they all were. im so proud

important facts & quotes from hidden oracle reread #4 part one

i cited everything from the hardback edition bc im a nerd 

- page one apollo is already making pop culture references (1)

- meg is such a badass oh my g od (14)

- riodan does such a beautiful way of explaining things in this novels. awe-inspiring. mind blowing. example: “Her eyes glinted darkly like a crow’s. (I can make that comparison because I invented crows.)” (14-15) wow. beautiful. 

- so i understand this series is going to be about Apollo’s redemption and ~~~~finding himself~~~~ or w\e but JESUS PLEASE RICK you can’t just say “She [Meg] reminded me of the strays my sister was always adopting: dogs, panthers, homeless maidens, small dragons.” (15) WITHOUT PROVIDING SEVERAL BOOKS AS EXAMPLE FOR SAID SENTENCE all i want is a book focused on artemis and her army of small dragons and lesbians dear gods please 

- omfg can you just imagine sally having to go over to Percy’s room and having to tell him that the greek god of the sun apollo was there to see him omfg. imagine the salt. imagine both of them just groaning. imagine.

-”If I had still been an immortal, I might have flirted with her [Sally Jackson] myself.” (30-31) l o l Sally is a middle aged married woman seven months pregnant and still bringing in the gods you go girl im proud of you

- Sally Jackson is one of the best characters in the entire series. citation: every riodan book ever even the non-pjo it’s a fact 

- i 10000% support the idea that percy gave apollo the led zeppelin shirt as a sneaky joke he’s so smart i love him so much

- “Percy laced his fingers. They were long and nimble.”(35) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- He [Percy] would have made an excellent musician.” (35) f u ck 

- literally all percy wants is to “stay alive” long enough to go to college, meet his baby sister, and see his mom get her book published my heart is broken for this boy (35-36)

- the return of the seven layer dip fuck me up (40)

- jfc that poor Prius it’s been through so much (52-54)

- page 67 and Percy’s already made two comic book references he’s such a canon nerd 

- “Cops love me almost as much as teachers do.” god Percy Jackson what are you doing to me

- apollo tried to order a pizza to CHB and honestly same (73)

- g o d will solace jfc wow

- we’re to assume Will’s a skier (his Okemo Mountain jacket & skiers tan) (82) and now i have to write the inevitable fic that comes out of this fact

- Will’s mom was a alt.-country singer from Austin, Texas (83) which wow and honestly makes the fact will is a horrible singer 1000% better

- yellow daises grow year-round in the Apollo cabin, and it smells like fresh linens and dried sage. (83)

- kayla is aiming for the olympics and honestly im so proud already 

- fact: any and all solangelo interaction have me crying into my book 

- “Will put his hand on Nico’s shoulder, ‘Nico, we need to have another talk about your people skills.’” lol this implies that they’ve had this talk before and im dying to hear it

- the Hermes kids are big fans of Rocky Horror Picture Show (95) and now i have to write a seperate list of headcanons for this fact

- speaking of, Apollo used to cosplay as Rocky bc why not. (95-96)

- listen i know im solangelo trash BUT - “Will and Nico sat shoulder to shoulder, bantering good-naturedly. They were so cute together it made me feel desolate.” im destroyed (110)

- “but if I sit alone at my table, strange things happen.” “it’s a mood disorder” “i cant control it” stfu nico u nerd u just want to sit with your boyfriend im dead (110)

- Will nodded serenely. “It’s the strangest thing. Not that Nico would ever misuse his powers to get what he wants.” death to goody-two-shoes will solace 2k17

- off topic but CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE CHIRON THO. like. this happens and will and nico are just standing there. in front of him. telling him they have to sit together OR NICO WILL JUST HAPPEN TO PUT CRACKS INTO HIS CAMP. just imagine. him staring at them. sighing. deciding not to fight this one. agreeing & watching them giggle away bc they’re so SNEAKY & now they can EAT TOGETHER WOW 

-   lol when Meg was going to town on the hot dogs and “Julia and Alice watched her with a mixture of fascination and horror.” (111)

- “Will and Nico exchanged a look that might have meant, here we go.” (112) okay im sorry im just sO GONE FOR LITTLE MOMENTS LIKE THIS I JUST WANT NICO TO BE HAPPY AND COMFORTABLE IN HIS RELATIONSHIPS OKAY

