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Vampy-King’s DIY Fang Tutorial

So I know there’s a few of these out. But you don’t really get a good view on what they’re doing so hopefully mine works for you.


(These are the full-cover, if you couldn’t tell)

You’ll also need some nail clippers, AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY(or unholy?) MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN THEM WITH, and an emery board. I’m just using the tips because that’s all I have right now and it’s just for the sake of the tutorial. 

So the first thing you’ll need to do is get nails out of the pack that’s close to the width of your teeth. To do this just hold the nail up to your tooth just to make sure. It’s okay if the nail is a little be wider than your tooth because you’ll be filing it down.

(WOW MY TEETH LOOK GROSS ; A ; I’m so sorry)

After that you’ll want to cut the nail into the length and shape you want. I usually cut it so that one side is more steep(not the right word but I can’t think how to do explain it), that side is the one that will be closer to my front teeth.

Next file the nail into more of a rounder shape and file the sides. Also file the sides that don’t make up the point so that the nail will match the the width of your tooth more. Also file the point the tiniest bit to make it more realistic. Fangs on any animal isn’t perfectly pointy, the tip has more of a round tip.

Put the nail up to your tooth every once in a while to check and make sure it fits and is at the length you want.

Next you’ll need some denture glue so you can wear your newly made fangs! A little bit goes a long way and some will squish out the sides of  your fang, which the more there is, the nastier your mouth will feel because you will get denture glue all up in your mouth.

This is the amount I use.

Then to place your fang in your mouth just barely touch the denture glue that’s on your fang to the tip of your tongue and press the glue your gum line on your tooth. Then wipe as much of the excess away as you can and rise your mouth out with warm water about 1-2 times to try and clean if up a bit.


Hope this helps

You Know What I Find Funny?

These men. So, let me tell you about my day so far (even though it’s only 11:25am so far). A friend of mine and I conducted a social experiment, she made a seeking arrangement profile and decided to see if it was true that mainly light skinned or white girls would get more messages,more favorite - what have you.

We sat down in my apartment she looked at me and said “my thing is I don’t understand, you’re gorgeous but only get messages here and there.” She proceeded to then say that it couldn’t be a race thing and maybe it’s the way I was wording things. I laughed, obviously. So, she took a picture she had taken when she had just woken up hair like completely a mess and no make up and had a ratty T-shirt on and she posted that as her profile picture only said a few words here and there about herself mainly just I’m just looking for money I don’t want anything to do with you guys-just money.

Now, keep in mind the reason she and I started being friends was people kept telling her she looks like a cavewoman and I stepped in to defend her and you know do all that courageous bullshit. She’s pretty but she does have a unique look about her… In that way? I don’t know if that makes sense but she’s not what people would typically say is pretty and it’s sad because she has to continuously fight to be pretty.

So anyway, my part of the experiment was to upload a new picture of myself basically showcasing my 36DDD boobs and a low-cut shirt and one of my favorite skirts. Along with updating my wording on my profile. I received a six messages. She received 47. A lot of the messages were it’s OK you can have my money and all this other stuff and I was actually shocked, like I have a lot of friends who are signed up on the website and I never really paid attention to anybody’s savings. You know what I mean? I would be like a cool youre getting messages that’s good I’m proud of you slay queen.

But it was literally astounding to see that because my friend was white everything was a lot easier for her on this site (and in life but ya know 🐸☕️)

So, there I was sitting in my emotional what the fuck state and for once in my life I was actually extremely jealous???? I don’t know how to explain it I just know that I was probably more mad and more envious to see that if I only had white skin then being a sugarbaby want to be so much work and so much of a hassle for me.

That’s why I commend the fuck out of all of my black sugar friends who are super successful and have whipped these men into shape like y'all, I fucking love you, you are the best.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect at this whole experience but I definitely have a new full appreciation for all of my black sugar friends who even have other hoe professions like escorts or strippers !

And for those of you who are still struggling do What I did and Sign up for like multiple sites we need all the exposure we can get. Even you’d be surprised how tinder works for finding men with money like two of the main guys I’m talking to right now are both millionaires and they just view that type of “Arrangement” as dating…and they’re cute 😉

Lol, but on A serious note ladies I know how difficult it is to find somebody trust me I might have two in my ring right now but I’m still looking. It is hard enough to be a minority woman even if you aren’t black if you’re just another minority, it is hard out here so get this mentality : you are a fucking queen, they are lucky to get you if they don’t want you fuck it their Dicks are probably small.

