
• What the fuck happened in Budapest
• A preview to a Black Widow/ Hawkeye movie, co-starring Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Sam Wilson
• Melinda May, Pepper, Natasha, and Maria interacting
• Peggy motherfuckin Carter because why not
• Natasha’s process for dyeing/cutting her hair so often and still always looking flawless
• Domestic Avengers dealing with each other
• Avengers finding out that Coulson is alive
• Avengers meeting Skye
• Avengers protecting Skye and friends
• A showing of Captain America The Winter Soldier because it’s doubtful that any of your movies will ever top that
• Beyoncé
• That is all
• Also make a Black Widow movie
• Seriously
• Get the fuck on that would you
• No wait actually
• A Black Widow movie by you would kinda suck probably
• Get the Russo Bros to make a Black Widow movie
• Now
• Do it
•Also fuck you bc the whitewashing was completely unnecessary k bye

theloverofthepoor  asked:

I don't think that is Ms. Tina in the Beyonce/Storm costume pic. I think that is Lala Anthony. They have similar eyes and skin color. Also, the mystery woman as Black Widow is Beyonce's cousin, Beyince.


sonofbaldwin said: “Tina: Harlequin; Kelly: Black Canary; Ciara: Catwoman; Lala: Wonder Woman/Captain America; Beyonce: Storm; Beyince: Black Widow; Serena: Jubilee.” :) 

stopwhiteboys2k15 said: “Beyoncé’s cousin in the pic is named Angie! Her last name is Beyince”

susiethemoderator said “Angie Beyincé went as Bat Girl! Just a heads up! It says on her official Instagram”

Admin: Thank You!

Sketch commission for Headbandone

Black Widow, from Marvel, as an anthro fox! :D

It was really fun to do some furry, non pony stuff. Variety is the spice of life, after all. (I also have a weakness for Black Widow) And this makes me kinda wanna draw more Marvel, and possibly DC characters as furries, with appropriate species.


Mary is Black Widow, and Wilden Is/Was Charles

I believe we got some MAJOR clues tonight!

Back in the late part of season 3, Jason is pushed down the elevator shaft. He flees the hospital, and we later learn that he tried to hide at his Aunt Carol’s house, though Jessica was there and turned him away.

We now know that one of the reasons she turned him away was because Mary was there.

Now, in that conversation, Mary tells Jessica she just found out her son was dead. Also important to note, both women referred to Charles as Charles, using male pronouns.

Now, if Charlotte was actually Charles, this conversation wouldn’t be happening, because Charlotte was still alive.

As I said, Jason fell down the shaft late season 3, episode 20, I believe. Wilden is supposedly killed in the season 3 finale, and the funeral is held in the beginning on season 4.

Jason might not have thought of Aunt Carol’s immediately… The bruising in the flashback could be consistent with healing and not the next day.

In addition, this could have easily been right before or after Wilden’s funeral. If Wilden was Charles, Mary would have wanted to attend his funeral, though that would have raised all sorts of questions. That would explain the Black Widow get up.

Also, I have been saying since the birthday video came out that Wilden and Charles bore an uncanny resemblance!

And, it makes sense! If Alison was Mary’s second child, Alison and Wilden were in photos because they KNEW they were brother and sister. That is why Wilden was so hell bent on finding out what happened!

Wilden was the head A until his death, and never knew for sure if Ali was alive. She didn’t surface for sure until a season later.

Except I am thinking, Wilden just thought Alison was his sister. He approached her as a friend, and kept it at that level. In actuality, he was wrong.

I think Mary had another boy, and I am really thinking it will be Caleb. Although for this part of the theory, I am not sure how Charlotte fits in, unless he wants to know who still wants to hurt his family. Another possibility is he doesn’t realize Wilden is Charles because of how Jessica had to cover the tracks of what happened to Charles, and Charlotte’s story threw him off. OR, Charlotte was actually Caleb’s true love, and he was playing everyone the whole time.

i watched the avengers yesterday now im so hOOked i already got hulk, captain america and thor also why doesnt black widow have her own movie