- apollo refers to the seven as “the A-list” (112) same tho

- Jason, Piper, Coach Hedge, Mellie and baby Chuck are all in LA with Piper’s father like???? (113) THIS IS SOMETHING I NEED TO SEE? What’s the living arrangement? Is Jason living with Piper? OH GOD IS JASON LIVING WITH HEDGE AND MELLIE? DO THEY ALL LIVE IN SOME BIG PLACE PIPER’S DAD RENTED OUT???? do Piper and Jason babysit? do they have family dinners? how’s baby chuck doing??? how are they all adjusting to domestic life?? I NEED TO KNOW THIS IS ALL VERY IMPORTANT TO ME 

- lol nico’s just as pissed as eveRYONE IN THE FANDOM about Leo’s not-death and im living for it (113)

- also nico carries around Leo’s lil ‘IM ALIVE LOL’ letter\hologram\thing? like i get it was completely for the plot but?????? “i look at it whenever i want to get angry” (114) like ok nico u lil bean whatever u say u little emo shit

- apollo’s little ‘lol when u have a headache in olympus hephaestus just cracks open your skull and removes whatever brain god\dess u just birthed up lol it’s so much easier ugh’ (116) w h a t t h e f u c k 

- fact: harley is adorable no citation needed

- also you’re telling me chiron, basically as old as time itself tbh, doesn’t speak portuguese? k (120)

- “i am merely assessing how well paolo’s arms are functioning after surgery” (120) those are some big words william u nervous or something??

- “hmph” - nico di angelo, 2016 (120) 

- this isn’t really important but there’s a satyr named herbert and he’s my new favorite character sorry i dont make the rules (124)

- ok so there’s an unnamed random camper who mutters in Italian (127) and now i’ve got the BIGGEST headcanon that this random girl and Nico (omg maybe a few others????) meet a few times a month just to rant to each other in Italian so none of them get sloppy with the language and u g h im such a bitch for nico di angelo frienships

- “A boy in the crowd gasped, ‘she’s a communist!’” (127) i fucking hate this book omfg

i’ll do more later in order to mentally prepare myself for the dark prophecy but it’s 3 am and im tired  

imagine jack and bitty come out by simply not hiding their relationship!!

  • the Samwell team being super protective of their bros
  • the Providence team being super cool with it (and in some cases being lowkey passive agressively protective)
  • but also the tabloids being so straight

“nhl superstar Jack Zimmermann was seen yesterday leaving his penthouse apartment with best friend and roommate Eric “Bitty” Bittle. They were later seen at lunch with a young woman with whom jack seemed very close to. A simple lunch with an old friend or the best friend meeting the girlfriend lunch? Who knows, but one thing’s for sure, Zimmermann seems happy and ready to give his all for the season’s first game this Saturday. #LetsGoFalcs”

  • also, the Falcs winning the Stanley Cup, Bitty runs over to Jack on the ice and they stand there hugging, exchanging i love yous and “im so proud of you, honey!”
  • jack getting married to bitty
  • the media still hasnt caught on that they’re together
  • it’s only been 4 years you know
  • it’s not as if they’re hiding it
  • the media’s just dense af

“Jack Zimmermann spotted with best friend and roommate Eric Bittle and their 3 children. It appears that the pair has decided to add another kid to their little family as they were headed back to their car after meeting with a foster child. These two are absolute #bromance goals and we wish them luck!”

  • the Samwell team and the Falcs mocking news media outlets!!!

“Zimmermann and husband spotted with their children, bro goals!!”

“HAH! Good one, Ransom!!”

“Thanks, Tater!”

it’s 1:34 in the morning someone stop me


seventeen mentioned that this is a song about feeling deep sadness, but also about growing from it and becoming better (if i remembered correctly). If you watch their dance, the first chorus starts on the ground; they cover their eyes but they don’t want to cry, in the second shot of ot13 doing the chorus choreo, they’re standing now, showing, in my opinion, how they grew to be better after their sadness.