And for my white sugar babies, I do love you do not get me wrong but I’ve seen a lot of you taking away from the success of minority sugar babies I don’t know if it’s like jealousy or just being a plain old bitch. But I’ve seen a lot of things that have made me very wary on trusting a lot of you. But please, listen to this commend other sugar babies praise them, everybody’s working hard to get where they are where they want to be let’s make sure we’re all praising each other to the top. Also, please recognize that it is easier for you. I’ve seen so many girls say that it’s not easy just because you’re white like it is honey I’m sorry. But you are the “beauty "therefore the rest of the beautiful girls in the world who are quite white are struggling so please recognize that there is a bit of easiness in this for you.

It’s all love, just thought I’d share.

His Best Friend’s Sister

From this request: Can you write a Dan and Phil thing where the reader is Dans sister and falls in love with Phil? (Or the other way around)

*Dan Howell-centric


“Dan,” Phil said, poking his head into Dan’s bedroom. “Is it cool if Y/N comes to stay here for a few days?”

Dan smiled. “Of course.” He’d grown to love Phil’s little sister over the years. It was strange to refer to her as ‘little’ since she was Dan’s age.

Phil smiled and headed down the hall. Dan heard him talking on the phone, telling you that he was looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Dan knew that Phil would now go into overdrive, trying to clean the flat. Nothing would really get accomplished, though, because Phil would get distracted by all the stuff he would find.

Dan leaned back in his computer chair, staring at the screen in front of him. His latest video had just been posted and he was watching the view count rise. It would be great to have you around for a while. You hadn’t visited in a few months, having been busy with finishing university and working at your part time job.

Dan walked out to the living room and watched as Phil bustled around, arms full of miscellaneous items. “Need any help?”

“No,” Phil said, disappearing down the hall, a video game controller falling from his grip.

Dan laughed to himself as he picked it up, following Phil down the hall.


“Knock, knock!”

Dan looked up, seeing you standing in the doorframe. “Y/N!”

“Hi, Dan.” You laughed as Dan stood, wrapping his arms around you. “Long time, no see.”

“How’s university?”

“Almost done, thankfully.”

Phil walked up at the moment, dropping a duffle bag at his feet. “Geez, Y/N, what did you pack?! This thing is heavier than the couch!”

You gently shoved your brother. “I have a big test coming up. I brought my textbooks to study with.”

“You honestly think you’re going to get any studying done here?”

“Well, you have to sleep at some point. I’ll do it then.”


Sure enough, that night when Phil had gone to bed, you sat up in the living room, headphones in, book open in your lap. Dan happened to walk by, his insomnia kicking in.


Your concentration wasn’t broken in the slightest.

“Y/N?” Dan asked a little louder.

You looked up, jumping slightly. “Dan!” You pulled your earbud out. “What are you doing?”

“I couldn’t sleep.” Dan slowly sat next to you. “What are you studying?”

“Child psychology.”

“Right.” Dan glanced down at the textbook—massive amounts of it were highlighted and he saw some of your notes jotted in the margins. “You, uh… need any help?”

“You know anything about child psychology?”

“Well, no… but I can read.”

You laughed and handed your book over. Dan flipped through, looking at all the stuff you’d marked. He tried his best to form questions to match the material, but this was completely foreign to him.

After about ten minutes, you relieved him, reaching for the book. “Thank you, Dan, but we can stop. I can tell you have no idea what you’re doing.”

“Was I that obvious?”

You nodded.

The two of you realized that your hands were nearly touching, fingertips brushing against each other. The gravitational pull seemingly increased between the two of you, each one leaning in.

You didn’t know who’s lips brushed who’s first, but the spark you felt was incredible. Dan’s lips were warm and soft, the kiss slow and passionate. Dan broke it first, his face mere inches from yours.

“I…” You saw his Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed hard. “Y/N…”


“You’re Phil’s little sister.”

“I’m well aware of that,” you said with a giggle.

“I can’t… we can’t…”

“Why not?”

Dan’s eyes dropped to your lips. “You’re Phil’s little sister.”

“You said that already, Dan.”

“He would never let you–”

“He’s not my keeper, Dan.” You realized the two of you were being pulled together again.

Neither of you fought it.

anonymous asked:

Puddles I respect your decision but what made you come to it if you don't mind me asking?

I just need a break,
I only can produce ¾ head shot views, crap anatomy full bodies.
Its time to take time for myself to work on things outside of social media.
Recently looking at my art, its been the same for years. Not the style, but the way everything looks.

I deleted it all my art everywhere for this reason. I’ll be back. I just need to work my stuff out and who I am as a person.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for nanowrimo, just in general?

Yes. I participated (and completed ☺️) NaNoWriMo two years ago and it was a great experience. But my first tip, and a really important one, I talk about in a post I made last year about repetitive strain injury. Typing 1,666 words a day for a month can be a strain on your hands and back so make sure you’re careful. Anyway, here are some other tips based on my experiences:

  • Try to stick to the daily word count as much as possible, but it isn’t the end of the world if you miss a day. 50,000 words sounds really daunting, and frankly so does 1,666 words a day but it’s manageable. But if you let it build up then it’ll seem even more daunting until you get discouraged. To achieve this…
  • Set a time for writing. This is a good tip for writing in general but especially for something like NaNo or making a deadline. Tell yourself you’re going to write and only write from x-y. Obviously there might be days you can’t fulfil it but try it anyway.
  • Don’t worry about editing. One of the great things I learned from NaNo was how to push through blocks and just let the writing come out without  second guessing myself too much (that word count is great incentive). You’ll have time to edit later. November is for the writing. 
  • Outlines are great, but not set in stone. This sort of goes with the other point but don’t let your outline bog you down. If you get another idea on the spur of the moment, go for it. If you think you’d rather write another scene right now instead the one that follows chronologically in your story, do it, you can always go back later.
  • Go full screen mode. I was going to suggest getting one of those apps that keeps you off of the Internet for sometime but I know that sometimes you need to do a quick Google search for a story point. So instead of completely depriving yourself of the internet at least go full screen on the document so that you can really focus just on the page and not have all the other apps in your dock distracting you. Better yet, I know some versions of Word have something called Focus View that literally just leaves the page on the screen. Try that.
  • Do it for the learning experience. Sometimes, when the day is long and the word count doesn’t seem like it’s moving much, you’ll need some extra incentives to keep going. I learned a lot during NaNo about myself as a writer and just general good work habits. 
  • Talk to someone about your progress. If you happen to have a writing buddy who is also doing NaNo that’s great! You can push each other along and keep your spirits up, plus it can give you a little competitive push. But if you don’t have someone like that, try just talking to a friend or family member so you can tell them about your progress and they can help keep you on track. You can always blog about on your Tumblr too ;)
  • If it sounds too unreasonable, make your own goal. You can start off aiming for that 50,000 but along the way you might find that for one reason or another it just isn’t feasible for you. So instead of giving up all together, try to set your own personal goal, one that you think you can achieve and work towards that. 

Hope those can be of some help. NaNoWriMo is fast approaching and for those of you have are attempting for the first time I get your apprehension, but it’s not as impossible as it sounds. That being said, life happens, so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t meet the deadline. Do your best and try to enjoy the experience! 

#4 Thirteen Reasons to Love

OT13 Drabble

S.Coups: Love hurts. You and Seungcheol dated when you were both young. Looking back at it now, you had never realized how destructive your relationship was. What they said is true, the more you hurt in a relationship the more you’re addicted to it. But you loved him so much. Even when he made you cry so hard you couldn't’t breathe, even after he told you to go away and never come back, hell even when he questioned why you both were still together after all this time. Despite all of that, he was the only one for you and you were the one for him. The sad thing? Years had already passed and you still haven’t known love like you have known it with Seungcheol. 