In the final chorus, they start on the ground again (they slowly drop down #iconic #happy20svt) and then they rise up again with full force!! I felt like they were expressing an emotion that yes, its okay to be sad, but we have to be strong and get up again! and god damn i may be giving seventeen more credit, and I may be extra, but all i’m saying is that choreography is absolutely amazing, it fits the lyrics and its amazingly intricate! im so proud

impressive things hunk has done because damn he doesn’t deserve this shit:

  • Is literally one of the smartest members of the team
  • found the fucking blue lion with his “Voltron Geiger counter” they would be lost w/o him bye
  • messed w the wiring of a galra tech elevator to get it work in no time at all
  • was one of the two paladins thus far to use their bayards to create a weapon for voltron (very useful on the balmera AND when they were rescuing allura)
  • Hunk knew Rolo was sketchy from the get-go and realized they were faking the ship problems bc he’s a fantastic engineer.
  • like the whole balmera thing
    • He’s the first of the younger paladins to really understand what its like to be a paladin 
    • what a great maturing arc im so proud of him
  • Used algorithms or something (i didn’t really understand it) to help Pidge create a better system for translating Galra to English (basically did something even pidge couldnt do like wow!!)
  • Saved all their asses in episode 10 by signaling that guard with a drone so he thought nothing was amiss.
  • Charged right into the main Galra ship to save Allura even though in like episode 3 or whatever he wanted to flee with the Arusians like it’s only been a few weeks but he’s grown!!so!!much!!
  • stop reducing him to a fat joke he’s one of the best characters in this show bye

how the hell do cishet aces/aros even relate to Pride? like

do they see all those pics from Pride all over the world with gay couples kissing and holding hands and bi people holding signs that say “bi and proud” with the bi flag in them or something and the colors of the trans flag are everywhere too and words like “trans liberation” and a bunch of pics of Marsha P. and other trans women who are/were super important to lgbt history and get their dashboards flooded with movie gifs of mlm/wlw couples with the caption “happy pride month!” or “#lovewins”

do they see all that and go “ah yes, so happy to see people like me :’)”???

lmfao. im seriously wondering this

Im so proud of any wlw who have come out recently

Im so proud that you were so brave and ready to come out to your friends/parents/co workers

And Im also so proud of the wlw who havent been able come out yet

Its emotional and extremly difficult to come out just as it is to stay in the closet

Im proud of all of you and hope that every wlw has a wonderful pride month!!!

“We shall not say the word forever, even though we wont say forever, please be together with us for a long, long time- Kim Jongdae 150308

Thank you exo. This is for five years, here’s to five more.

nothing makes me more emo than people not considering xero a rapper.

You can kiss me whenever you want // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: You’ve been dating Shawn for a while and you haven’t kissed and you really want to but you’re really nervous about it

Requested: Yaaas- sorry if it wasn’t exactly what you were thinking, I tried my best :)

Authors note: IM SCREAMING THE WHOLE TIME I WROTE THIS, but seriously I’m actually semi proud of this so I hope you all like it and who ever requested this thank you so so so much for the idea

I wanted to kiss Shawn really bad- I’m not going to lie, but being around Shawn made me incredibly nervous that I just couldn’t seem to do it. I had plenty of opportunities to go for it but every time my nerves got the best of me.

First time I realized I wanted to, it was the coffee shop date last week.

“Did you really say that to him?” Shawn chuckles, taking a sip from this hot chocolate.

“Well, I said it in my head,” I say sheepishly, stirring my hot beverage with a spoon. I look up at him to see him already staring, head leaning against his propped up hand.

There was something different about his gaze that day that I couldn’t seem to pinpoint. It made my stomach churn with nerves, my hands tingle and it was if all I could see was him, everything in the background seeming to disappear.

All I had to do was lean in and kiss him. Just like that.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” I murmur. Of course instead I say this, looking away, not being able to hold such a stare.

“Like what?” Shawn hums and when I look back at him the same look is still there.

“I don’t know,” I giggle, feeling slightly embarrassed.

“Does me starring at you make you uncomfortable?” His eyes darken slightly and he leans in towards me. Kiss him, do it, I try and urge myself.

“Shawn,” I say nervously, twisting one of the rings I wore around my finger.

“Okay, Okay,” He chuckles, backing off.

I lift my drink to my lips, gaze still locked on Shawn, a faint smirk on his face and I could see the same look that he had when he was on stage right there where he sat in front of me. Happiness.

The next time it appeared was when we were driving to his parents. Shawn sat in the driver’s seat, hands clenched tightly on the wheel in case a sudden gust of icy wind blew us off the road.

The snow was coming down faster and I wouldn’t be surprised if we would have to sleep at his parents.

“It says that’s the turn there,” I say, quickly pointing to an exit off the main road that the GPS was highlighting, the snow falling so thick that it was easy to miss the last turn off. Shawn quickly turns, the wheels skidding slightly.

“I hate driving in snow,” I groan, my stomach churning apprehensively.

“It’s okay baby, don’t be scared,” Shawn chuckles, one hand reaching over to rest just below my knee. I could so kiss him right now.

I place my own hand over the top of his, sliding my fingers between the gaps and curling them under into his palm.

“I hope you’re parents like me,” I say, my hands trembling from both the cold and the nerves. Glancing quickly at him, his eyes still locked on the road.

“They’ll like you, I mean If I like you then they have to. I’m a tricky man to please,” Shawn teases, squeezing my thigh gently.

“Shawn,” I whine, just as we pull up in a driveway. “Not helping,”

He unbuckles his seat belt turning to face me.

“You’ll be fine Y/N, You’re incredible and there isn’t a single thing not to like about you,” Shawn tells me, eyes lit with the same happiness from the coffee shop. I might have kissed him then  if it wasn’t for his mum rushing out the front door calling Shawn’s name.

“Come on, come meet my family,”

Then there was right now. We were both laying on the couch watching a movie, Shawn’s hand twirling my hair lazily.

“This is my favorite bit,” I whisper, nodding to the small laptop screen perched on the coffee table.

“Is it?” he asks, voice raspy from not saying anything for a while. I nod once before looking at him out of the corner of my eye. His gaze was already upon me.

I titled my head to look at him. “What?” I whisper curiously.

“Nothing. You just look really beautiful,”

“Shawn,” I say abruptly, heat flaming my cheeks. He grins, nuzzling his nose against my neck.

The warmth in his eyes made me want to pull him even closer against me if it was even possible, his words sending shivers up my spine. I wasn’t used to this unknown feeling flowing through my veins. I wasn’t used to what ever Shawn made me feel.

His breath was feather light against my neck as I felt him exhale shakily as if my presence affected him.

“You okay?” I ask, my hand brushing away some of his brown locks that fell against his forehead.

“Perfect,” He whispers, his arm tightening around my waist to hold me closer. We hadn’t really been this close together before and the feeling of his warm body against mine had me screaming internally.

I couldn’t seem to tear my gaze away from his eyes, taking in the brown depths, hinted with flecks of green that were nearly covered by his pupils.

“Can I try something?” He asks so quietly that I thought I had imagined it.

“Um… sure,” I breath, heart hammering heavily in my chest.

Slowly his head moved closer until his forehead was pressed against mine. He was so close I could count every eyelash that framed his dark eyes.

“You trust me?” Shawn whispers, searching my face for any signs of uncertainty.

“Of course,” I say immediately and the result made my heart flutter. Finally.

His lips pressed against mine, a touch so soft that I craved more. I wanted more. I couldn’t think of anything else except for Shawn and how he was kissing me. My thoughts consumed by him.

But then he was gone, cold air pressing against my once warm lips. I opened my eyes, not realizing I had shut them.

“That was… that was good,” I bite my lip, not knowing what else to say. How about kiss me again.

“Can I do it again?” Shawn asks, a grin spread across his face, almost as if he read my mind. “Been wanting to do that for quite a while.”


And there it was. The look from the coffee shop and from the car.

“You can kiss me whenever you want,” I mumble before kissing the corner of his mouth softly, teasingly.

Shawn’s hand winds its way through my hair at the base of my scalp before pulling me towards him again.

“I’m holding you to the statement,”

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not to be sappy but this day was so wonderful and even though some people were being nasty during this whole voting it has been fun and i missed us freaking out i love you all so much and im so proud of this show!! isak and even’s story was beautiful and they deserved this win and tarjei and henrik are really two of the most amazing young actors out there and just wow!! cant wait to experience another season with you all!!!!