Jeonghan: Love is beautiful. All cliche as it sounds it’s true. Love makes you see the beauty of things and make you more thankful for the simple things in life. Jeonghan may had been physically beautiful but for you, his personality outshined the beauty on the outside. But for Jeonghan, it was you that made his world more beautiful. Sure, the flowers were pretty but they looked even prettier when you were next to them. He’s just sad that you didn’t see what he did. He wanted to show you how beautiful you looked when you smile, or how happy you looked when you were eating something that he cooked for you. “Y/N, do you know how pretty you look right now?” You cheeks instantly grew hot but today, you finally knew the answer to the question he always asked. “Yeah. Thank you for showing me how to accept myself.” Jeonghan smiled at your answer. He’s glad that you’re seeing the world in a different way now.

Joshua: It’s simple. For you and Joshua your relationship ran so smoothly that it was so simple. Just because love is simple doesn’t mean that you two didn’t love each other enough. It just means that you two were puzzle pieces that was so easy to put together. Sure you two didn’t fight as much as other couples did but that doesn’t mean you both never fought. You two were smart, you understood in order to move on you would need to apologize and talk. That’s what you did and it worked fine. Your relationship might be viewed as “simple” but your love was more complicated; it’s something that cannot  be solved. Fortunately, neither of you want to ever solve this complicated problem that looked so simple. 

Jun: Because love is full of silence. You and Jun didn’t need much words to know what each other were thinking. Just one look in the eyes and Jun would know that all you want right now is to be held. When Jun looks at you, you know that he wants a kiss and that’s what you give him. “Actions speak louder than words.” Have you ever heard that phrase? Well that is exactly what your relationship with Jun was. It’s nice to be honest. Sometimes all you need is to be heard and other times all you need is the company of another person to make you feel better. However, that doesn’t mean your relationship is filled with silence. You and Jun talk all the time it’s just that you find more comfort in his silence. After all, it’s not the words coming out from his mouth that lead you to his soul, it’s his eyes.  

Hoshi: Love is full of wishes. When Sooyoung is with you, he is always wishing for something. Whether it would be for your wellbeing, your dreams to come true, even for you to always be happy even if it wasn’t with him. Little did he know that you were doing the same for him. “What do you wish for when you see a shooting star?” Soonyoung suddenly asks you while you two were glancing at the night sky on the hood his car. “I wish for your wishes to come true.” He immediately turns his head towards your direction and takes a long look at your side profile. “Then I guess we're killing two birds with one stone. I always wish for yours to come true.” You laughed and linked your fingers with his. He doesn’t know though… he doesn’t know that all his wishes have been granted when he met you. 

Wonwoo: It’s everywhere. Everywhere Wonwoo looked he would be reminded of you. He loved you so much that he somehow started finding constellations of your eyes, nose, lips. Little things remind him of you and suddenly you were everywhere. In everything he saw you and that made him so happy. When Wonwoo couldn’t see you all he had to do was look for something and be reminded of your smile. That’s what made Wonwoo smile just a little more brighter and get out of a bed with something to look forward to. “Goodmorning, the flowers have bloomed and the sun feels a little more warmer today.” Even after you were long gone, Wonwoo was glad to always be surrounded by your presence. 

Woozi: Love is slow. You and Jihoon have been stuck like glue ever since you met. The problem is that your glue somehow managed to turn into a different type of glue. As time passed and the more time you spent with him, your feelings developed. You found yourself stuck in a cliche plot of a movie and frankly you were tired. Tired from your main lead being so oblivious to your actions. “How long do I have to throw myself at you for you to understand my feelings?” Jihoon looked at you with a blank stare like he always did when he was confused. “You don’t have to anymore… I understand you now, so please forgive me for never realizing my feelings for you.” Love might be slow, but the wait is worth it. 

DK: Because love can be the only exception. You were little when both of your parents divorced but you understood why they decided to split. The way you saw it was simple: your parents didn't’t love each other anymore. If love meant giving your all to someone so special and to have it destroyed in a second, then you didn’t want that. You don’t want to cry like they did, no way. That was until Seokmin came into your life… oh boy did he make you fall. However, you were so damn stubborn. But Seokmin tried so hard to make his way to your heart. It didn’t matter how high you built your walls he was always at the peak of climbing over. “I’m not going to promise you that you won't be hurt but I can promise you that I will stay by your side.” That was when you decided that Seokmin was going to be your only exception. 