  • Camila: *post a video on ig*
  • Lauren: *liked it*
  • Camila: *calls laur* babe why did you liked it ughhh!!! now i have to delete it and repost it!
  • Lauren: im sorry baby *chuckles* i'm just proud of you and all
  • Camila: i know but you do know that we have camren shippers and they will get delusionals about your actions so don't rant later on twitter that we were never real...ever again!

wizardingviolet  asked:

Don't you find it highkey depressing that we have to congratulate countries for not electing Muggle Voldemorts as presidents? I mean as a French person Im relieved we escaped the worst but not thrilled in any way and certainly not proud of how roughly 1/3 people were ok with Umbridge. [this is not a hate ask at all, it's just that this overjoyed reaction I see all over the Internet has me raising an eyebrow]. Anyway I LOVE your comics, they're so funny and witty, keep doing you fellow snaek ;)

I agree - I had a moment of relief/euphoria when I saw the result, and drew my Vive La France doodle while quite tipsy and singing La Marseillaise. I guess living in the Anglo/American news world for the past year has made me paranoid.

Anyway I was swiftly Put In My Place by various gloomy French people, and tbh I agree - I’m not pro-Macron either, and a 1/3 fascist France is…not good. I still like the doodle of Emily with her nips out but if I could edit the pic I would change the caption from ‘Vive La France’ to ‘Ouffff’

listen yall……2,000 tickets were sold during the manila presale………..harry fucking sold all of them out in 52 seconds…in comparison to coldplay????? who took 6 minutes?? That’s more than 6 times the amount of time for harry and this is just his debut concert uhm??? only his first and he already broke the fastest sales record?? Harry is fucking doing That™

do you ever wonder how you ended up on this side of the internet stanning a korean band filled with talented dorks?

Auston Matthews - Fourth Of July

anon request: Hey can you do a bunch of cute Auston Matthews imagines? I’m so sad about their loss but so extraordinarily proud of them and how they’ve played this season especially in this series! Some Auston imagines would be much appreciated right now!

i liked this one alot although i dont know much about austons family i made much of it up other than his parents and my spanish is all google translate since im canadian i learn french:))

requests are open:))

Originally posted by matthews-nylander-marner

“aus stop” i grinned at hit as he kept trying to throw me over his shoulder. today we were on vacation in arizona visiting austons family. since i was canadian it wasn’t like i was missing anything this week. as of right now we were in austons huge backyard waiting for all of his family to arrive for the party.

it was about half hour till people began arriving. i was in the kitchen helping ema bring out some finger foods. “so how’s auston been?” she asked breaking the silence. “he’s been good,was stressed during the off season” i laughed awkwardly although she nodded agreeing with me.

“tia!” was yelled from across the room. all i could see was the blonde hair of a litte girl running through. “hola bonita niña” ema spoke in spanish to the little girl, she just smiled in response. “do you want anything to eat kayla?” ema asked and she nodded. ema brought kayla outside to the backyard for some food, i stayed in the kitchen to cut up some more vegetables since someone brought in an empty tray.

“i always thought a girl who knew her way around the kitchen was hot” i heard the deep voice that sounded all too familiar from behind me. i turned around and saw auston standing there with open arms. “where have you been?” he asked after i accepted his embrace. i took a look at the clock and saw i’ve been in here for forty five minutes.

“i was just helping out your mom and we were talking and then kayla came in” i shrugged turning my back on him and beginning to cut up some more vegetables but i soon got side tracked once i felt two strong arms wrap tightly around my waist. “what would you like matthews?” i asked already knowing he wasn’t usually this cuddly.

“well now that your asking” he spun me around and pressed me against the counter. “is like you to come meet everyone they keep asking where you are” he smiled and pulled me in for a kiss. i quickly responded but he pulled away. “plus they think your fake” he mumbled and i began laughing uncontrollably.

“shut up” he pretend to be angry but failed when he saw my red face from holding in laughter. “comon” he smiled and pulled me outside. the whole matthews family turned their heads to me and i just kinda froze. i could hear auston chuckling behind me. i felt him push me forward saying something along the lines “they don’t bite.”

i awkwardly walked across the large yard and thankfully ema broke the silence. “the food is on that table, and stop looking at

y/n!” she pointed at the long table containing lots of food for the big group. many of austons friends were also here and some of his sisters friends.

“you must be y/n” i turned to see a short woman with grey hair and another with blonde hair who much looked like kayla. “hi yes i am” i waved awkwardly. “what!?” the older, shorter woman yelled.

“mamà!” the blonde woman said louder. “esto es y/n” i recognized the language they’re speaking is spanish but i don’t know what they were saying. auston quickly took note of this and translated it for me, “sammy told abuela what your name was” he nodded as abuela began speaking again.

“ella es bonita y bonita nombre” abuela said, i just smiled because i had no idea what she said. then auston leaned in once more, “she said your nice and you have a pretty name” i smiled at her and gave her a hug. “gracias” i said hoping i got it right. coming from canada we learned french and i wasn’t exactly gonna say merci.

“c'mere” auston said pulling me over to the food table. “lets eat i don’t want you to get too tired of my family” he smiled and grabbed myself and him a plate. “i could

never get tired of the matthews family” i laughed. “especially not of you aus” i kissed his cheek then scooted infront of him to get some food.

after a few hours of meeting his family and taking an immediate liking to them and hopefully them taking an immediate liking to me we played many games some with the whole family and some with just the adults playing games like cards against humanity.

“auston” both auston and i heard a voice in the distance. “auston!” dean and jillian austons little cousins along with a few other children came running up to him. “are you and y/n gonna watch the fireworks with us?” dean asked shyly but he had a slight bounce in his feet. auston looked and me and i just smiled.

“yeah definitely, y/n and i will meet up with you guys. when do the fireworks sta-” auston was talking to the group of children when the first firework sounded. “well they started now” he mumbled which caused me to let out a slight chuckle. “common auston!” jillian grabbed his hand pulling him one way but he stopped.

“ill come with you in one minute we just have to grab y/n a sweater, she’s uh chilly” i looked at auston. they are children not brainless. how it could ever get chilly in arizona was a wonder to me, especially with me being the canadian one.

“yeah we’ll be back” i said grabbing austons hand and running into the house. we went up to his room that had a huge window facing the large backyard. it was a perfect view of all of the commotion and the fireworks.

“so why’d you want to really take me up here?” i asked auston looking around his room. i’ve never been in here but it was the typical boys bedroom. he had dark blue walls, pictures of his family, picture of us, and pictures of the team, there was a large desk. just a normal room.

“this” he said and before i knew it auston had yanked my hand slightly and i was quickly pulled into his embrace. i was about to make a comment when his warm lips touched mine. i didn’t move i just melted into the touch of his lips. i let my hands travel to his hair and knot it between my fingers.

behind us you could hear cheers as the fireworks went off but it felt like this was supposed to be in disney world. auston and i kissing in front of cinderella’s castle while the fireworks were happening. it was all perfect.

i pulled away for some air but the quickly pulled his lips to mine. they fit together like a puzzle that has finally found its last piece. “you” he mumbled out of breath nibbling on my swollen, red lower lip. “you are one hell of a kisser” he finally stated which made me smile.

i just smiled at him then pushed him on the bed climbing on top. “auston!” i heard a thick accent yell from behind me as i was leaning down to kiss him once again. oh lord. “mom!” he said in shock but he was also hiding a laugh at his angry mother.

“what the hell are you doing i don’t want to be on some show with a pregnant nineteen year old!” she began speaking the saying stuff in spanish and auston just sat there and nodded. he just let her get it out of her system as i sat there still red faced since she walked in on us.

“mamà!” he shouted over her and she stopped and looked at him, first she was angry then it quickly vanished. she smiled as if they were telepathic and i just sat there confused. all that happened was auston nodded pulling me into his side and his mom had the biggest smile on her face. she left the room in silence until she ran down the stairs yelling.

“brian hes in love!”

and all i had to say to the tall teddy bear of a blushing boy infront of me were four simple words.

“i love you too.”

can we all just give jungkook and jimin a round of applause here because their english has gotten so good and their voices were so beautiful and perfectly fitting for that song, jungkook’ and jimin’s voices work so well together because of their contrast in range and im so damn proud of them them like THEY FUCKING DID THAT. THEY REALLY FUCKING DID THAT.