Mingyu: Love isn’t always romantic. Everyone thinks that soulmates are meant to fall in love and get married and start a life from there. That wasn’t the case with Mingyu. Mingyu loved so much that he felt like his heart can burst. When he was with you, he would find comfort in your smile and be happy that it was him that made you smile. You and Mingyu have been friends for a very long time and never once has he felt something else between you. You obviously felt the same and proved it to him multiple times. (you did threw up after he kissed you in your 15th birthday party but that’s another story) True love may be hard to find but true friendship is rare and he just so happened to be lucky enough to have found his soulmate through friendship. 

The8: Love sparks interest. You were never interested in anything around you. For you, your world was pure black and white. Every day was the same routine over and over again. Even now when you want to change your life, you’re scared of change. That was until you met Minghao during summer. When you saw him, you realized that the cherry blossoms were pink and that the sky was blue and not black. That boy glowed so much so when he inched closer you naturally closed your eyes to protect them. Nope, that wasn’t something Minghao wanted you to be trapped him. It took a while but Minghao showed you the world and he showed you that life was filled with so many things that can spark your interest enough to drag you out of your monochrome world.  Your canvas right is now full of color. Though your eyes might hurt a little from the brightness you would eventually adjust. You’re just glad that Minghao showed you the different hues of a rainbow. Now the real question is, does he know that he’s the one that made you start seeing all these colors? 

Seungkwan: It’s funny. You and Seungkwan were always laughing at every little thing. No matter how lame your jokes were he always laughed because it was you who were telling them. You and him knew better than to take life a little too serious. Why waste a whole day frowning when you could be smiling? And on top of that, why waste that day when he could be next to the person he loves the most while laughing. Believe it or not, Seungkwan used to have those days. There were times when he wouldn’t smile at all or times when he would just crumble down and start crying himself to sleep. You changed him though. You showed him that no matter how sad he was or will be, there would always be a day where he can just laugh and laugh. People say that someone cannot heal you but that wasn’t true for him. You healed him and with the best medicine you could give: love with a side of laughter. 

Vernon: Love is full of understanding. Vernon has always been by your side even in your worst of times. He didn’t care when you pushed him away while crying. He never left your side because he never wanted to see you alone ever again. Why? Because he understands the feeling. Vernon was so patient when it came to you that it didn’t matter how long it would take him to finally calm you down… he just wanted to let you know that when your world starts crumbling down he would be there to kiss you and tell you it’s okay. He just hopes you would understand him too when he starts to break down and you did. 

Dino: Because love is innocent. Sometimes you would show each other your love simply by lacing your fingers together. You both are teenagers so you wouldn’t know much about how romance works, so right now the feel the feels of his palms is enough for you to comprehend his love towards you. And to put it simply, you like this. You liked that neither of you were discontent with what you both have now. Neither of you were rushing to the kisses and long hugs, even the arguments. The feeling of his fingers tied with yours is enough for now. You know for a fact that he’s happy with this too. 

Sorry for all the grammar mistakes and misspellings. I’m a little tired c: Over the weekend I will publish my Seungkwan scenario so look forward to that! 

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Blue or Pink Jellybean

Blue or Pink Jellybean

Summary: Riley and Lucas find out the gender of their first child with company of friends and family.

Word count: 1,298

For: @sseversole

Part 1: Jellybean Pizza

Today was the day. Riley and Lucas were expecting their first child and couldn’t be any more anxious to find out the gender of their little jellybean. Their friends and family traveled down to the Lone Star state find out the wonderful reveal. Maya was finally finished with her art curator internship in London, Zay and Vanessa had gotten back from their honeymoon, and Farkle and Smackle finished up their Ph.D. degrees in psychology. The timing couldn’t be anymore perfect. They gang had definitely changed and matured and were about to welcome a new member to their family.

“Should I wear my hair up or down?” Riley wondered as she stepped out of their en-suite bathroom.

Lucas turned around to see his glowing wife wearing a purple maternity dress. If you had told him when he was in the 8th grade that he would be married to Riley Matthews and be expecting a child with her he wouldn’t be believe you because it would sound too good to be true. But here he is.

Lucas walked over to Riley and ran his finger through her dark brown curls, “It doesn’t matter to me,” he told her, “but I do love when you straighten it.”

Riley gazed into his eyes and planted a small peck on his lips, “Down and straight it is.”

She walked back into the bathroom to finish getting ready for the special occasion.

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